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29 September 2013

Cheer me on to get my laundry done! I miss stewriffic's weekend chores posts. I know that it's late, but I've got load three of four in the washer, and I'd like to get through all four loads, and it'll help if y'all cheer me on! Or shame me! Or distract me! Or whatever!
gee, thanks, you just reminded me that I have to get my own laundry done and there's no way I'm going to do it in the next 24 hours because it's my [REDACTED].
posted by oneswellfoop 29 September | 23:09
Y'all are being no help at all!
posted by occhiblu 29 September | 23:36
I'm doing a load and cleaning in between catching up on all the Sunday shows. This is the one site I'm not afraid of looking at until I that one thing.

Ah, dust and hair and grime. Cleaning is one of those things where you witness the progress immediately and tangibly, and like anything, if i chose to do it instead of being made to, it's not only satisfying but part of a mental process. it use to be the preparatory step before painting or other artwork, going out of town, starting on "paperwork." It definitely has its ritual properties.

So, solidarity, sister. Shine on.
posted by ethylene 30 September | 00:40
I'm late to the party - is the laundry done already?

I feel like laundry is never done - as soon as the hamper is empty, something else is put in it.
posted by needlegrrl 30 September | 08:13
Last weekend I took a big load of laundry to the wash and fold place after feeling like I was way behind. Sometimes it's totally worth the extra money to get out from under that.
posted by mullacc 30 September | 08:46
I feel like laundry is never done - as soon as the hamper is empty, something else is put in it.

Exactly. I got through the four loads I wanted to do yesterday, but there's still more to do. I am very behind on laundry.
posted by occhiblu 30 September | 17:46
Is anyone worried about this? || HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONEFELLSWOOP!!!!!