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18 October 2013

Project Runway Finale SPOILERS [More:]Watching the end right now! Ahhhhh can't wait to see who wins! My favorite runway show was Justin!
Dom was good, too! I'm pleased!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 18 October | 19:45
I hate Dom's clothes. But then I'm not really a fan of prints, and I didn't like a lot of the shapes she put down the runway. Those plastic jackets reminded me of those see-through umbrellas you can buy. I loved Justin's collection, and Alexandria's too (even though her clothes would look awful on me).

I tried to look out for the Anti-Muse model to see who she was walking for (because that designer would surely be doomed), but I couldn't spot her. Maybe she was the one who broke her ankle, or the one who spilled coffee all over Brendan's silk gown.
posted by Senyar 18 October | 20:20
Justin's was surprisingly good. I thought he was so mediocre the entire season and had terrible construction skills. I thought Dom's and Braydon's were fug. Dom had nice prints but where was the amazing design? Meh. None of them wowwed me but as far as just that final collection goes, I would have picked Alexandria or Justin. I thought if the prints were taken away from Dom's clothes, the designs were just pretty much what you see in stores now, and have been seeing for the past ten years.

Braydon's was terrible. I really am getting tired of the whole 'It's not sexy! It's not young!" condemnations the judges throw at the designers every week (as if only young, sexy people deserve to have clothes designed for them...) but his clothes looked like resort wear for a grandmom. It's very hard to do floral without making it look old-fashioned and he didn't pull it off.
posted by iconomy 19 October | 07:32
Braydon did so well all season, I was surprised he missed the mark so much with his collection. But yeah, that stuff was fug. The crocus dress with the puffy bottom and the shiny gold skirt? Bleech.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 19 October | 08:18
I think Bradon's still new to it and fascinated by technique, for instance, he keeps trying to do that "boiling" thing, and it's cool and all, but it never works the way he uses it. He has time to play with fabric combinations and techniques as he reclines into the loving arms of his ridiculously charismatic fiancé. They are. Too. Cute. Unlike that combination of lamé looking whatever and everything with it. Ya know, I bet it was gorgeous stuff, but not there, like that.

I was really hoping for more of something like the pattern challenge from Dom, or the winning Belk look. She had my favorite model, who I only noticed because she always looked like a toy. I'm not naturally a pattern person so it's got to be something really innovative and they seemed blah. I know why she won, but I wish Alexandria had won. She's closest to my sensibility even though most of her stuff would never work on me. I'm sure someone will pick her up after this showcase, though.

Who were the decoy shows?
posted by ethylene 19 October | 22:07
I really loved Justin's collection, and thought he should win. And then Dom's show started, and I knew she should win. So I'm glad she did!

Alexandria designs clothes for the person I imagine that I want to be, which I mean as a compliment.
posted by occhiblu 22 October | 00:27
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