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27 September 2013

#19 is my favorite.
posted by brujita 27 September | 23:18
Numbr 26 (the cat facts) had me giggling like crazy
posted by Slack-a-gogo 28 September | 15:28
I can't say I've ever gotten a wrong number text.
posted by Doohickie 28 September | 18:22
I use to get wrong texts all the time and the people would be all, "that's okay, we can chat," and I'd be all, "no, no we can't."

This was before I had a smartphone, though. I only had the most basic thing available; still kinda do. Before that, I'd get wrong numbers where there would be elderly people who couldn't grasp that this was no longer George's phone number and this was not Oklahoma, I'm very sorry but I really have to go.

This struck me because
1.) I was really sleep deprived and that makes the hilarity button much easier to push,
2.) I get wrong emails on a regular basis, and
3.) two have been really hitting it lately and gmail spam filters don't seem to be what they were.

This one guy now seems to be in actual contact with whoever he thinks he's writing now, so I feel like I should respond at this point. Now I finally know how to respond and what to do with those stupid photos this idiot keeps sending of himself. I'm thinking the "I think I'm hot" shots. This "I don't know what fuck off means" shit is becoming shitter-aid.

The other-- let's just say after all those group emails, I'm sold. See you at the Rowe family reunion!

Also, check out the guy who takes selfies in front of PDAs. That's just genius. It's a nice summary of the tumblr.
posted by ethylene 29 September | 02:05
I got one once from someone saying so & so got to the airport, had a great time etc. I wished them a good flight.
posted by chewatadistance 29 September | 11:13
I got a who is this? text a few weeks ago but I had no idea who it was ( even with reverse number), so I ignored it.

Then s/he started calling but didn't leave a message.
posted by brujita 29 September | 18:29
Ask Mecha: dumb question about houseplants... || WOOOOOOOOOT !!