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25 January 2013

What are you looking forward to? [More:]I really like having things to look forward to. Particularly this time of year- late January/early February I get downright stir-crazy because it's so cold and gray and I feel so cooped up. Thank goodness I have stuff for the rest of the year to look forward to:

*ASAP - visiting my Aunt & Uncle who just moved to Philly. So nice to have some of my family a quick ride away.
*First two weekends in February- Trips to FL! First weekend in Tampa with family, second weekend in Boca for the Walk for Life & meeting my bone marrow recipient
*April- Possible trip to El Paso, TX to visit friend stationed down there
*Memorial Day weekend- Introducing my son to Ocean City, NJ!
*Early July- Brooklyn Bridge swim!
*Late July- Friend's wedding + tentative Marc family vacation
*August- Trip to the beach with my family, perhaps?
*Late December- Sister & BIL visit the US from China. I haven't seen them since...I'm not even sure. Not since before I got pregnant. It'll be nice for the whole family to be together around the holidays; hoping we can do some family pictures.
I'm pretty much dreading everything
posted by Firas 25 January | 13:21
Mid-March - a visit to NYC, then a few days in Vegas and Death Valley, then back to NYC. I've got lots of plans to see my NY friends, and my old pal Joanee is coming down from Woodstock to see me, which will be great, I haven't seen her in ages. I'll also be meeting Oliver (TPS & Stynxno's baby) and Henry (amro's baby).

Easter - Specklet, TheDonF and their baby (another Henry) will be over in England so I'll get to see them.

July - I might be having my Ohio nephew, Jeremy, and his wife, to stay.

September - danf and Vickie will be visiting for a couple of weeks.

October - TrishaLynn's wedding.
posted by Senyar 25 January | 13:23
Moving down into the proper part of metro Seattle. Once I find a place.
posted by Ardiril 25 January | 13:27
I'm more in the moment this year. We have upcoming plans for trips, and I'll be running some half marathons this year, and I'm marrying two dear gay friends of mine later this year, and I'm sure all that will be great, but it stresses me instead of thrills me to focus on the events now.
posted by bearwife 25 January | 13:32
Early February - Going to Kona on the Big Island for a couple weeks. A high school friend lives there and has a great guest room. I will be expected to surf a lot and play guitar a lot, so I am trying to round my swimming and my fingers into shape, as much as possible. Flying first to LA to see my family, then going to HI from there, so it will be non-stop.

May 1 - The first morning I get up and am completely retired. I have no idea what it will really be like, but hopefully I will stay busy enough. I do know I will be at the gym more.

Late May - A new (to me) group, the Eugene Natural History Society is doing a trip to the John Day Fossil Beds. To have a cabin, and expert guidance there will be great.

Summer - Our usual two trips to Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Great theater and a beautiful part of the PNW, down there.

September - The aforementioned trip to Europe, in which Senyar is generously putting us up. Then to France, where Vicki has an old school friend in Brittaney, and Paris and a day trip to the Champagne area. My wife has lived in Europe twice and has been dying to take me there.

October - Sit around the house and wait to die. (jk)
posted by danf 25 January | 13:57
My opera tickets arrived in the mail yesterday, so I'm looking forward to March 16.

I have a hiking trip planned for September, but as I don't know if I will enjoy it I can't really say I'm looking forward to it exactly.

Other than that I look longingly forward to the end of each work day and the start of each weekend.
posted by JanetLand 25 January | 14:38
bearwife - i hear ya, sometimes the planning is so stressful for things it seems to take away the enjoyment of it all.

let's see...
- hopefully a new job coming up
- hoping things go well with the gentleman friend (it's hard to find good kissers who also enjoy reading, IME. plus he giggles. i am looking forward to more giggling. :)
- having more time to exercise and do fun things instead of working 50-60 hours a week like i am now (if the new job happens)
- visiting friends in DC soon
- my pub trivia team getting back on top!!! we can do it!!!

but right now, i am looking forward to what promises to be a good weekend with good friends.
posted by sio42 25 January | 14:52
I forgot to mention MOVING! Moving at some point May-June. I am definitely looking forward to moving.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 25 January | 15:24
I want 2013 to be the year I do fuck-all. I want to stay home and do housey things. I have made it a personal goal to not get on an airplane (although I know that's not going to happen, I am stubbornly sticking to that ideal).
I want to rest and be quiet in 2013. I don't want to do anything other than cook and walk my dog, and that is a very good thing. I need to recharge the batteries.
So glad to see all the wonderful plans other mechazens have! I am particularly jealous of Danf getting to hang out with Senyar in her neck of the woods!
posted by msali 25 January | 16:14
I'm with Firas.
posted by dg 25 January | 16:21
hrrmmm. Good question!

February - I finally get caught up with all the work I got behind on during Hurricane Sandy and don't have to work evenings any more. Actually get to see my husband.

March - Senyar visits and stays for a few nights. Late March - Florida for Spring break, baby.

April - Find out where my daughter will be going to school. Do not get me started on the insanity of NYC schools. Will be a HUGE weight off my mind. Also a half marathon to run.

May - husband turns 40! I am planning a big party at Camden Yards.

July - our annual Vermont trip, aka the happiest week of my year. (also the most expensive.)

That's about it for specific things. I'll probably run another half in September (maybe the Rhode Island one, same as last year). Going to try and make a bigger effort to get out and see people, so will be trying to get out of the city on more weekends.

posted by gaspode 25 January | 16:40
I'm looking forward to next week being over (CPAs coming into town to work on taxes.).

My craft room being organized, and putting together a list of craft/sewing projects to work on this year.

Playing more boardgames than I played last year.

A trip to Gatlinburg/Asheville in March (and seeing Nick Cave for the first time!).

We're trying to stay closer to home this year, and not take as many trips, but I'm sure there will be one or two more planned.

Doing more yoga! my health month goal for Feb will be once a week.
posted by needlegrrl 25 January | 16:40
Otakon is supposed to be announcing its musical guest at the end of the month.

I have a ticket to see Madeline Peyroux in April. Autolux is said to be releasing an album and touring, but the tour likely won't come until summer.
posted by koucha 25 January | 16:58
Short term: looking forward to the moment next week when I will have Done My Taxes (Jan 31st is the deadline here in the UK).

Longer term: impending baby in June is eclipsing things a bit, but I'm trying to cram in other good things before then, particularly music which will have to take a back seat for a while post-baby.
posted by altolinguistic 25 January | 17:03
My 3% raise, which kicks in in two weeks.


Not much else.
posted by Melismata 25 January | 17:20
I honestly don't have a single thing to look forward to.
posted by Thorzdad 25 January | 17:33
Finally closing on our house, hopefully in February. That's the BIGGIE. Long story as to why we have lived her since August without closing. Remove your f-ing decommissioned underground oil tanks before listing your houses, people.

Seeing Senyar in March!

Losing the rest of the baby weight.

Other than that I look longingly forward to the end of each work day


posted by amro 25 January | 17:49
Also looking forward to something that sounds too awful to say even though I don't mean it to, so I'll put it like this: I hope my mother is at peace soon.
posted by amro 25 January | 17:52
Feb: my work bonus (which is likely going towards a new fence as the pups are driving me crazy with their barking whenever someone is at the school across the street and the current one is rusting away)

Mar: kidlet graces the world with her presence

Mar-Jun: maternity leave

Sept: my 35th birthday which I think will involve an overnight trip to DC to wander the museums, have a meal with a couple friends, and check out a couple fancy stores

Dec: a week+ off work
posted by bluesapphires 25 January | 18:23
Today/tonight is a family-free night so I'm looking forward to excessively violent TV, writing/researching for more than 10 minutes at a time and not hearing "Old MacDonald" for a whole hours.

Next week: new oven and hob! Bunbun starts kindy!

Next weekend is a friend's birthday + other friends visiting so it will be a total nerdgasm - roleplaying, board games, drinking and swimming, if the weather permits.

End of February is a visit to my best friends in another state - to help after surgery but it will be wonderful to see them.

Then I start my PhD.

A nerd convention in June.

And that's about all I can think of right now. The PhD kind of eclipses everything else.
posted by geek anachronism 25 January | 18:40
Tomorrow: Test day for the Wicca 101 class, which I'm nervous about, but I'll be glad to get that off my desk and move on to something else.

March: Might be going to visit with my Temple of WomanSpirit sisters for Spring Equinox.

April: Veneralia and Vinalia (celebrations for my patron Goddess)

May: Shimmy Mob (bellydance flash mob) and possibly a music festival with my homie

June: Definitely going to Free Spirit Gathering, possibly going to Fires of Venus, and definitely having a dance recital for the local studio I started dance lessons at

July: StateCon! (Some people from an online community I'm a part of have decided to all meetup in Virginia and party for a weekend.)

August: Definitely a music festival with my homie, Vinalia Rustica, and Delmarva Pagan Pride Day

September: Fall Frolic! (witchy camping)

October: My birfday, Run For Your Lives 5k (yeah, the zombie run)

November: Possibly going to Samhain with Temple of WomanSpirit

December: Definitely going to Winter Solstice with Temple of WomanSpirit (cabining in the Delaware woods).

Busy damn year. And there will probably be a bunch of other shit thrown in as it comes.
posted by sperose 25 January | 19:30
The crane is supposed to start to come down in March.


AWP is in Boston this year. I'll stay on for a bit and see Bradford friends and look up my great-aunt's papers at BU.

In April I'm going to London to see the Bowie show at the V&A, whatever other special exhibits are going on and make some day trips.

My high school is having an all-class reunion in May but my aunt and uncle might be coming to CT because they are lending some of the Lumias for an upcoming exhibit at Yale.

TGT is having their shareholders' meeting in June, but the location hasn't been decided yet. It would make the most sense to have it in Canada, given they've taken over Zeller's.

Both the writers workshop and Bradford have been making noises about reunions.

I want to go back to the Cape in August.
posted by brujita 26 January | 08:40
posted by Trilby 26 January | 16:31
Feb: weekend with best friend
March: trip to Argentina for family Friends wedding
May: find out if we get free housing through fiancÚ's job ( we also tried last year and didn't get it but who knows, it is worth trying again and would change our financial lives significantly)
June: my birthday!
July: fiancÚ birthday and our wedding!
August: honeymoon?
posted by rmless2 27 January | 01:35
posted by Pips 27 January | 10:28
To those who've seen both: || You should see this video with crows in it.