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03 November 2013

(They're not nearly as forceful as the tornadoes the US is used to. But still they look pretty dramatic.)
One of them was over Arnhem the other over Wijk bij Duurstede.
posted by jouke 03 November | 13:59
Mother Nature is reminding us that she must not be ignored. Climate change is real.
posted by mightshould 03 November | 14:34
"Landspouts" sound much cooler than "tornado," though. More fairy-tale mythical. Like indicators of dragons' lairs.
posted by occhiblu 03 November | 17:12
Ha, that's a nice idea.

The one in WbD apparently was tornado force. I'm glad it wasn't closer than the 15 miles away that it was.

posted by jouke 03 November | 20:48
Oops. Sorry about that.

Btw some american visited my hometown and posted a picture on Mlkshk.
posted by jouke 03 November | 20:54
I grew up in a tornado-heavy place, so I'm both aware of how much damage they can cause and a bit blase about the danger they present.

Now that I'm in an area with earthquakes, I guess I'm the same with them.

That Utrecht photo is gorgeous. I've never been to the Netherlands, and I really would love to visit that area (Belgium, too).
posted by occhiblu 03 November | 21:44
We don't have real meso-cyclonal tornadoes here. So to me it sounds very exotic.

Maybe we should do a metachat post where people show of their local sights...
posted by jouke 03 November | 21:49
Ooh, that would be interesting.

My parents went to high school together, and their gymnasium was totally destroyed right before graduation (the ceremony was normally held in the gym). It was interesting looking through their yearbooks and seeing the photo spreads of destruction.
posted by occhiblu 03 November | 21:52
Here in good ol Florida we are more likely to get crushed by a hurricane. But if we don't, we get these:

≡ Click to see image ≡

≡ Click to see image ≡

Waterspouts! Yay!
posted by Splunge 03 November | 23:39
Videos of waterspouts are amazing. They seem so quiet and ethereal.

Btw the reason I used the word landspout was to find an equivalent to the Dutch word 'windhose' (spelled: windhoos).
Which made me realise that 'hoos' part is basically how they designated a slurf or pipe in medieval times.
posted by jouke 04 November | 01:38
Wow, that is some fascinating but scary video.

And Utrecht is a beautiful town.
posted by JanetLand 04 November | 08:24
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