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30 August 2013

On 'thinking right' your humble correspondent has been noting down on Mecha his epiphanies about self management while going through an uncertain year. An addition to the series: my newest epiphany involves realizing when you're not "thinking right" and thus skipping thinking[More:]

Almost an year ago I made a Mecha post about how I'm realizing the arbitrary way thoughts are dependent on external circumstances. About six months ago I sort of inverted that idea to note that "sometimes you can't think your way out of negative feelings".

Now I guess I have just crystallized the second idea: not only can you not feel better by thinking, it works the other way: situations/feelings can mean that your thoughts themselves are wrong. I've been hitting that button a lot lately. If there's a frustrating situation and my thoughts are in a melodramatic Sturm und Drang about it, I'm just like, I'm not thinking right. I'm not going to try to think about this right now, just do whatever I need to be doing.

I think that there's something else afoot as well: My life problems can't be solved by thinking. They're very simple. They require *doing*. And maybe just feeling uncertain, thinking about it, is a way of pretending you're doing something.

As a sidenote: I have also in the last few months discovered that stress, anger, anxiety etc can ruin your health in very explicit physical ways :| I think — if I think about it from another lens I'm using these days to much success in terms of thinking about personal health, the Paleo approach — we're probably designed more to have huge bursts of adrenaline from time to time than this continuous "oh I have to pay bills and my conversation with this person went wrong" type of low level anxiety

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posted by ThePinkSuperhero 30 August | 19:51
You may be on to something. Doing what needs to be done so it isn't haunting you because it is still sitting there taunting you is one solution I've found.

It relieves constant stress. Since I loathe paperwork and bill paying I have embraced automatic bill paying. And I don't get paper bills so I don't have to open bills.

Doing something to solve it was the only real solution.

It's taken me years for me to pay off all the debts we incurred during my hubby's illness and I was sick every time something came in the mail because it was always bad news about something else to pay. Automating it made it less stressful.

So I embrace your thought about fight / flight response and how it's constant anxiety.
posted by mightshould 30 August | 20:45
I promise this will be my last because I will NEVER be able to top... || Trilling