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20 October 2013

Today happiness is shaped like a little leather bag ... [More:]
For about ten years I've had a favourite shoulder bag - a brown cross-body bag that's exactly the right size to hold my purse/wallet, my kindle, phone, keys, camera, a small hairbrush and my ever-present lip balm.

But it's starting to look its age and has got a bit tatty, particularly on the corners. I've tried renovating it with leather cream, and although that's helped, there are still spots where it's worn that I can do nothing to fix. It's getting a bit too scruffy to take to work.

So, over the last few months I've been looking, looking, looking everywhere to see if I can find another. The original manufacturers are out of business, so no joy there. But every time I've seen a similar bag, I've tested it out for size, fit, quality, price, and every bag I found was lacking. I'd almost given up on ever finding another bag I liked as much.

Until today. I went into a luggage store I've been in many times, but not for a few months, so they had both new stock and a sale going on. I saw the perfect bag - exactly the right size, shape, quality ... but it was the colour of baby diarrhea.

"Do you have this in black or dark brown?" I asked, hoping against hope. I'd already looked all round the sections where the black and brown bags were (they arranged them by colour palette in this store) with no luck. "If it's not on display we probably don't have it, but let me check the stock room".

And, oh joy! There was a black one in stock. Even better, it was reduced from 85 to 25. It's the most beautiful soft, buttery leather, lighter than my old one, with a slightly wider strap that's also adjustable to a longer length if I want it. It has pockets for all the things I need pockets for, my Kindle fits perfectly - O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

I know just a bag shouldn't make me so happy, but damn, I'd nearly given up hope of finding the perfect one. Old bag, new bag.

What recent purchase or find has made you happy beyond all reason?
Finding and using that perfect purse or bag is such a pleasure. May you and your new purse have many years of happiness together!

I'm a super picky shopper and it gave me much satisfaction to find a great pair of pumps a couple of days ago. I bought them in dark brown because the store was out of the caramel colour I wanted, but I'm going to try another location this coming week and see if I can get them exchanged. Though the dark brown will do and the pumps are perfect.
posted by Orange Swan 20 October | 10:34
Hey, I just found out I could check availability online for those shoes! They have them in my size in the caramel at a store near me, so I'm going to run over today and get that done. You've inadvertently saved me a trip, Senyar!
posted by Orange Swan 20 October | 10:37
Those shoes are lovely, and such a classic style will never date.
posted by Senyar 20 October | 10:54
A bag shouldn't make a person happy? I have been living wrong since 13! I'm a bag gal through and through!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 October | 10:58
I know just a bag shouldn't make me so happy,

There are so many things in this world that militate against our happiness. If that bag makes you happy, buy ten more!
posted by jason's_planet 20 October | 11:15
If that bag makes you happy, buy ten more!

The laws of shopping happiness means that buying ten of something doesn't increase happiness tenfold. But I'm definitely ten times more happy with my new bag than I am with my old one.
posted by Senyar 20 October | 11:47
Buying 10 Kiehl's Lip Balms might make me happy (actually, scratch that; ever since they discontinued the big tub, buying multiple Kiehl's Lip Balms has lost its luster).
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 October | 15:37
Pretty bag! Great score!

This buy from ebay has made me hugely happy, so I'm equally shallow.
posted by bearwife 20 October | 16:45
I go to yoga at a church that sells pumpkins as a fund raiser. They have an "unsellable, make offer" pile of pumpkins.

I picked up one and paid them half what a non-ugly, non-damaged pumpkin would cost and now have plans to roast and make all kinds of good eating things out of it. Yay!

And, yay for finding the perfect bag and shoes, neither of which I've ever found.
posted by mightshould 20 October | 17:02
I'm also a picky bag girl, and a shoe fanatic as well. I've been searching high and low for a nice pair of Mary Jane shoes: not too high of a heel, not too dainty, not too "mature" looking. No rush, so I've been taking my time. And I was thrilled to recently acquire these.
posted by redvixen 20 October | 18:14
I got a new pair of pants today on super-sale for $20! and in 2 sizes smaller than I usually wear but they fit! So that makes me happy all around.
(I know, vanity sizing, blah blah)
posted by rmless2 20 October | 18:22
I got some Mtn Hardware pants all the way from Boston, discontinued style, but they have the tapered and articulated legs for cycling (big in the rear and thigh too); are heavy canvas/cotton; last for a few years or more, and have a knee/thigh area pocket for wallet and urban city shiv. One pair to wear; and one to put away.
Not leather and not on sale; but fit+durability made up for it.
posted by buzzman 21 October | 01:47
I took advantage of the 20% off coupon Clarks sent me, and bought these yesterday. My old pair of shoes for work (ok, I have two) was looking really ragged, and these are so lovely.

The heel may be a little high, we'll see. But I love them!
posted by needlegrrl 21 October | 08:22
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