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14 February 2013

Ok, people, where is the bunny love? Apparently it is my job as crotchety old person to uphold traditions.[More:]
I am so prepared this year, but now I have no idea how long I have since I can't get to it until late if not tomorrow, and chrismear said he had it automated, so I guess it started at midnight.
I've had an hour's sleep and a bunch of errands to run until at least 9, not even mentioning the vast field of the ignorant and/or malicious I have/had to coal walk-- oh, thwarted comedy, how it maims my already shriveled heart--
The quickie primer:
Sign in and send anonymous valentines to other metachat users, just remember to spell their username correctly. I don't think they are case sensitive but don't quote me on that.
You must sign in to see your valentines, but just because you've never signed in doesn't mean no one has ever sent you anything. Any metachat user can get one and I believe a hearty number have never been seen.
New users, lurkers, or people who want to up their chances of getting something should comment, because while absence may make the heart grow fonder, out of sight is more often out of mind, not to mention the fact that people will be far more prone to get your name wrong.

Thank your bunny love creator, chrismear, for hosting this treat and trick for seven years. We use to wonder if we'd make it to the year of the rabbit, now it is the year of the snake. Shocking and amazing.
Now go wreak havoc spread the love!
And so ends my allotted procrastination time. Do me proud, bunnies.
posted by ethylene 14 February | 16:24
Merry valentines, anglosaxons!
(we don't do valentines in NL historically)
posted by jouke 14 February | 16:41
Okay, I just sent out a shit-ton of valentines. Thank you so much for the reminder, ethylene!
posted by msali 14 February | 16:46
Now I'm getting nervous about not sending out enough!
posted by msali 14 February | 16:54
I usually send out tons and tons of valentines, but today has been kind of an overwhelming day, so all of you who would have gotten one from me, just consider this your valentine: Y'all are awesomesauce! XOXOXOXOX
posted by Twiggy 14 February | 17:35
Ahhh I had forgotten about this!
posted by The Whelk 14 February | 18:06
Thanks to my one Valentine! x
posted by gomichild 14 February | 18:24
I love you with all my heart.
posted by Hugh Janus 14 February | 18:29
I very much like all y'all, but I'm pretty much boycotting Valentine's Day today, so please excuse my non-participation. I do appreciate the good wishes from others.
posted by occhiblu 14 February | 19:43
I like that you can read old ones.
posted by Eideteker 14 February | 19:55
Yaaaay I was a little sad when I didn't see ole' bunny on the front page today :D
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 February | 20:21
What occhiblu said.
posted by Melismata 14 February | 20:22
The others extend to occhiblu their fondest, affectionate wishes.
posted by danf 14 February | 20:47
Valentine's schmalentines, this has nothing to do with commercial holidays: it's about stealth bomb comedy and secret messages. It is our alter-Samhain, our May Day, and all holidays should be like Halloween, because Halloween is the perfect holiday. Sex, death, fantasy, mystery-- what more could you want?
I've been reverse trick or treating people all day. Ok, some people might call it pelting people with candy, I say potato.

The secret window is always open for 48 hours, so you still have approx. 22 hours left to drive by message somebody. Personally, I'm leaving little time capsules that may never be opened, and then one day, like the Ark of the Covenant, somebody's face will melt off.
posted by ethylene 14 February | 20:59
Yeah, I'm not anti-Valentine's Day, usually, I'm just too tired and beat-up-romantically this year to deal. But I do very much encourage others with more energy and less divorce-issues to celebrate, because it's an awesome holiday. Blood! Hearts! Martyrs!
posted by occhiblu 14 February | 22:10
Man, some of these are downright cryptic this year.
posted by Eideteker 15 February | 05:30
Logged in, thought about it, but just can't. Not this year. I'll have to keep all my smutty thoughts to myself for another year :-(
posted by dg 15 February | 06:44
I am seriously sorry I missed this. Many apologies, bunnies. I love you all. And I would have sent you all Valentines had I tuned in sooner.

Also, thank you for the 3 Valentines I now belatedly see I got. *tries to feel less guilty and more pleased*
posted by bearwife 15 February | 19:45
Unless I try to disguise them, mine aren't very anonymous.
I may do that thing I did one year and just post a bunch of them, only this time everyone can try to figure out who each one is meant for. You may be able to go back and do that too, I can't remember if I put recipient's on them.
posted by ethylene 16 February | 17:25
Personally, I'm leaving little time capsules that may never be opened, and then one day, like the Ark of the Covenant, somebody's face will melt off.
That's hilarious Ethylene.
Nicely eloquent Indiana Jones reference.
posted by jouke 16 February | 17:34
And coincidentally for Daily Show viewers, they showed that exact clip on the 14th. I was so sure it was Colbert with whom I shared the psychic bond.
posted by ethylene 16 February | 18:04
Speaking of both, now that the Pope is back in the news big time, never was there a better time to haul out the Christian ephemera and apocrypha. I gotta get use of all this arcane theological material sometime, people. It's not like anyone actually ever wants to talk about religion; it's all mach 10 Hail Marys, wafers and wine.
posted by ethylene 16 February | 18:22
I love you, bunnies! || I am calling out Ardiril!