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20 October 2013

Facebook is making me cross Last night I posted a picture of these knitted elephant shorts to my knitting blog's page on Facebook.

[More:]It got a lot of likes and over 40 shares. This morning when I tried to get on Facebook, I found that the elephant shorts picture had been removed for "violating community standards" and that I had been blocked from posting to my blog's page or my personal page for 12 hours.

The removal pisses me off a little but the ban really makes me mad. What's the point of giving me a time out? Moreover the elephant shorts have been posted elsewhere on Facebook and are still up, with more than 1200 shares. (I didn't use that one because it had a "Winter is coming" caption on it that I didn't want to include.) I realize the shorts wouldn't be everyone's taste, but it would be easy for anyone to hide it from their newsfeed or unlike my page if they didn't want to see it. I cannot see why there was need for Facebook to intervene.

But then Facebook has a history of this sort of thing. Pages blaming rape victims for being raped are allowed to remain up until the public outcry is considerable, but the merest suggestion of cock is removed promptly. Such a double standard. And of course they're inflexible because they can be. Grrr.
Haha, those shorts are funny.
posted by Hugh Janus 20 October | 09:02
Reason #144 to GET OFF OF FACEBOOK* and get your REAL FRIENDS off there too. It's a walled garden that's trying (and succeeding) to make the Internet a worse place. There are other places. Like here. Like your own knitting blog. PEOPLE, not just one Zuckerberg, need to work together to build Larger Internet Communities, because Facebook is NOT a Community, it's a Plantation. End rant.

*disclaimer: I have. Totally deleted and never looked back. If I get up the energy in a few weeks, I may play with some "real community" ideas - not to be 'my own internet empire' but one of a system of decentralized 'hubs'... still a lot of thought and play needed to do with it.
posted by oneswellfoop 20 October | 12:24
I'm with oneswellfoop. I hate Facebook with a passion. Not only is it a Plantation, it is one with Big Brother as owner/overseer, because the users are there strictly to gratify Facebook's passion for invading their privacy and selling their information and making the other merchant plantation owners happy to have additional targets for selling.

I too totally deleted my account, which was up for no time at all, and have not looked back.

Also, your shorts are a riot.
posted by bearwife 20 October | 16:41
I've love to quite Facebook but there isn't any other way to keep in touch with a lot of the people there. The vast majority of them aren't going to join Twitter or G+ and I don't really want to go back to email chains.

Personally I'm coming to like Twitter as a platform much better lately but I know exactly three people IRL who are even semi-active twitter users.
posted by octothorpe 20 October | 21:01
Well, the shorts are kind of a uh, well... but the tail is a nice touch.

Facebook is an unfortunate zoo that many of us use to keep in touch with distant family. Or, to find out that some folk are bonkers nuts - something is wrong with early retirees that politically slam post 15+ times a day, gotta be rough having a small trailer size RV, big house, FL time share, PR vacation, week at the lake, etc year round and still find a daily way to grar about the end of America. /ranting. Nice guy, but via Facebook, wow, what a what.

But one of my aunt's does dog rescue; I have a skydiving cousin (her fiancée skydives too, they recently got engaged in a hot air balloon), another two cousins are getting married (well NO not to each other harharhar English), a couple more are actually employed artists/graphics arts designers (one is moving from NYC to Chicago), a buddy from ATX is like on a continual North America tour of teaching people how to do hair styles and dye jobs, etc. So, a lot of their posts are digital postcards of sorts.

Yeah, weird all the nutso stuff stays, but the classical elephant trunk shorts get got, and baby cakes or vagina couches stay. Who knows.

Military base newstands got rid of Playgirl full frontal because it was obscene, but Playboy Penthouse remained for a decade before the most recent wave of ?decency? reform. Odd world it is.
posted by buzzman 21 October | 01:32
I think it's so cute when Facebook comes just short of demanding that I enter my current city of residence.
posted by Ardiril 21 October | 10:47
Twitter has such a specific utility that I don't think it will ever supplant Facebook for the same purposes. However, I think that G+ will continue to look better and better - it gives you a lot of freedom, "circles" work well and are much easier to understand than the actions of FB lists, and the interface is easy. It's superior in every way to FB with only one downside - everyone else isn't there yet.
posted by Miko 21 October | 21:06
Oh hey, Orange Swan, this article made me think of you.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 October | 09:36
Thanks for the link to that article, TPS. I want to do a post on Facebook's policy and that's helpful background information.
posted by Orange Swan 31 October | 08:44
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