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14 December 2013

Snowed in? *raises hand*[More:]
I don't think I'm technically snowbound, as I could probably slide down the road if possible, but I haven't heard a plow and it's mighty white out there.

This isn't really a problem as the grocery and liquor store are only two blocks away and a co-op a bit further if I really felt the need for something, but it's pretty much been caturday with a side of laundry and bean snakes.

I'm a bit leery of booze as it may cause me to think shoveling is a good idea. I may frost some cupcakes and give this a ponder.

And lo, what say you in your varied climates?
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Of course, I'm in a warm hotel with friendly staff and hot food. A keg of brandy would be nice. Please dispatch a St. Bernard STAT.
posted by pjern 14 December | 19:47
I'm wearing a lot of breast cancer pink, because it is the worst shade of pink and i would never purposefully be seen in it. I'm hoping i can dye it into something. Actually, I'm not even sure if this was for breast cancer or if someone just thought, she's female, let's give her this spectral atrocity. Also usually a bad thing: lavender.

It's for the best as i may have done some unnecessary shopping. At least this way, i just put a lot of things in my cart and later came to my senses, which is so much nicer than screaming "fuck it" and abandoning a cart in a real store.
posted by ethylene 14 December | 20:17
I was iced in last week; see Photo Friday for the complete chronicle.
posted by Doohickie 14 December | 20:30
We got a lot of snow today. Probably half a foot. Kid played outside a few times, came in and tracked snow through the house. I didn't go anywhere all day. I love that.
posted by Kangaroo 14 December | 21:48
I am not at all snowed in -- I think we got up to 60 degrees today -- but I spent a lovely day in my pajamas doing online Christmas shopping and crossword puzzles.
posted by occhiblu 14 December | 21:49
It's supposed to start showing any minute here. When I got home from my day out I tucked the car into the garage -- the plow guy doesn't like plowing around it, and he is quite right. Tomorrow I will stay indoors and watch the snow through the window. Monday is anybody's guess.
posted by JanetLand 14 December | 22:18
Yeah, not so much. 32c here at the moment.
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posted by dg 14 December | 23:12
Not really although listening to folks around here it is close to the end times. We had about 4 inches in 12 hours. I grew up in a snow belt. This was called usual overnight snow.
posted by arse_hat 14 December | 23:39
I'm dreaming of a wet Christmas, just like the ones we always have ...

Thankfully the wintery mix did not start in earnest until we were home. And I'm hoping it will push through before we have to go out Sunday. I am counting my blessings that it's not snow.
posted by bluesapphires 14 December | 23:50
--and add 32

I prefer swaddling in questionable clothing and cat to sweating. In sorting through possible donations, I have these pants from some hippie stage 90s (label: san francisco one size) that really need to not be pants any more. Not just my pants, but the state of being pants entirely. Why is it I have at least three seam rippers and never can find one.

But, hey, i finally put fresh sheets on the bed.
I think it's snowing more tomorrow. I should check something more than my phone.

These bean snakes aren't much good when I think the breeze is coming through the glass.
I think I have a couple more hours of questionable tv shows to catch up on. It's nice to have something that doesn't demand full faculties or attention when doing stuff. Maybe I should save PR for tomorrow.
posted by ethylene 15 December | 00:00
We didn't see a flake until 4 PM but that didn't stop us from moling up at home in early jammies. I have a paper to write anyhow, so it is actually helpful (no guilt about blowing off the 2 holiday parties that friends had planned). We had whiskey and eggnog, and I found some pulled pork in the freezer and we had tacos. It's really piling up out there now - looking forward to tomorrow. It's fun to get a big snow before Christmas.
posted by Miko 15 December | 00:15
Mucky ugly rain/snow/sleet here last night which was the second night of our neighborhood holiday house tour. The tour went on but folks got pretty soggy.
posted by octothorpe 15 December | 08:44
We just finally got rid of 7" of the rotten stuff! It is nice to walk and drive on bare pavement again, after a week.
posted by danf 15 December | 11:32
Ice from earlier this month, so enjoying riding the bike around on studded snow tires. Temps are up from the teens back to the high 20's + sun means it is not too cool out. Love it.
posted by buzzman 15 December | 14:43
Nope! Neither rain nor snow, nor none of it. I got gigs to get to!
posted by Eideteker 16 December | 10:33
It's been freezing here. Down to 65 degrees F today. Back to normal later this week, 75-80.
posted by Splunge 16 December | 14:44
Five books that have stayed with you. || I don't mean to be negative, but...