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31 December 2013

Stoopid viral marketing made me cry I'm getting to be such a softie in my old age.

End of December goals! I realize that I forgot to post a mid-month update, so I hope y'all are ready to check in with your goals for the very end of 2013! Read more...
Click to #bunnies [here if that doesn't work]
Google "Atari Breakout". Hit Images. You're welcome.

30 December 2013

Working from home today... You know what that means... Read more...

29 December 2013

28 December 2013

27 December 2013

Friday Question Are you making any resolutions for 2014?
Photo Friday: Away from Home

26 December 2013

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Away from Home Suggested by Occhiblu. Thank you.

25 December 2013

24 December 2013

DRUNK CHATTIN' [NOTE: You don't have to be drunk. But some of us might be.]Read more...
Sending love and hugs today ...

23 December 2013

22 December 2013

My holiday cards are late. But they are DONE! Lovely card exchange bunnies, I didn't forget about you!

(And I have to say it's great to get actual mail other than bills for a change!)

21 December 2013

20 December 2013

Friday Question What are your plans for next week?

Seasons greetings, bunnies!
Photo Friday: Scrumptious

19 December 2013

Happy Birthday Amro!

18 December 2013

Just survived a five hour job interview. My brain is now mush. Gahh. I need a job and I'd really like this job and I thought that I did really well but five hours of sitting in one conference room and talking about software process just melts your brain.
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Scrumptious.
Books you read in 2013! It's time to tell me what books you read in 2013! Which did you love? Which sucked? Do you have a list? Did you read more or less than in 2012?Read more...

17 December 2013

16 December 2013

Anyone see Nebraska yet? What did you think?
I love L.A. On a cold wintry day, let us contemplate photos of 1979 Los Angeles.

15 December 2013

water+laptop=ARGH
How's your weekend been?

14 December 2013

Snowed in? *raises hand*
Five books that have stayed with you.
December Musical Giftstravaganza! 2013 Edition for the 14th A non traditional Christmas or Life is Complicated edition. Joseph, Who Understood - The New Pornographers. Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis A cover of the great Tom Waits by the also great Neko Case.
Any opinions on the rediscovered 'Stoner' by John Wiliams? It has been huge here in NL and it's slowly coming to the UK and perhaps US in the end.
Why are so many places offering cash back to debit card users? Read more...

13 December 2013

Carolyn Hax's Hootenanny of Holiday Horrors 2013 A great time of year, when the weekly Hax livechat is dominated by frightening and/or hysterical holiday stories.
Friday Question Have you ever had an epiphany? Do tell!
Milestones in blogging A U.K.-based website called has hired me to blog for them once a week. My first-ever post for them may be seen here and treats of Hobbit-style knitting.
Photo Friday : Winter Wonderland.

12 December 2013

What's shaking, bunnies?
Pizza Underground is Macaulay Culkin's Velvet Underground pizza-based cover band.
Dearly departed metachat post It seems that occhiblu's recent comment pushed the 5 1/2 yr old metachat post over the edge of allowed bytes...

11 December 2013

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Winter Wonderland.

10 December 2013

09 December 2013

Ask MeCha cooking edition, challenge level: wizard
Bango Night at the Elks! Neat video about the Wednesday night institution in my neighborhood. Sadly the singer highlighted in it passed away two months ago. (Warning: the video couldn't be more Pittsburgh unless it had fries and cole slaw on it.)

08 December 2013

December Musical Giftstravaganza, 12/8 When I was little, we had a Christmas compilation on 8-track that was on continuous play. One day a few years ago around Christmastime, I was in the shower and one of the tracks popped into my head. Read more...

07 December 2013

The Age of Self-Publishing Really loving that I live in a time when anyone who wants to be a writer (or do most other kinds of creative work) doesn't have to wait to be given "a chance", but can just do some work and put it out there on the internet. You need to have access to a computer and the spare time, but still the playing field is as level as it's ever going to be. If you've got something to offer, and put in the effort, you'll find an audience eventually. Of course the trick is to know whether you've actually got an appreciable level of talent, because otherwise your efforts will just be sad and embarrassing.:-P
How are you? I feel like it's a while since we've had a check in. How is everyone?

06 December 2013

Dogs terrified of walking past cats. Probably the best video ever.
Friday Question If you had to pick a new first name, what would it be?
Photo Friday: Math

05 December 2013

From Professor to Fashion Model. I generally think it's disgusting when companies use an unrelated photo of a long-dead person to push their products, but the guy's son doesn't seem to really mind, and writes some great stuff about his literary parents.
How To Make An Aviation In honor of Repeal Day, the Toast published a comic I made about the history of the mysterious purple cocktail...
Give yourself something What are you getting yourself?

04 December 2013

We are into the third year of the Derpy Reindeer meme, (which is too seldom credited to its creator, Mel Roach, although he seems okay with that). Anyway, here's a New Reindeer Meme for 2013, from webcomicker Jonathan Griffiths (but where's Rude Hoff?)
Mecha Holiday Card Exchange- The list has been sent! Happy carding!
Swedish Naked Dancing! Pretty much what it says on the tin. :D
This week's Photo Friday Theme will be: Math, suggested by crush-onastick and ufez.

03 December 2013

Healthcare,gov does not work on Firefox. It appears that you have to use Internet Explorer. Mrs. pjern was trying to get set up, and kept getting referred to options that didn't appear top exist. She was using an up-to-date, unaltered version of Firefox.

Switch to IE, and all of a sudden, things started working and all the options were there.

Argh. Spread the word.
Had phone interview for a job yesterday but haven't heard anything back yet. Even if they do call me back, then I'd have to go through with at least a full day of in-person interviews. I do need a job but I hate this process.
Chili Time. It's getting cold and nasty out, so I'm just linking back to an old post about chili. Nom.
BunEx It's that time of year when I need to buy a new monthly planner insert for my ARC notebook. Problem: monthly planner inserts aren't available from Staples Canada. Would any American bunny be willing to buy a 2014 insert for me and mail it to me? All costs incurred in process will be reimbursed, of course.

02 December 2013


01 December 2013

HOLIDAY CARD EXCHANGE Signups extended through Monday 12/2 at 11:59 pm!
December Goals! Yes, it's likely to be a busy month for everyone, but that doesn't mean that you can't pick out some personal goals!

Pointer Pointer put your cursor in the box... and wait.
End of November Goal Check In Time! (Sorry this didn't get posted yesterday, my internet at home wasn't working.)Read more...
Two of the best music lists of the year. One. Two.

30 November 2013

Dear Guitar Hero: Joan Jett answers readers' questions.

29 November 2013

When Black Friday comes, er, came... (I can't believe I'd forgotten about that song - thanks to MeFisOwnJScalzi)
Friday Question (silly edition) Who's your fantasy celebrity boyfriend/girlfriend?
Photo Friday: Photos from the last trip you took.

28 November 2013

27 November 2013

Does something have to be portable to be considered a commodity? Could removable wall paper be considered a commodity?
Reminder: Holiday Card Exchange signups are through December 1st!
Happy Thanksgiving Eve, guys!
Without covers, I'd never know current pop music, nor that all I ever wanted were apparently straight guys totally committing to the lip sync. It's like boom.
This week's Photo Friday Theme will be: Photos from the last trip you took, suggested by TheDonF

26 November 2013

À propos of nothing Share some tidbit that you find interesting.
Holidays ads and they've only just begun. JCPenney has an ad, to the tune of falalalala, Go Go Go Go Go Shop Shop Shop Shop, with people rushing madly, and KMart has one with people 'gif-ing' out over their shopping, and a car full to the brim with stuff. They exemplify everything I hate about advertizing - pushing mindless consumerism, Christmas ads on before Thanksgiving. It's really depressing. Off with the tv!

25 November 2013

Ch-ch-ch-chia! I need help thinking up a holiday joke. Read more...

24 November 2013

23 November 2013

I has a deep sad...
OMG ZYGON! Uh, no... wait... (my favorite scene from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, obviously)

22 November 2013

Moon Hooch! I spent my last Thursday in North Carolina listening to Moon Hooch and Mike Doughty (finally making peace with his Soul Coughing songs) at Cat's Cradle. As for Moon Hooch, the best description I can come up with is "live sax riffs plus contrabass clarinet dubstep." Read more...
Yes, I'm old enough to remember where I was when JFK was assassinated. And it was already a disorienting day when it happened - moving day.Read more...
Friday Question Would you rather be liked or respected? Why?
Beyond adorable - clothes for tortoises. And yes, I know, that's a taco, not a burrito.
Photo Friday: Sounds of Silence

21 November 2013

US Thanksgiving is in one week! Let's talk FOOD! What are you cooking and/or eating? Read more...

20 November 2013

Hal Hartley Lives! I think I've been mesmerized by this man for over half my life, and it started with Trust.Read more...
Favorite vegetarian bok choy recipe that is not stir fry or curry? Read more...
Ok, so I think my cat has a zit on the top of her head just before her ear edge. Popping it is out of the question? Necessary?Read more...
It's time for the 6th Annual Mecha Holiday Card Exchange! Signups open now through December 1st, 11:59 p.m. ET!Read more...
Humpday 3-point update

19 November 2013

Anyone else watch Almost Human?
OKCupid v. Let's talk about dating sites!

18 November 2013

Awww. One of my husband's residents was in the weddings section of the NYT the other day. Read more...
OMGPetBison! and some pics of the bison indoors

17 November 2013

In more depressing professional news The script for Welcome To Night Vale me and Tim worked on back in June was formally rejected recently, so I put the damn thing online
BUN-DAY OMG (from so you know it's a Photoshop nightmare but still SFW if you work on Bunday)

16 November 2013

Wow. Libraries have come a long way. The wife and I went to the Alafaya Library today. It's part of the Orange County library system. The wife got a library card so that she could get a book. If you really must know it was one of those Outlander books.

But it seems that the Orange county libraries have a whole crapload of other things that you can do. Including having library books delivered to your door. And watching movies via their streaming service. Now I always knew that librarians were so very cool. But our local library is the best in the damn country!
[self-link] Can you like one of my final projects? Hey gang! For one of my classes, I'm experimenting with spirituality on social media. My problem is that I need 30 likes before I get "insights" from Facebook. If you'd "like" it and be a beta tester for me, I would greatly appreciate it [warning: it will be Jesus-y].

15 November 2013

Goodness Stewriffic!!!! Just read the Thursday update...
Sending healing vibes.
Friday "Night" Question If you could invite three historical figures, living or dead, to a dinner in your home next week, who would they be, and why?
Mid-month goal update time! So, it's the is everyone doing?Read more...
Photo Friday: You Don't Know Why You Like This Picture So Much.

14 November 2013

Thursday Evening/Friday Morning Shuffle I can't stop skipping around on my iTunes so screw it, shuffle it up!Read more...
I also hate bitstrips So glad I am not the only one. GAH!
Three-Point Thursday! How's it going?

13 November 2013

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is ... Read more...
Hump Day Hypothetical! Step right in!

12 November 2013

AskMeCha: How to add text below a photo? "I should know this but I don't" filter. I want to add a box containing text *below* a photo. All the caption tools I'm finding online are for putting captions *on* the photo itself. How would I go about creating the effect I want?
IF you use "American Date Notation" (month/day/year) today is 11/12/13. If not, you have a month to wait for it...Read more...

11 November 2013

10 November 2013

scientific mechazens I've been wondering. Are the reason things like burning wood or petrochemical products dangerous to us, or affect our hormones, etc. precisely because they're organic? Like, by nature, is a plastic bag going to react with us more readily than say a piece of glass?
Looking Back at the Damage Done The Knitting Needle and the Damage Done is a year old today. Read more...
Surely someone here appreciates the works of Emily Kimbrough.
Our Hearts Were Young And Gay (1944), part 1 of 12 on youtube.
The Eve Arden Show (1957).
This is about Wes Anderson but is also just some pheeee-nomenal film/cultural criticism. Have been lost in this world for over an hour, watching these sequentially. Some of you folks might really enjoy this.
post by: Miko at: 00:11 | 1 comment

08 November 2013

The Friday AM (because I suck at remembering to do it at night) question If you could go anywhere for a one-day visit, where would you go? Why?
Friday 3-Point Status Update!
Pick one! And explain why you picked it.
Photo Friday: Incomplete

07 November 2013

Get a degree in Forensic Science or Museum Science? They are equally interesting to me.
My local paper is adopting a strangely lurid writing style. [Warning: story seriously could be disturbing.]

06 November 2013

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Incomplete. Suggested by Obscure Reference. Thank you.
are we stll doing BUNNY OMG? How about BUNNY OMGif?

04 November 2013

With a little over 4 hrs to go how much mildly disguised damage can you do?Read more...
IRL cross-post--come to my art show Saturday! Our 9-foot-tall aluminum skull has been invited to appear in a real-live art show! I'll be attending, as well, and I hope some others in the crew (mostly MetaFilterians) will be there. This project was born in an AskMe and has led to some amazing experiences--come help us milk it for more!

03 November 2013

Fantasy Football Midseason: Let's discuss! Of course I'm going against Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham this week...of course.

02 November 2013

01 November 2013

love comes back from the dead As it is All Saints Day, and i kinda called Halloween on account of Lou, your ever loveable chrismear has resurrected your anonymous love/bites until the close of Monday (assumedly GMT.)Read more...
Friday question, another AM edition. Does your happiness level depend mostly on the good or bad things that have happened to you, or on something else?
November goal time! Maybe it's time to check in with your New Years Resolutions....?

This month, I will....
Name That Tune! First of the month edition! Every clue is the first line of the song (that doesn't include the title, at least)...

Photo Friday : Something Orange

31 October 2013

AskMeCha: Where to find a calendar of theme days? Read more...
frightful lack of bunny love and I had planned for frights, so for lack of them, I give you The Bees being eaten by a pig.
Are you dressing up for Halloween? I would love to see pictures of your costumes.
Rob Zombie and I share a love for silent movies. I'll probably never see one of his own movies but I'm impressed with his knowledge and passion for early films.Read more...
BUNNIEWEEN!!! A super-scary non-Bunday Roundup, starring "BUNNICULA, the Vampire Rabbit"Read more...

30 October 2013

Emergency Emily Dickinson Some of us find respite in emergency cute animal pics. For the rest of us, I made this.
Hump Day Hypothetical Step right in for this week's question!Read more...
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Something Orange. 'Tis the season, etc.
If you have the Sundance Channel you really should check out this series which starts tomorrow and runs for eight weeks.Read more...

29 October 2013

This is the thread where we post pictures of animals dressed up for Halloween

28 October 2013

A true epiphany. A couple months ago I reported my latest realization in my adventures in self management: knowing when you're not "thinking right" and thus skipping thinking. Turns out, this has probably been the single most positive contributor to my internal state ever. The ability to let a negative emotion dissipate rather than invite yourself to mulling it. It works ✓

27 October 2013

Halloween outfit prep Before After
Lou Reed's tour diary I'm not taking this well.
Sunday 3-(long) points update
BUNNY OMGROUNDUP (or something)

26 October 2013

Oops. Late Saturday AM question. If your home were on fire and you did not have to worry about saving any of the five P's (people, pets, photos, papers, prescriptions), what one item would you choose to save?
Project Runway Reunion Discussion (spoilers?)
twiggy can haz kitteh? His name is pukey. Miss ya, puke & cry! Read more...
When did you realize you were in over your head?

25 October 2013

Your Favorite Writing (Unlimited) What's the best [phrase, sentence, paragraph, passage, ...] you've read in the past [day, month, year, lifetime, ...]?
Photo Friday: Something Yellow

24 October 2013

Maymo and Penny go trick or treating.
The only thing better than a lemon beagle is two lemon beagles, and they're siblings, and dressed up in costumes.

23 October 2013

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Something Yellow. Suggested by sperose. Thank you.
Wednesday Three Point Status Update!

22 October 2013

21 October 2013

Weird gifs with medieval art figures. I am not sure why these are so intriguing to me, but maybe they will be to you too.
I like Godspell. I do not like Jesus Christ Superstar. That is all.Read more...
My daughter just called to tell me...
Indoor voices, please! Hi. Recently we've had a few new people move into cubicle land, and they have a habit of shouting through the cubicle walls (rather than getting up and walking ten feet to have a conversation). This is not only annoying, but distracting. My various dx plus my not-quite-dx'ed ADD doesn't help matters any. Let's assume that moving my desk is most likely not an option. How would you handle it? I don't want to alienate anyone, but it's really hard to concentrate and get work done. Every time I put on headphones they shout even louder. I am also at the bottom of the food chain in this room, not by senority, but by rank/caste. Their supervisor has a fearsome reputation and requires an appointment to talk to.

20 October 2013

YIKES! You are under a Zombie attack..
Today happiness is shaped like a little leather bag ... Read more...
Facebook is making me cross Last night I posted a picture of these knitted elephant shorts to my knitting blog's page on Facebook.


19 October 2013

He'll do it but it doesn't mean he'll like it It's a dutiful love or that next line on the checklist of resentment. You decide.
How to ask a question. Between one minute and the next, my Windows Vista machine stopped talking to the internet. All other internet devices in the house, including this other computer I'm using, work fine. I was using Chrome, but other browswers don't work either. My question is, what do I need to try first/find out in order to properly ask for help over on AskMe? I've restarted the computer and reset the modem and router, but I'm stuck after that.
This Is Not Porn is the perfectly named (ABSOLUTELY Safe For Work) site showcasing vintage photos of celebrities, often in interesting juxtaposition with each other. This is one their best:Read more...

18 October 2013

Late late late Friday night question. What is your favorite body part? Least favorite?
Project Runway Finale SPOILERS
Great live set from Jason Isbell of songs from his recent album. I've been listening to his latest album, Southeastern,pretty constantly for the last few weeks. I loved his work with The Drive-By Truckers but this his new stuff is really a revelation.
Come guess some song lyrics
Photo Friday : Hats and Headgear

17 October 2013

Half-Chewed Cole Haan Wingtip by Emerging Canine Artist, Left Shoe, Size 11.5D "The work has been interpreted by contemporary art critics as a statement on class in the wake of the American recession, a painful and complex subject for the modern American dog. Due to the nature of the artist's process, the collector who places the winning bid will no doubt hear gasps of "How in the hell?," "Oh my God," and "Was he using a chainsaw?" upon displaying the piece."
!WARNING! This thread is closed for fumigation. Please stay out for 48–72 hours. No comments, please, for your own safety.

16 October 2013

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Hats and Headgear.
Hump Day Hypothetical
I have not had decent bangs for years because (wait for it) Apparently, some (most?) hair spray nozzles are angled up! To make sure you do a good job on the top of your head, or something.

I mean, you close your eyes before you use hair spray, or at least before you spray your bangs, which is bad enough because if you didn't start with your bangs, by the time you get to them you might have the hairspray at the wrong angle and not know it. So then you make extra sure it's the right angle (after first blaming the hair spray, getting a new kind or whatever)but you STILL can't spray your bangs because you didn't think to check the nozzle angle.
All the frustration that could have been saved if I had simply noticed that one stupid thing.
Go check your hair spray nozzle right now.
They need to put special bang instructions on the bottle. I should put this on reddit. I am MAD.

15 October 2013

Hell hath no fury like a nude nun with a big gun Read more...
Mid-month Goals Check In! How is everyone doing on their goals so far this month?Read more...
Blogstop Revisited "Where the last word of an entry must be used as an acronym for the next entry."Read more...

14 October 2013

13 October 2013

is this going to be another BUNDAY ROUNDUP? Well, yes it is, with bonus Animated Muscle Bunny (more hypnotic than hypno-toad... maybe)

11 October 2013

Webcast now until Sunday
Never was a big qotsa fan but that last song was-- may be an unreliable narrator of sorts.
Project Runway Finale Part 1 thread. Spoilers inside.
Another early Friday night question! What long-lost childhood possession of yours would you like to see again?
All Is Fair in Love and Twitter Great read about the genesis and politics of Twitter's creation. Gives me slight deja vu in some spots (although nothing in my startup life has been as large or consequential).
Photo Friday: Ascending/Descending

10 October 2013

What can I do with 1 quince? I got one from the CSA and it is almost ripe. I can't make jelly or membrillo since I only have 1. What should I do with it? Maybe this tarte tatin recipe and use apples for the rest?
Name That Tune!
Last chance for a bunny-themed t-shirt: SWAT BUNNIES! Let's all buy one for the next meetup, right?

09 October 2013

HAPPY Birthday elizard and Doohickie!!!!!
Boehner sings. Ugh. My cheeseball reserve drill weekend is canceled this month, thanks to both sides and all for the lost pay. /not

08 October 2013

Fuck fuck fuckity fuck My huge graphic novel that I spent three years writing and thumbnailing might get shelved due to outside forces. This is the second time this has happened to me ...and of course I told everyone about it because I was so proud of it Read more...
Oh gosh oh golly I wish I'd thought of this. I could have financed my retirement, I'm sure.
Tuesday 3-point update. What's everyone up to?
A Creepy-Looking Crab Sushi Roll Arranged Like a Centipede
Does what it says on the—BLECCCCCHHHH!!

06 October 2013

BUNDAY ROUNDUP! (again) because I always end up with a few cute, LOL or WTF bunny-based images by the end of the week, don't you?
My first youtube I made a video!! How to make a Paleo Breakfast Desi (Indian) Style. (disclosure: contains lots of vocal fry for some reason. also, I can't cook worth a damn, but it turned out edible!)
Ask The Whelk Anything: With a head cold!

05 October 2013

Weekend ramblings about that obsolete 'dead tree' medium, the newspaper I still like the concept of a newspaper, even though I once blogged that the local newspaper, with the big banner "THE TRIBUNE", when left around the apartment, seemed to multiply, prompting me to rename it "THE TRIBBLE". Cut my subscription down to Sunday only, but they give me Saturday free for some reason. So, still Tribbling.Read more...

04 October 2013

Image search. Catnap. Stat.
Friday Night Question, Morning edition What motivates you to improve yourself?
Another Friday lyrics challenge! go to it, party people:
Photo Friday: Parallels and Perpendiculars

03 October 2013

Songs you had a thing for back in the day. Read more...

02 October 2013

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Parallels and Perpendiculars. Suggested by occhiblu. Thank you.
MeCha Used Book Swap? The idea came up in the latest book thread. Would anyone else be interested in doing a sort of monthly not-secret santa type thing, with books?Read more...

01 October 2013

Streaming preview The new Sleigh Bells is out on the 8th. I always miss streaming previews while they are active. Get it while it works.
Happy Birthday DMelanogaster.
October is here! Time for some new goals! Alrighty everyone, it's the 1st of the month and you all know what that means....TIME FOR NEW GOALS!Read more...
Contacting someone I was invited to contact someone here at their private address, but I see no address on their profile. Where is it and how do I find it?

30 September 2013

Breaking Bad finale thread (spoilers)
The Home Place "The home, which we call The Home Place, has remained vacant and largely untouched for over 26 years. This week I entered the home for the first time in many, many years to photograph it. The images in this post are deeply personal and full of memories of, and for, my family." Amazingly lovely, melancholy photos.

29 September 2013

Cheer me on to get my laundry done! I miss stewriffic's weekend chores posts. I know that it's late, but I've got load three of four in the washer, and I'd like to get through all four loads, and it'll help if y'all cheer me on! Or shame me! Or distract me! Or whatever!
BUNDAY ROUNDUP! To avoid a string of "OMG BUNNY!" posts, I'll put all my OMG discoveries here. Feel free to join in.

28 September 2013

So Is It Me? It's Me, Right?
Leaving the UK Tomorrow to sail to France on an overnight ferry.Read more...
Super late Friday night question Where would you go in a time travel machine? Would you stay?

27 September 2013

WOOOOOOOOOT !! Its official. The lawyer just called and I am now the owner of a place with a kick ass view. Moving day is Tuesday

I am so happy.
Ask Mecha: dumb question about houseplants...
Waiting for the Giant Rubber Duck No one in my office is paying attention to work because the giant rubber duck is about to pass our building. Live video feed as it sails up river.
It's a lyrics challenge for Friday! Looking for better than 3/10 this week, so I put some super easy ones in.
Photo Friday: Visitors

26 September 2013

Your Muppetationally Cute Fix for the Week: Can you tell me how to get to the 11:35 timeslot Sesame Street?
Rick Owens, slayer of catwalks for all of us who've never quite understood why ramp models have such a narrow range of images and styles, designer Rick Owens went ahead and brought these college step dancers on at Paris Fashion Week
What are we reading these days?

25 September 2013

But do I go back to class? And am I overthinking this. Hi, Jessamyn sent me over. I had a newish friend reprimand me during a class, then later (maybe a day later) I got an e-mail from him saying "I'm trying to cut down my net time, help me by not writing much here." So I sense (I think) that he is pushing me away.

This is a platonic setup, and I get it that anyone can say goodbye at any time without even a reason, that's life.

I'm taking a course from him, and now wonder if I belong there. It's hard to approach someone who reprimands you. At least it is for me.

I know this is sparse. I could write a novelette but do not have time. And I am new to metachat. OK, I can back off. I would back up to Washington State if I thought that would help.
Moon can haz bunny There's a wabbit . It's in the moon.
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is visitors.

24 September 2013

coconut milk So how long would you keep some in the fridge before using? After using about half a can and putting the rest in an air tight container?

23 September 2013

AskMefi crosspost: Looking for video editing software to add titles to screencasts (NOT Camtasia, I can pay $)
My cartoon is in this week's issue of the New Yorker! Woooooo
Did anyone watch the Emmys last night? Opinions on any and all aspects of it?Read more...

22 September 2013

I seem perpetually interested... the idea of Superheroes having to deal with an interact inside a modern celebrity culture. No idea why.

21 September 2013

Is there anyone else in MeChaLand who has Stop Making Sense burned into your DNA? Read more...
On the occasion of Mumford & Sons hiatus ... How to Start a Mumford Band. The video cracked me up quite a bit.
A gorgeous song about data collection. "Somebody hears you. You know that."

20 September 2013

Friday Night Question, Very Early Edition If you had three wishes from a non-tricky genie, what would you wish for?
It's a lyrics challenge for Friday! Song lyrics within. I will be posting this then unavailable until 4pm or so... will they all be guessed by then?Read more...
Project Runway spoilers spoilery spoilt spoiling
Photo Friday: Lamp

19 September 2013

Posting lyrics on the internet is illegal Qua? Well, see you all in hell jail.

18 September 2013

Emotional eating update. I just ate some Totinos Cheese Pizza Rolls. They killed. I've got more in the oven as I write this.
OMG! The illegitimate son of our iconic 'Big Pink Bunny' is "Sunbathing Hare" by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman on Hare Island (of course) near St. Petersburg, Russia. Covered with strips of painted plywood, the Hare measures 15 meters from ear to toe with a tail sticking up 2.5 meters.

Insert your Yakov Smirnoff "In Rabbit Russia..." jokes here.
in the future, when they ask about Tom Friedman all you'll have to do is point to his column about Pink Hair. They will nod, solemn with understanding, and never dare ask again.
Humpday 3-point update
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Lamp. Suggested by ethylene. Thank you.
this close call is your vicarious adrenaline rush of the day

17 September 2013

Bunny! OMG! Eyeliner! Mascara! Fabulous!
Molly Crabapple - No One At Gitmo Reads Kafka So, if you're held indefinitely by the U.S government, how do you spend the time?

16 September 2013

What do you guys do to relax after an especially hard day? Read more...
Love it when the person who is dictating what I am transcribing says things like "I spoke to Tsefpsnevwal Smith. That would be S-m-i-t-h."
Happens all the time...

15 September 2013

Mid-month Goals Check In! It's the 15th, so it's time for a mid-month check in on your goals! How is everyone doing so far?Read more...

14 September 2013

Why won't my task bar hide? Anyone have any tips for making the task bar on my Windows laptop hide? It does this every now and then and I can't figure out what's causing it. Read more...
Fugglers! OMG!
These are awesome!

13 September 2013

Project Runway SPOILERS
Belated Friday Night Question What do you think about when you're alone?
Hey bearwife - I can't remember if it was you that culled a buncha potential Friday Night Questions. & not to saddle you with the task but I was wondering if we have one for tonight?
y'all heard this Janalle Monae and Prince track? Man, if this song were a place, I'd go there right now and never leave.
Photo Friday : Maritime, Ships, Boats

12 September 2013

Come on now. Let up on the Jersey Shore Seaside pier is on fire, word is it has just collapsed. This is one of the last few amusement piers that made it through Sandy, and another childhood icon of a place. So sad.
Pants Me! (For Europe) I need to start packing for London, Brittany and Paris. My pants inventory is as follows:Read more...
all you Citibikers, here's something to aspire to :) this guy makes me feel like I have the bike handling skills of a drunken snail.

11 September 2013

So The Tennesse Hussy Cocktail... Is made with a very dry sparkling wine and JD Tennessee Honey Whiskey - it's totally fine but I fele like it needs a garnish or a splash of something to really make it great. What do you think? Read more...
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Maritime, Ships, Boats. Suggested by jason's_planet. Thank you.

10 September 2013

Had to fix some issues, so the suit is now back form the tailor I think I settled on a name. I think its the "Giles" (despite not actually being tweed)

09 September 2013

Freaks are people too.
Let me tell you about my friend, Jeffrey.
It occurred to me today that I couldn't tell you when the last time I heard a dial tone was. Can you?
Roku channel recs I posted some resources to find public and private Roku channels on my blog today.
Do any of you have Roku? What channels did you install?
My Latest MeFiMusic Effort. . . I had this old song that I had forgotten about. Read more...
Happy Birthday to LoriFla and Goshling!

08 September 2013

Dora's Pet Poodle and other knitting fables I thought some of you might enjoy today's post. As long as you don't read it right before bed.
Evils of American consumerism and corporate dominance. A rant. Read more...

07 September 2013

She Said Yes....
Saturday Night Shuffle Let's give it a whirl. Rules as usual: put your player on shuffle, listen to the next ten songs, write them here. No omissions, no substitutions, no programs.Read more...

06 September 2013

I'm inspired by this AskMeFi to revive our BP Friday questions tradition Shall we wait for it to get responses and then try asking one each Friday of each other here on MeCha?
OMG fast kitties and a puppy such a sweet puppy face
Happy Birthday Gaspode!
Is this payment option sketchy or sensible?
Photo Friday : Toys

05 September 2013

This is a beauty thread. Have you discovered any new toiletries, cosmetics or fragrances? Tell us about them!Read more...

04 September 2013

Trypophobia news, everyone! "A recent study in the peer-review journal Psychological Science takes a first crack at explaining why some people may suffer from a fear of holes."
Musing about gendered toys OK guys, so here is something I am overthinking. Read more...
Ask MeCha: Tie terminology edition Is there a term for the standard tie shape? You know the kind of tie I mean: bias cut and pointy at the bottom. I know the terms "skinny tie" and "straight tie", but what is the most common tie shape called, or is it just an assumed default?
Shana tova to any other Jewish bunnies! Hope you have a sweet new year.
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Toys. Suggested by JanetLand. Thank you.

03 September 2013

OMG saaaaaaaad bunny Bunny on the edge. Trigger warning for anthropomorphic projections of despair. Also, hello Mecha, long time!
How to use the dial telephone. Just in case everyone's forgotten. Don't release the dial before your finger reaches the finger stop!!
Signing off emails with your initials--confusing? other thoughts?

02 September 2013

so they gave Anthony Weiner a mic at the West Indian Day parade, and well, watch for yourself.
Forty Days of Dating A new thread for the last 4 dates that are supposedly going to be posted this week. I'm skeptical!

01 September 2013

It's September! Time for your September goals! Alrighty everyone, it's September! The year is so close to being over! Ahhhhhhhh!

It's time to come up with some goals for this month. :)Read more...
MeCha Fantasy Football - Draft Day! And we still need a couple more managers...right now we're only at 6 teams. You should be able to get in from the link...if not, search for league 248290.

31 August 2013

To continue the Confused Cats theme: two kittens shut down subway service for tens of thousands of Brooklynites.
Time to review your August goals! And here's the mid-month update: more...
Whodawhutty Tebow. Is Tim Tebow a hot potato the NFL doesn't want to deal with b/c of

A) his flagrant incessant bible thumping
B) he actually sucks (how can a Heisman winner suck?)
C) the rest of the teams hate him (because of either A or B or both)
D) other (please explain)

(Long for many of us) Weekend Plans? Since we usians celebrate May Day in September we have a long weekend. What are yinz up to?
Trilling Hand gestures from the show "Three's Company" translated into music.

30 August 2013

On 'thinking right' your humble correspondent has been noting down on Mecha his epiphanies about self management while going through an uncertain year. An addition to the series: my newest epiphany involves realizing when you're not "thinking right" and thus skipping thinkingRead more...
I promise this will be my last because I will NEVER be able to top... OMG! JOHN WAYNE BUNNY!
Photo Friday: Confused Cats.

29 August 2013

28 August 2013

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Confused Cats. Suggested by jbickers. Thank you.
Depressed at Costco. If you live in the U.S., do you ever go to a store and just get depressed as hell by the spectacle?Read more...

27 August 2013

Bunnies! OMG! Meet Rambo and Eddy, surely two of the cutest bunnies ever.
Why doesn't tech ever work in dreams?? Or is it just me? Lately I have been having dreams in which I am trying to flag down someone I've become separated from, and I pull out my cellphone....and it morphs into something alien, or behaves strangely. In the last two days, I have actually been aware of this phenomenon WITHIN THE both cases, I found myself thinking "well, here we go....this never works..." And sure enough, it didn't.

Do I need a better provider? Perhaps it's just Verizon which has this issue? :)

26 August 2013

Scritchy's To Do List and other knitting fables I think you might enjoy this post about things that have been knitted or crocheted for pets.
Let's have your Photo Friday Themes

25 August 2013

Facebook notifications gone wild? Has anyone else started getting tons of Facebook notifications out of the blue?Read more...

24 August 2013

23 August 2013

Project Runway SPOILERS Let's talk about this week's Project Runway episode SPOILERS! Read more...
Researchers find mother beetles eat young that beg too much I feel like there's some deep meaning hidden in this, but perhaps it's more a deep meaning about researchers than about beetles.
Just got some unexpected great news It doesn't sound that fantastic, but I feel buoyant. Inspired. I must have really needed something like this to happen.

It's a third part-time job. I'll be working as a pizza driver/waitress...but it's different and better than my current second job, which I should be able to eventually phase out! Wheeeeeee!!!

And it's just easier to tell you guys than to put it on Facebook, for various reasons. Yay Metachat!

Photo Friday: What Does This Mean?

22 August 2013

So last week the fire, tonight we have this I get home tonight from playing bridge and there's a police helicopter literally hovering above my building. My street is cordoned off. This is a quiet neighborhood, I swear!
Beaker Update: Or How I Know That My Bird Watches Television I hope you don't mind another oneRead more...
Thanks to all for your help. Another question... How to say "Thanks a lot" or "Thank you very much" at the end of a friendly email without sounding sarcastic or dismissive or rude (is "Thanks a bunch" rude?) or overly formal? When just "Thanks" or "Thank you" doesn't seem like enough?
The Knitter's Curse I keep hitting play on "The Knitter's Curse" by The Savoy Ballroom, the catchy little song that I posted on my blog today.

21 August 2013

Transforming anise There nothing I can think of I'd completely eschew as there must be some use or combination that works for something I'd rather not have on its own, but I really don't like anise flavors. There has got to be something or things that change it and surely it must be known of somewhere.
Cocktail onions? Somebody out there knows.
It's Aliiiiiiive !! And by that I mean that I made it thru my stomach surgery and am back at home resting. There's quite a lot of residual pain, but it is manageable and apparently will only last a couple of weeks. This is good, cuz after I get better its time to start packing up to move out of this place and move into my new one.

Thanks for all your kind wishes. They were appreciated
In Keeping With Miranda July's New Project, I propose that we share ONE email that we recently wroteRead more...
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is: What Does This Mean?

20 August 2013

I fell in love with Pharrell in the "Blurred Lines" video and now I see this (from 3 years ago) and I'm really in love.

19 August 2013

Help! Quick Excel answer, anyone? how do I email an excel spreadsheet so that it doesn't look like a spreadsheet? It prints out looking fine, so why, when I email it as an attachment, does it come out like it's still a huge Excel spreadsheet?
Bunny surgery! OMG! Thinking of you, rollick, and sending good wishes.
Words for your bits Oh, how I do love colorful use of language, but, seriously, we can do better, surely.

Be creative.
Tell us about your plans for the week. What's going on, mecha?

17 August 2013

"It was on BBC 2 on Friday at 9ish in the evening. It’s big brother bunny style. And the baby bunnies are far too cute for their own good." The words of the creator of the "Bunsen Bunnies" webcomic (which has plenty of its own cute bunnies). So I had go find it. Here's a two-minute BBCNews report/promo about the show (which also features badgers and voles). Here's the full hour on BBC iPlayer (only available to the UK, sorry) and an unauthorized upload to YouTube (don't know how long it'll stay up). Still, a whole lotta OMG BUNNIES here.

16 August 2013

The Good: The Bad:
Project Runway thread. Oh, the draaah-maaaah!
Photo Friday: Differences.

15 August 2013

Mid-month goal update! So how are y'all doing on your goals so far?Read more...
Beaker Update For those who are interested:

Beaker came home with us yesterday. Of course he was very nervous and shivering after the car ride in a small animal carrier. At first he didn't eat or drink for a while. But later that day he had a few sunflower seeds and some of his pellet food. He also hat tons of love, cuddling and scritches which I hope made things better.Read more...
40 Days of Dating A continuation of the Mefi thread that is about to close.
Revised theme for this week's Photo Friday - Differences. Suggested by ethylene. Thank you.

Kronos to Earth reminded me that I'd had a senior-moment and we recently had the theme I picked yesterday. So I've chosen another from eth's suggestions. My apologies.
This song, from the early days of my MTV watching (which means the early days of MTV), popped into my head for no particular reason today. Read more...

14 August 2013

Happy (belated, I think?) birthday, gomichild!
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is This Thing Does Not Belong Here. Suggested by ethylene. Thank you.
Bookshelf Porn StumbleUpon sent me to this photo blog. I love it.
Humpday 3-point update

13 August 2013

Teddy Bear Ensemble Can't resist showing off this little ensemble I made for my grandniece Cauliflower Swan's fourth birthday: the dress; the dress and jacket; and of course, the all-important matching purse. Little Cauliflower is going to look like quite the little lady.

12 August 2013

This music video for Capital Cities' "Safe & Sound" is incredibly happy-making. 100 years of dancing awesomeness.

11 August 2013

What made you smile today? I saw a man in a Thomas Dolby tour t-shirt. That made me smile.

10 August 2013

09 August 2013

Big doin's in town this weekend The Shrimp Festival is happening this weekend.Read more...
I am having a horrible day ...
Photo Friday: Tattoos.

08 August 2013

For my final contribution to the Post-A-Thon, I give you the cartoon tumblr of Sebastien Millon, a cavalcade of edgy cuteness, including bunnies that are bad, bi-polar or broccoli-fied, a great depiction of "beating yourself up", and my personal philosophy: "If you can be kind to people, then just be weird to people."
Paul Mutimear's "Solid Air" series A bunch of these prints are hanging in the new conference/recruiting/dining building at work. They look like fairies. I love them.
Remember My Name. One of the plethora of articles about the final few episodes of Breaking Bad. (no spoilers in the article, but it's up to date). So those of you who watch it, what do you think is going to happen?
Data Point Thea Gilmore is not scheduled to appear in or around London at any time when we are there. Read more...
post by: danf at: 18:58 | 1 comment
Linotype: The Film This looks good. Vintage technology obsessions never disappoint.
Shuffle! In the last week I pulled a few thousand songs off of my external HD and put them on my new(ish) laptop and connected a bluetooth receiver to my stereo so I can stream songs from my comp through my good speakers. Let's shuffle!
Sniffed smoke, dismissed it. Then heard fire engines. Looked out (home) office window at the building next door and flames coming out their kitchen. Many fire engines on our street right now.
Suit I rescused from storage ( a steal), back from tailor. I name all my suits, Bob Benson, Rupert Giles, Det. Ed Exley - Don't have a name for this one yet. Care to give it a shot?
Warners Bras (not to be confused with Warner Bros.) has a new commercial that they're trying to make go viral. But it's nothing compared to this (NSFW but not really) Japanese spot for the 'ultimate push-up bra'
Robert E. Howard was one of the great chroniclers of the Harlem Renaissance (AKA things people say in IRC)Read more...
Alternate Universe Prints Buy wonderful posters of The Statue Of Tyranny, the Death Of General Frankenstein, or a panorama of Baltimore, "City Of Monsters".
TRON dance performed by Wrecking Orchestra [LED/lightdancing amazingness]
Cat Videos!
Gif postathon!
Shorter Prettier Version of This is Water speech by David Foster Wallace Listening to the full version, which I put up on the blue, has affected me profoundly.
I saw this caterpillar yesterday. Googled big, fat, green caterpillar and found it right away. It will be a pretty moth someday. Mostly I dislike moths. They have creepy faces. If they would just go stay near the light, fine, but they fly at my hair. ick. sometimes I keep a light on in the next room, just to keep the moths out of the room I'm in.
My New View I decided to go with Tumblr. When i take possession of my new place in October, I'll post pics of the renovation as it goes along. Until then, here are some small pics of what i will be looking at from now on, that I managed to d/l before the listing was taken down
I could sure go for some Battolli. Handy chart of all the pasta shapes.
Five Good Covers what it says it is. Every week, links to five good cover songs of classic hits. Hear some jazzy AC/DC, A bluegrass take on "Milkshake", synth-opera Rolling Stones, or an all-organ version of New Order!
I jonesing pretty hard for one of these, "the closest thing yet to Fred Flintstone's footmobile."
Shirokuma -- a type of kakigōri -- is a Japanese dessert made from shaved ice flavored with condensed milk, small colorful mochi, fruits, and sweet bean [usually Azuki bean] paste. Shirokuma, which originated in Kagoshima, means "polar bear."
What's your song of the summer? I'm a lemming, so mine is "Blurred Lines".
Stephen Colbert daftpunks with Matt Damon, Bryan Cranston, Jeff Bridges, Hugh Laurie, Jimmy Fallon, the Rockettes, Jon Stewart, and Henry Kissinger
BABY BUNNY MOTIVATIONALS! from the only slightly creepy side of Tumblr

07 August 2013

Tomorrow (8/8) Post-A-Thon. Get your posts ready. Let's fill the front page!Read more...
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Tattoos. Suggested by bearwife. Thank you.

06 August 2013

Tuesday 3-point update

05 August 2013

I Need Blogging/Photo App Info I am a little late to the game, but I am looking for the best way to post pics and share info and am looking for the best one-stop way to accomplish this. I want a site where it's easy to post to from home or mobile, so that I can share pics and design ideas for when I get into my new place. I guess in a way it will be kind of a blog where I also store pics or video online

I used to do this on a blog I had on my own site, but this time I would prefer to have it on a more social site, but I dont want to use Facebook

I would appreciate any advice
Talk to me about your hair

04 August 2013

02 August 2013

So, what are you weekend plans?
Photo Friday: Roofs.

01 August 2013

Your August Goals...Show them to me. New month = new goals! Read more...
Does anyone here use Nature's Variety "Instinct" or "Prairie" dry pet food? I have a $4 email coupon for cat or dog kibble that I can "forward to a friend." Let me know if you want it!

31 July 2013

End of July/Beginning of August TPS Reports. Let me have 'em.
Making prosciutto wrapped grilled asparagus ...what's a good side dish? Ideally one that uses up these cherry tomatoes?
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Roofs. Suggested by me.
ANOTHER NAME THAT TUNE (AKA lyrics challenge) -- Because there can never be too much fun!Read more...
Here is Bryan Cranston reading 'Ozymandias' over time-lapse footage of New Mexico. (via box off-site)
Looks like the Blue is down

30 July 2013

Name That Tune! Summer Jam edition
For my 300th post, I'd like to dedicate this to my husband... ...for he is taking the U.S. bar exam today and needs all the mojo he can get. Read more...

29 July 2013

Bunny - mine! OMG! It seems like a quiet Monday here, so I thought I'd share a picture of Mr. Munch.

He's claiming all his stuff.

27 July 2013

26 July 2013

So it's been like ten years in this apartment and we never really moved out of boxes ..we're busy people, it's a big space, we both use it as an office, etc. So finally the solution was just "Here Whelk, here is a blank check, go make the apartment nice. I chose a time period (late 30s-ish) and a layout and then spent a long, long time picking out things and cleaning them and shellacking them - so I give you photos from Project Apartment 1939 Phase One! 1 2 3
Anyone in NYC want a four foot standing lamp? Full spectrum, sleek, modern, new in box. Pick up on the lower upper west side. Email for addy if interested.
Photo Friday: Animals I Know.

25 July 2013

It's been a strange day in the office ... Read more...

24 July 2013

Mid-week 3-point update thingy
A Doonesbury comic from 1975. Do things never change, or what?!Read more...
Jon broke his foot. : (
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Animals I Know. Suggested by bearwife. Thank you.
Does Anyone Know Of A Good Interior Design Software ? I got the place !! Thanks so much for the good vibes. I'm soooo excited, but I now have to get designing. The place needs a total makeover, so if anyone can recommend a good designing app, I'd be very interested . I plan to move in October with just me, some tools and some work clothes and build it up from scratch, before i bring in any furniture, so I'll need all the design help I can get

Woooooooooot !
Happy Birthday occhiblu and safetyfork!

23 July 2013

My internets are acting weird I can get on some sites, but not others. For example, I can't get onto Facebook, Blogspot, The Globe and Mail, Hotmail, or Gmail. I can get YouTube, Twitter, Metafilter, and, obviously, MetaChat. I assume it's some kind of virus thing. Any tips on how to fix this? I've tried rebooting to no avail.
The Real Housewives of Nasa Astronauts Sublime 60s fashion. A little time capsule.

22 July 2013

That time I wrote a SCP story I never submitted it tho cause....I forgot.
Just got buzzed by a B-25!
So this blog post (about reading to your kid) was in the sidebar of my Google news page.Read more...

21 July 2013

Happy Birthday Kellydamnit!

20 July 2013

Melancholy.
Two tidbits I have two fun things to share with you today.Read more...
This is the thread where we talk about Project Runway. Spoilers inside.Read more...

19 July 2013

Just watched the Joe Wright adaptation of Anna Karenina. Didn't care for it at all. What movies have you seen recently? Old or new, rewatches, whatever.
Wish Me Luck I just put in an offer to buy a new home that I really want *crosses fingers*
Photo Friday: Balance.

18 July 2013

17 July 2013

AskMecha Fashion Challenge Edition: is anyone on here a really good online shopper? I need some help, pretty please. I want, nay need, these shoes.Read more...
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Balance. Suggested by fleacircus. Thank you.
Photo suggestion: pictures of your book collection with annotations Read more...
Alan Alda goes viral My blog got another boost yesterday, or rather its Facebook page did.Read more...

16 July 2013

Are chiropractors allowed to call themselves doctors now? At least in the US? Did something change i don't know about?
You asked for a photo where I'm smiling, so here it is. Also if you dress like this you can just walk around the Conde Nast building and no one will question who you are or what you're doing.
The Indefinable Leigh Bowery: A TV documentary from 1986, in which Hugh Laurie interviews, and roams around London with, fashion madman Leigh Bowery.
Hey y'all, what's for dinner?

15 July 2013

Mid-month Goals Check In! Alrighty, so how are y'all doing on your goals so far this month?Read more...

14 July 2013

Shoes How many have you got?
I amused myself during the road trip to Maine... By finding locations that would fit the show " Supernatural"'s truck stop, gothic Americana aesthetic. I think I did alright.
Vernacular typography in France That blog makes me want to go travel through France.

13 July 2013

AskMeCha: Can this phone be saved? I have a cordless phone that's conked out on me and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestion as to how I could fix it.
There once ...

12 July 2013

Wigging out I wrote a post on knitted wigs for today. Please be warned that the last "wig" in the post is NSFW... but a must-see.
Photo Friday: Twilight.

11 July 2013

10 July 2013

in lieu of flying ants... I give you
thoughts upon low-carbing/paleo'ing on and off for a couple months
1. I am convinced of the benefits of low carb
2. I am beginning to understand how eating disorders happen
3. I get why diet fads are such a great business
short elaborations follow
This week's Photo Friday theme is Twilight. Suggested by Kronos to Earth. Thank you.

09 July 2013

Jukebox Time Machine! Nicked this from a nostalgia thread on MeFi. Grooving out nostalgically to the late 70s. Read more...
Tuesday 3-point update : What's going on with you? Read more...

08 July 2013

Shuffle-a-gogo - what's on your MP3 player?

07 July 2013

Happy Birthday, hadjiboy!

06 July 2013

Basebrawl 2013 -- Professional Wrestling at Coney Island It's Friday night. I get off work. I'm thinking to myself that I've two choices for the evening. I can watch a Jean Cocteau film at an arthouse theater or head to Coney Island and watch a bunch of fat dudes beat the sh*t out of each other. Being a classy and refined fellow, I picked Coney Island. The pictures are in the link.

05 July 2013

Photo Friday: This thing does not belong here.

04 July 2013

Do you have any once-a-year clothing items? At the fireworks tonight, I was checking out people's dedicated 4th of July duds. Lots of people wear red white and blue, but some people clearly have a piece of clothing they wait all year to bust out. For instance, I keep this one long sleeve navy Tshirt with an outline of the lower 48 states on it to wear to fireworks, and I wear it every year pretty faithfully, and never otherwise. And we saw a guy tonight with American flag jeans, and plenty of flag t-shirts.Read more...
This week's Photo Friday theme is: This thing does not belong here, Suggested by ethylene. Thank you.

03 July 2013

What is something that you do every day, or almost every day, to calm/recharge yourself/get back on an even keel?Read more...

02 July 2013

What's made you laugh today?

01 July 2013

Portrait of a Young Woman, Vermeer This showed up on my igoogle page today. Too good not to share.
July Goals! It's a new month and that means that it's time for new goals! Read more...
Happy birthday, Firas!

30 June 2013

Is anyone here from Detroit? I'm pretty sure this libertarian article about the "awesome" effect public service cuts have had in Detroit is a whitewash. Is there anyone from Detroit or who is familiar with Detroit who cares to deconstruct it for me?
Time to review June's goals! Alright everyone, it's the end of June. Time to review how y'all did.Read more...
It's awfully quiet...

28 June 2013

Rejoice!
Photo Friday: Nostalgia.

27 June 2013

These come from Trees - Know anyone involved with K-12? Free stickers!Read more...

26 June 2013

So, hey!
This week's Photo Friday theme is Nostalgia. Suggested by Twiggy. Thank you.

25 June 2013

Government at work? The filibuster by my Texas State Senator, Wendy Davis, to stop an anti-abortion bill, is in peril. It is currently being ruled whether her filibuster violated Senate rules. The link goes to a live feed. High drama at times (although they are talking off-mic at the moment).

24 June 2013

Spoilers? I not only want to post all the gifs but make some. Dishy dishy dish dish! Ted CHawwww faces! Peggy Peggy Peggy! Oh, fer Pete's sake.
I dreamt last night that I shared a big Victorian house with mygothlaundry, my brother, and a former co-worker, and mgl went on a manic drunken kitten-buying spree so we ended up with 18 kittens of various colors and two rabbits. Read more...
Painting on water is mesmerizing

23 June 2013

anyone into martial arts I've been watching some MMA and I find it very remarkable how unintuitive the submission wrestling moves are. Which is an interesting twist on technique vs strength in physical combat. Seems like a skilled grappler can easily break bones on a much stronger unskilled opponent as long as they can get them on the ground.
"Photographer Bela Borsodi fastidiously manipulated household items in the photograph below to create an image that looks like 4 photographs."
Staten Island in the 1980s (black and white photos)
When your lavender bed becomes a deathbed I've just been looking up lavender recipes online (because I've got a large lavender bed just coming into flower) and came across one for "lavender chocolate raspberry jam". How decadent is that?

22 June 2013

FOUND is the National Geographic big-photo Tumblr, and it is amazing.
Best/favorite grilling recipes? The fussier the better! All foods/types considered.

21 June 2013

hi guyz! It's been so long since I said hi over here. DESPITE the fact that I saw a few bunnies (TPS, Eye Detector, Gaspode & Kkokkodalk,'s been so long I had to double check kko's user name spelling haha).

anyway HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII tell me your lives for the past I dunno 18 months? IN a nut?
IT'S FRIDAY! How ya doing?
Happy Birthday, D.C.!
Photo Friday: Light play.

20 June 2013

First fruits These are the first strawberries I've gotten from my strawberry bed this season, and this is the first rhubarb. Silly thing to want to show off, perhaps, but it took two plantings to get a rhubarb bed going in my garden, and three before the strawberry patch took.

19 June 2013

Good News! Bad News!

18 June 2013

It's make a rustic Maine Cabin theme Cocktail time! What can we do with Southern Comfort, Spiced Rum, Cranberry juice, Blueberry Seltzer, coke a cola, and lemon juice? ( er, not all at once, that's just what we ave in )

17 June 2013

Not kitty nor bunny nor sloth Thank @NekoCase and Hunter of Cute (@jennandoah) June 17, 2013
movie musings
Concord Dawn - Uprising (streamnig album on Grooveshark). Lively New Zealand DnB, now A DECADE OLD.
Did you eat anything fabulous this weekend?
Last night's Mad Men (spoilers)

16 June 2013

15 June 2013

Happy Birthday bearwife!

14 June 2013

Does anyone else suffer from Bitchy Resting Face?
Secret life of cats Interesting to see what cats are up to all day. And I am not really a "cat person" (though I do like other people's cats just don't care to have one of my very own).
Knitting on the beach I just posted a post on vintage knitted swimwear (because it all used to be knitted) I'm rather proud of. Brace yourselves for that first picture.
Photo Friday: Bling.

13 June 2013

Happy Birthday rmless2!
Cleaning battery acid? Anyone know off the bat how or if one can clean off dried, leaked battery acid from a terminal?Read more...
Sesame Street in the year 2013 When I was a young'un, back in the twentieth century, Sesame Street dealt with numbers and letters. Now they're addressing the emotional stress kids experience from having a parent in prison.

12 June 2013

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Bling. Suggested by ethylene. Thank you.
3 Point pre-storm/Wednesday update! The weather folks are calling for some gnarly storms to come through tonight/tomorrow for chunks of the US. Get yer updates in before you lose power!Read more...
Why does every article ever written about mosquitoes have a giant picture of a mosquito biting a human? It makes me itch just looking at it. Also, giant mosquitoes = I'm glad I'm not in Florida.

11 June 2013

Good things/Bad things
Apparently it's tour o'clock. I received five updates on big music/band tours: two received a moment ago, one half an hour ago, another a few hours earlier, and one yesterday. Read more...
Do the Tighten Up I'd post the song, but let us bask in the Clooney-born ridiculousness for a moment.
Now, I may have this wrong, but doesn't this defy the point of a scrotum?
Thank you.

10 June 2013

Is There an Easier Way to Get Donuts ?? I just spent the entire afternoon grinding away at The Simpsons Tapped Out on my iPad. Is anyone else addicted to this damn thing too ? lol
What's made you go 'Awwww' today?
Cats Watching You Have Sex Does what it says on the tin.

08 June 2013

What are you up to this weekend?
RED BASTARD I'm very much over stand-up comedy as a whole, but this is fantastic.

07 June 2013

OMG BUNNY! (bathing or basting?)
Photo Friday: Things you've stood upon.

06 June 2013

Hepatitis A News Now! I have a 3pm PDT appointment to get my first of two Hep A shot.Read more...
Coffee for bunnies? As I placed my order for a double tall latte with soy milk and a half shot of sugar free vanilla this AM, I wondered what your go to (non alcoholic) drink orders are . . .
Thursday. Three Points. You Know the Drill.

05 June 2013

Please hope me! What should I read? Short stories and essay collections please. New or old.Read more...
fuck FIP, and on being "the chosen one"
This week's Photo Friday theme is things you've stood upon. Suggested by fleacircus. Thank you.
No Small Children is a punk rock band from LA. The three members teach elementary school when they are not rocking out. They are the real deal. They have a blog.
An L-Shaped Conundrum Just saw our new apartment last night, trying to figure out how to assign the bedrooms.Read more...
OMG BUN BUN BUNNY BUN (content warning: Parry Gripp music)

04 June 2013

RIP Scooby My birdie died earlier this week. My baby. My Scooby. I'm still destroyed by this. I don't think I'll ever get over it.

I miss you so much, my Scooby.
What song do you have stuck in your head? Maybe it can replace mine!Read more...
New food things I realized that I've tried 2 new food things this week: some gruyere and whatnot pasta casserole thing from Wegmans and mild Italian sausage.

What new food things have you tried recently?
Themes for Photo Friday - let me have 'em!


03 June 2013

Knowing vs not knowing: spoilers Book first or movie? Original or cover?Read more...
Frilly heck! We're 8 years old! And we all forgot. I say this calls for a party. Or some form of collective nonsense.
Having a rough day.
Happy Birthday jason's_planet!

02 June 2013

01 June 2013

Jean Stapleton (aka Edith Bunker) from All In The Family died today at the age of 90, and this may be the most bad-ass pic of her I've ever seen, partying with Alice Cooper.
June goals! Aw yeah, it's the halfway point of the year. Do you have any new year's resolutions that need reviewing? Make them a goal for June!Read more...
I wonder if you could modify your mind state by controlling your interior monologue. It's weird cause the things you think are kinda results of your inarticulate internal state, but I also think it can loop back so that tiny tweaks in your controllable approach to things can affect your thoughts about those things.Read more...
Do you speak a foreign language? And if so; do you use music and movies to learn and enjoy that language?
Happy Birthday Lassie!

31 May 2013

May goal post check-in time! So, how did y'all do on your goals this month?Read more...
Photo Friday - The Letter D Let's see your D-related pictures.

30 May 2013

A San Luis Obispo notable has been recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize.
No, it's not Weird Al or Alex Madonna (builder of the Madonna Inn), and yes, I know it's an op-ed in the HuffPo, but still...
WARNING: may be disturbing for people who still smoke
Happy Birthday Hugh Janus!
MOVING TIME We're moving a week from Saturday. Give us your best moving tips!

29 May 2013

So I'm the taking the train to work this morning . . . Read more...
Grarrrrrrhhhh!

28 May 2013

27 May 2013

It's a shame that most of the time I'm busy, exhausted or both during daylight hours, because for some reason children love me.Read more...
The Woodpecker So I've finally gotten around to creating a Flickr set of my father's woodworking projects.


26 May 2013

I finally joined. How do I favorite stuff?

25 May 2013

Invent me a cocktail? So we acquired a bottle of cranberry rum, of all things. I have no idea how to drink it. Usually if I'm drinking liquor I'm drinking gin and tonic. But I like anything cocktail-y. Invent me something? Kisses!
I really dislike Slate magazine. This piece about the sexual habits of writers got me thinking about why I dislike Slate so much.Read more...
Today, you shall make a Lassi.
1. Find some yogurt and water and your nearest blender or shaker (or get ready to stir vigorously)Read more...

24 May 2013

why is it like that?
Unclaimed money search. vi4gra pron scientology Apple iPad4 learnhow!
Photo Friday: Putting It All Together I don't see any other mentions of Photo Friday this week, so this is my suggestion.

23 May 2013

I just made this and it was fast, simple, colorful, and delish - Summer Pasta with roast tomato, greens, and corn!

Holiday Weekend Coming Up! What are your plans?

22 May 2013

Special Ed kids are cool
New Flickr To be honest, I haven't had a whole lot of time to tool around with it yet, but I'd love to hear any thoughts/complaints/alternatives etc. that any of you have. Yes, I'm being lazy, but I know there are a lot of heavy Flickr users here, and I value your opinions.

21 May 2013

Happy birthday: brujita, JanetLand, and Senyar!
How not to use social media Is anyone else enjoying the whole Amy's Baking Company/Kitchen Nightmare fiasco like I am? Not that I support some of behaviour towards them, such as posting fake Yelp threats or the sending of the death threats Amy and Samy claim to be getting, but the rest is pure, trainwreck-y delight.
birthdays galore! Happy Birthday WolfDaddy, Drasher and me!

20 May 2013

19 May 2013

Sour Death Balls A lot of kids (and a few adults) try eating a very sour candy.
Brigitta the wheelchair cat adopts abandoned kittens heartwarmer of the day, brought to you by Der Spiegel
Did any bunny win the US lottery?

18 May 2013

17 May 2013

If you are in or near Austin, Texas, this is for you Well, unless you don't like motor racing. But everyone likes motor racing, right?Read more...
post by: dg at: 18:33 | 7 comments
if you're into jewelry this article is chock full of great pieces and background history: Camilla's Newsletter May 2013 (from the people who run this NY store.) A surprisingly good thing to come across
POWERBALL TIME! Jackpot approaching $600 million, last I heard. What are you going to do with all that money when you win? Be specific, please; "savings, travel, real estate" is not acceptable.
TGIF! Thank Gonzo It's Friday! What are you thankful for this week(end)? Read more...
Photo Friday : Tour/Cycle (as suggested by oneswellfoop)

16 May 2013

So...I'm having two teeth replaced and I have a question... Read more...
If nobody else is going to come up with a theme for Photo Phriday, I have some fresh pics from when the Tour of California passed in front of my home, so let's say "Tour" or maybe "Cycle"...
so, as someone who--to put it charitably--could get a better handle on his life I am sort of emotionally susceptible these days both to critique and to praise. I've been trying to get a handle on it and just learn to take both in stride. To that end I've come across this amazingly on-point quote:Read more...
Festival axlotl in Japan? Do I see one marching down the street at 0:10? Screencap inside Read more...

15 May 2013

Tweet of the day: "You've decided to refer to Bill Corbett in a combination of 2nd and 3rd person. He may wind up confusing yourself."
Atom Eyes loves this a lot.
I have been invited to, of all places, a cigar bar. I have no idea what to wear (aside from "clothes I'm okay with dry cleaning instantly after"). Is it formal? Clubby? Velvet? Flannel? The context is low-key celebration but not sure where this ranks in the "how acceptable are sneakers in this situation" scale, so to speak.
Geoguesser A game that pops you into Google Street View anywhere around the world. You guess the location, and the closer you are, the better your score.

14 May 2013

NHL reporter's cringe-worthy rink-side interview with Matthew Perry:
"You know, for a guy like you... Big news today! And congratulations are in order."
"Oh, thank you. You're talking about my show getting cancelled?"
so I'm getting into The Ramones link the youtubes (or just mention the title) of everything I must hear/look at plz
Rich Manhattan moms hire handicapped tour guides so kids can cut lines at Disney World. Your daily "look at these assholes".
Do Yelp reviews help you or make you crazy? Read more...

13 May 2013

RIP Taylor Mead

12 May 2013

Mecha Summer Challenge! Sign up in here if you want to spend the summer without drinking any soft drinks/packaged juices. If ~3+ people sign up I'll do a weekly check-in thread!Read more...

11 May 2013

Otherwordly female drifters in 70's rock songs ...

10 May 2013

The Great Gatsby Just saw it, am eager to make with the spoiler-laden reviews. What'd you think?
"The Relaxed Wife" An oddball industrial film from 1957, touting the benefits of a tranquilizer called "Atarax."
The broken crane from Sandy(I live 2 doors down) is being replaced this weekend Read more...
Photo Friday. I'm going to suggest Springtime.

09 May 2013

Do you feel special?

08 May 2013

8 point lyrics game, go!
For you.
So I found out I have high cholesterol!
Anyone still using QR codes?
interesting skincare recommendation thingie: Simple Skincare Tool.
It's obviously aimed at women but I tried it anyway and the results are a bit overwhelming with details. Anyway this reminded that I want to find out: what is Toner? and in what way do you use it personally?Read more...

07 May 2013

06 May 2013

Why animals might want a Mother's Day Really adorable, Senyar level pictures here.
In which I become a published author...
post by: dg at: 06:25 | 19 comments

05 May 2013

Happy Birthday msali!

04 May 2013

Swan's End: Guest room before and after photo set Just finished the guest room reno. Bonus: you can also take a walk In the Garden at Swan's End. And, should you still be in the mood for more, the entry, hallways and staircase reno photo set will be up within the next week.
Happy Birthday mygothlaundry!

03 May 2013

Bragging time. What's the most awesome thing you've done this week? Read more...
Photo Friday: One from the archives - Powerful
Happy Birthday Stynxno!

02 May 2013

My good deed for the day...
Winner winner chicken dinner What should I make for dinner tonight with these here boneless, skinless chicken breasts?Read more...

01 May 2013

What do I need for the first two or three days in my new place? I'm moving in about a week, after basically couch-surfing (though on only two "couches," from amazingly generous family and friends), and I want to make sure that I have the basics I need to get through the first few days.Read more...
It's May and thoughts are turning to Summer. What do you fancy beasts have on your calendars?Read more...
Moving the goal posts--May edition! It's May 1st and therefore, it is time for some new goals!Read more...

30 April 2013

Check-in post
Sick of the iPhone being so prudish.
Congratulations to danf!!!!!!
What do you really like about yourself at the moment? Time for some Tuesday positivity!

29 April 2013

This was slid under the door.... ...or the bar my friend works at.
Thank god for

28 April 2013

One of my favorite singers Kelly Hogan describes faking her way into an Atlanta gay club in 1982. Such a great story even if you don't know her music.

27 April 2013

Danf, this is for you and everybody else who might have been raised by hippies, been a hippie, known a hippie or been hippie friendly. My daughter put it on my facebook wall. Of course she did.
So sick, yesterday I missed the post-a-thon. I know that's no excuse (I'm feeling barely better now) so let me offer this Form(al) Apology
The Internet Can End Now. . . Sent by Daughter. . .
post by: danf at: 13:43 | 1 comment

26 April 2013

Watch this guy find out he's been drafted into the NFL. So cute.
Stoya, The Sweetheart Of Smut - Village Voice Posted for gratuitous vain glorious name dropping friend of a friend of a friending.
Let's get married! We've been seeing each other long enough. I'm not going anywhere. You're not going anywhere. Whaddaya say?
The Expendables: Inside America's Elite Search And Rescue Dog Training Center Rejected by society, these talented misfits are carefully recruited by tactical experts and trained at the nation’s top facility to perform the most dangerous, lifesaving missions. Meet Wilma Melville, who turns rescued dogs into rescue dogs. A surprisingly good article, considering it's on buzzfeed.
post by: ufez at: 15:43 | 1 comment
Late for LARP I saw this in a theater a few weeks ago here in Pittsburgh at Film Kitchen, a monthly screening of experimental short films. Thought it was cute and pretty well written and acted. Read more...
Adorable Aussies, anyone? Don't miss the "Previous Litters" tab.
Describe your favorite day, real or imagined.
Share your new favorite blogs
I've really been digging this song all week. What are you listening to lately?
Photo Friday Reportage: your bookcases and favourite books? Is there any interest in that?Read more...
What's going on with everyone? I'll go first (briefly)
Points! One point for each record you bought on Record Store Day last week.

Two points for each key on your keyring.
It's a lyrics challenge! Come inside and play...
Quasi-Professional lunch at a Wall Street Bistro What should I wear?
What's for lunch?
As we don't have a Photo Friday theme yet, I propose ... Your Best Pictures

25 April 2013

post by: dg at: 15:38 | 16 comments
I propose a Friday Post-A-Thon!

24 April 2013

I finally updated my site.... that all my various internet writing would be in one place
Apocalypse Gnome
Oh, the gnomanity ...

23 April 2013

Would anybunny be willing to do me a favour? I'd like to buy something off eBay that won't ship internationally, and I would like someone to do a receive and reship for me (and I'll reimburse for any costs involved, of course).Read more...

21 April 2013

Have blogs killed zines?
AskMeCha: Food edition I'm good for baking things in the oven, but I'm afraid of the broiler. Help!Read more...

20 April 2013

Happy Birthday mdonley!
Happy birthday to ThePinkSuperhero! May your day be happy, and pink.
OMG! Bunny! TURTLE! Any Threadless fans here? I have a tee in the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles competition. Votes are appreciated -- I need the art exposure and especially the cash, LOL. Feedback is always cool, too. Thanks!

19 April 2013

Friday 3-point update

18 April 2013

Photo Friday: Math
Get your Dinklage fix here He's starting to look a bit worn. They may be wearing him down, like a crayon.
On "Lifestyle" Media. A few years ago I started getting interested in fashion and when I casually looked at website or magazine sections focused on "Style", I saw that they were grouping restaurants and movies and all that under the "Style" section. I was like, "this is dumb". But now I realize that they were onto something I'm just figuring out…Read more...
AskMeCha - free mapping tools
post by: dg at: 15:57 | 9 comments
What do you have for breakfast every day? What is your breakfast routine? Where do you eat it, and how long does it take you? Read more...

17 April 2013

I have something for you Garbage & Screaming Females in the studio recording Patti Smith's "Because The Night" (official vid)
Photo Friday Advance: Math, suggested by crush-onastick and ufez

16 April 2013

philosophically minded mechazens could you design an experiment (mental or physical) to test if other people actually exist? what would you try?
Audrey Hepburn's Roman Street Style 28 fantastic photos from the 1950s and 60s. The very first one may be my favorite.
Writing prompts? Can you recommend any good resources for writing prompts? Read more...

15 April 2013

14 April 2013

So what's the deal with this Bioshock thing that everyone's going on about? Assume I've been in a cave for the past decade. Read more...
Getting all 70s and rereading The Exorcist. What're you up to?
Dear Uncle Sam, I have to file an extension this year, because... Read more...

13 April 2013

These two images will both warm and break your heart.
Some sad/some happy/some help name this new dog. It is with much sadness that I announce that my beloved dog Lulu passed away at the beginning of March. Mecha helped me name her. Read more...
social media attention is addictive I can't really blame these attention seeking teen girls on instagram man. Those thumbs-ups, those new comments in response to your writings, those retweets of your responses by others, that stuff really does make your brain go "that was nice". I've mostly stopped posting on or reading forums and other online outlets these days but whenever I do it I'm reminded of why the mechanisms have such strong pull.
Free ebooks. The University of Chicago Press has a new free book each month.Read more...
Awesome/Annoying Saturday morning

12 April 2013

A commercial jingle that has been running through my head for about 30 years now.
Pets & Postcards or look at the cute kitties! A metachat project ideaRead more...
I need help deciding on a hairdo for tonight..... Short of just combing it back into a lacquered paste, cause the event is Fancy.
Photo Friday: Music / Lyrics / Songs

11 April 2013

OMG BUNNIES! Who says there's nothing worthwhile on Tumblr?
Holy S*$&%, Indeed Kayak fisherman off Hawaii gets scare.
It's all your fault.

10 April 2013

Leftover Peeps?
Don't Try This At Home! unless you want to destroy your microwave. There have been many peeps-nuking films, but this made me smile. Plus, Science!
New sidebar art! Thanks to our photographers splunge, TheophileEscargot, Kronos_to_Earth, ethylene, and Hugh Janus.
Photo Friday Advance: Music / Lyrics / Songs (I don't know who suggested this one)
Live/work near the UWS fo Manhattan? Want a belt? Cleaning out my closet, found a never-worn L.L Bean red webb belt that's too big for me (Mens 46). Never Worn condition - red with black stripe in middle- feels solid, fun/prep/casual in design. E-mail me if you want to pick it up.
Bunny! OMG! (Alternative title: Ah, f*ck it ...)

09 April 2013

The women of Fifth Avenue A photoset by Leland Bobbe.

08 April 2013

What do you skip when you're running late for work?

07 April 2013

Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. This image* reminded me that there is almost an entire generation now using Tumblr that may not remember Mary Tyler Moore's TV production company. Makes you feel old, doesn't it?Read more...

06 April 2013

I made my first infographic Song Quality of Titles Beginning with ‘Call Me’: image link
So for months now, this expensive fashion brand from NY has been blanketing me with thousands of google ads. Just huge amounts of advertising. So I sent them an email with a modest proposal: image link
Casemod your cat with cardboard Do not blame me if you try this and end up losing a limb or an eye.

05 April 2013

04 April 2013

1985 Trailer- The Stuff Hidden place in my heart for the high-concept, pulpy exploitative horror movies.
Photo Friday: High
What's going on in your life? Multi-point update, please.
Photo Friday Advance: High, suggested by mdonley

03 April 2013

(Cook) Drink Drunk The Whelk Way! We're sitting on a pile of pre-made food and a bunch of ..random liquors, help us make a cocktail?Read more...
Graveyard of Peaches: How Tennessee Will Win Its War Against Georgia
"Even if Georgia is only able to mobilize half the residents of Atlanta, that’s still a lot of SUVs to stop. We can’t count on all of them to stop at the Cracker Barrel in Dalton and lose interest."
Why last Sunday was special How fitting i get to be the one to knock my 4 hour music wad off the page to bring you this--curses! Foiled again!Read more...

01 April 2013

April Goals!
Faux Ask Me Can we do another thread of fake AskMe questions, in honour of the day?Read more...

31 March 2013

Making cents with AdSense My blog made slightly more money in March than it did in the months of November, December, January, and February combined. Read more...

30 March 2013

Twigs and berries Okay, this should work, but first the disclaimer:Read more...
Bunny! OMG! This is no ordinary bunny, though.

29 March 2013

After Lights Out- some gorgeous, occasionally eerie photos.
Sunday Dinner Anyone cooking anything fancy for Easter dinner?
Ok, The Smiths are the breakup music in play for pre-punk twiggy I haven't been punk in a lot of sell out time, but mention cause forgotten punk anthems are really welcome. Anyway, I broke up after 6 years and putting out a call for any and every anthem/solace song of any flavor.

28 March 2013

Photo Friday: Madness
I dunno man ¯\(°_o)/¯ my new life philosophy is that sometimes you can't think your way out of negative feelings. I think this is a kinda trap that verbal or introverted people fall into, this fallacy that everything can be internally articulated and weighted. If you're doing whatever you need to be doing and there's nothing actionable to think through, just let it fade away.
DOCUMERICA: Images of America in Crisis in the 1970s A nice collection of images from the EPA's "Documerica" project. The Flickr collection is here
What do you wish you were doing RIGHT NOW?
I always though I'd end up with a Jew but I really seem to have a thing going with the Catholic--Read more...

27 March 2013

Name These Tunes!

26 March 2013

Fashion Challenge: Harry Potter Or Harry Potter ish. Tie and pocket square colors of House Hufflepuff, Owl lapel pin, and pocket watch (magical, of course)
They are Glad to Receive Us We are planning a trip to EuropeRead more...
Thin Mint Brownie Recipe There are Girl Scouts in my office building selling cookies and they had samples of these brownies. They were so good, I thought I'd share.Read more...

25 March 2013

Not ready for Reddit? I just joined Reddit and posted a link to my blog. It's getting roundly voted down. Do any of you use Reddit and what's your experience of it?
Snow Bunny in the News! OMG! Scroll to the second image . . .

24 March 2013

Any Bunnies planning on keeping Passover?
NYU Hawkcam is back!

23 March 2013

Whale bone porn. Won't someone think of the children?

22 March 2013

Question for Bloggers..
NYC dinner out We got a babysitter to go on a date night tomorrow night for dinner, but I don't know where to go. What do you suggest, people? Manhattan, preferably toward the west side (A, C, 1 lines), somewhere quiet & grown-up.

21 March 2013

Photo Friday: Brought to you by the letter K.
I should have known it was the Kinks but I prefer the Pretenders over this. Now to go in search of the original.
Photo Friday Advance: This week's Photo Friday will be brought to you by the letter K - kangaroos, kelp, kites, kings, and everything else starting with the letter K. Suggested by gomichild.

Sorry for the super late notice, guys.
TEDxSummerisle Good times had by all.
Thursday 3-point update
A Calvin & Hobbes strip, animated. So fantastic.

20 March 2013

Where can I buy a used cell phone in Manhattan ASAP? Son's cell phone broke. The Samsung Intensity II. He wants another one or facsimile or simulacrum or whatever. Verizon wants $280 for a new one!!! No! no no no no.Read more...
Soyuz TMA-06M Spacecraft (post re-entry) - looking more like an abandoned relic of space explorations past than a modern spacecraft. Re-entry is a hell of a drug, or something.
How do you, personally, prepare for hosting an event? Read more...
Of sharks and the jumping there-of: is the TV show Bones still any good? Should we start watching Dexter again?Read more...
Day One of a 3-day diuretic purge. I gotta lose 16 pounds, and I'm gonna feel like crap through the weekend. Good news: all the Fritos I want, to replace the salt. If you have something funny, post it here.

19 March 2013

Essence of Spoiler Drag Race edition. It's got to be the funniest one yet.Read more...
This cartoon was not intentionally timed to correspond to this news, but it works.Read more...
A person can't even write a knitting blog without getting all political. At least I can't. I should have picked something else, like scrapbooking. No, wait, I can foresee problems with that too, namely that I hate scrapbooking.:-) This morning a reader (who is a MeFite) told me via Twitter that she was so bothered by the constant body policing on my blog she'd decided she needed to stop following it. I wrote this special extra post in response.
Owl and the Sparrow is a really great film.
Lost In Light Rotation, a fun new song from Tullycraft, a cool band I haven't thought of in years.

18 March 2013

Hope me! IE no like position:fixed?
I started an NCAA Bracket Because I did not see anyone else doing it.Read more...
"In a recent xkcd's alt text, Randall Munroe suggested stacksort, a sort that searches StackOverflow for sorting functions and runs them until it returns the correct answer. So, I made it." If you understand what this is doing, it's hilarious
Hot Like Sauce [soundcloud] life is too short to have sorrow Read more...
I would love recommendations for the fiercest of fierce tattoos... Ok, so I'm tossing a few ideas around in my head, and asking other people for tattoo recommendations is usually a bad idea for obvious reasons, butRead more...

17 March 2013

As I say, a strange thing – ...not quite a portrayal of a woman, more a depiction of an archetype, ethereal, symbolic, and looking quite bemused. Read more...

16 March 2013

New Cellphone I just bought a new cell phone today and I am looking for any new apps that I can download. The last cell phone that I used was one of those big, cancer inducing brick phones from the 80s, so I am a complete beginner . I got the Samsung Note II and I all set to start playing with it. Would love to have some suggestions
People in Your Neighborhood (1988 pledge drive special) - in which Bob meets Martina Navratilova, Barbara Walters and Ralph Nader, and Ralph finds the faults with Bob's sweater

15 March 2013

Hey Canadian Bunnies! So there's a contest on a beauty blog I read (Ommorphia Beauty Bar) to win a new Elizabeth Arden fragrance - Green Tea & Honeysuckle. It's only open to Canadian residents (or addresses).Read more...
Hugh Janus (gawker link)

14 March 2013

Photo Friday: Big Fat Secret or Guilty Pleasure
Never try, never fail, never win "For those who got medals for participation, rejection is unbearable" or some such papRead more...
AskMe Cross Post: 1939 German Shorthand Document Does anyone know German shorthand? Found in an old edition of Shakespeare, totally perplexing.
O.M.G. -- BRILLIANT bunny tee, lol. And Picard's Earl Grey kinda rocks too. Teefury hit a couple homers today, IMO.

13 March 2013

Photo Friday Advance: Big Fat Secret or Guilty Pleasure (SFW), suggested by ethylene and desjardins

12 March 2013

What did you have for dinner?

11 March 2013

the dark side of Class I was looking at this website called that was pitched as a way to get entrepreneurial advice from 'experts' at a per-minute rate. I wrote about it on twitter and mentioned that I was conflicted about it. Someone from Clarity asked me why the conflicted feeling and (cause I'm so gangsta) I plainly replied it "seems a bit gauche"Read more...
Centuries-old wooden churches in Russia and vicinity: four pages of amazing photos.

10 March 2013

Scandal in Amsterdam : prostitute who was advising the mayor of Amsterdam on prostitution policy and who succesfully published books on prostitution related issues turns out to have lied about being a prostitute.

09 March 2013

New sidebar art! Thanks to pjern for curating some of his photos for the sidebars this time around. And, my apologies to all for taking so long to put up some new art! Sheesh.
Shell Game! Molly Crabapple's art show about revolution and economics, is finally opening to the public. I'll be there on the 14th and I'd like you to join me.

08 March 2013

Pop Quiz, hotshot! Men's room edition
Possibly the best job for MeChazens ever They are looking for a new "animals" editor at Buzzfeed to find and post cute animal pics and stories.
Photo Friday: Shimmy

07 March 2013

Tips on taking the perfect selfie This one's for the other pussycat Mechazens: ceiling cat, catlet, catfive, etc.

06 March 2013

Any former (or current) servers out there? Feel like taking a quick survey to help out a student? My GF is working on her thesis and has put together a short survey - if you've ever worked as a waiter or waitress, it'd be awesome if you could take a few minutes to click through!
Wednesday 3-Point Update! Tell me what's going on, people.
Photo Friday Advance: Shimmy, suggested by crush-onastick

05 March 2013

Men's Wallets are a notoriously finicky thing. But I find I need a new one. Where do you go for wallets? Read more...
Jim'll paint it. "I am here to make your wildest dreams a reality using nothing but Microsoft Paint (no tablets, no touch ups). Ask me to paint anything you wish and I will try no matter how specific or surreal your demands. While there aren't enough hours in the day to physically paint every suggestion I will consider them all. Bonus points for originality and humour. Use your imagination!"

04 March 2013

Bunny Therapy awwwwwwwww
Ezra Stoller: The Photographer Who Made Architects Famous. A nice NPR Picture show blog post.
avoiding extortion 101 since I am a specialist at reasoning about things I don't actually know about, I have developed some thoughts on avoiding extortion (really)Read more...
Yo, Pope Benedict, you got owned by Oakland Rapper The Vatican’s plan to call the retiring pontiff Benedict XVI “Pope Emeritus” hit a snag today, in the form of a threatened lawsuit by an Oakland-based rapper who has been recording under that name since 2006.

03 March 2013

OMG! BUNNIES VS NEANDERTHALS!! (the neanderthals never had a chance)
The Artistic & The Beautiful A fascinating interview with America's first great architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

02 March 2013

MetaChap is an informal spot for MeFites to chit-chat, hob-nob, share a cuppa, and other such rot and dross that may not belong on MetaFilter, wot wot.

01 March 2013

Share your March goals!
Old Slides of Parents My parents (mostly) as a very young married couple at the beach where they lived.Read more...
so I'm in a self-control phase that I sometimes get into in which I manage to get a hold on multiple things (e.g. diet, finances) at the same time. It's interesting that I find them linked this way, but more interestingly, I find it helps me to stay on track if I think of discipline as abstract forecasting rather than an internal impulse struggleRead more...
I need a Shuffle-a-gogo fix! Who's with me? Set your MP3 player on random and let 'er rip! Read more...
Photo Friday: Accidents and Bad Ideas.

28 February 2013

Ok, I hate Jezebel, but this kind of spoke to me and I thought we could discuss: Sexism Fatigue: When Seth MacFarlane Is a Complete Ass and You Don’t Even Notice
OMG BUNNY... MeFi's Own Scalzi's Tolerance Bunny, to be exact. Yes, I'm buying one but haven't decided between Light Blue or "Men's Daisy" color.
Trust, but verify. The heartbreaking love song, "Smell Yo Dick."
Sleeping by the Mississippi. A very melancholy photo series by Alec Soth.

27 February 2013

Voting Rights Act? Is anyone worried about this at all?
Photo Friday Advance: Accidents and bad ideas, suggested by crush-onastick and rainbaby. I think this is going to be fun. And yes, it was like that when I got here. I swear!
So you have a penis pan. Now what?

26 February 2013

"Your handsome-ass grandfather had one blade. AND polio." I can't believe I'm recommending a commercial, but this one is actually quite a lot of fun.
Ginormous congrats to ufez, who's been accepted to veterinary school!!
What's on your bucket list? I started one on Pinterest.
When did all the non-coder tech jobs move to NYC? I'm job hunting (uuuugh) and I've noticed that all the jobs I'm interested in, which is basically working in the tech/start-up world in creative or management areas, are in NYC these days. The jobs I see in SF/Silicon Valley are all hardcore programmer stuff.Read more...
the best video of a flying robot balancing a top-heavy pole on its back that it flips at another robot which catches it still in balance that you'll see today. (explanatory writeup)
the way I'm increasingly seeing the world is something that people don't really overtly discuss much: as exchanges of power.Read more...

25 February 2013

"Use your words" ... Does this phrase sound as obnoxious and condescending to you as it does to me?Read more...
Bored Baby went to sleep ultra early. Nothing to do. Read more...

24 February 2013

23 February 2013

The Yellow River A series of photos by Chinese photographer Zhang Kechun. Surreal, serene, and gorgeous.
The Cliche RC Action Chase Better than a lot of movies I've seen.

22 February 2013

Photo Friday: Brought to you by the letter J.

21 February 2013

Bullies Called Him Pork Chop. He Took That Pain With Him, And Then... You guys have probably all already seen this, but I wanted to post it just in case. My whole childhood, come rushing back.

20 February 2013

Bon mots Had a third interview today, and to make a long story short...Read more...
You need more big dumb music in your life. Do you like sweaty, paunchy, beardy dudes yelling over metal guitar solos? HELL YES YOU DO.Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: This week's Photo Friday will be brought to you by the letter J - jelly, Japan, jump ropes, jars, and everything else starting with the letter J. Suggested by gomichild.
So I was going through stuff and I found this I know it's a very nice rejection letter. But I would have had a second chance if my agent hadn't gotten married. I miss you Shari.

19 February 2013

Tips for Buenos Aires?
I used to read these regularly. I was just reminded of it and found this one entertaining, so I thought I'd share.

18 February 2013

Oh-no-it's-Monday 3-point update
What a drip I have a leaky kitchen faucet. There doesn't seem to be a washer in it to replace, but only a $10 aerator that I installed myself. I want to renovate my kitchen next year and so don't want to buy a whole new faucet now because they don't seal down as well on a second installation. Is there something I can buy and screw into the tap to stop the leakage?
Are you kidding me? Neighbor reports suspicious activity, police arrive, suspecting meth lab. Fail. It's a maple grove, sugaring off. In spring, maple trees are tapped, and a bucket is placed to collect sap. The sap is boiled down to become syrup. I want to know who thinks meth comes from trees.

17 February 2013

DIA bunnies attacking Cars Walking Dead : Hopping Bunnies. Don't eat wires!
100 days My knitting blog is 100 days old today.Read more...
100 Copies of The White Album How it sounds if you play 100 vinyl copies of the Beatles' "White Album" at once. Side One.

16 February 2013

What I Did This Afternoon My friend in Kona is a great musician, and has a really good home studio. He was playing a new lullaby he'd written, and it brought to mind something I had written long ago.
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the "douchemail" incident Um, did I happen to email anybody here a copy of "douchemail"?Read more...