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03 October 2013

Songs you had a thing for back in the day. [More:]I've been in the doldrums lately, and my mind goes back to the late 70s/early 80s and some pop songs that had great meaning at the time. Here are some of mine, feel free to add your own. (could not find a good *real* video of this, WTF? (just try finding a live version that isn't from the 21st century)
OK, here are two I mooned over from a slightly earlier time period, and I no longer know why:

Killing Me Softly


American Pie
posted by bearwife 04 October | 11:34
Alone Again, Naturally
The Last Resort (still have a thing for this one.)
posted by chewatadistance 04 October | 18:35
Uh, on that last link, the music - the video - not so much. At least that version.
posted by chewatadistance 04 October | 18:37
OK, so I still have a thing for:

Go Ask Alice
Here Comes The Sun
Speaking of CSN, Southern Cross
And always and forever, Layla unplugged
posted by bearwife 04 October | 19:04
Holy Crap, initapplette, that list brought back a crapload of memories. Me in my room playing with Legos and eating hidden chocolate. Listening to 77WABC on my clock-radio. Knowing that I should be doing my homework and going to bed. Thank you so very much for the memories! for a few moments there I was a kid again. Priceless.
posted by Splunge 04 October | 19:12
We named our beagle after the song Brandy.
posted by JanetLand 04 October | 20:19
As a teenager I often listened to this ouverture of the baroque opera Pygmalion. I also used to sing all the parts by heart: tenor and sopranos.
My street cred was off the chart as you can imagine.
Unfortunately my falsetto isn't good enough anymore to do the soprano parts.
Kronenburg Park used to make me retch back then. But nowadays I like singing that song with the same kind of camp timbre as that singer.
A few years back Nena and Kim Wilde together released this song. Somehow I enjoyed the 80s synthesizer pop sound reincarnated. This is the original 1984 release. It's a bit creepy to see the embalmed ageless look of Nena while Kim Wilde looks like a middle aged woman.
posted by jouke 05 October | 06:37
Half of these songs are on my dog-walkies ipod playlist; now adding the other half :)
posted by wens 05 October | 09:56
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