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01 November 2013

love comes back from the dead As it is All Saints Day, and i kinda called Halloween on account of Lou, your ever loveable chrismear has resurrected your anonymous love/bites until the close of Monday (assumedly GMT.)[More:]

Wreak your havok. Check your checkered past.This is all making me want to watch all of Les Revenants.

As the majority of bunny love messages have never been claimed, perhaps you want to sign up/log in and see if you missed something. I've never checked on the case sensitivity and i bet there is a bunch of misspellings as well. We may never know.

So you have a long weekend of mystery ahead of you.

With the wealth of lurkers and unwikied users, perhaps you may want to reveal yourselves for a moment on this plane of existence. It also helps with the misspelling.
reveal yourselves for a moment on this plane of existence I do like how you express yourself sometimes ethylene.

Re secret halloween and secret valentine on metachat: I find it hard that any messages I may receive do not specify the sender. Apparently the axiom 'thou shalt reciprocate' is deeply ingrained in me.
Similarly any message I send I have no idea how it was received. Which makes it indistinguishable to me from flashing the message as morse code into space. I.e. not a very gratifying experience.

Ah well, maybe I'm just too attuned to reading any cues, verbal and non-verbal, from my interlocutor.

Re Halloween; I'm not anglo-saxon. So it does not mean anything to me on a visceral level. But the comments on women dressing up as 'slutty X' sound intrigueing. And I can imagine that the dressing up is great for kids.
Here in NL, in the historically catholic South, we have carneval: dressing up is a big part of that. Along with temporarily relaxed morals. It seems to be a pre-christian holdover along the Rhine delta. But I grew up as a northern, culturally protestant, netherlander so I didn't do that dressing up as child.

Let me just say a sympathetic "Boe!" to youllee. And imagine 6'6'' foot me walking towards you, stiff limbed, with outstretched arms, rolled back eyes and pulled down grimace.

posted by jouke 02 November | 07:56
This is a bit odd to me, as are lots of things people say in how they view the world.

You're not suppose to be sending them with the idea that you're getting something back, just purely giving, which may makes no sense to you, but if you wanted people to know who sent it, I've gotten signed ones before. It's only anonymous if you choose it to be that way, but part of the fun is suppose to be in the mystery, and the way the site is set up, you have a preserved set of messages sent and received, like a time capsule.

It's a nifty thing chrismear set up but it's still a tool that anyone could use how they wished, and i think for a time they were never signed, like on a recent Downton Abbey. Similarly, Halloween is when one can disguise themselves. It's one of our few unique things.

The biggest mystery is probably from the people who aren't very visible on site, because there is no way to guess, but unless you know someone well off site, much of this is messages to and from the void.
posted by ethylene 02 November | 11:44
Ooooh! I actually managed to pop in while this is active. Frighten me, someone. : )
posted by sisterhavana 03 November | 14:22
Friday question, another AM edition. || Because nobody makes caterpillar stew the way Grandma makes it