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04 October 2013

Another Friday lyrics challenge! go to it, party people:
1. I sink and then I swim all night
2. Every time I try to fight it; it's so hard to seem excited
3. With a taste of a poison paradise
4. Now people cry and people moan; look for a dry place to call their home
5. Night time is my time for just reminiscing
6. Everybody listen we will be the next Omaha
7. You plant a demon seed, you raise a flower of fire
8. No language, just sound, that's all we need know, to synchronise
9. You realize that the sun doesn't go down
10. Make it roar at me; and I roar back.
#5 is Love me or Leave Me - an amazing Nina Simone song!

Pretty sure #6 is a Band of Horses song called The Great Salt Lake (saw them a couple summers ago...they were kind of opening for Pavement at a daylong music fest on Toronto Island. Never heard of them before I saw them, and there aren't really my thing ,but man, they were SO excited to be on the same bill as Pavement, it was pretty charming and they won me over by the end of their set!)

#9 is Flaming Lips! Do You Realize! Love that song!

posted by richat 04 October | 09:31
7. Bullet the Blue Sky, U2
posted by initapplette 04 October | 09:40
#4 is Meat Puppets - Lake of Fire

(Thanks for doing these, gaspode. It's a great pre-lecture diversion!)
posted by ufez 04 October | 09:44
#8 is Joy Division, Transmission
posted by Senyar 04 October | 10:19
1, 2, 3 and 10 can do it!
posted by gaspode 04 October | 11:13
#10 is Bjork, Violently Happy
posted by bearwife 04 October | 11:30
Yay! Clues? I'm sure you can get them all this week...
posted by gaspode 04 October | 11:55
2. Dinosaur Jr. - Get Me
3. Britney Spears - Toxic
posted by Hugh Janus 04 October | 12:52
I'm entirely too old to know these.
posted by chewatadistance 04 October | 15:09
Alrighty! 9/10 is pretty awesome, guys!

Looks like nobody's going to get #1 which is The Shins -- Young Pilgrims.

And hush, chewie. Let's go through these shall we? The only one that came out in the last 10 years was the Band of Horses one.

1. The Shins - Young Pilgrims: is about 10 of so years old
2. Dinosaur jr - Get Me: early 90s
3. Britney Spears - Toxic: early '00s
4. Meat Puppets - Lake of Fire: early '80s
5. Love Me or Leave Me: written in the '20s or so; the Nina Simone version is from the '50s
6. Band of Horses - The Great Salt Lake: mid '00s
7. U2 - Bullet the Blue Sky: early '80s
8. Joy Division - Transmission: early '80s
9. The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize??: early '00s
10. Bjork - Violently Happy: early '90s

so there is no way you're too old to know these!
posted by gaspode 04 October | 15:52
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