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16 December 2013

I love L.A. On a cold wintry day, let us contemplate photos of 1979 Los Angeles.
Man, this would've been the world of my Mom in her 20s, crazy to think about.
posted by The Whelk 16 December | 10:46
Thank you for that enjoyable 3 hour rabbit hole. I'm now a registered retronaut.
posted by chewatadistance 16 December | 15:16
That was MY world in my 20s, right after the year I spent in the boonies killing my radio career. But let's go down the list...

Home Savings? Never banked there (in '79 they weren't allowed to do checking accounts yet), but the overstated architecture on every one of its branches made them landmarks.

Ship's! A pretty good coffee shop that "never closes" and never did from 1956-1996... it has a memorial website.

My father dressed like grey-suit-guy in '79 (and continued to do so occasionally until his death in 2010 - a suit like that is among the stuff I 'inherited' and keep in my storage shed, unable to yard sale)

Lucky Supermarkets, all over town, best prices, worst produce. Disappeared among the massive supermarket consolidation, later resurfaced in a few locations where parent company Albertsons was trying things... not the same.

Classic Southern California mini-mall. Always had a laundromat and a donut shop (but not always as close together as that picture).

Freeway! Passing the sparsely scattered skyscrapers in that "hundred suburbs in search of a city". But the car's dashboard looked more '60s than '70s.

A 7-11 with gas pumps! Honestly I don't remember seeing one until the '80s, but it could've been the first.

Another thing I don't remember seeing until the '80s, FUCK OFF on a tshirt (and I'd have noticed). But I wasn't hanging out in the right neighborhoods.
posted by oneswellfoop 16 December | 15:29
As someone who's never been to southern California, that's exactly how I envision it. Nothing but strip malls and freeways.
posted by octothorpe 16 December | 16:13
I left in '76. But a lot of those scenes are very familiar to me.
posted by danf 16 December | 16:20
That was the year Dayton Hudson (now TGT) changed the name of the Pickwick stores to B Dalton.

The drug store featured in a Brady Bunch episode was in a corner of a Lucky parking lot. The site was torn down and the store moved to a strip mall a few blocks away ( where a mom and pop grocer had been). It still smelled exactly the same.
posted by brujita 16 December | 17:55
water+laptop=ARGH || AskMe lead me to this awesome scarf.