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15 October 2013

Mid-month Goals Check In! How is everyone doing on their goals so far this month?[More:]

1. I will rock out at my 4 performances this month. I'm doing so many different pieces that it's going to be crazy but super fun as well.

I've had one performance so far (where I was in 4 pieces) and it went pretty well. I did forget part of my zill choreography, but I was able to smile through it and improv it. My teacher (who wrote the choreography and was also the one running the show) said it was fine. Unfortunately, I was a super sweaty mess throughout the entire show. I need to figure out how to deal with my hair when that happens because it just turns into a mess!

2. I will continue not falling on my face. Unfortunately, this is going to be another busy month with several dance classes a week. Monday night will be cane, Tuesday night is AKD, Thursday night is Essentials (which is going to be a session all about layering), and Friday night is Salima, O!

I was sick last week and so definitely faceplanted hard. But I'm working on getting back into the swing of things.

3. I will work on eating better. I have a tendency to reach for junk food when I get stressed out, which of course, doesn't help matters.

I made meat in my crockpot on Sunday! So hopefully that will keep me from getting takeout every damn evening.
1. Sign up for the 30 for 30 days trial at a local Bikram yoga studio. Done! I signed up on Sunday and have done two classes. It's very hard, but I want to stick at it for the 30 days before I head off to the States for Thanksgiving.

2. Do another juice fast, this time for 15 days. I did 5 days, then it turned really cold here and so hot food was needed. So I'm having 2-3 juices a day, and a hot meal.

3. Try to read more and watch less TV. I've been more selective about TV, but I've not been reading any more than normal. The trouble is, at work I'm reading turgid financial documents all day long, so the temptation to chill out in front of the TV (or, more often, the computer, because I watch most things online) is sometimes hard to resist. Plus, new season of Downton Abbey ...
posted by Senyar 15 October | 10:44
1. Use my yoga deal whereby I get 20 classes for $20 at the local place. It's super hippy-ish and offers astrology and reiki and other such woo, which would normally put me off bigtime, but I've heard that the actual yoga classes are good and I can't really beat the price.

Yep! Been to a few classes so far and yeah, it's pretty annoyingly focused on chakras and listening to your liver or whatever but the yoga teachers are really good. I can ignore the other stuff quite easily for good teachers. I will probably keep going after my deal ends.

2. pack up stuff for goodwill. Take to goodwill.


3. Organize filing cabinet.

Not yet.
posted by gaspode 15 October | 12:00
Preparing for tomorrow's colonoscopy... no room in my mind for anything else practical right now, just mindless distraction, please.
posted by oneswellfoop 15 October | 12:58
1. Beaker is such a wonderful friend. I just have to remember that when he's screaming at the top of his lungs, that's not when I give him attention. I wait, as hard as it might be, until he stops yelling and then starts whistling. That means that he gives up. And he really needs my attention. And then I reward him because he is in a calm mood. Not an angry bird.

2. And I have to spend more time with the wife. Because she's going through a bad time now. Instead of telling her how to fix it, I have to just be there. Just be there. Just be there for her.

3. Maybe I can do part of 1. for 2. Snackies for the wife? J/K.
posted by Splunge 15 October | 22:27
1. Continue to eat more healthily and within appropriate calorie counts. Sort of. We've traveled a lot this month, so it's been difficult on weekends, but I'm doing pretty well during the week.

2. Get my step count up. (Can't do yoga right now, since I'm having wrist issues, and I can't imagine going to the classes downstairs and not using my wrist.) I have no idea. My wrist is better, though!

3. Work on costumes for November event. I've ordered supplies, and received some of them. I really need to get on this this weekend.
posted by needlegrrl 17 October | 07:50
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