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30 September 2013

Breaking Bad finale thread (spoilers) [More:]


- that Marty Robbins track at the start. Perfect.

- Walt watching Walt Jr/Flynn come home from school, the last time he'd ever see his son. Heartbreaking.

- Todd getting what he deserved.

- Badger and Stinky Pete!

- Poor Jesse, sad, crazy Jesse.

Again ... just wow.
I liked Walt's Elliott & Gretchen scheme but the trunk machine gun scheme was just too implausible for me.

And how did Walt slip Lydia the tainted Stevia? Had he planted the Stevia packet beforehand and just hoped Lydia sat there? Did he poison all the packets and just plan to intercept non-Lydia Stevia drinkers?
posted by mullacc 30 September | 15:52
Er..."just hoped Lydia sat there" is obviously not Walt's mindset. Clearly he must've surveyed the cafe a few minutes prior and predicted which table Lydia would pick. But, damn, that seems risky.
posted by mullacc 30 September | 16:04
I think it's always the same table, same day, etc.
posted by ethylene 30 September | 17:07
When Lydia met Todd in the previous episode they sat in the tables right next to the windows. In the finale they sat at an interior table. At least that's how I remember it.
posted by mullacc 30 September | 17:55
Heh. The finale prompted a fight between my husband and I because I reacted to the emotional satisfaction of the plotlines ending, and he reacted to the implausibility and the "too neat and tidy"ness of it. So he wanted to nitpick the whole thing and I just wanted to sit there and be happy that Jesse was alive.
posted by gaspode 30 September | 21:12
(added spoiler note to title)
posted by gaspode 30 September | 21:13
He noted that besides the few tense meetings we saw they met on a regular basis at the same time, etc. so I was guessing it was the same such thing, because I was expecting them to sit in the same window seats too, but it was obviously for the three way. It's like the watch bit, but they can't fix it.

I'd just like to say that to the masses who told me that my Mr. Pink lives theory was never going to happen, ha ha ha ha ha ha.
posted by ethylene 30 September | 21:21
I think it's always the same table, same day, etc.

In all the previous episodes, Lydia always sat at a table along the window. This was the first time I can recall her meeting at a table away from the window.

As I mentioned in the MeFi thread, the Stevia packet was a big hole for me. I just didn't see how he could have planted it without involving/bribing the waitstaff, which would seem to be fraught with problems in itself. Even just opening/resealing a flimsy paper packet so it doesn't look tampered with is pretty iffy.

And, as someone else pointed out in the MeFi thread, the idea that the nazis let Walt drive the Caddy into their compound without searching it, then letting him get away with parking it the way he did just seems pretty sloppy for a group that has been depicted as ruthlessly thorough.

Still, I enjoyed the ending regardless.
posted by Thorzdad 02 October | 08:02
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