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15 November 2013

Mid-month goal update time! So, it's the is everyone doing?[More:]
1. Work on getting back into a regular meditation/prayer schedule. This is the last one of my resolutions that I've really fallen down on with my crazy schedule.

This is really being a challenge. Pops installed a new smoke detector in my bedroom (since before my condo only had one that was outside the bedroom/bathroom and now code dictates that there should be one in the bedroom) and I'm not sure if burning incense will set it off. For that matter, I'm not sure if it even has a battery in it because it's not lit up.

2. Work really hard on controlling my spending. I went over on my credit card last month (again!) and that needs to stop happening ASAP.

Ehhhhh. I was really stupid last night and today is payday, so I have to see how much that's going to suck.

3. Finalize my mortgage refi. My dad has been harassing me about it because it is causing him issues with financing for his various properties. And it will also lower my monthly payment.

Currently I'm waiting to hear from the appraiser to set up an appointment to get said appraisal. :-/

4. Complete preparation of all my workshop materials for the workshop I'm presenting at a retreat in December. This is going to be a stretch since I'm still super busy this month, but I need to get that stuff finished!

Haven't done anything on this yet, whoops. I'm not going to do any sort of handouts, but I need to organize my notes for the lecture and figure out what music I'm going to use for the dance portion.
1. I've been going to the gym, but the one weights workout I did kicked my ass. It was with the lightest weights but I did too much and was sore for days. I've gotten better with the treadmill, though.

2. Eh.

3. That part's working. I'm holding steady at 1.5 liters/day, and I feel it the next day if I haven't kept it up.
posted by lysdexic 15 November | 13:10
1. Get my step count up.

Yes - I managed 4000 steps most of last week, and started trying for 4500 this week, and then slacked off.

2. Finish the Grimm Gear Gala costumes (I'm not sure this counts - it's this weekend, so they'll be finished one way or another. :P )

Yes! I switched out the headdress for the mask, since we added various trim to Mr. Needlegrrl's outfit, and it was way more handstitching than I anticipated. Wound up taking about an hour and a half for the mask, which was super easy.

3. Start counting calories again, and continue eating more healthily.
Yes - although again, I've fallen off on this this week.

4. Clean up the craft room and go through all the stuff on the table & bookshelf. (I feel like this should be a quarterly goal - I have a tendency to pile.)

I'm hoping to work on this this weekend - now that the big costume push is done, and Mr. Needlegrrl is on a business retreat starting Sunday, so I have a free evening.
posted by needlegrrl 15 November | 13:44
1. I've almost lost that last 10lbs. I'm the lightest I've been in 25 years.

2. Next week I'll be meeting up with Gaspode and family before I head out to Ohio.

3. The rules of gridiron still escape me.
posted by Senyar 15 November | 13:46
Run at least 3 x week. -- Yes, week 1. Not this week.

Back to regular yoga practice at home and studio. Nope.

Return to my Italian practice Nope.

Read some more Wake Nope.

Keep floating. Yes.

Maybe get the guitar out again and do some more Ipad lessons. Nope.

Good thing there's some more month left.
posted by bearwife 15 November | 14:58
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