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19 October 2013

What's under YOUR floor? [More:]Fascinating find under the floor of a tiny apartment.
It's less scary looking than our basement.
posted by octothorpe 19 October | 21:57
Love the start of the first comment: "you're gonna die."
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 19 October | 22:08
Looks like it could have become a nice grow-room without all the publicity.

There's an arguing couple under my floor, so I broke my code of conduct and am listening to music late. This and this and this are much better for the soul than an angry couple.
posted by Hugh Janus 19 October | 22:11
I commented in the thread about the last basement I had, in Maine, and how way creepier it was.

In my present place, we have a creepy ATTIC. It's awesome. It's almost as big as our entire apartment itself - so it's like another complete apartment. But it's several empty rooms where one dim bulb socket illuminates peeling strips of 100+ years of different wallpaper, splintering floorboards, creaking roof timbers, dark forbidding recesses. It's kind of awesome. LT doesn't even want to go up there, and several of our friends have decided it's a horror movie set, but this post had me thinking that maybe we need a Halloween party up there.

I just like it. the owners of the place eventually want to turn our unit plus the attic into some fabtastic 5-BR, hot-tub, master-suite 2-floor extravaganza, but they'll need a few more years of collecting our rent before they can afford to do that. In the meantime, it's wonderfully unreconstructed.
posted by Miko 19 October | 22:22
They need lighting and shelves and a sound system.

My basement is easily over a century and seems to be where hallowed dust gathers in quiet conspiracy, coalescing into something more. Something more in dust terms so far seems to be dirt, although a very fine grain of dirt.

There may be a door back behind some ancient shelving. I found two real, sturdy old fashioned milk crates I've been using after removing the great silty layer and that's all I want to tempt the basement gods for now. I tried the heat for the first time today. I'm just grateful not to be removing old vermin corpses. I woke up at midnight. Corpses would just have to wait.
posted by ethylene 19 October | 22:49
Miko, that attic sounds awesome. The only horrifying thing beneath my feet is the ant infestation near the cats' food bowls in the finished basement.
posted by Rustic Etruscan 19 October | 22:53
My Cousins Found A Set Of False Teeth In Their Sea Gate Victorian Basement.
posted by brujita 19 October | 23:42
Underneath my apartment is... 5 other floors of apartments! But they are not a secret and they are all occupied :(
posted by rmless2 20 October | 18:20
A diorama depicting the Tell-Tale Heart.
posted by Eideteker 21 October | 18:18
He'll do it but it doesn't mean he'll like it || BUNDAY ROUNDUP!