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04 October 2013

Friday Night Question, Morning edition What motivates you to improve yourself?
Lately, my motivation has come from having stopped a heart medication (ISMN) whose primary side-effect on me was a mental fog.
posted by Ardiril 04 October | 12:14
Looking Good, Feeling Good (which was also the title of our 9th grade PE textbook).
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 October | 12:24
Self-loathing, of course.
posted by Hugh Janus 04 October | 12:53
posted by Melismata 04 October | 13:59
Professionally: Fear of letting someone down.

Personally: Curiosity, of the "What cool stuff can I learn or think about today?" variety.
posted by occhiblu 04 October | 14:40
My husband, my dog, the mirror, the job, and the scale, pretty much in that order.
posted by bearwife 04 October | 14:52
Heh! At this point, the down escalator is moving faster than I can walk upward and make progress, so I'm just trying to maintain.

Why try? It because of my responsibility to others and a little bit of vanity.
posted by mightshould 04 October | 15:39
Having come from a background of poverty - both financial and emotional - my strong survival instinct and feelings of inadequacy and insecurity keep me striving to do better all the time. Even though I have a great life, a wonderful job, lots of friends, two good degrees and a professional qualification, I still have 'imposter syndrome' and feel that, at any time, someone will come along and say "Sorry, we made a mistake, none of this was meant for you".
posted by Senyar 04 October | 17:39
I think my answers are similar to occhi's. Curiosity, mostly, and not wanting to let people down.

Plus, I guess, a certain degree of aesthetic irritability, sort of like a homeopathic quantity of Steve Jobs.
posted by tangerine 04 October | 17:47


posted by jason's_planet 04 October | 18:57
That is, properly channeled rage.

posted by jason's_planet 04 October | 21:58
The only real self-improvement is improved self-acceptance.
posted by Obscure Reference 04 October | 22:32
Nothing. I'm perfect the way I am. ; )
posted by Pips 05 October | 14:35
Terror of slipping back out of the middle class. Grew up pretty white trash/urban hillbilly and can never quite shake that.
posted by octothorpe 05 October | 22:10
I also have class-based motivation - dammit, I'm not going to be beaten, I'm going to make it.

Also, just an insane conviction that I have something to say/offer that no one else can say or offer.
posted by Miko 05 October | 22:45
Another Friday lyrics challenge! || Image search. Catnap. Stat.