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27 October 2013

Sunday 3-(long) points update [More:]
1. After last week's bag bargain, I went looking for a winter coat, as I've lost so much weight my coats are all huge on me. I almost bought a Michael Kors that fitted well, but the zipper was this bright brass colour that I didn't like. So I decided to think about it, because it was expensive and I had to really like it to spend that kind of money. I didn't like it enough to drop 150 on it. Then I went to Lidl for some groceries and one of their specials this week was coats. They had my size, a great fit even on the sleeves (usually far too long) and 16.99. The hood detaches, and the fur round the hood also detaches. It's lightweight, warm and showerproof. They had just one in my size and I beat this other woman to it. She was cross. I'm the bargain ninja at the moment.

2. We have a hurricane forecast to hit tonight and into tomorrow. I'm as prepared as I can be, I stowed away the garden furniture and have placed the bird table on its side by the fence. I have plenty of food and some candles in case we lose power. I'm charging up all my devices, although if the power goes down, I'll have no internet, only the 3G on my phone.

3. Not for any moral or philosophical reason I've been eating a vegan diet recently (off the back of my juice fast). I'm not missing meat, eggs or dairy at all. I don't know how long I'll keep it up, but it's definitely easier than I thought it'd be to follow a plant-based diet. I'm sure Thanksgiving spent in the land of pork (Ohio) will put an end to it.
1. I think that my performance on Wednesday at a wedding might have just been cancelled. I'm waiting for confirmation from the organizer. If it is, I'll have to decide if I still want to take the day off of work as I had planned or if I want to save the vacation day.

2. There's a voicemail on the office phone, but I don't know the password for it. Crap. (We rarely get phone calls and even more rarely get voicemails, so no one can ever remember the password.)

3. I am so unmotivated at work right now. And I have been for a while. And I'm not sure how to fix that.
posted by sperose 27 October | 12:52
1. Nice weekend so far- errands & dinner with rmless2 on Saturday (her apartment is so nice!), church & the musical "Bunnicula" today (with a brief stop at a fun Halloween party in the park next door). Now I'm pooped! Thankfully I can just lie around for the rest of the day. What are we going to have for dinner? I may have to run out and get a few necessities. Like chips.

2. Looking forward to cheering at the NYC Marathon next weekend- have a few acquaintances who will be running. I'm entering the lottery to do the marathon in 2014. I don't care if I have to walk the whole thing, I WANT TO BE A PART OF IT- NEW YORK! NEW YORK!

3. Midterms this coming week! Healthcare Policy essay questions distributed Tuesday and due the following Tuesday. Finance I midterm done in class 11/6. Also, I have two days off in the next two weeks- taking off Halloween to take Oliver to the circus, and we get Election Day every year. Two four-day work weeks, woot woot.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 October | 15:06
1. Hung out with some Boston-area MeFites yesterday. We went bowling. The people who came from elsewhere found the candlepin game strange and exciting. We had a good time. Immediately afterward, though, I couldn't think of anything to do.

2. Have been feeling unmotivated lately. Weight loss has stalled, largely because of weekend eating. I eat my boredom, but it doesn't go away. I read, watch TV, and play computer games, but none of them satisfies me.

3. My butt and my knees have hurt since I last went to the pool. I did a whole workout of front crawls, which took a lot of effort. I usually alternate between front crawls and breaststrokes. Thing is, I last went to the pool on Wednesday. We'll see how it feels tomorrow, when I plan to get back to regular exercise.
posted by Rustic Etruscan 27 October | 17:10
1. We saw Rush last night, and it was truly great. Which is good as the BoSox Cards outcome was far from satisfying.

2. My massage guy did his magic and my back feels worlds better. About to go get my first float ever today.

3. It's nice to be home. We had a great trip last week but I am loving being here with our cats, our dog, and all our home stuff.
posted by bearwife 27 October | 18:23
1. Was very happy to have friend visit Friday night and not leave until early hours this morning (when I left for work): Friend went fishing Saturday while I went to work, then we had wonderful mid-afternoon meal of onion rings and burgers at local eatery, came back and worked on a bit of my broken equipment then finished, off the day with veggies cheese and wine.

2. I did nothing after work except pick up groceries for neighbors and visit with them before coming home and vegging out with book.

3. Tomorrow is my day off and the weather will be beautiful. Lots to be done in advance of a jam packed week. Sending good vibes to those who are weathering storms.
posted by mightshould 27 October | 18:35
Update to #1: Just got confirmation that the Wednesday performance is off. I think I'm still going to take the day though.
posted by sperose 27 October | 18:56
1. Life is being all awesomesause for some weird reason lately.

2. See point #1 above.

3. See points #1 and #2 above.
posted by Twiggy 28 October | 02:21
1. Worked on steampunk fairy tale costumes this weekend. Making epaulettes for A, for his military costume. We're doing chain instead of the usual gold fringe. It looks awesome, but is not exactly easy to sew. However, most costumes for him don't have a lot of opportunity to be dressy/fun, so I want to put in the extra for him on this one. Had my meltdown after making the 2nd mockup of my costume, and it not fitting. After I cooled off, I changed bras, and realized that was the problem. (padded vs unpadded apparently makes the difference. oops.)I'm doing a historical victorian costume, and the pattern is historical, too, so I feel like that is adding to my confusion. We have the weeknights (which are usually pretty full) and next weekend Sat/Sun to complete this, as the event is the 9th. Keeping fingers crossed.

2. Totally forgot to pick up co-workers ice cream cake yesterday - oops! Luckily, I can pick it up at lunch today.

3. My mom has decided to move an hour+ away with my niece, near some of her friends who have acquired an apartment for her. I'm doubtful of this arrangement, as she has no income, and they seem to have agreed to pay for it for her - I wonder how long this can last, what mis-understandings there will be, etc. However, she's an adult, and didn't talk to me about it beforehand, just told me when the lease was signed, so I guess it doesn't really matter what I think! I am sad that my niece will be so far away - I think it will mean we will see her a lot less often, especially since she is busy during the day on Saturday (horse camp work) and on Sunday (church stuff).
posted by needlegrrl 28 October | 08:41
At work I have Ann Peebles on my head phones. Pretty amazing imo. In case you don't know this '70s soul singer: Breaking up somebody's home, My man.
I can't believe I didn't know about her until recently.
(okay; I'm cheating. it's monday)
posted by jouke 28 October | 09:13
1. Very busy weekend. October's been a busy month all around, thank goodness.

2. Next month I am going to Florida and taking the Auto Train part of the way. Luxury!

3. I have nothing to do at work this week. I'm not sure if I should point this out or not.
posted by JanetLand 28 October | 09:46
Nice job on snatching that coat, Senyar! Mwah hah ha. I go to a lot of sample sales and people always ask if it is competitive with people grabbing things out of other women's hands, and I say no. But it sounds like you got a little of that action!

1. Had a nice dinner with TPS and Stynx, cleaned the apartment in preparation and it still looks pretty good.

2. Got a very mod looking dress with white and black and red squares so I think I am going to wear my yellow heels with it and go as a Mondrian painting for Halloween. My friend is having a bday party/Halloween party this Thurs and wants people to dress up.

3. Husband had the brilliant idea of moving my desk chair to the dining room table so I can work out here where I want to be but not get a crazy neck ache. The office is 90% set up but it has no windows and it is such a sunny day that I want to be looking outside.

4. Found my mom a good birthday present, which has been getting hard to do. I am getting her a set of small rings that have her, mine, and my sister's birthstones on each. She stopped wearing rings after the divorce but I think she would really like some again.
posted by rmless2 28 October | 10:16
1. Finally getting normalized being back home. Paris was great and hard at the same time. One Saturday, we were headed to the Metro to go to the Cite stop to see something, and stopped at the neighborhood ATM to get some Euros. This was in Belleville, a decidedly untouristy place. Well, the card jammed in the ATM, partially out, but not enough to get it out of the machine. For whatever reason, I entered my PIN, which was a very bad mistake in that there were people there who had rigged the ATM to do this, and in the confusion, stole my card, as I left my wife there to watch it while I went to get our Air BnB host Duncan to help. At that time, I assumed that the machine ate my card, but since I obsessively check my balance, I did this time and noticed that these large withdrawals were happening. So fortunately since the place we were had worldwide calling, I called in the card as stolen and the final damage was $1004 USD. I waited until 7 that night to actually call my credit union, since it was 10 in the morning there, and they told me how to claim the fraudulent charges. They also verified that my card had been "captured" somewhere in Paris. They said that I did not need a police report, but Monday morning I went to the 10th Arrondissment police station and their English speaking person did not have a whole lot of English but I managed to leave with a police report in French and they were actually very nice and acted like they were concerned. I just got the money deposited back in my account so YAY.

2. Back to that Saturday, we had done everything we could to deal with this at the time, so since my wife and I have separate checking accounts, we went on with our plans, using her ATM card and account. As we got on the train at the Hotel de Ville stop, a crowd of girls got on and surrounded us. We only rode for one stop, but when we got off at Cite, my wife noticed her purse open and the little attached card purse hanging out. 10 Euros were gone, but miraculously, her cards, including her debit card, were still in there. Our host said that the girls were "gypsies." I had read the MeFi thread on this while on this trip, so having experienced something reportedly related to them was very trippy. But we felt lucky in that if her debit card would have been on, it would have been very bad.

3. While in Paris, during a visit to Sacre Coeur, the huge cathedral on the hill, we lit a candle for our daughter getting a job. When we got back, daughter reported that she now has a job with pays more then the one she quit, it is full time, and has benefits! So YAY for that!

posted by danf 28 October | 13:04
Wow, danf, that really is awful. So sorry to hear this.
posted by Senyar 28 October | 14:43
1. Feeling pretty good, which is a nice change. I've been like sperose, unmotivated to work, either at work or at home.

2. Put on 5 pounds since the last time I weighed myself, but it's hard to get too down because I'm still down 30 from my top weight.

3. Dr. Who costume went off without a hitch at the kids' school. One person recognized me and took some pix. I may come to work in it just because.

4. I think my mood is up because new shoes. Knees and hips are blissfully pain free. Also, the kids' birthday party is out of the way. We went bananas and made two full sized Dalek cakes. Because we're nuts, did I mention that?
posted by lysdexic 28 October | 14:55
Lysdexic, those dalek cakes are awesome!!

Danf, sorry to hear about your experience, but yay for money being back!
posted by needlegrrl 28 October | 16:11
BUNNY OMGROUNDUP || Lou Reed's tour diary