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14 November 2013

Thursday Evening/Friday Morning Shuffle I can't stop skipping around on my iTunes so screw it, shuffle it up![More:]Mine -
1. Sam Cooke - Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha
2. Screeching Weasel - Supermarket Fantasy
3. The Waco Brothers - Arizona Rose
4. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Get With It
5. Jedi Mind Tricks f/ R.A. the Rugged Man - Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story
6. Sick Of It All - Rat Pride
7. A Tribe Called Quest - Luck of Lucien
8. Dinosaur Jr. - Water
9. Otis Redding - Pain In My Heart
10. The Birthday Party - Blast Off
This is from my and my wife's entire combined library so it's going to have stuff that I've never listen to.

1. The Byrds - He Was A Friend Of Mine - The Byrds 20 Essential Tracks
2. Pulse - The Lover That You Are - Pure Dance 1998
3. Chrissie Hynde/UB40 - I Got You Babe - The Singles
4. Chanticleer - O Thou Joy of All the Sorrowful - Magnificat
5. Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams - American Idiot
6. Jay Farrar - Vitamins - Sebastopol
7. John Adams - The Chairman Dances (Foxtrot for Orchestra) - I Am Love Soundtrack
8. Thomas Adès - Living Toys, Op. 9 -Thomas Adès: Living Toys
9. XTC - Grass -Skylarking
10. Madonna - Spotlight - You Can Dance
posted by octothorpe 15 November | 06:46
Awesome, ufez! Your list kicked off with my favorite singer ever. I think we like a lot of the same music. I recently got into R.A. the Rugged Man, he's really masterful.

And octothorpe, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is in my top 50 ever. Only I don't mean the Green Day song, which is plenty nice. I mean the Brian Setzer song of the same name. Though I also like Hanoi Rocks "version." I guess since the first song to claim the title was written in 1933, it's fair game. I think there are around a dozen different Boulevards.

Okay, my turn:

1. Cicero Blake - A Woman Needs to be Loved (1967 or '71 Brunswick single, unissued until 1999)
2. Hambone Willie Newbern - Roll and Tumble Blues (1929 Okeh single) "Newbern was a hot-tempered man who eventually was beaten to death in a prison brawl, around 1947."
3. Tyrone Taylor - Life Table (1975 Wolf single)
4. Matthew Sweet - Someone to Pull the Trigger (Live) (1994, Son of Altered Beast EP) This recording might feature my favorite lead guitar work ever. That's Richard Lloyd of Television fame.
5. Miracle Fortress - Raw Spectacle (2011, Was I the Wave?)
6. Moneybrother - Blow Him Back into My Arms (2005, To Die Alone) Okay, Super-Swede Anders Wendin is my hero, and I want everybody I know to find a copy of this record. Here's the same song as it appears on the record.
7. Clyde McPhatter - Without Love (There is Nothing) (1957 Atlantic single)
8. Johnny Boy - You Are the Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve (2004 Wild Kingdom single)
9. T. Rex - Life's a Gas (1971, Electric Warrior)
10. The Rulers with The Carib Beats - Let My People Go (1967 Sir JJ's single) The Carib Beats were the studio band of J.J. Carl "Sir JJ" Johnson, who ran record labels out of his Orange Street (Kingston) record/juke box outlet, where he was shot dead in 1972.

I'm particularly happy with the magic shuffler today.
posted by Hugh Janus 15 November | 13:05
The Cure - Lullaby
The Beatles - You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
Violent Femmes - How Do You Say Goodbye?
Good Charlotte - My Bloody Valentine
Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy
The Doors - Moonlight Drive
Hunters and Collectors - When the River Runs Dry
Ram Jam - Black Betty
Huey Lewis & The News - The Heart of Rock & Roll
The Angels - After Dark

About as mainstream as music gets, but I guess that's me all over.
posted by dg 16 November | 16:53
Maybe mainstream, but that's a great list, dg. That Huey Lewis song jumps into my head all the time. It blows my mind that Huey Lewis played harmonica with Thin Lizzy and shared band personnel with Graham Parker and Elvis Costello.

I might as well shuffle again.

1. Matzak - Dadaughter (2007, Life Beginnings) This is from Matzak's first full-length record, on Kompakt. It's great.
2. Otis Redding - Just One More Day (1966 Volt single, B-side of I Can't Turn You Loose) I get a lot of Otis in my shuffles, there's a stack of six or seven of his records in my files.
3. Johnny Bristol - Hang On In There Baby (1974, Hang On In There Baby)
4. Red Allen, Frank Wakefield & The Kentuckians - Are You Washed in the Blood? (1964, Bluegrass) I was tempted to spell it "warsh."
5. Baroness - Bullhead's Psalm (2009, Blue Record) Easily confused with Bullhead's Lament, which appears later on the same album.
6. Al Hibbler - After The Lights Go Down Low (1956 Decca single)
7. Souls of Mischief - '93 'til Infinity (1993, '93 'til Infinity)
8. The KLF - Wichita Lineman Was a Song I Once Heard (1990, Chill Out)
9. Matthew Sweet - Behind the Smile (1997, Blue Sky on Mars) Similar to the Otis Redding situation: my stack is loaded with Matt Sweet records.
10. Coco Bryce - Polaroid Sunset (2011 Myor single) Bryce also released a track worth seeking out called "Verry Sorry" under the stage name Polaroid Sunset (I know, it's confusing), as the B-side of Bots' "Diskoblink," also on Myor, 2011.
posted by Hugh Janus 17 November | 16:00
A bit late to the party, but no one will mind ...

1. Radiohead - Exit Music (For a Film)
2. Blondie - Words in my Mouth
3. Otis Redding - Respect (solidarity, Hugh J!)
4. Decemberists - The Sporting Life
5. Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons - Working My Way Back to You
6. Echo and the Bunnymen - The Cutter
7. The Spinners - Together We Can Make Such Sweet Music
8. Steely Dan - Peg
9. Real Estate - Kinder Blumen
10. Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill
posted by initapplette 17 November | 21:12
I also hate bitstrips || Photo Friday: You Don't Know Why You Like This Picture So Much.