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30 September 2013

End of September Goal Check In Time! And here's the mid-month post.


1. I will not fall on my face this month. Somehow, I managed to get myself signed up for 4 bellydance classes a week this month (and there's the option for a 5th class being chair dancing, but I have no idea if that's going to work out or not).

There was only a little bit of face planting this month, which I'm okay with. I skipped a few days of work and a few rehearsals, but overall, I'm pleased with how I did.

2. I will get my finances under control. Unfortunately, I have to spend a fair amount of scratch this month due to Art of the Belly workshops and AKD costuming and gas to go to Baltimore twice a week and Darnestown once a week. But I'm going to try super hard to get things organized without having to ask the folks for cash.

Money is going to be an issue for the time being, unfortunately. I do have a birthday coming up, so hopefully some cash will be coming my way. (And I've been working my honeypot.)

3. Salima, O! will fucking kick some serious ass at the Broadway hafla at the end of the month. We have a 13 minute set planned with songs from The Lion King, Sweet Charity, and Chicago. There's a ton of costuming bits (dresses, bras, booty shorts, hats, arm drapes, headbands...) and 4 different props (cane, headdress, swords, feather fans) that we have to coordinate. (AKD is supposedly performing then too, but I have yet to see the choreography/costuming/props for that one, heh.)

This hafla was so much work, but it went pretty damn well. We did have some costuming snafus (such as my old cabaret bra that is too tight being a complete pain in my ass and almost refusing to go on until the very last moment) and my dance partner not being able to get out of her solo outfit and have her headband on before the next song started and my hat flying off my head at the start of my solo, but in the end--it was awesome. I could see people in the restaurant just watching with their jaws dropped, which always makes me happy. I'm still waiting on videos from the whole set (since I can't get the friends-only videos off Facebook yet) but I'm super excited to see them. AKD did perform as well, even though it was a trio instead of a quartet but it worked out in the end, even though there were lineup issues because one dancer decided to be a diva. (And with her skills, she had no business being a diva.)

Next month is going to be even busier! I have 4 performances scheduled. 4! At least they are on different days this time.
*Survive my first month of classes - DONE! I'm even mostly up on my reading. It helps that one of the classes is pretty much review of classes I've already taken.
*Keep on the workout train (yay Blogilates) - Eh, B. Some days I don't feel like it.
*Don't get sick even if the baby gets sick- I have a slightly sore throat today after a crazy weekend, so I might be close...but I'm working and September is over tomorrow so YAY I DID IT.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 30 September | 10:32
One place sold, one place bought.
Garbage or donated stuff that I didn't want to keep.
New floor being installed as I write.
Now I just have to finish packing up and do a final load of laundry, cuz it my be a while until the new washer and dryer are plumbed in at the new place

Moving Day Tomorrow, then I can sleep for an couple of weeks and finally fully recover from the surgery
posted by rollick 30 September | 11:33
1. Finish my de-clutter (only a couple of cabinets in the kitchen to go through) and be all prepared for when the cleaning company comes in. Done.

2. Get my back yard looking a bit nicer than it looks right now. Done. Although, leaves, please staahhhhp already!

3. Have an awesome time with Danf and Vicky - 19-29 Sept. Done.

4. Continue with my healthy eating regime with a view to dropping another 10-15lbs before I go to Ohio in November.
I start tomorrow. Tonight is curry + Breaking Bad finale.
posted by Senyar 30 September | 11:52
1. I will bring pictures into my office. I printed pictures and stuck them in frames this morning, just to get this goal done. ha!

2. I will count calories & eat more healthily. I'm going to count this one as a win. We're even doing better on weekends.

3. I will start planning our costumes for our november event. (Steampunk Grimm Gear Gala) Yes. We have two tux jackets, one of which will be turned into a military-esque jacket. I thought I'd ordered a pattern last week, and wondered why it wasn't here yet, only to realize I hadn't actually ordered it, so I did that this morning. I seem to have decided to make a feather headdress, which I haven't ever done before, so that should be exciting!
posted by needlegrrl 30 September | 12:32
Needlegrrl, feather headdresses are so simple. My troupe leader just made some for us for the Broadway show. We just used some sequin trim with grograin ribbon glued to the back of it with hot glue and feathers plus a scrapbooking jewel on it. Or are you thinking of something fancier?
posted by sperose 01 October | 12:19
Sperose - I was thinking sort of showgirl-esque. We're doing the emperor and the nightingale (steampunk fairytale event) except instead of Asian emperor, we're going with Prussian. I was originally thinking a mask with feathers, but then I saw some showgirl feather headdresses at the costume place...
posted by needlegrrl 01 October | 13:40
1. Finish organizing the new apartment (Mostly) DONE
2. Get money set up for married life. STILL WORKING
3. Find a gym or exercise class I like and start going at least 1x/week. FOUND A YOGA CLASS BUT HAVENT GONE
4. Find and join an art class that starts after October. DONE! SEWING CLASS STARTS NOV 4
5. Host a clothing swap and then really for real this time get rid of the bags of clothes I no longer need. DONE
posted by rmless2 02 October | 12:58
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