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27 September 2013

Waiting for the Giant Rubber Duck No one in my office is paying attention to work because the giant rubber duck is about to pass our building. Live video feed as it sails up river.
Ahhh, awesome!!!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 September | 14:12
Woot. Florentijns badeendje.

Where is 'the river'? Pittsburgh?
posted by jouke 27 September | 14:25
(should have clicked the first link. yes Pittsburgh)
posted by jouke 27 September | 14:26
Pittsburgh, yes. The pictures as of now (3:30 EDT) are all on The Ohio but it will end up in The Allegheny next to the Roberto Clemente Bridge.

I love the contrast of the duck against the 19th century bridges and warehouses. My office, where I'm typing this, is in the second picture at the far lower right.
posted by octothorpe 27 September | 14:31
Desperately hoping they bring him to NYC! Surely he could have a fun splash in Central Park? Or underneath the Brooklyn Bridge (I swam down there, duckie; it's not so bad).
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 September | 14:41
Nice duck. The world needs more ducks.
posted by Ardiril 27 September | 15:09
Webcams are old skool internet. But I still find the concept of watching something far away in the world live exhilarating.
Next time JanetLand visits the Netherlands we should have a coffee/beer on the Vismarkt in my hometown after announcing it on metachat. And then we'd be able to wave at youplural through the webcam!
Of course you'd be asleep. Bloody timezones.
posted by jouke 27 September | 15:45
Why a duck?
posted by Obscure Reference 27 September | 16:16
Why not a duck?
posted by Slack-a-gogo 27 September | 19:04
Because a giant rubber dick floating down river is just littering.
posted by ethylene 27 September | 19:18
Rubber duckie you're so fine!
posted by mightshould 27 September | 19:36
≡ Click to see image ≡

This rubber duckie must be part of the media blitz for the new season of Sesame Street... (btw, have you seen Big Bird & Oscar the Grouch on Colbert?)
posted by oneswellfoop 27 September | 20:03
After 10 years there's a new Donna Tartt novel out right now! The Goldfinch || Ask Mecha: dumb question about houseplants...