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01 December 2013

End of November Goal Check In Time! (Sorry this didn't get posted yesterday, my internet at home wasn't working.)[More:]

1. Work on getting back into a regular meditation/prayer schedule. This is the last one of my resolutions that I've really fallen down on with my crazy schedule.

Yeah, this is still something that I struggle with. I've been trying to meditate in bed before I get out of it in the morning (which for what I'm supposed to be doing isn't 'proper'), but it's hit or miss.

2. Work really hard on controlling my spending. I went over on my credit card last month (again!) and that needs to stop happening ASAP.

Yeah, this is also something that I really need to continue to work on. My credit card bill is ridiculous, but I'm going to bite the bullet and cash a bond and use that to pay it down.

3. Finalize my mortgage refi. My dad has been harassing me about it because it is causing him issues with financing for his various properties. And it will also lower my monthly payment.

I have to contact the bank guy on Monday to set up closing for this! Hooray!

4. Complete preparation of all my workshop materials for the workshop I'm presenting at a retreat in December. This is going to be a stretch since I'm still super busy this month, but I need to get that stuff finished!

Heh, I've decided to just go ahead and wing the lecture portion of this workshop. I still need to make the CD for the dance part, but I should be able to do that very soon.

So, how did y'all do?
Totally flopped, my dear.

But now there's December!
posted by bearwife 02 December | 19:47
I look back at my November goals and laugh.

But I have a fitbit force now (which I need to set up), so I'm hoping that will help with step count. And once I recover from this stomach bug, there's always next month!
posted by needlegrrl 07 December | 07:00
Two of the best music lists of the year. || Pointer Pointer