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23 May 2013

Holiday Weekend Coming Up! What are your plans?[More:]I took Friday off, and Monday is an office holiday. My Mom flew to town yesterday, and we are going to Ocean City for the weekend tomorrow! So excited to introduce my little buddy to the fun of Ocean City.
Husband's parents and sister/BIL are in town to celebrate my FIL's 70th. We will be out and about doing New Yorky things. Also: beer garden.
posted by gaspode 23 May | 09:58
We are going back to Pittsburgh, but this time for a week, and for fun. Last time to Pittsburgh was not fun at all. We are going to hit up the National Aviary, the Mattress Factory, and Everyday Noodle.
posted by msali 23 May | 10:40
I've had a tough week at work, and may be starting my new job next week, so I plan to spend the weekend in quiet pursuits, such as reading, writing, listening to music, doing jigsaw puzzles, and making refried beans in the slow cooker. Maybe I'll go buy a new vacuum cleaner.
posted by JanetLand 23 May | 11:10
We're around- have a baby bday and a wedding and an adult bday party to go to all around the city at various times.

Unfortunately our heat is stuck on and we can't figure out how to turn it off and we are dyyying in the apartment. So maybe we will go see some movies for the AC.
posted by rmless2 23 May | 11:10
Not too much. My husband works all weekend (12 hours shifts). I need to get some work done but my MIL kindly agreed to watch the baby for a few hours on Saturday or Sunday. Hoping to catch a funny movie On Demand at some point.

On Monday my office is closed and we are going to a BBQ, which will be nice. At least as of now, the weather forecast is perfect.

On Wednesday we are meeting with a hospice doctor to discuss removing my mother from the ventilator. Although I am SURE that it's the right thing to do, it's still sad and I can't help but be constantly preoccupied with thoughts about it. I think it's just going to put a pallor over everything for a while. Blah.
posted by amro 23 May | 12:43
(Sorry, that was a downer and not even really relevant to the question. See, told you it was overshadowing everything!)
posted by amro 23 May | 13:16
No worries, amro! We
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 23 May | 13:17
Plans is plans, amro. We
posted by Ardiril 23 May | 13:32
posted by amro 23 May | 13:47
Ha, sorry. I said we (heart) you, with a bracket and a 3, but it cut off because of the bracket.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 23 May | 13:51
Ahhh! Thanks :)
posted by amro 23 May | 14:09
So sorry amro, I know this has been a rough journey for you.

Tomorrow I'm out with friends for dinner, and on Saturday I'm thinking of driving out somewhere for the day with my camera, not sure where, and it depends on the weather.

On Sunday, my usual Sunday morning run then probably a lazy day, and on Monday (also a holiday here) I'm having brunch with friends, and then heading into town where (all being well) I'll be seeing The Book of Mormon. Or if the theatre doesn't pan out, then I'll be having dinner somewhere nice.
posted by Senyar 23 May | 14:10
*hugs amro*

Starting my UT/CO road trip Sat (TGT is having their meeting in Denver) I'll be spending the night in North Las Vegas and want to have brunch the next day with friends who teach at UNLV. I want to go to some of LV's museums too.

On to St. George to see the museums there and in Cedar City on Monday, then I'll be in SLC for a few days.
posted by brujita 23 May | 14:13

posted by Ardiril 23 May | 14:33
I'm going to my first IRL book club meeting on Saturday. Most of the people are friends of mine already, so hopefully it won't be too bloody.

I forgot this was a long weekend (contractor, no paid leave time).
posted by Eideteker 23 May | 14:38
hugs for amro

This will be the first kidlet+dogs trip to visit our family. Probably see the bff+family Friday night. Dad's having an all day bbq Saturday for his dad's 80th birthday -- the 2 siblings that don't live there are suppose to come down for it; not sure about all of my first cousins and their kids. Sunday & Monday will probably be hanging out with Mom. And we drive back home Tuesday.
posted by bluesapphires 23 May | 15:37
We were going to have an Arrested Development party, but friends with a bigger house and fun things and party hosting experience and general awesomeness are having people over on Sunday, and to be frank having people over terrifies me. So we'll do that instead :D

Um... I don't know what else.

*hugs* amro *hugs*
posted by Madamina 23 May | 16:12
Working on the house most of the weekend. We had a huge new side porch built last fall but it's only painted with primer so far and it needs two coats of paint in four colors. That's going to be my project for most of the summer but I hope to get a good start on it this weekend.

Neighborhood block party/booze up on Monday on our street which is always fun.

msali, The Aviary and Mattress factory are like seconds from my house. Memail me if you have time to say hi in person, we'll be around all weekend, although I might be covered in paint in historically approved colors.
posted by octothorpe 23 May | 16:15
We were going to have an Arrested Development party

Ooh, I almost forgot about AD starting!
posted by amro 23 May | 16:33
Will do, Octo!
posted by msali 23 May | 22:41
I'm working as usual.

posted by mightshould 24 May | 09:47
Amro, that's a huge weight to be carrying - *hug*

Maine is expecting rain Saturday & Sunday, so, loafing. If it's warm/dry enough Monday, lawn-mowing, then barbecue with friends.
posted by theora55 24 May | 11:53
[[[[amro]]]] How tough.

No big plans here. Possibly cook for a friend who has stage 4 ovarian cancer. Definitely cook for self for next week. Besides that, errands tomorrow, and maybe the new Star Trek movie tomorrow night, 9 mile run on Sunday (in training for another half marathon).

Might come in to work to get a PowerPoint presentation draft done.

And sleep, glorious sleep, without an alarm on anywhere besides the Aussie dog who doesn't like breakfast to be too delayed, tomorrow and Sunday and Monday.

posted by bearwife 24 May | 14:53
OMG SAFEWAY! || I just made this and it was fast, simple, colorful, and delish -