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15 December 2013

water+laptop=ARGH [More:]
I immediately flipped it over but it wouldn't turn off and kept restarting. I finally had to turn it over to get it to shut off and it's lying on towels.
REALLY did not need this right now.

Besides the fact this old computer is too old to run some stuff, it works surprisingly well. Just happened to back up everything a couple days ago but I can't really afford to have the thing go all kerflooey on me right now.

That thing has make some remarkable recoveries, but maybe this is its last life.

Keeping fingers crossed for its recovery!
posted by needlegrrl 15 December | 21:33
Better to pet the pugs for luck. It took a second glance to make sure they were yours. People and the personalized cards this year, impressive.

Got frightful amounts of stuff done without my all purpose all media entertainment center at hand, which is a might disturbing. Glad I kept putting off firing the new editing, mixing and photoshop stuff on it or there'd be far more gnashing of teeth and fistfuls of hair.

My first laptop had only 4 mb. It's weird to think that's even possible. It couldn't even get on the internet properly. It was mostly a word processor with games on it. I somewhat recently saw this 80s Steve Buscemi movie where he wants $5k for a word processor. I'd be using it in airports and the looks on people's faces as much like if I had a gigantic cellphone: "She must be an important business person with that new fangled device!"
posted by ethylene 16 December | 01:06
I remember using a Thinkpad with keys that wouldn't work properly, like hitting t would make thr and I think some letters didn't work at all. Somehow i accommodated this by typing really fast and adjusting word choices, which was not easy with some version of scrabble i was playing, and still people were constantly accusing me of cheating, because i guess people who were high ranked would use secret pseudonyms or some malarky.

Wow, tomorrow is going to suck. I wonder if i can get PR on this.
posted by ethylene 16 December | 01:16
That's such a bad feeling when some calamity happens to a device you use all the time. At least it was water instead of sticky syrupy soda. Keep us updated.
posted by mightshould 16 December | 06:36
I will pet the pugs for luck tonight - I'm so lucky to be married to someone with mad Photoshop skills. :) Also, we just saw the hobbit movie, and there is a matched pair of pugs in it! (Guess I need to stop fussing that the dogs just lay around all day - apparently they are doing movies!)

Please do keep us updated - can you use bags of rice like you can with phones?
posted by needlegrrl 16 December | 08:48
Make sure the battery is removed and it's unplugged. You can indeed surround it with cloth bags of rice to hurry the drying time. The main thing it to be sure that it's completely and totally dried out before powering it back up. Sounds like you got to it quickly so maybe the water didn't penetrate too far inside. Good luck.
posted by Splunge 16 December | 14:34
I did not get to it quickly; it would just not shut off. I flipped it immediately and when it seemed dry enough i flipped it so i could finally turned it off and some things were not responding correctly. And I couldn't find my tiny screwdrivers in this morass of moving and cleaning, so it's just been lying there upside down.
Right now I do not have good feelings, but i am letting them lie right now and tackling other things.

My gods, i used teeny tiny fonts.

Oh, I hear the rice is not a good thing with computers. i do have silica packets, but it just seems like lying there is the best thing. Maybe another 5 hours?

I'm making cowboy coffee. I should probably look that up. Turns out the wifi gets all squirrely in the bedroom FOR NO GOOD REASON.
posted by ethylene 16 December | 14:52
Well, I checked it. It's having the same issues it had when it wouldn't turn off and i turned it off. I don't know if it's not totally dry but i'm guessing at least the top needs to be fixed again as they keyboard doesn't seem to be working and the trackpad is treating almost everything like a double click. Everything seems to be there and be in tact. I even downloaded something with the use of the copy function. Maybe I should try to find the tiny screwdrivers, since it's not under warranty and will cost at least $600 to just replace the top like when the asshole roommate cat knocked over an entire pint of pomegranate cocktail into it. I flipped that puppy right away and the top was encrusted with purple, they said, but just needed replacing. Uh boy. I may need that cocktail now.

Besides the squirrely airport situation, dead battery and being older than my cat, this thing keeps on going. I'm really amazed at the resilience of these things. That being said: THIS IS A GIGANTIC PAIN IN THE ASS.
I think I'm ready to hurl myself through the walls of snow outside now.
posted by ethylene 17 December | 01:25
:( ugh, that sucks!
posted by needlegrrl 17 December | 15:24
"Caturday's over, it's BUNDAY now!" || I love L.A.