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15 September 2013

Mid-month Goals Check In! It's the 15th, so it's time for a mid-month check in on your goals! How is everyone doing so far?[More:]

1. I will not fall on my face this month. Somehow, I managed to get myself signed up for 4 bellydance classes a week this month (and there's the option for a 5th class being chair dancing, but I have no idea if that's going to work out or not).

Somehow I am still standing. Chair dancing has fallen by the wayside due to lack of fundage, but I am almost done with my book copying.

2. I will get my finances under control. Unfortunately, I have to spend a fair amount of scratch this month due to Art of the Belly workshops and AKD costuming and gas to go to Baltimore twice a week and Darnestown once a week. But I'm going to try super hard to get things organized without having to ask the folks for cash.

So far so good. I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth but it's working so far. I've got some stuff to pay for really soon (2 AOTB workshops, lunch at the hafla, fuel in my car to do all these things...) I might have to borrow some cash from the folks just to use as a prop for the Broadway show, but it's not going to be spent, it's just going to be taken out and put back in my bra.

3. Salima, O! will fucking kick some serious ass at the Broadway hafla at the end of the month. We have a 13 minute set planned with songs from The Lion King, Sweet Charity, and Chicago. There's a ton of costuming bits (dresses, bras, booty shorts, hats, arm drapes, headbands...) and 4 different props (cane, headdress, swords, feather fans) that we have to coordinate. (AKD is supposedly performing then too, but I have yet to see the choreography/costuming/props for that one, heh.)

On Friday, SO did a ton of work on the Broadway show and we finally got past some of the difficult parts of the sword piece. Of course, I found out that we've been invited to perform at a wedding at the end of October that we now need to choreograph another set for. Ahhhhh! AKD's choreography is done and is fairly simple and I think it'll be cute.

So, now I want to hear what's going on with y'alls goals!
*Clear calendar for rmless2 clothing swap - alas, I have a conflict
*Survive my first month of classes- so far, so good!
*Keep on the workout train (yay Blogilates)- so far, so good!
*Don't get sick even if the baby gets sick - so far, so good!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 15 September | 10:00
I'm pretty much on target with my goals.

- Tomorrow I have a cleaning company coming in to get the place sparkling in readiness for Dan and Vicky's visit. I've had a big clear out of junk and everything is looking good.

- My back garden still needs some work, and if the rain holds off on Tuesday or Wednesday, I should be able to get it swept and tidied a little.

- I've been eating a largely vegan plant-based diet, which is really working for me. I'm finding it difficult to eat enough calories, it's hard to overeat when you're having just fruit and vegetables, but my food cravings have gone and my psoriasis is a million times better than it was, it's almost cleared up.
posted by Senyar 15 September | 11:08
1. Finish organizing the new apartment
STARTED. Got the bookcase today! Still need to do all the other parts.

2. Get money set up for married life.
STARTED. Applied for credit union, need to call back a financial adviser I found about when to meet.

3. Find a gym or exercise class I like and start going at least 1x/week.

4. Find and join an art class that starts after October.
STARTED. Found a bunch! Haven't picked or signed up yet.

5. Host a clothing swap and then really for real this time get rid of the bags of clothes I no longer need.
SCHEDULED. It's next weekend! So, almost.
posted by rmless2 15 September | 18:01
1. I will bring pictures into my office. Not yet!

2. I will count calories & eat more healthily. Halfway. I've been counting calories, and mostly eating more healthily.

3. I will start planning our costumes for our november event. (Steampunk Grimm Gear Gala) Yes, yes, yes. We've spent all weekend planning out ideas and looking for base costumes.
posted by needlegrrl 15 September | 20:23
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