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31 October 2013

AskMeCha: Where to find a calendar of theme days? [More:]I like to do special theme posts for my knitting blog to suit special days. But although of course all the official holidays are easy to prepare for, I'm not finding it easy to track the unofficial special days, by which I mean Talk Like a Pirate Day and so forth. October 29 was National Cat Day, and I never heard about it until the day of, by which time I'd already posted something for the day. Is there some sort of listing of these special theme days anywhere? Or can you recommend another way I can find out what they are a few days in advance?
I've never seen an official list for the unofficial & silly holidays so I've always just searched for "holiday list" or something similar and go with what ever pops up at the time ( this time around). It doesn't have the cat day one listed though.

But doing a search for the cat day and "holiday list" comes up with this page ( which may be more what you're looking for.
posted by bluesapphires 31 October | 20:16
When I was working on the radio, it seemed every Promotions Director (cool title, eh?) had a copy of Chase's Calendar of Annual Events, which in the 1970s had Holidays around the world, anniversaries, birthdays, events and festivals for every day of the year, ran 150 pages and cost about $15. Today it's Idon'tknowhowmany pages but contains over 12,000 entries and costs $80 (book and CD-ROM, but the publisher's site gives you a sample of the next two days, and there's an abbreviated on-line list (PDF) with the same name.

Wikipedia has a lot of info on individual days; here's November 1st...
50 Years Ago Today, The Arecibo Observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, with the largest radio telescope ever constructed, officially opened and the 1963 South Vietnamese coup began.
French King Louis the Stammerer was born on this date in 846; it's Kinky Friedman's 69th birthday and Lyle Lovett's 56th, while Yma Sumac died five years ago this date.
Of course, this is All Saints Day, but also Independence Day for Antigua and Barbuda and World Vegan Day.
And Wikipedia also links to The New York Times' On This Day and BBC's On This Day (which may not have been updated since 2005), which are Historical Event-oriented and not Holidays and Observances.
posted by oneswellfoop 31 October | 23:34
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