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14 September 2013

Why won't my task bar hide? Anyone have any tips for making the task bar on my Windows laptop hide? It does this every now and then and I can't figure out what's causing it. [More:]

Things I have done that haven't helped:

* Gone into Properties, unclicked "Auto Hide Taskbar," then clicked it again.

* Clicked the little upward arrow on the task bar that gives me a screen with a bunch of icons, and clicked or moused over each of those to see if any programs there had a notification. (That fixed the problem last time, but not this time.)

* Repeated these actions a lot.

* Clicked randomly on windows and programs hoping to somehow trick the task bar into remembering it was supposed to hide.

Any other ideas? I suspect restarting might help, but it happens often enough that I think having an actual solution would be helpful.
Have you tried turning it off and--

Absolutely no clue but my mac cursor periodically disappears and I make it reappear by activating the dock.

I also was having weird keyboard and total disc drive failures and then one day it went smack on the ground and one of those keychain cards popped out of the drive. Now it's totally fine again although I haven't really checked all the drive functions yet, but it seems really messed up that this Flintstones solution worked. Like if you could actually fix someone by hitting them in the head.

Violence is never the answer, except in this case.
posted by ethylene 14 September | 19:10
Have you tried turning it off and--

:) Restarting the computer actually did fix it. Seems like there should be a less annoying fix, though.
posted by occhiblu 14 September | 21:30
Make a habit of using Ctrl-Alt-Del to open the Task Manager. Learn what apps and programs are typically running. Then open task manager when the task bar stops auto-hiding, and maybe you can discover what app or process is keeping it open. what a pain.
posted by theora55 15 September | 11:41
I actually did try that as well, theora55, though I forgot to list it. No odd programs were running (just the ones I was actively using), but I wonder if the mysterious "Processes" list holds an answer.
posted by occhiblu 15 September | 12:22
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