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26 October 2013

Oops. Late Saturday AM question. If your home were on fire and you did not have to worry about saving any of the five P's (people, pets, photos, papers, prescriptions), what one item would you choose to save?
I'd grab the little Russian impressionist painting of the York dales in the bedroom. We buy original art now and then, nothing very expensive, and I love that painting best right now.
posted by bearwife 26 October | 13:49
A diamond ring that was left to me by my aunt.
posted by Senyar 26 October | 17:06
My great-grandfather's violin.
posted by Hugh Janus 26 October | 17:45
My guitar.
posted by Miko 26 October | 19:22
I'd save my Roget's Thesaurus originally published in the 1920's (I have a 1960's tattered paperback reprint that I've been lovingly carting around since mebby HS). Yes, I already have thought about this extensively, cause they don't make 'em like they used to.
posted by Twiggy 26 October | 19:34
Backpack (aka 'man-purse').
posted by buzzman 26 October | 22:23
Tough one! I guess my engagement ring, and any other jewelry my husband bought me.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 October | 07:03
Tough one. Maybe my teddy bear? I've had him ever since I was two or three.
posted by Thorzdad 27 October | 09:52
The first things that came to mind were the stained glass pieces I've made, as some got destroyed in Hurricane Irene and it broke my heart. But also my childhood teddy bear.
posted by amro 27 October | 10:06
Hmmm, yes I think Teddy Edward would have to be saved.
posted by Senyar 27 October | 15:50
I assume my back up hard drive counts as papers or photos?

Probably my jewelry box. Boring, yes.
posted by gaspode 27 October | 17:54
Good question. Other than the jewelry I wear everyday which I don't think counts because it will already be on me, I am not sure.
Do my old sketchbooks count as papers? probably.
Does my phone count?

Funny thinking about this now. I like everything I have, but I don't know what I am most attached to.
Maybe the first real necklace I bought myself.
Maybe the dried rose from the first bouquet my husband bought me.
Maybe my favorite plant.
Everything is more or less replaceable I guess.
posted by rmless2 28 October | 10:41
Oh! My daughter's blankie. Yeah, that trumps all else.
posted by gaspode 28 October | 11:34
Guitars. My Goodall and my Strat. Then others, if I had the time to go back in.
posted by danf 28 October | 13:17
Probably some wooden items made by my dad when I was a kid. He made a set of wooden hands on this sliding adjustable base so that I could play cat's cradle by myself (I was a lonely child). He also made a couple wooden jewelry boxes, and some wooden animal figurines. Those are all truly irreplaceable because he died when I was a teenager.

I might also choose to save some of my paintings/drawings/prints.
posted by fancyoats 29 October | 08:23
My dignity, in the form of pants. It's all I have left, really.
posted by dg 30 October | 02:06
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