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26 February 2013

What's on your bucket list? I started one on Pinterest.
That's a very endearing page, TPS.

I think my bucket list has to do with travel, mostly. Here's a few longstanding items I haven't gotten to yet: I'd like to get to Australia and New Zealand, take a sea trip around the world, write a book, take the Transiberian railway from one end to the other, hike the British Isles, and see a lot more of Africa. I'd also like to learn Italian.

Now and then I discover I had an item I didn't know was on my list. E.g., I'm about to finish knitting my FIRST SWEATER EVER. And I finally learned how to play guitar a couple of years ago. And I'm delighted to have stopped eating meat entirely and to have become a nutritarian. And in 2006 I ran a marathon. And in April, God willing, I'll run my first overseas half marathon.

Life just keeps adding to the list.
posted by bearwife 26 February | 16:31
I never saw that movie but I was so hoping that was not a phrase that would catch on, like so many others.
Maybe a decade ago, I wrote a list of stuff I wanted to do before I died on a 5 or 6 foot piece of cardboard in whatever metallic gel pen I had lying around. I bet it still exists somewhere and I think I've done a handful of them. I doubt there was anything time sensitive or with an expiry date, but a few may no longer be possible, like getting a secret Swiss bank account, etc. I'm sure there are other things I no longer care about and other things I'd add. Guess it's time for a new one.
First item: find a better name than bucket list. Unless this movie is amazing, that's like hacker naming bad.
posted by ethylene 26 February | 18:37
Oh, I've done four things on your list and would like to do four, although one may never be feasible.
posted by ethylene 26 February | 18:40
Tokyo in Spring, and Scandanavia in the dead of winter. Besides those, I have already accomplished most of what are heartfelt for me.
posted by Ardiril 26 February | 20:12
A Pinterest one is a good idea. I have one on Workflowy, but it lacks pretty pictures.

On mine:
-hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back and stay at Phantom Ranch.
-celebrate Christmas in New Mexico. Also, have real candles on a Christmas tree.
-Attend JazzFest in New Orleans.
-Take a real horse-drawn sleigh ride in the snow somewhere remote.
-Own a truly amazing piece of original art
-Visit as many UN World Heritage sites as possible.

I also have "all 50 states" on my list and am getting there - just 8 left.
posted by Miko 26 February | 21:25
Mine is mostly different kinds of buckets.
posted by Eideteker 26 February | 21:45
I'm apparently pretty content. There isn't too much I feel like I need to do before I die.
posted by Doohickie 26 February | 22:40
Peter Luger is very worth it. We've only been once, on our first anniversary, and intended to make it a yearly thing, but, you know, budgets. Maybe this year, for our 7th. Be sure to get the bacon. And go with medium rare on the Porterhouse for two, even if you like meat more well done usually (it continues to sizzle and cook on the plattter). It's primal. (Notice how I zero in on the one food central item on your list, and not the 5k ; )

We'd love to go to New Orleans, too (I've been, but Jon hasn't). It's definitely on our short list of travel destinations.

(A pinterest bucket list could be a fun project for my students...)
posted by Pips 27 February | 01:01
I find bucket lists depressing - my own anyway. It's a reminder of how little I've achieved in my life and how many things I'll never get to do. A list of regrets and unfulfilled dreams.
posted by Senyar 27 February | 02:28
Yeah, me too, Senyar :-( "Regrets and unfulfilled dreams" could be the title to the story of my life.
posted by dg 27 February | 03:38
Yeah...bucket lists...Things people of better means than I have the luxury to contemplate.
posted by Thorzdad 27 February | 08:20
My bucket list:

■ Drink a good cup of coffee
□ Walk in the rain
□ Take a hot shower

Only 2 left!
posted by Hugh Janus 27 February | 08:38
Scandanavia in the dead of winter.

That one I've done... enjoyed it a lot, but I swore I'd make it back there in midsummer one year, so I guess that's on mine. But my first reaction was a bit like Doohickie's - I usually don't think in those terms, just try to grasp good opportunities as they arise.
posted by altolinguistic 27 February | 10:10
Most of mine would involve travel, if I sat down and thought about it. And I'd like to have some time to get good at bridge again. And have a dog one day.

That's about it, I think.
posted by gaspode 27 February | 11:38
That's another on my list, gaspode, that I'd forgotten -- finally learning to play bridge decently. And whist! I want to learn whist sometime!
posted by bearwife 27 February | 12:37
A list of regrets and unfulfilled dreams.

Well, get on it guys. Time's a-wastin'!

Most of mine would involve travel

That's why I'm not so serious about a bucket list - it ends up devolving into a list of travel destinations.
posted by Miko 27 February | 22:17
If travel isn't counted I would like to apologize to my first girlfriend who I treated poorly with my insane insecurities and jealousy. I fucked that one up..

And I would like to try to eat durian.
posted by johnpowell 28 February | 03:28
I can happily say I have now completed my bucket list, so I guess I'm...

Ready to die!
posted by Hugh Janus 28 February | 08:01
1. Get a Quicklift.

2. Move out West and get a life there.

3. Go back East sometimes in spring and fall.

4. New car.

5. Money in the bank.

6. Solve a world problem.
posted by serena 28 February | 14:06
I like looking at other people's bucket lists and then doing the things on them before they have a chance to. That's pretty much my bucket list.
posted by Eideteker 28 February | 18:42
When did all the non-coder tech jobs move to NYC? || Ginormous congrats to ufez,