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01 February 2013

Photo Friday: Family portraits.
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posted by pjern 01 February | 02:50
This is the only family group picture I have. I never had much of a family and the one I had wasn't worth having anyway.

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But I have my Ohio family, and these are my two 'sisters'.

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posted by Senyar 01 February | 07:26
I don't have much family, so here's a picture of me and Mr. Ant in Carson National Forest (NM) as we were riding motorcycles down the Continental Divide.

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posted by workerant 01 February | 08:49
I don't have many pictures with me in it. Let alone with everyone included. So this will have to do. My old father in the background.
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posted by jouke 01 February | 09:07
8th grade graduation in 1971. My mom would be dead from cancer by the end of August.

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posted by tommasz 01 February | 09:12
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My parents on their wedding day, Dad's the one standing and Mom's on the far right.
posted by octothorpe 01 February | 10:33
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This family pic is probably about 9 years old. The older couple on the left is my mom and her boyfriend. The boys are now 22 & 25.
posted by Doohickie 01 February | 11:15
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My Bear and I a few years back in LaJolla.
posted by bearwife 01 February | 12:41
First time we took my daughter to New Zealand. It was a few months before my grandmother died, and she didn't really know which daughter/granddaughter my mother and I were (had dementia for years) but was so happy to see Maddie.

I really wish I had worn nicer clothes and didn't have damp hair. Oh well.

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posted by gaspode 01 February | 13:25
OK, just got done with one. I was planning on doing this shot for a couple of weeks:

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After leaving Altair 4, Robbie eventually settled down with the Klystron Modulator.
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 01 February | 22:59
posted by jouke 01 February | 23:12
tommasz, you look like your Mom, with a healthy dash of Dad thrown in. Lovely picture.
posted by rainbaby 02 February | 07:14
Agreed rainbaby. I just like the pictures and the stories of familial love and -heartbreak in general.

Also it puts a face to a name.
posted by jouke 02 February | 09:11
My Bear and I a few years back in LaJolla.

I guessed about this location on your Flickr page and I was right!
posted by danf 02 February | 10:29
Two holiday penguin families.

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posted by halonine 03 February | 17:16
So which one are you halonine?
posted by jouke 03 February | 17:28
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