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29 November 2013

Friday Question (silly edition) Who's your fantasy celebrity boyfriend/girlfriend?
Mine's Liam Neeson. He'd never actually say anything -- would just hang around looking tall and craggy.
posted by bearwife 29 November | 17:32
Fantasy as in never going to happen or fantasy as in is a fictional character?

Cause the answer to both is Captain America.
posted by The Whelk 29 November | 17:43
Will Smith/Carrie Ann Inaba

Liam Neeson is lovely.

Owen Wilson/Pink

I find myself intimidated by really big name celebrity fantasies - even in the name of silly. Not sure what that means.
posted by rainbaby 29 November | 17:46
Andy Lau.
posted by Hugh Janus 29 November | 18:18
Milla Jovovich. I'll be in my bunk.

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posted by Splunge 29 November | 19:29
Dmitri Hvorostovsky.
posted by JanetLand 29 November | 21:42
I have a lot, generally depending on what I'm watching. Harrison Ford, of course. BD Wong. Djimon Hounsou. Helen Mirren. Mariska Hargitay. I'm sure there are others.
posted by occhiblu 29 November | 23:08
Nastassja Kinski. This one hasn't changed since Cat People.
posted by Ardiril 30 November | 00:18
On a bromance level; I'd like to spend some time with Smokey Yunick.
posted by buzzman 30 November | 01:56
Daniel Day Lewis
posted by brujita 30 November | 03:14
Helen Mirren.

But also Orson Scott Card cuz if we wuz boyfriends he'd be all conflicted about his gayness.
posted by arse_hat 30 November | 03:24
I'm not usually one for fantasising about celebrities, but I just watched an episode of 'weeds' that TiVo saved for me and, yeah, I wouldn't say no to Mary-Louise Parker ...
posted by dg 30 November | 06:00
I've seen Tilda Swinton in person a couple of times and um, yeah.
posted by octothorpe 01 December | 08:34
Tom Hiddleston is my imaginary boyfriend right now.
posted by angelchrys 01 December | 16:44
I want to have Adam Scott's babies. Or Ben Wyatt's. I can't really tell.
posted by gaspode 01 December | 22:25
The Clooney and Robert Redford. But my favorite Internet crush is Robert Sapolsky.
posted by theora55 02 December | 11:12
Dr. Danny from The Mindy Project.

posted by Madamina 02 December | 13:22
Jonathan Toews. Yes, I'm technically old enough to be his mother. But in my imagination, that doesn't matter. : )
posted by sisterhavana 02 December | 14:10
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