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16 October 2013

I have not had decent bangs for years because (wait for it) Apparently, some (most?) hair spray nozzles are angled up! To make sure you do a good job on the top of your head, or something.

I mean, you close your eyes before you use hair spray, or at least before you spray your bangs, which is bad enough because if you didn't start with your bangs, by the time you get to them you might have the hairspray at the wrong angle and not know it. So then you make extra sure it's the right angle (after first blaming the hair spray, getting a new kind or whatever)but you STILL can't spray your bangs because you didn't think to check the nozzle angle.
All the frustration that could have been saved if I had simply noticed that one stupid thing.
Go check your hair spray nozzle right now.
They need to put special bang instructions on the bottle. I should put this on reddit. I am MAD.
This is blowing my mind. OR MAYBE JUST THE BACK OF MY MIND? I'll have to look into it!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 16 October | 09:57
Possibly because I haven't had bangs since I was in elementary school, I'm not understanding the lack of hairspray ---> bad bangs thing causality.

Is it a humidity thing?
posted by occhiblu 16 October | 19:18
Mainly a wind thing.
posted by serena 16 October | 20:38
Of course, some cuts, styles and hair types make bangs easier to mangage than others.
posted by serena 16 October | 21:09
Get a can of Krylon Crystal Clear instead. Basically the same stuff as hairspray, and the spray isn't angled. Much firmer hold, too.
posted by Thorzdad 17 October | 07:50
RE: lack of hairspray - bad bangs causality: it's the same as lack of hairspray/bad hair causality I guess. You may not need hairspray, but if you do, why should your bangs be the exception.
posted by serena 17 October | 12:01
Bangs, especially if they start high, don't have hair underneath them to help keep them in place. But if they have a slight curl, and you use hair spray, that can keep them together the way you want, more or less.
posted by serena 17 October | 12:09
And who would think to, or want to, aim a can at their eyes, or the middle of their face, in order to do their bangs? I admit that I was being somewhat unobservant, but you have to think of some things in order to observe them.
posted by serena 17 October | 12:15
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