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18 September 2013

Humpday 3-point update [More:]
1. Tomorrow Danf (and his wife, the lovely Vicky) arrive for a 10-day visit, part of their Grand Tour of Europe. I'm really looking forward to seeing them again, we had a blast when we met in New York a couple of years ago.

2. In readiness for Dan and Vicky's visit I had a cleaning company come in on Monday. My flat looked clean enough before, but - OMG! - when I came home on Monday it was like walking into a new flat. I still can't believe that's my old oven.

3. It'll be good to have a couple of days off work. It's been pretty relentless recently, lots of upset, angry, desperate people with zero options who expect me to magic a solution to their problems out of thin air.
1. I survived my hiking trip, although my toenails are killing me.

2. I bought another typewriter on the way home. It types in cursive.

3. Work seems dull and flat after beautiful mountain scenery.
posted by JanetLand 18 September | 14:31
Wow, JanetLand - it types in cursive? My younger sister and all my nieces and nephews will never learn cursive...

1. The bunny is officially better. All things are almost back to normal. (knock on wood)

2. Had an excel training class yesterday, and learned some neat tricks - some of them were basic and I did not know them, but now I do!

3. Taking our niece to the fair tomorrow night, which will be fun! Also, faux fur came in for her halloween costume, so I can start working on that.
posted by needlegrrl 18 September | 14:39
1. Cranky that my post on the blue was deleted. It wasn't enormously substantive, but it is interesting that "sliders" have come up with a new way to steal from people gassing their cars. Not willing to go whine on the gray and get the pile on response that the deletion was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ON, as I can already hear that in my head.

2. Tons of reading to get through before tomorrow.

3. It is gorgeous outside. Glad I picked today to walk to and from the bus stop.
posted by bearwife 18 September | 14:40
1. Grand Rounds lecture tonight, then class, then a short unofficial happy-hour with some of my fellow students. Class two nights in a row is exhausting but it's nice to get out of the way all at once.

2. Church retreat this weekend! I go, the boys stay home for their first boys-only weekend. I'm sure they will have a lot of fun.

3. That's all.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 18 September | 14:40
P.S. I have only one typewriter, JanetLand -- my old electric which types in cursive. I love that typewriter, even though I haven't used it in many years. It's miraculous to be able to type readable cursive.
posted by bearwife 18 September | 14:41
1. I made myself a big pot of daal last night (it's been getting down into the 50s at night) and now I have yummy leftovers.

2. The kitties are getting very big. Radish the kitty has decided that snuggling with me is his favorite nighttime activity, and he will wake me up several times a night by either meowing in my face or biting at my hand until I pet him. Then he'll curl up next to me, belly up, and purr himself to sleep. It's simultaneously cute and annoying.

3. Bearwife, I saw a local news segment about "sliders" and it seemed weird to me that people would leave their purses in unlocked cars. I lock the doors, and my gas tank is on the passenger side, so I'm already standing right next to where my purse is, anyway.
posted by occhiblu 18 September | 14:51
1. Headache in my head, and not an Excedrin to take.

2. Dreading my reference desk shift tonight, as a major business course that all students take here has three different flavors of an important assignment due next week.

3. Averted a family Thanksgiving problem by-- gasp!-- talking out a solution.
posted by initapplette 18 September | 15:27
1. I just made $20 last three weeks.
2. It's a good way to lose weight.
3. It meant I could send my nephew a copy of Musashi for his eleventh birthday.
posted by Hugh Janus 18 September | 16:06
I lock the doors and guard my backpack well as it is as near to a purse as I'll ever have; seeing 'sliders' on the news was just another version of 'what and how will people steal next'.

1) Learning to plaster repair an old lath and slat wall; apparently it strengthens walls whereas spackle does not.

2) Oh boy, on the home repair path to sister-jointing the main beam! Fun, terrifying, and educational all at once.

3) Drank a lot of Heineken in lieu of meals last month; lost 10 lbs in the process. Not sure if that would be a recommended diet or not.
posted by buzzman 18 September | 16:09
Yeah, maybe it is just me that thinks it is interesting that there is a new form of street theft. (Well, me and the police who have been putting out public alerts since early August about this.) It's a day for many trivial posts on the blue plus a dubious one on MeTa so I felt a bit dissed. Esp. since cortex' deletion reason questioned if this is really a thing -- do I have to put up all the news stories to prove it is?

Yeah, still cranky.
posted by bearwife 18 September | 16:13
1. It's not just you, as evidence shows.
2. They usually say, yeah, flesh it out some, when it's a link to a video report on a news site.
3. I don't think Metachat makes a very good substitute for the grey.
3a. Hugs -- I think you're great and I hope you can shake it off and have a great day, you're pretty awesome, you know? I'm not trying to be a jerk. If I am, I apologize.
posted by Hugh Janus 18 September | 16:21
Weather here is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! WONDERFUL! A welcome break from the oppressive humidity. I'm in love with the weather.

Which means I'm overdoing it on past due outside chores, and since my water system is awaiting replacement, (existing one which malfunctioned while I was away, creating a lake from overflow) I have to bum showers off my neighbors.

Mom's birthday is today and my neighbor's is Saturday so I'm also baking two cakes this week.

The young Painted Buntings have grown up and I'm seeing the whole family at the bird feeders.
posted by mightshould 18 September | 16:56
1. I called out of work today because I just wasn't feeling like putting on a face to go into the office. This is slightly problematic since I did the same thing last week but on Tuesday.

2. Of course, I also skipped AKD and zill classes this week because I am a rebellious fuck who is so tired and crankypants because things feel out of balance and that bothers me immensely.

3. Some days it seems I only bother eating a couple of string cheeses and some crackers and today I've demolished a pizza and AM STILL HUNGRY. What the fuck body, what the fuck.
posted by sperose 18 September | 17:34
it's ok bearwife, my last 2 FPPs were deleted and I officially give the fuck up.


2) I am sore and cranky from 7 hours of shovelling shitty sewer mud out of some friends' living quarters and pissed off in general at insurance companies who are just so incredibly evil and lame and wrong and grar. These 2 guys were living in a nice finished basement up the street and while the rest of the house is nominally ok, they had a TOILET GEYSER (ew, fuck that I don't even) that ultimately resulted in 2 1/2 feet of sewer mud and 4 feet of water in their apartment. They escaped with their laptops, their cat and the clothes on their backs. Everything else they owned was destroyed and went into a 20' skip to be hauled away. Fortunately they have living accommodations figured out but one of the guys had his car totalled by the water as well and, ugh it's just too much.

3) Those 2 guys were among the lucky ones. Colleagues of mine who lived up one of the canyons are apparently lucky to be alive, but their home is destroyed and they can't find their dog.

3a) with all that in mind I feel very selfish to be grumbling about the fact that we will have no mountain bike trails and very few decent road rides available to us for months owing to the complete wreckage of our infrastructure, but I just feel crabby and whiny so blahhhh!
posted by lonefrontranger 18 September | 17:46
1. Very very tired. I drove 2 hrs this morning for a couple meetings and another 2 hrs home after not sleeping well the past few nights.

2. The kidlet has her first ear infection. I'm glad we caught it on the early side -- she started being a bit fussy Friday and her well visit was Tuesday. It also means we have to go back in a couple weeks to make sure it's cleared up and to get her 6 month shots.

3. I will never do a fpp on mefi -- too much like walking into a room and everyone in the world looking at you, which is the stuff of nightmares in my mind.
posted by bluesapphires 18 September | 18:37
1. All ready for Dan and Vicky to arrive - their flight is on schedule and, as I haven't heard otherwise, I'm assuming they're on it.

2. While they're here I think I'll make for dinner one evening the salmon filo pie I saw Jamie Oliver make on TV the other night (no recipe available online). I've never used filo before, but Jamie made it look oh-so-easy.

3. Piano Bar tomorrow, with (I hope) dinner at Gaby's beforehand.
posted by Senyar 19 September | 02:01
[let's not have this become MetaTalk by proxy, please]

1 hump day was yesterday
2. Today was day four of a possibly never-ending round of workshops to map out all our business processes with a view to defining what our new IT systems need to look like. Not at all hopeful that we'll get much of what we want but, as we won't get anything we don't ask for, I have to stick it out I guess.
3. My head hurts :-(
posted by dg 19 September | 03:13
1a. The unofficial happy hour I organized was quite successful! 20+ people came out, and everyone had a good time boozing and laughing.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 19 September | 08:51
Day late...

1. Fantastic weather here in DC
2. Have a date to go see Stanley Jordan tonight. Very excited on all fronts about it. VERY.
3. The parade float is coming along nicely. It's been great fun to have folks over all week to get it finished. Debut is Saturday!

posted by mrmoonpie 19 September | 09:05
It's Thursday! Better late than never.

1. Sharing this in the relative anonymity of Metachat: as some of you may recall, I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks pregnant a few months ago. Well, I am again 5 weeks pregnant and hoping for the best. The timing feels so much better this time, anyway, though I liked the idea with the other pregnancy that that baby was conceived while my mom was still alive.

2. I cannot seem to concentrate on work this week. Not good, as I'm a new employee and the first one working from home, so I know I am somewhat under a microscope.

3. We are getting a storm door installed in our front doorway, and I am unreasonably excited about it.
posted by amro 19 September | 09:47
Yay amro! Fingers crossed for you!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 19 September | 10:31
How wonderful, amro! Hoping all goes well for you.

I'm late, too, but here goes.

1. So my mother's 3-week visit came and went. Y'all may remember me dreading it a month or so ago. It was...OK! The first couple of days were a bit rough, but I planned quite a few activities (botanical gardens! zoo! shopping trip to the outlets!) both with and without the kiddo and it all went reasonably smoothly. My daughter warmed up to her a lot quicker this time, which took a lot of stress off. And I made sure that I poured a glass of wine every evening. Heh.

2. I had probably my most cheesy heartwarming moment ever as a parent the other day. I was playing with my daughter, her favorite game - school. She was the teacher and all of her my little ponies were her students and she was teaching them math. I had to do the voices for all the ponies, per her direction. One of the ponies was bossy, one wasn't very good at math, one was always interrupting etc. etc. Anyway, I was doing the voice for the pony who was worried that she wouldn't understand the math, and my daughter picked it up and said "Can I tell you a secret Pinkie Pie? My mama says that it doesn't matter what I can or can't do, or even if I'm super naughty, she will love me forever and think I'm the best kid in the world. So your mom will think the same about you."

And I swear I nearly started bawling right there. heh heh.

3. mefi meetup tonight! I don't get to do them very often, but my husband has a week where he isn't on service at work, which means that he gets to leave a couple of hours earlier than usual. So he'll be home early to put the kiddo to bed and I get to go drink a cocktail. Happiness!
posted by gaspode 19 September | 11:13
Awwww, gaspode, that's awesome!

And congrats, amro!
posted by occhiblu 19 September | 12:51
Congrats amro!
Glad the visit was ok, gaspode.

1. I had a rough few days but things are looking up now
2. Something in my kitchen smells sour to me for the past 3 days but I've scoured the place and can't find the source. Husband doesn't smell anything.
3. Got some good organization work done on the office this morning, and you can almost see that it is a real room beyond the boxes now.
posted by rmless2 19 September | 15:53
1. Ugh, I had a good two weeks of playing "What's that smell?" that most hated game. I'm still not sure what it was. The closest I can figure is some cheap synthetic got mixed into the clothes piles on the spare bed and proceeded to stink up the joint in a weirdly untraceable but lingering way.

2. There are so many things of unknown origin about, I'm afraid I have to check the basement for signs of fight club.

3. I have a headache and it's been raining like someone is trying to wash away the filth born of ignorance. This thankfully buffers the screams of children.
posted by ethylene 19 September | 16:12
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Lamp. || in the future, when they ask about Tom Friedman