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01 November 2013

November goal time! Maybe it's time to check in with your New Years Resolutions....?

This month, I will....[More:]

1. Work on getting back into a regular meditation/prayer schedule. This is the last one of my resolutions that I've really fallen down on with my crazy schedule.

2. Work really hard on controlling my spending. I went over on my credit card last month (again!) and that needs to stop happening ASAP.

3. Finalize my mortgage refi. My dad has been harassing me about it because it is causing him issues with financing for his various properties. And it will also lower my monthly payment.

4. Complete preparation of all my workshop materials for the workshop I'm presenting at a retreat in December. This is going to be a stretch since I'm still super busy this month, but I need to get that stuff finished!
My November goals are to keep pace in my burgeoning freelance writing schedule, keeping pace in my Goodreads goal of 50 books read in 2013, and somehow getting into 2014 with a permanent job.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 01 November | 19:47
1. Lose those last 10 lbs before I go to the States for Thanksgiving. So juice fast next week.

2. Have fun with Gaspode & family and whichever of the other New York bunnies I'm able to get to see in the less-than-two-days that I'm in the city for before I head off to the Buckeye State.

3. Try to learn the rules of American football so I can join in with watching the OSU vs Michigan game at Thanksgiving. All I know is that OSU vs Michigan is a Very Big Game.
posted by Senyar 02 November | 06:10
Ok, I have quite a few:

Run at least 3 x week.
Back to regular yoga practice at home and studio
Return to my Italian practice
Read some more Wake
Keep floating
Maybe get the guitar out again and do some more Ipad lessons.
posted by bearwife 02 November | 15:54
Try to learn the rules of American football so I can join in with watching the OSU vs Michigan game at Thanksgiving. All I know is that OSU vs Michigan is a Very Big Game.

Senyar, all you need to know is when the team in the maize and blue uniforms score, cheer real loud. ; )
posted by Pips 02 November | 17:42
Shame on you, Pips!
posted by Senyar 03 November | 03:40
In November, I will -

1. Get my step count up.

2. Finish the Grimm Gear Gala costumes (I'm not sure this counts - it's this weekend, so they'll be finished one way or another. :P )

3. Start counting calories again, and continue eating more healthily.

4. Clean up the craft room and go through all the stuff on the table & bookshelf. (I feel like this should be a quarterly goal - I have a tendency to pile.)
posted by needlegrrl 04 November | 09:31
1. Get back to the gym. I've been really slacking on weights, thinking, "oh, I'll do that at home". But it takes the ambiance of the gym to really make me concentrate.

2. Not do quite so much internetting (ahem) at work. Yeah, it's boring and well below my skills, but it pays the bills and I some things can be made interesting.

3. Drink more water, lots of it. Dr. told me I'm mostly fine, but my dry skin and something about my eyes says I need to drink more.
posted by lysdexic 04 November | 13:07
Have a legal document to complete that has been making me crazy. Nearly done.
posted by theora55 02 December | 11:04
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