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02 November 2013

It wouldn't occur to me to carry a two-strap backpack using only one strap. What's the point of that? The whole idea of the two straps is to distribute the weight evenly.(I realise I sound like an old codger and have probably totally missed the point, being the least cool person on the planet.)
posted by Senyar 03 November | 03:39
We didn't have any straps back in the dark ages that I went to high-school in. Seems kind of dumb looking back but for some reason it never occurred to us to put our books in a bag.
posted by octothorpe 03 November | 08:20
Books? Why, when I was a lad we had all our texts tattooed onto our skin. Tests were easy but try reading your lower back in the mirror!
posted by Hugh Janus 03 November | 08:31
This is ringing a bell! I feel like this was a thing when I was in middle/high school.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 November | 08:32
I don't think it's a matter of being cooler. It's a matter of survival. You should have seen the tonnage of books my daughter had to lug to high school. She had to two-strap just to be able to carry the load. It was easily ten pounds, no joke. AP classes love their books, I guess.
posted by Thorzdad 03 November | 11:56
Two straps makes so much more sense. I always wanted to use two straps but felt like a tool doing so in a non-hiking environment. I'm glad kids today are smarter!
posted by occhiblu 03 November | 14:02
I feel somewhat bad for kids these days. The probably get better educations than I did but school seems so hard now. I barely paid attention in high-school and seldom bothered to do any homework or study and graduated with a B- or so.
posted by octothorpe 03 November | 14:08
Two straps does make more sense. I, however, am squarely in the demographic for whom it would have been inconceivable. I don't even remember wishing I could use two straps - the thought never entered my head.
posted by gaspode 03 November | 14:56
I never had a backpack at school, because way back then, backpacks were for hiking only. My kids always wear theirs with both straps, but the two girls still at school don't have much choice, with the weight of books they have to carry. Can't wait until their school goes into full laptop mode in two years, because carrying that sort of weight is all kinds of bad for growing bodies.
posted by dg 03 November | 16:12
Two-strapping seemed to coincide with a move towards more "serious" backpacks--lots of pockets and loops and carabiners and buckles, I think meant to imply that the wearer is engaged in Serious Business. Not only two-strapping, but also the chest strap. Sure, there's practicality and ergonomics and today's larger loads, but I do think it's a fashion thing.
posted by mrmoonpie 04 November | 09:42
I've had it wrong every time. I two-strapped it in pre-1994 college days, mostly because my books were fucking heavy. Now I one strap it with my mini backpack purse. If there's too much stuff in it I'll two-strap.
posted by lysdexic 04 November | 12:58
Look at the blockbuster list. The nerds with practical thick glasses and double strapped backpacks won.
posted by Firas 04 November | 19:37
Because nobody makes caterpillar stew the way Grandma makes it || Landspouts over the Netherlands 3hrs ago