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08 November 2013

Pick one! And explain why you picked it.
I love the view in that Chicago place, but that exposed concrete is SO UGLY.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 08 November | 10:24
I pick the Georgia house! It looks so cozy.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 08 November | 10:26
I like the Georgia house too, although I'd furnish it completely differently. All that white curlicued stuff is too fussy for my taste.
posted by Senyar 08 November | 11:12
The Newport, RI house.

Close to the ocean, for one thing. It would be easy to attend the folk festival!
posted by danf 08 November | 11:13
The Chicago condo is the only one that comes even close to a style I like. And I like the concrete. But I wouldn't want to live in Streeterville or near the Mag Mile.
posted by mullacc 08 November | 11:23
One hundred percent I pick the Georgia house. It is gorgeous, and it is on the most land but local to shops and restaurants. And you can't beat the taxes (geez property tax is so high in my town)! Ooh, and a heated pool!

I could never live in the city so the apartment in Chicago is out. And the Colonial in RI is just a bit too... Colonial for my taste.
posted by amro 08 November | 11:31
I guess I'd pick the RI house, though I am not that into any of them! Guess I need to save up for the million dollar houses.

The Chicago one is too cold and severe for me, the Atlanta one is cute but too far from the action and old fashioned, and the RI one is cool but so historic that I'd feel bad wanting to change anything, especially the kitchen.
But I do like the wide floorboards and the look from outside and the location, so I'd do that one and then completely redecorate and probably get rid of that tile in the fireplace (I am sure someone else would give it a good home).
posted by rmless2 08 November | 11:41
Just for curiosity's sake I quickly looked up an equivalently expensive house here in NL. That farmhouse looks very familiar and cozy to me.
But it doesn't beat that house in Georgia. I guess houses in the US are cheaper.
posted by jouke 08 November | 12:49
I don't really like any of them, particularly as none are here in the Seattle area. I guess if I could move the Georgia home here and completely redecorate, maybe that one. In my area you could get this for $100K to $150K less.
posted by bearwife 08 November | 14:08
Or you could just get a studio in the village in NYC
posted by rmless2 08 November | 14:35
Large homes and yards frequently enslave owners to maintenance. Between these choices, I'd go for Chicago.

Otherwise, I like my small place so near to downtown 80903 and so many streams and trails.
posted by buzzman 08 November | 14:48
None of the above, but I moved to this area for Reasons, and given a choice of nearby homes in that price range, I'd lean toward this or even this (on a 40-freaking-acre lot). (The real estate listings also showed an apartment 4-plex that I could comfortably live in one and be a bad landlord to the other 3)
posted by oneswellfoop 08 November | 15:44
They are all much too large for me. Really I liked the one jouke linked to the best.
posted by JanetLand 08 November | 15:48
None of them seem interesting to me. Too expensive and large for my needs.
posted by mightshould 08 November | 16:21
I love the apartment, but would probably go for the Georgia house as long as I could afford to basically strip the interior and remake it in a more contemporary style.

This is what you could get in my area for that money. Only on a very small block, but a lovely place and very much to my taste.
posted by dg 08 November | 18:22
I wish the Georgia house were in Newport. Eighteenth-century beamed ceilings are pretty but too low (and a lot of the windows are too narrow), plus we'd rather not live in the South. The concrete walls in the Chicago one are ugly, and anyway it's too high up.

The one Jouke picked out looks nice, plus we'd get to live in a humane country. I like dg's too. It took me a while to realize it had a porch with a built-in barbecue and not a kitchen with magical windows.

The truth is, they're all too big. Without plans to run a bed-and-breakfast, a place that big is just an opportunity for friends and family to impose on our hospitality every weekend of the year.

A guest room is one thing. A guest suite is an invitation to disaster.
posted by Hugh Janus 08 November | 19:48
The Chicago Condo. If I changed my life, that's the sort of lifestyle change I'd make. The concrete is strange, but the upkeep on the older houses would be challenging. I'd like to be able to walk to stuff. I've enjoyed visiting Chicago and have a few old friends there. Good theatre scene, I like the GA one, but it is very very large, and the RI one doesn't appeal at all.
posted by rainbaby 09 November | 07:38
I'd love one of the two-story brick row houses on our street in Astoria instead. They're so pretty, with covered porches and small patios or yards with gardens and rose bushes. And it would be so nice to have a place of our own, where we'd never have to worry about having to move at a landlord's whim, and we could rent out the first or second floor (probably the first, so we could have the porch). Plus, the prizes of all prizes, PARKING AND A WASHER/DRYER, OH MY.

We couldn't afford a $750,000 price tag, though, in a gazillion years. We probably won't be able to buy anything, if we want, until we retire and move away (even the rent here would be tough on a retirement income, but there are many options where the cost of living is a fraction of what it is here).
posted by Pips 09 November | 13:07
I love living in an apartment (weekends are for brunch and hanging with friends and family, not for home and garden maintenance, in my world!) but I don't like the Chicago place at all. The Georgia one is nice, if someone else takes care of everything for me. And completely redecorates.
posted by gaspode 09 November | 14:28
Probably the RI house but just for vacations. The Chicago condo is way too brutalist to live in, all that concrete is fine for an institutional building but kind of scary to live with. I like the architecture of the Georgia house but I couldn't live that far south, sweating just thinking about the idea. I spent a vacation in Newport about fifteen years ago and really liked it but I couldn't leave Pittsburgh full-time.
posted by octothorpe 09 November | 17:09
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