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22 April 2008

You know what's a bummer? I'll tell you. When work is nuts and it's 10:30 at night before you get CAUGHT UP at metachat, and by that time you are like, the last person to post in the interesting threads. So, then, you type out all these COOL comments, and realize that no one's really gonna see them. That, my friends, is a bummer.
I can relate, my friend. Of course, the upside is, you get less caught up in any drama going on.
posted by jonmc 22 April | 21:57
Recent comments are my best friend. I totally see them. :)
posted by muddgirl 22 April | 22:09
Well thanks. Nothing worse than that whole "thread-killer" feeling!
posted by richat 22 April | 22:16
Recent comments does indeed help with this - don't worry!

But on the other hand, what jonmc said.
posted by Miko 22 April | 22:16
Dude I know exactly what you mean.
posted by CitrusFreak12 22 April | 22:22
I am king of thread kills. Meh.
posted by arse_hat 22 April | 22:54
What's possibly even worse is having nothing to do during the day and going REFRESH REFRESH REFRESH and then, finally, at some point, you realize that other people are busy and aren't going to be providing your entertainment for the afternoon, at which point you have to start cleaning the bathroom or some shit.

Trade you.
posted by mudpuppie 22 April | 22:55
I hear ya.
I. Hear. Ya.
posted by Hellbient 22 April | 22:59
This thread is closed to new comments.

posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 22 April | 23:24
as if
posted by arse_hat 22 April | 23:39
Ha. Try being in another hemisphere. You're all going to bed and I'm just getting fired up.
posted by ninazer0 22 April | 23:43
I was going to say that.... but I presumed no-one would read it...
posted by pompomtom 23 April | 01:05
Didn't read, pompomtom.

And nobody will read this, so I'm just going to pretend it was brilliant, and do away with all that pesky "thinking" part.
posted by taz 23 April | 01:21
Sometimes I go to bed as a thread starts and next morning it's imploded into a huge fight AND I MISSED IT!!! I missed the opportunity to be ALWAYS RIGHT!!!
posted by essexjan 23 April | 01:46
But, if you aren't here, nobody can ever prove that you weren't right, can they?

<brilliantly witty comment that nobody will read because they are all sleeping />
posted by dg 23 April | 02:10

Nice try dude.
posted by arse_hat 23 April | 02:18
what did I miss?
posted by dabitch 23 April | 03:14
Nothing much.
posted by dg 23 April | 03:39
I can't hear youuuuuu.

just came back from walking ye old puppy, buying flowers for the house, and picking up pasta, prosciutto, and asparagus for the evening repast. It's "Big Wednesday" here - the Wednesday before Easter. The flower place was mobbed... it's right across from Athen's famous First Cemetery (when the Archbishop recently died, for example, he was buried there) and everyone is buying flowers for the dead for Orthodox Easter. The husband is off work now, for about 10 days, and things feel festive.

But you didn't read it here.
posted by taz 23 April | 04:51
Didn't read what where?
posted by dg 23 April | 04:58
does anyone hear a mosquito?
posted by taz 23 April | 05:16
Does anyone hear a mosquito?
posted by dg 23 April | 05:49
So, guys. What's up?
posted by GeckoDundee 23 April | 06:02

Damn mosquitos.
posted by dabitch 23 April | 06:03
Hey! That was my dinner!

Damned diet.
posted by dg 23 April | 06:12
Ah, richat, I always see your comments. late or not.
posted by LoriFLA 23 April | 07:09
metachat never sleeps. Or sleeps fitfully at best.
posted by rainbaby 23 April | 07:19
Now THIS is great. From now on, I'm starting threads before I go to bed, and then, once I get to work, and before the day really turns into its recently-normal clusterfuck/shitstorm combo, I'll read the thread.

P.S. It always amazes me how many folks think they are thread-killers. Especially when I know I am the one who kills the threads.
posted by richat 23 April | 07:36
posted by Hellbient 23 April | 10:02
posted by taz 23 April | 10:06
Nice try.
posted by elizard 23 April | 10:24
Nice try. Amateurs!
posted by richat 23 April | 10:24
still goin' huh?
posted by arse_hat 23 April | 10:58
Nope. It's all over.
posted by elizard 23 April | 12:19
I thought I was the thread killer.
posted by deborah 23 April | 12:31
Don't think so Deborah. I could be wrong I suppose.
posted by richat 23 April | 12:55
Nah, it's me.
posted by Specklet 23 April | 12:55
I request that the mods (since they obviously just sit on their asses and rake in huge $$$$$ for minimal work on this site) run some sort of script to see if any of us stands out as the thread killer. .because I swear that I am.

When I comment, there is an awkward silence, and then people quickly find other threads to comment on. . .
posted by danf 23 April | 13:00
Another thing that sucks is getting up later than everyone else. Because when you comment on yesterday's threads, everyone's already done already. :(
posted by mudpuppie 23 April | 13:22
It's kinda cute how you guys keep thinking you're the real thread killers, when clearly, you are not.
posted by richat 23 April | 14:10
Sometimes things are dead long before anyone finds the remains.
Sometimes they's jes restin'.

i'm the real killer here.
When i want it dead, it stays dead.
posted by ethylene 23 April | 14:23
posted by elizard 23 April | 14:36
I've killed a few.
posted by box 23 April | 14:58
I've killed more than a few.
posted by dg 23 April | 15:51
*pokes elizard with a stick*
posted by Specklet 23 April | 16:08
sometimes you kill the thread, sometimes the thread kills you.
posted by taz 23 April | 16:15
*smells elizard*

Yup, she's dead all right.
posted by dg 23 April | 16:15
That's very liveist of you, dg. I *did* bathe, you know.

*pokes dg with a stick, then eats his brains*
posted by elizard 23 April | 16:38
I knew our zombie roots would come back to haunt us.
posted by taz 23 April | 16:55
*continues to function without noticeable change*
posted by dg 23 April | 17:08
/haunted by his zombie roots. Must call the salon and book an appointment.
posted by richat 23 April | 17:11
I win!
posted by deborah 23 April | 17:13
Pfft. I have more stamina than all of you.
posted by mudpuppie 23 April | 17:19
You wish!
posted by dg 23 April | 17:20
I have zombie stamina and a supply of fresh young brains.
posted by richat 23 April | 17:24
Has this devolved into dirty talk yet?
posted by ethylene 23 April | 17:24
Are you kidding? We're staying classy!
posted by richat 23 April | 17:37
*gooses richat*
posted by taz 23 April | 17:40
posted by richat 23 April | 17:42
You'll have to wait until later, eth, when everyone in the drinking thread piles on over here.

Or, y'know, until taz comes back.
posted by elizard 23 April | 17:47
i think i need a brandy drink recipe.
Do you call richat Goose now?
posted by ethylene 23 April | 17:48
Oh no you don't.
posted by richat 23 April | 18:28
I'm headed out to the farmers' market in a bit. Anyone need anything? Peas? Strawberries? Corn dog?
posted by mudpuppie 23 April | 18:33
Some locally made fancy-pants cheese would be great, thanks. Have fun! We'll keep the place warm for you.
posted by elizard 23 April | 18:44
Oh yeah! Some fresh strawberries would be a delight!
posted by richat 23 April | 18:44
Hey, if you could stick a corn dog in a zip file and email it to me, I'd really appreciate it.
posted by bmarkey 23 April | 18:48
Pea shoots!
posted by Specklet 23 April | 18:56
And NOW it starts to devolve!
posted by richat 23 April | 19:23
Heh, I always thought I was the last one to post stuff. I'm trying, right now!
posted by redvixen 23 April | 20:07
Not on MY watch, sister!
posted by danf 23 April | 20:27
*Shoots pee*
posted by dg 23 April | 21:00
*wonders where her cheese is, whines*
posted by elizard 23 April | 22:25
Heh, I always thought I was the last one to post stuff. I'm trying, right now!
I bet I'm more trying than you!
posted by dg 23 April | 22:38
I feel your pain, brotha'

posted by hadjiboy 23 April | 23:40
*pees shoots*
posted by arse_hat 24 April | 00:01
Ouch! You can get an ointment for that, you know.
posted by elizard 24 April | 00:30
I know, but, could you loan me some Canadian Tire Money?
posted by arse_hat 24 April | 00:35
eats shoots pees and leaves.
posted by taz 24 April | 01:04
I'm going to bed now, snot fuckers. Sleep well.
posted by mudpuppie 24 April | 01:37
snepp well snord flucker.
posted by arse_hat 24 April | 01:40
*eats roots and leaves*
posted by dg 24 April | 02:08
Well, that didn't devolve much.
posted by elizard 24 April | 09:36
That was disappointing, wasn't it?

/drops pants.
posted by richat 24 April | 09:54
Oh sure, now I'm standing here with my pants around my ankles and everyone disappears. Nice.
posted by richat 24 April | 10:31
*wolf whistles*
posted by elizard 24 April | 10:35
posted by richat 24 April | 10:41
Hee. 'Course now that it's devolved there's nobody here.

*flashes the nonexistent crowd*
posted by elizard 24 April | 10:58
*adds snapshots of pantless richat and toples eliz to Bunny's First Memory Book*
posted by taz 24 April | 11:27
Glad as I am to be included in the memory book, I really do regret the pantslessness.
posted by richat 24 April | 11:59
we takes what we can gets.
posted by taz 24 April | 12:00
All the same, it's not like there's anything WRONG with my pantslessness. I'm not Howard Moon.
posted by richat 24 April | 12:11
Howard Moon was banhammered for wearing pants, inappropriately.
posted by taz 24 April | 14:11
Well, in Howard Moon's case, I suppose he could be a good ban. Now, if we banned Vince Noir, I dunno if I could even hang out here anymore.
posted by richat 24 April | 14:51
*peeks in thread*

Let's see some more devolving, people!
posted by Specklet 24 April | 16:57
*pees in thread*
posted by arse_hat 24 April | 17:46
/shoots in thread. With pants down. Is Hunter S Thompson apparently.
posted by richat 24 April | 19:28
*Drinks to Hunter S and richat*
posted by arse_hat 24 April | 23:08
I'm really running out of witty things to say I'm afraid.
posted by richat 25 April | 05:06
You? Never.
posted by elizard 25 April | 11:26
You know, you are probably right. I tend to be a real reservoir of wit.
posted by richat 25 April | 12:39
Suck it.
posted by ethylene 25 April | 12:52
*sucks it*

How's that for witty?! Eh? Eh?
posted by Specklet 25 April | 13:54
Did I miss anything?
posted by elizard 26 April | 00:20
posted by arse_hat 26 April | 00:45
Well, that's a relief.
posted by elizard 26 April | 01:38
Man! Turns out Tommy Ramone plays a mean mandolin, and has a wicked voice! Oh, and old friends are the best. No disrespect meant to current, newer friends of course!
posted by richat 26 April | 10:25
As long as he doesn't play the mandoline. It's hell building up the calluses for that.
posted by elizard 26 April | 10:40
Wow. This is like one of those times in college where you have to crash, and then you get up after a good night's sleep and your roommates are still in the living room partying from the night before.
posted by danf 26 April | 11:03
And the living room stinks of old cigarettes, beer and bong water.
posted by goo 26 April | 11:18
Here's your coffee; who's making breakfast?!
posted by taz 26 April | 11:25
I will! *goes on a beer run*

posted by elizard 26 April | 11:35
mrs. richat closed my browser and I had the BEST comment about 7/8th composed.

Suffice it to say, that I haven't had a beer breakfast in ages, and also, that I am very tired. Sorry, but I'm not sure I have the energy to reconstruct the wonderful comment I had constructed. It even had a google maps link. It really was a dandy.
posted by richat 26 April | 12:46
But since one of the roomates bought beer instead of paying the water bill, we had to make the coffee out of bongwater. And a few of the guys swear that'll get you high.

(and best not go into the bathroom right now)
posted by danf 26 April | 14:25
Coffee outta bongwater? Whoa, that sounds pretty awful. Worst room mates EVER.
posted by richat 26 April | 16:35
Blech indeed.
posted by elizard 28 April | 09:38
This thread is clothed to nude comments.

posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 28 April | 14:38
Well then, this shall be a clothed comment.
posted by richat 28 April | 15:07
Aw, damn. That's a shame.
posted by elizard 29 April | 22:52
Fine. This one is not clothed.
posted by richat 30 April | 13:27
This commenteer is clothed in bongwater.
posted by danostuporstar 30 April | 14:00
*streaks thread*
posted by gaspode 30 April | 14:01
It's 'Spode and the Spodette!
posted by richat 30 April | 14:23
w00t! Nude Bongwater party!
*sings along: I ain't wearin' any underwear! I ain't wearin' any underwear!*
posted by elizard 30 April | 21:16
First comment of 01 May.
posted by arse_hat 01 May | 00:30
My beltane candle is still burning.
i need to make a wish.
posted by ethylene 01 May | 00:35
This thread needs music.
posted by arse_hat 01 May | 00:47
≡ Click to see image ≡

You're all being very silly.
posted by bmarkey 01 May | 01:07
Everyone! To the Maypole!
posted by richat 01 May | 05:25
You're all being very silly.

You ain't seen nuthin' yet, b.
posted by elizard 01 May | 11:00
I should warn you, I've got enough cider at my house from the b'day party last night to keep myself good and silly for weeks.
posted by richat 02 May | 09:35
That sounds like a challenge, richat.
posted by elizard 03 May | 02:11
Cider is fer sharin'
not fer silliness declarin'.
posted by ethylene 03 May | 03:27
Yeah, richat, quit hoggin' all the cider!
posted by elizard 05 May | 03:21
Also, anyone want to give me a hand re-dressing my bed? Goddamn I hate coming home drunk and tired on sheet-washing day.
posted by elizard 05 May | 03:25
elizard, I sooooo know what you mean. You start laundry early and figure, oh, I'll have lots of time to make up the bed. Then, something comes up, you forget, right until you stumble tiredly, and yes, occasionally even drunkenly, into your room to discover that your earlier plan has gone off the rails, and now, in your tired (and perhaps drunken) state, you must make up a bed. It totally sucks.
posted by richat 05 May | 05:16
Yeah. I did it, though. (Much to my shame, I've been known to just spread out the sheet and the duvet cover and sleep between them in such situations.) Boy, am I thankful I did, 'cause I was even tireder last night and having a clean, made bed to fall into was like a blessing from the gods.
posted by elizard 06 May | 10:02
(I didn't want to admit that I do the absolute same thing. On good nights. On bad nights, I have totally slept on the bare mattress!)
posted by richat 06 May | 10:25
Having to make up the bed when you are sleepy and tired, drunk or not, is one of the curses that God, in his history of tossing around plagues and curses, put on us for eating the apple. Or maybe not eating something else he wanted us to eat, or some other fool thing - you never can tell with that guy.

This is why I force myself to put another set on as soon as I've popped the old sheets in the washer. Otherwise, there will be tears. And possibly bloodshed.

But speaking of laundry, tears, and bloodshed, my neighbor with the laundry? The laundry that I am forced to stare at through my kitchen window every day? She's hit a new low. This time she's had three pairs of socks, a pair of underwear, and a towel hanging out since April 17 (I know the date, because it was right after she took down the laundry that had been hanging for seven days)... But wait, there's more: about a week after she hung those out, she came back and hung up more clothes - and never took those down. exclamation mark.

Man, I could care less about anyone's relationship with their laundry, but I have to look at hers every freaking day. (I've never met her, btw; she hangs her clothes on a terrace area that abuts one of our terrace areas and directly faces my kitchen, from the house behind ours. Is it okay for me to go get a gun and shoot holes in her clothes yet? I would be totally passive-aggressive and just go take them down and fold them and put them on the doorstep, but I can't access that space. JK about the shooting holes. maybe.
posted by taz 07 May | 00:23
This is why I force myself to put another set on as soon as I've popped the old sheets in the washer.
Yes, yes, YES! Why do people not do that? Is it because they only have one pair of sheets? BTW, if you say you "changed the sheets" when you only took the dirty ones off, don't be surprised when I get all snarly as I make all the kids beds while they wait in a row looking tired and grouchy because they can't go to bed. The task "changing the sheets" is defined by two separate parts - removing the old sheets and putting clean ones on. Just doing one of those tasks is not "changing the sheets".

WRT your laundry issue, I recommend a long stick. Take the long stick, tie a piece of fabric around the end of the stick (best to use the end you aren't holding) and set fire to the fabric. Use this improvised mega-match to set fire to all the laundry on the line. Problem solved. Keep the stick handy for next time (put the fire on the end of it out first, though).
posted by dg 07 May | 00:55
hmmm. Fight laundry with fire? It's a thought.

≡ Click to see image ≡

The stuff from the blue towel (wrapped around the wire) left has been up for 21 days; the stuff on the right of the towel, about two weeks.

And now it's going to rain today, so any chance of them coming down in the near future is nil.
posted by taz 07 May | 01:53
wait, that's backwards. The towel and right of it, 21 days; left of the towel, two weeks.
posted by taz 07 May | 01:55
omg, it's like magic. Every time I complain about this on metachat, she finally takes down the clothes. ("every time" = twice, yet still sort of weird isn' it?)
posted by taz 07 May | 02:56
taz, maybe she reads metachat and sees her laundry there and finally feels the shame.

Why do people not do that? Is it because they only have one pair of sheets?

In my case, mister snarky-pants, it's because I only have one set of sheets and one duvet cover that I like. (Well, one set for the winter--mmmm, flannel--and one set for the summer.) Good sheets are expensive, y'know!
posted by elizard 07 May | 11:25
Yes, yes, YES! Why do people not do that?

In my case, mister snarky-pants, it's because I live in London which gets quite hot but the homes are built for the cold, and I like to vacuum the mattress as HAVE YOU SEEN THE DEAD SKIN AND DEAD DUST MITES THAT ACCUMULATE IN A MATTRESS? EW. So, remove the sheets, vacuum, then toss lavender oil on the mattress (just kind of flick your wrist in that direction with the bottle in your hand) then leave to air for the day THEN put the clean sheets on, and the bed is just like new.
posted by goo 07 May | 11:44
Well, you know dg has a second set of snarky-pants, so when he washes one pair he puts on the other set immediately.

eliz, if she's hanging on the metachat, I have just one thing to say: "GIRL, YOU ARE SO BANNED 'TIL YOU TAKE THE LAUNDRY DOWN.
posted by taz 07 May | 12:25
Well, you know dg has a second set of snarky-pants, so when he washes one pair he puts on the other set immediately.

taz, that was a wonderful line. What a zinger. I really enjoyed that!
posted by richat 07 May | 13:11
(To no one in particular. . .)

Man, I miss iconomy. . .
posted by danf 07 May | 13:33
Me too. Where the hell did she go?
posted by ethylene 07 May | 14:07
No kidding! You don't miss your water ico until your well iconomy posts run dry.
posted by richat 07 May | 18:26
Good lord. Are you people still here??
posted by mudpuppie 07 May | 18:45
Where else we gonna go? Hmm?
posted by richat 07 May | 18:50
posted by taz 09 May | 03:08
Not even close, honey.

*reminds self to change pants tonight, these ones are getting a bit sticky*
posted by dg 09 May | 03:47
iconomy is off on one of her regular secret missions. I could tell you where she goes, but then, of course, I'd have to kill you. Plus, I don't know where she goes, but I suspect she's cheating on us with some other, younger Web site. Last time she came back, she was wearing a different style sheet to when she left.
posted by dg 09 May | 03:52
curses! foiled!
posted by taz 09 May | 04:18
That's funny, dg. Dammit ico! Where are you?! I hope all is well!
posted by richat 09 May | 06:12
*sends out search party*
posted by elizard 10 May | 16:57
Ico takes periodic breaks from all her regular sites... she comes, she goes... she's like the wind. Except less blowy.
posted by taz 11 May | 23:55
Oh wait, I know where she is! Playing Grand Theft Auto IV!
posted by richat 12 May | 07:18
By the way, I mis-read a google text ad today. Instead of "Free Car with Villa Rental", I read it as "Free Cat with Villa Rental". I was almost persuaded there for a sec.

Maybe ico is enjoying villa life and a free cat?
posted by taz 12 May | 08:12
Man, I could really go for a villa rental! I'd even deal with the free cat! My brother is working here, maybe I should try for a deal!
posted by richat 12 May | 08:24
MeCha villa? Sounds even better than the mansion. Between us we'd have lots of free cats!
posted by elizard 13 May | 21:43
Yeah, maybe iconomy is off drunk driving with seanyboy?
posted by dg 14 May | 00:57
≡ Click to see image ≡

Here's something to read until she gets back.
posted by bmarkey 14 May | 01:08
Just checkin'.
posted by dg 15 May | 22:27
Can someone please tell me why I have the song 'Piss Up a Rope' stuck in my head this morning? It's not the most annoying song I've had in my head, but it's not the least, either.
posted by elizard 16 May | 09:53
I would pay a lot to watch elizard actually piss up a rope. Well, double figures, anyway.
posted by danf 16 May | 10:17
I can't decide whether that's funny or kinda creepy, dan. It could be both. ;)
posted by elizard 16 May | 10:30
You have discovered, finally, what most other people have come to know about me. I tread that funny/creepy grey area with the best of 'em.

*tossing you a rope and a big glass of water, just in case the adjective "charming" comes into play*
posted by danf 16 May | 10:33
I dunno, I reckon I could give you a run for your money in treading that hairline between funny and creepy. With a few slips, perhaps but, hey, you have to live on the edge if you want to truly fulfil your potential.
posted by dg 19 May | 18:16
You guys are funny, man.
posted by richat 19 May | 20:02
Yep, here on the 'chat we're a three-ring festival of laughs. A cornucopia of chuckles. A cavalcade of chortles. A tintinnabulation of titters. A veritable yukathon. And we've only just begun!
posted by elizard 20 May | 15:13
Yes, you are all those things, plus smart and beautiful, but, elizard, as long as I live, you will not be the final poster on this thread!
posted by danf 20 May | 17:23
Threads are great!
posted by richat 20 May | 17:40
danf, as long as richat has email updates on his posts, I suspect that none of us (except richat) will be the final poster on this thread. I'm willing to keep trying, though! also, awww, thanks!

PS richat, great threads!
posted by elizard 20 May | 18:13
elizard, all we need to do is to kill richat. then it will be down to TWO!
posted by danf 21 May | 12:45
posted by richat 21 May | 15:22
Not two, but three.

Hey, guys, richat is behind that curtain over there ->

*hides behind couch*
posted by dg 21 May | 17:21
I want to tell y'all about my really awful lunch, and I don't know where else to turn.

It was at this new-ish place in town called Burgers and Brew. Sounds promising, right? Because really, who doesn't love a burger, and who doesn't love a brew? And it's in this old converted house that has a great porch.

So I went in and ordered one of each (burger, brew). The beer was fine -- cold, hit the spot. The burger comes out on this HUMONGOUS plate. The burger was big, but it only took up about 1/4 of the plate. I got a side of onion rings, and they were sort of spread out on 1/3 of the plate. Lots of white space. Made the side of rings (for which I had to pay an additional $.75) look really paltry.

The burger is too tall to take a bite of, but there are no knives to be found. I had to go back to the counter and stand in line for one.

Ok, so I got my knife, cut my burger, and take a bite. The bun is very soft. Very, very soft. Normally this would be a good thing, but it's so soft that it falls apart after the first bite. I had to resort to eating the thing with the purloined knife and a fork. Very annoying.

And really, just not very good. It was pretty bland and just terribly underwhelming. And the onion rings, the few that there were, were really awful. They didn't taste like *anything* -- and certainly not like the beer-battered rings I was promised.

In all, I only ate one or two rings and half of the burger. And only drank half the beer because the music they were playing -- get this -- was elevator music. Seriously. While I was there, a muzak version of 'Strangers in the Night' played TWICE. Back to back!

And for this experience, I paid $13.

Never again. Such a disappointment.
posted by mudpuppie 21 May | 18:10
Oh, should have said:

Now that, my friends, is a bummer.
posted by mudpuppie 21 May | 18:10
posted by bmarkey 21 May | 18:18
Love was just a brew away
but lunch, such a SNAFU, today
posted by danf 21 May | 18:27
And I doubt it's still around, but The Earl of Sandwich in Sacramento made a great burger - like, top-five-of-my-life good. Of course, the last time I was there was something like 25 years ago...
posted by bmarkey 21 May | 18:30
Yep, it's gone.
posted by bmarkey 21 May | 18:33
Hah - don't you think you can sneak in like that, because I'm watching you! Yeah, you too!
posted by dg 22 May | 03:47
as the end-game approaches, the players begin to circle, watching one another carefully, waiting for that instant of weakness when they can pounce. the room is still, the crowd hushed and tense, the players are like coiled springs with eyes like cobras. one springs forward slightly in a feint, another reacts, tries to pull back but is too late. he drops by the wayside. the other players remain calm, as if they haven't even noticed that their number has reduced by one, although there is a slight hint of pleasure in the corners of their mouths.

they circle, circle, circle, then one ...
posted by dg 22 May | 04:10
The pub here makes a damned good burger, and their fries are outstanding. The classic cheeseburger is of course the best, but I'm pretty hooked on their cajun halibut burger. And did I mention the fries? Can I mention them again? 'Cause they're just that good.

*sneaks up behind dg, pokes him with a stick*
posted by elizard 22 May | 11:21
What ho, bunnies all!
posted by gaspode 22 May | 11:40
/dons a disguise

Hey you guys! I heard richat was over in the thread about that stuff! Let's go get him!

/skulks off.
posted by richat 22 May | 11:59
Hey, I thing I saw him go around that corner! You guys follow and I'll wait here to see if he sneaks back.

*chuckles maniacally, rubs hands together*
posted by dg 22 May | 18:34
Hey, wait...something about this seems fishy.
posted by elizard 24 May | 20:31
Oh, come on - you can trust me ;-)
posted by dg 25 May | 20:48
I'm not so sure...that dg might be the guy who got the mob all riled up!
posted by richat 26 May | 07:13
Wait, is that dg of DG's Pitchforks and Torches? dg the popcorn magnate?
posted by elizard 26 May | 11:36
No, no, people often confuse me with that guy. I'm the dg who loves kittens and small children.
posted by dg 26 May | 22:15
posted by dg 26 May | 22:16
You cocksucking ratfucker. 200 was mine, you bastard, MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Erm, I mean that in the most respectful way possible. Which is, of course, not at all.
posted by elizard 27 May | 00:00
Suck it!
posted by ethylene 27 May | 00:02
That's OK, no disrespect taken.

fucking bitch
posted by dg 27 May | 00:20
Never enter into a swearing contest with a tradesperson. They will skullfuck you and do unspeakable things on your grave. (Except for me, of course, because I am a paragon of civility, a charm school graduate, and a fucking social swan, you malodorous pile of steaming, maggot-infested dung, and dear ethernet friend.)

Is the '200' jealousy showing yet? I certainly hope not. That would be most unseemly.
posted by elizard 27 May | 00:34
Well, it's been a while since I was a tradesmanperson, but I think I can remember the language. In fact, I typed out a whole screed about you, your ancestors and your personal habits, but couldn't bring myself to post it, because I like you.

I guess you win.

*bows, sweeps hat on floor*
posted by dg 27 May | 20:12
Wait, that sounded like there was gonna be a duel, and then it was conceded? Dammit, we demand satisfaction! For other offended peoples! Not ourselves! Or something!
posted by richat 27 May | 20:47
Sorry, but I just can't bring myself to treat a lady in that way (or elizard, either ;-).
posted by dg 27 May | 21:10
(and then there was one. . .)
posted by danf 27 May | 23:14
dg, I concede to you, my worthy opponent. Nay, you have bested me. When we meet on the battlefield again, may it be on the same side.

But 300 is mine, goddammit, or all bets are off ;)
posted by elizard 27 May | 23:34
Oh, hell, I'll just take this 210 that's lying around here.
posted by elizard 28 May | 10:01
No, I insist that you accept the accolades which you so richly deserve as the winner. I will accept no less than your acknowledgement of my complete surrender.

*declares all bets off*
posted by dg 28 May | 17:28
Huh. Someone's pretty fancy isn't he?
posted by richat 28 May | 18:58
Do those accolades come in the form of green, oil-based wood stain on my belly? 'Cause if they do, apparently I have no choice but to accept. (Though it could just be that I used my shirt to clean my drippy brush today. Nah, it's the accolades.)
posted by elizard 28 May | 20:14
I think you can get a cream for those green marks.

Now that you have accepted my loss in this round, perhaps we can move onto the next? Your choice of weapons would be ...?
posted by dg 28 May | 23:31
Actually, it came off pretty easily, but now I have accolades all over my shower scrubby thingy.

Your choice of weapons would be ...?

Well now that your soul has been totally drained, I think I've got some leftover pasta I can pummel you with.

Sorry the job interview was from hell. That sucks the brains of kittens.

And now, en garde! *brandishes sheaf of cold linguine*
posted by elizard 28 May | 23:38
*Weakly parries with al dente ravioli*
posted by dg 28 May | 23:43
*smites your addled pate with a small tiramisu*
posted by elizard 28 May | 23:47
(No, it's not a pasta. I fight dirty. You're surprised?)
posted by elizard 29 May | 00:04
*eats meagre offering brandished by elizard, is revived*

That's not a tiramisu!

This is a tiramisu

*responds with man-sized desert offering, including generous garnishes of shaved chocolate*
posted by dg 29 May | 01:18
*expertly launches spumoni gelato up dg's nose, giving him the Crippling Ice Cream Headache of the Ages*
posted by elizard 29 May | 10:42
Hah! I scoff at your icecream headache! I am the world's largest single consumer of icecream and am therefore immune from icecream headache.

*fires cornetto at elizard (pointy end first, natch) with stunning accuracy, using slingshot made of glasses frame and elastic from underwear*
posted by dg 29 May | 17:13
*With lightning speed, whips out paella pan, deflecting cornetto into dg's eye. Lobs barrage of haggis using adapted spud gun. Does not care about damage to plumbing wrought by sudden re-use of PVC pipes.*
posted by elizard 30 May | 01:01
You know what's a bummer? When your sparring partner actually has a life on weekends. Piker.
posted by elizard 31 May | 01:40
I hate pikers. Trouters too. Of course, none are worse than the dreaded upstream-swimming salmoners. Man, how I hate them.
posted by richat 01 June | 11:16
Of course, even avid observers can go their whole lives without seeing a crappier. Once, I thought I saw one at the roulette table, but no dice.
posted by box 01 June | 11:28
*just biding his time*
posted by danf 01 June | 17:22
*fashions shield from kitchen sink, deflects haggis*

*angles highly-polished stainless steel surface of draining board to catch sun, deflects to blind elizard*
posted by dg 01 June | 19:12
*Uses handy pocket mirror and magnifying glass to disastrous effect.*

Um, hope you weren't too attached to that tattoo.
posted by elizard 05 June | 01:52
This new tattoo? My new and FIRST tattoo?
≡ Click to see image ≡
Sorry for the lousy quality...and shaven man-leg. It's above my left ankle, on the inside of my leg.
posted by richat 05 June | 06:29
Woo woo Richat! Yay, tattooage! How'd you come up with the design?
posted by elizard 05 June | 11:54
I didn't design it, alas, comes from the Great Flag Debate. I also came to love the design when I saw it on Martin Tielli's guitar.
posted by richat 05 June | 12:50
Ooh, jealous I am. I've been thinking about a tattoo for quite a while now and just need to work up the nerve.
posted by dg 05 June | 15:51
I was amazed at how little it actually hurt. People seem to talk up the pain a lot, and I am sure some places hurt more than others, but north of the ankle wasn't painful really. I mean, I didn't like it, but it was fine. And, this one was under an hour, which seems like a good start.
posted by richat 05 June | 16:09
I almost passed out, several times, for my first. It's on my shoulder blade, took an hour and a half, I was 15 and skinny as a rake (45kg) and the tattoo artist kept stopping to ask if I was okay and if we should take a break. "No, no. Just get it over with" I begged.

Nice work, richart.
posted by goo 05 June | 16:15
This is actually a good link about the design as well.
posted by richat 05 June | 16:20
How could I have forgotten?!? Bad Canuck. No beer for me.
posted by elizard 06 June | 01:41
Don't worry elizard, our apathy runs as deep as our maple syrup. You're allowed to forget a flag design from 40 years ago!
posted by richat 06 June | 05:38
Yeah, some Canadian you are. You forget the flag, but I notice you never forget this thread. Where are your priorities, eh?
posted by dg 06 June | 07:47
Hey, it's not actually our flag, just a proposal from before I was born. Could you identify every suggested iteration of the Aussie flag, smarty-trousers? Even the ones without references to beer?
posted by elizard 06 June | 14:34
Of course I can. Can you prove otherwise?
posted by dg 07 June | 06:46
Hmm, it appears that another one of those significant thread numbers is coming up.
posted by dg 07 June | 06:47
Would it be mean of me to go out of my way to steal it?
posted by dg 07 June | 06:48
I mean, nobody really cares about those things do they?
posted by dg 07 June | 06:48
Or is it just that we are all too cool to admit that we get a little kick out of being the one to mark these little waypoints in the life of a thread?
posted by dg 07 June | 06:49
I've never thought of myself as one of those people who has to try and get attention by stupid stunts rather than having something interesting to say, but who really knows themselves?
posted by dg 07 June | 06:50
I mean, it's only five more comments, right? What could it hurt?
posted by dg 07 June | 06:51
Actually it's only four more comments.
posted by dg 07 June | 06:52
No wait, three.
posted by dg 07 June | 06:52
Hey, why does that keep changing? Am I doing that?
posted by dg 07 June | 06:53
posted by dg 07 June | 06:54
Well done dg, well done. For a minute there, it was almost like the Monster at the End of the Book.
posted by richat 07 June | 07:21

Somehow it doesn't have the same...I ne sais quoi when it's so patently staged. I mean, I can see doing a couple of comments in a row to get to a number, but ten? That smacks of desperation. Oh, well. If it makes you feel better about yourself, dg, who am I to point out the innate meh-ness of it?
posted by elizard 07 June | 07:52
elizard - it's a cry for help. Maybe just a whimper for help, but still, it's a cry.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 07 June | 09:32
That could be, Slack. That could very well be.
posted by elizard 09 June | 00:19
I have a theory that we are all only allowed so many comments in a lifetime. . when that number is reached (and it is different for everyone), the Internet shuts off for them.

I like to use mine wisely, just in case I am close to limiting out.
posted by danf 09 June | 13:12
Hey, some of us don't get many victories and we have to take what we can get.
posted by dg 09 June | 21:10
Especially if you keep giving them away.
posted by elizard 09 June | 23:47
Well, elizard, I'm one who feels the duty to help those less fortunate that myself.
posted by dg 10 June | 00:07
Why dg, I had no idea anyone was less fortunate than you...

posted by arse_hat 10 June | 00:11
Well, elizard, I'm one who feels the duty to help those less fortunate that myself.

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?
posted by elizard 10 June | 00:31
arse_hat is hurting my brain. Also my eyes. Also...OMG!!!Those anti-LSD videos they made us watch were true!!!! Excuse me, I'll just go have my flashback off in the corner now.
posted by elizard 10 June | 00:44
"xcuse me, I'll just go have my flashback off in the corner now."

Just think of those poor kids who didn't have their acid trips until after goatse!
posted by arse_hat 10 June | 01:03
Oh, the horror. The horror.
posted by elizard 10 June | 02:47
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by taz 10 June | 03:19
Hai guys, what's going on in here? I heard this was a good place to get *ahem* lawls...
posted by muddgirl 10 June | 06:54
OMG! danf was right!

(and who's been talking? The next lawl shipment doesn't come in until...well, I'd tell you, but how do I know you're not a narc?)
posted by elizard 10 June | 13:25
Why dg, I had no idea anyone was less fortunate than you...

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
Guess I'll go eat worms,
Long, thin, slimy ones; Short, fat, juicy ones,
Itsy, bitsy, fuzzy wuzzy worms.

Down goes the first one, down goes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm.
Up comes the first one, up comes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm.
posted by dg 10 June | 15:49
/me pictures dg weeping and worm-eating and vomiting in the outback, takes pity

Here, dg, it's okay. You can have my ultimate superiority. Really. I mean it.
posted by elizard 11 June | 00:47
Just popped in to say that, even though I have been busier than a one-legged man in an arse-kicking contest lately, I haven't forgotten you all.
posted by dg 18 June | 15:57
Well, doggammit! I get to the party and i'm told to leave.

*runs to the corner and cries*
posted by lysdexic 18 June | 22:25
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by taz 20 June | 09:35
posted by taz 20 June | 13:48
Gives me a lot of hope, iconomy finally asking for help like this.

Hang in there, girl! We're pullin' for you.
posted by danf 20 June | 13:56
Iris my eyes were that blue.
posted by lysdexic 20 June | 14:45
I am not good at these things. Near as I can tell, taz said:
"Elk Blues-Guy Diagram, Pottery Corn-rows Sheep?"

To which Ico clearly answered:
"Eye Anthropomorphic-Baked-Potato Princess-Buttercup Giant-Ear, Private Eye"

Is that right?
posted by richat 20 June | 14:50
Not good at these thing, my butt!

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by iconomy 20 June | 15:18
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by taz 20 June | 15:58
Great. Turn my back for a minute, and you all stop making sense. More than usual. Sheesh. (Also, *waves at bunnies*)
posted by elizard 20 June | 17:09
No way! I finally found another Australian on MeCha! *waves at dg*

I mustn't read this site often enough.
posted by jonathanstrange 20 June | 17:55
Rebus mecha! Ico! This thread just keeps on giving.

(I'm an Aussie too, jonathonstrange. I just don't live there).
posted by goo 20 June | 18:15
(Actually there are a few of us - pompomtom and ninazero are pretty regular, UbuRoivas pops in occasionally as does divabat (who's not an Aussie but lives there) and even essexjan has claims. And, if I think about it, I'm pretty sure dg is actually a Kiwi!).
posted by goo 20 June | 18:21

I want a catch-up, you see. I was in London last year, but didn't think to organise something. Shame...
posted by jonathanstrange 20 June | 18:34
Okay, here goes:

Health-Powder Number Lady, Sign Funny-hat Kapow Hip-Hop-Actress Colon-Blow Picture, Richie Rich at.

Hey! That last bit sounds familiar!

Now, for Taz's I'm guessing:

Old-British-Guy Broken-Logo Samoan Yellow-Paper Camping-Treat Minty-drink Orange-Pants!

I'm still not sure I'm getting this.
posted by richat 20 June | 21:31
I cheated and asked one of the participants, but I still don't get it.
posted by danf 23 June | 17:51
I have a feeling I might not be right in my guesses to be truthful.
posted by richat 23 June | 20:21
"dear bluesky, aren't you cheap?"

"I put it right here, taz"

"way to ruin my surprise, richat!"

"back at (boygrade?), smartypants!"

/got nuthin'
posted by lysdexic 23 June | 21:36
Yeah, I'm a Kiwi, but I live in the East Island (known by some as Australia). Cosmopolitan bunch, ain't we?
posted by dg 25 June | 03:47
posted by elizard 26 June | 16:13
Can it be
posted by elizard 26 June | 16:13
that I might
posted by elizard 26 June | 16:14
be the one
posted by elizard 26 June | 16:15
posted by elizard 26 June | 16:15
posted by elizard 26 June | 16:16
posted by elizard 26 June | 16:16
posted by elizard 26 June | 16:17
posted by elizard 26 June | 16:17
*sticks tongue out at dg, does victory dance, completely ignores hypocrisy of strategy given previous comments on the subject*
posted by elizard 26 June | 16:19
posted by lysdexic 26 June | 16:35
elizard! Way to ignore hypocrisy and focus on the FUN.
posted by richat 27 June | 21:34
posted by dg 29 June | 04:09
I'll fight you all for 500, by the way. Even if I have to transcribe a short story, one word/post at a time!
posted by richat 29 June | 10:04
500 you say? Well, if all the rules are off the table, I can foresee someone with the ability to do so could close the thread immediately after crying 400!

Of course, that would be highly unethical and mean and there's nobody here like that, is there?
posted by dg 29 June | 16:05
Also, further evidence (if it were needed) of my thread-killing abilities.
posted by dg 29 June | 16:08
Wow, dg, that's a seriously lousy thread kill. I was tempted to post something in THAT thread, but...then I came back here to say, well, I am sure you are an ethical fella, and so on. I like this thread best of all. Partially, of course, cos I started it, but also because it's like a little hiding place for a few of us to come to and talk about stuff that's up. It's like a meta-metachat. At least for me anyway.
posted by richat 29 June | 19:34
lol pancake. Just add bunny

≡ Click to see image ≡

(that "other" thread was getting a wee bit heavy, imho) I like this one better.

I call dibs on 1000!
posted by lysdexic 29 June | 22:46
*looks in*
posted by arse_hat 30 June | 00:35
*looks out*
posted by dg 30 June | 03:12
*anvil drops from the sky*
posted by lysdexic 30 June | 06:56
*painting a convincing fake tunnel in the wall, writing over it, "Fast Bunnies Welcome!"*
posted by danf 30 June | 09:30
*places craigslist ad, also looking for fast bunnies*
posted by lysdexic 30 June | 11:00
Great, that should clear the room.
posted by richat 01 July | 08:07
*puts on gas mask*

so, is that a self-portrait, a_h?
posted by lysdexic 01 July | 08:20
Naw it's that girl from The Ring.
posted by arse_hat 01 July | 10:10
Speaking of restrooms. . do you know what REALLY a bummer? I mean really?

I'll tell you.


That's what's a bummer.
posted by danf 01 July | 11:02

So things don't droop in odd ways.

when you fold them doing laundry
posted by lysdexic 02 July | 08:09
I think "fucking buttons on flies of boxer shorts" is pretty much self-explanatory.
posted by dg 07 July | 03:50
I'm at 99 posts and I am so afraid to let just *anything* be my 100th post, that I fear I may never post again. Also, it's my oldest's 7th birthday today. To celebrate, here are three Sophies:
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by richat 08 July | 14:40
I am talking about BOXER SHORTS up there, and you bring your triplets in to see all this?

Well, if at least one of them needs therapy in 20 years or so, please don't blame ME, OK?
posted by danf 08 July | 14:48
It's not like we were discussing gentleman thongs in here. Gosh! So prudish!
posted by richat 08 July | 14:52
Mr. Green Jeans was beaucoup incontinent.
posted by arse_hat 13 July | 01:43
It's funny, you'd think "incontinent" and "land-locked" would mean the same thing. I am pretty sure they don't though.
posted by richat 13 July | 06:58
posted by arse_hat 24 July | 00:16
You people are still down here? Sheesh, give it up already!
posted by dg 24 July | 03:02
Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?

(And arse_hat, that is quite profound. I'll have to give it some thought.)
posted by elizard 24 July | 10:54
Is it Lent yet?
posted by danostuporstar 24 July | 11:05
No, but all your tomorrows are Borrowed.
posted by dg 28 July | 03:13
Well that's pretty freaking heavy.
posted by richat 28 July | 05:56
I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy.
posted by elizard 29 July | 13:49
Uh ... my hovercraft is full of eels?
posted by richat 29 July | 14:02
My eel hovers.
posted by arse_hat 30 July | 00:46
You just leave your eel out of this, arsey.
posted by elizard 04 August | 13:25
Hmmm. Without the comma that sentence reads completely differently. But still true.
posted by elizard 04 August | 14:27
*shows everyone his eel*
posted by dg 04 August | 15:43
Once again, the jokes become ribald.

On a different note, it's raining AGAIN.
posted by richat 05 August | 15:53
posted by Hugh Janus 05 August | 15:55
I did. Yep, I always get my grilled cheese on rye bald-style. It's about the bestest thing since sliced bread.
posted by danostuporstar 05 August | 16:00
Not raining here. In fact, the weather is quite pleasant, although cold. I must admit, I like the winters here best of all. Cold enough that you need to rug up a bit, but not so cold that you can't function.
posted by dg 05 August | 16:26
R-A-I-N-I-N-G here - but not men, thankfully, my umbrella couldn't handle it.

I was once bitten on the arse by an eel while swimming in a lovely rainforest waterhole - I had a perfect eel dental impression on my left cheek for months. And that's my eel story (only slightly ribald).
posted by goo 05 August | 16:35
It has not yet been twenty-three days.
posted by danostuporstar 27 August | 13:23
Posted at 13:23!

I'm scared!
posted by richat 27 August | 13:53
...and so my faith in this thread is renewed.

Also, I had the imprint of an SUV headlight on my right cheek for a month once. It looks nothing like an eel, or its teeth. But the barely accomplished segue let me talk about bums, and for that I thank you, goo. Bum bum bum bum bum.
posted by elizard 30 August | 21:48
You know, at this rate we'll never get to 400.
posted by elizard 02 September | 14:27
I am not sure what to do? Maybe I could post some Palin-esque malarkey to the main page, secretly linking to this thread?

Am I the only one who liked it better when the name "Palin" made me think of Michael, and not whatshername?
posted by richat 02 September | 18:00
i always maintain the hope it is about Michael Palin.
posted by ethylene 02 September | 18:50
It's sooo infrequently Michael though. What a bummer.
posted by richat 02 September | 20:01
Hee. You said 'bummer'.

(Sorry--kitteh woke me up at six-freakin'-thirty with the old 'Let's use the metal blinds as Satan's xylophone! And sing along! Over and over again! You like this song, don't you? 'Cause I could do this ALL DAY!!!!!!' trick after I'd stayed up 'til 2:30 killing zombies and vampires and stuff and I couldn't get back to sleep. That's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it. It sucked badly enough that I'm going to use this morning to cover any previous childish behaviour, too.)
posted by elizard 04 September | 07:26
Michael Palin's bummer lit my filter.
posted by danostuporstar 04 September | 08:53
I'm going camping this weekend...More camping in the northern woods. Woohoo. They don't talk about no presidents when yer camping in the northern woods.
posted by richat 04 September | 09:27
Yay, camping. Especially Ontario camping. (Do you know that in Alberta camping doesn't necessarily mean fresh water for to swim in? It's a Canadian fact.)
posted by elizard 04 September | 10:23
yeah, it's beautiful up here for camping. The sites we usually snag are about 15 feet from a swim-able, canoe-able lake! Yay Grundy Lake!
posted by richat 04 September | 11:14
Sounds wonderful. Have fun. I'll be sitting here, being wistfully jealous.
posted by elizard 05 September | 10:56
Well, it was decent camping trip, except for the packing up in the pouring, POURING rain. Then, when we finally finished packing up, soaked to the skin, the sun came out.

Still some decent canoing, and relaxin'.
posted by richat 09 September | 22:03
posted by elizard 11 September | 09:59
Except for the rain. Sorry it rained all over you, richat.
posted by elizard 15 September | 09:25
You people are still here? Don't you have someplace better to be?

No, nor do I :-(
posted by dg 15 September | 15:51
It's the place to be! The only Palin here is Michael!

Not that I have a problem with other Palins. Well, I mean, I sorta do, but, ah well. You know what I mean, right? All of you?
posted by richat 15 September | 15:56
*happens by*

hey what's up kids?
posted by danf 17 September | 17:12
Not much. I'm very sad that the Rick Mercer Report website has next to nothing on the election, though. No new episodes, and only one lousy (okay, pretty funny) blog entry. How am I supposed to know what's going on up there? News sites? Please.
posted by elizard 19 September | 13:57
Think I'll make eggs benedict today. Mmmmmmm.....eggs benedict.
posted by elizard 21 September | 10:58
I've never really developed a taste for the ol' Eggs Benny. I'm trying to decide what to feed a nasty hangover right now. So far, it's demanded sleep. Now it wants some food!
posted by richat 21 September | 11:57
Oooog. See, to me Eggs Benny is the perfect hangover food--all fat and protein and comfort, sending you into a blissful digestive coma. Tastes vary, I guess. Speaking of hangover fodder, though, I had a sublime Bloody Mary the other day. As you probably know, they don't do Caesars south of the 49th (or if they do I've never seen 'em), but this Bloody Mary was wonderful--thick, perfectly spiced, almost chewy it was so flavouful. Mmmmm.
posted by elizard 23 September | 07:47
*sneaks in, steals the Eggs Benny and the Bloody Mary while no one is watching*

posted by taz 30 September | 02:06
Meh, you're welcome to them both.
posted by dg 30 September | 02:52
I gotta say, I'm with dg. I don't mind if you'd like the eggs and the tomato juice booze drink!

Now, try and touch my bacon and/or rye and ginger when I'm hungover, and I might have to speak up some.
posted by richat 30 September | 08:25
mudpuppie's gf bought me the best bloody mary I have ever had.

Just sayin.
posted by danf 01 October | 12:24
Mmmmm....bacon. I used to love me a rye & ginger (for some reason it was part of my flying-on-an-airplane ritual for ages), but haven't had one in years. Hmmm. There's an idea.

*makes extra eggs benny & bloody marys, invites taz over for brunch*
posted by elizard 09 October | 09:00
Is the rye & ginger a Canadian thing? BOP had never heard of it, and I get the impression that rye (unless referred to as CC) is not a familiar thing to folks down here. My grand-dad loved the odd rye & ginger, though (like, once a year, maybe at xmas, on the rare occasions when he drank).
posted by elizard 09 October | 09:03
I do think that the rye and ginger is probably a little Canadian. Hell, rye is referred to ask "Canadian Whiskey" in the states, I think, and I suspect that the less-gingery ginger ale is a pretty Canadian thing too.

For longest time, (in fact, right up until I googled it in answering this...)I thought that the mixed drink called the "Old Fashioned" was a rye and ginger. Bob Mitchum and Bill Murray order them in Scrooged. But it turns out...while it is a whiskey based drink, it's not a rye and ginger.
posted by richat 09 October | 10:04
(They musta passed out from the rye and ginger, whatever THAT is. . .)
posted by danf 15 December | 15:05
Well, hey, lookee here.
posted by danostuporstar 15 December | 15:08
Hey guys! I was just wondering if anyone was hanging out around the ol' place!
posted by richat 15 December | 15:17
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 15 December | 15:25
posted by dg 22 December | 05:51
Happy Holidays everyone!
posted by richat 25 December | 06:39
Where's my prezzie?
posted by taz 25 December | 08:13
Are you telling me that the gift didn't arrive yet? Man! I'll have to dig up that tracking number! Darned international post!
posted by richat 25 December | 09:51
Nuts about Ron Asheton eh?
posted by richat 06 January | 20:51
Oprah gushes over Kate Winslet's breasts

Film at 11.
posted by danf 14 January | 16:50
*opens thread, dust flying everywhere; spots spiderweb in corner*

We really need to get housekeeping in here.
posted by taz 06 February | 05:11
I know, it's really hard to keep it tidy. Then again, it IS the off season, so...
posted by richat 06 February | 06:05
Does anyone read the threads down here?
posted by dg 19 February | 05:52
Apparently not.
posted by dg 27 March | 07:47
Well I do sometimes.
posted by richat 27 March | 08:11
Does anyone read the threads down here?

Yeah, actually. I was thinking we needed another one. I was just about to post to link back to this, but then I saw the comment window and realized I didn't want to destroy the universe just yet.

posted by lysdexic 29 March | 22:31
Oh my, I have traveled to the uncharted bottom of mecha (my scroll bar is tiny). Is there where I get to say anything I want? Why am I even asking. Not like anyone down here cares...ooh angler fish.
posted by special-k 30 March | 00:44
heh, angler fish...

Ah Monday mornings, you come to me of late with a greater sense of dread than I thought possible. Wretched, wretched mondays.
posted by richat 30 March | 04:42
Oh, I can't let that go by....

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by lysdexic 30 March | 08:57
Yeah, that about sums it up :-)
posted by richat 30 March | 09:01
I could use that picture for pretty much any day of the week, unfortunately.
posted by dg 06 April | 15:45
And here it is, another Monday, and yeah...that's about right.
posted by richat 06 April | 17:04
posted by gaspode 06 April | 17:38
Hey 'spode! Cute pics of Maddy yesterday! Or...was it today? I can't keep these things straight.
posted by richat 06 April | 18:59
thanks, richat :)
posted by gaspode 06 April | 19:18
Yesterday, today, what does it matter anyway? They all suck.
posted by dg 07 April | 04:24
Plus, it's not Monday, it's Tuesday. If it was Monday, I would have the fucking awful Tuesday I just went through still to come and that would suck even worse than having gone through it in the first place!

Plus, 400!
posted by dg 07 April | 04:25
Isn't it Wednesday somewhere now?
posted by lysdexic 07 April | 06:08
I missed you guys.
posted by elizard 07 April | 06:47
I now have a passport. I know, to many it's not a big deal, but for some reason, I'm SHOCKED.
posted by richat 07 April | 13:32
Is it a .NET passport?
posted by dg 08 April | 17:07
Nope, more like, you know, PAPERS. a way, my papers are now IN ORDER.
posted by richat 08 April | 17:13
And now you're ready for your Grand European Tour.
posted by elizard 09 April | 09:40
Hey, we're heading for the first birthday of this thread in ten days time. Should we throw a party?
posted by dg 11 April | 21:45
I'm all over a party. I'll bring the jello salad.

Can I whine here and say that I lost a filling yesterday and can't get it fixed until tomorrow and it's really annoying and if I don't get in before noon tomorrow my travel insurance won't cover it because it has to be treated w/in 48 hours and I was stupid enough to call my insurance company to find out what to do? Can I?
posted by elizard 12 April | 12:18
Holy crap, this thread is almost as old as my nephew. It'll be walking without assistance soon.
posted by notquitemaryann 12 April | 17:21
elizard, I'm glad you feel at home here, and you are welcome to whine about any ol' thing you want to.

I'm amazed that "You know what's a bummer?" is almost a year old. What a year it's been too. What a year, indeed.
posted by richat 12 April | 20:48
Well, that's it. Now you've commented. That's this thread killt.

Just kidding. It's just such a homey place, richat. Clean but not too tidy, comfy furniture, good hosts... *grabs a beer from the fridge, puts her feet up*
posted by elizard 12 April | 22:15
*grabs a strongbow from fridge, sits beside elizard, feet on coffee table (shoes off, of course - I'm not a philistine)*

Yep, I could stay here for a while - it's nice to be with friends.
posted by dg 13 April | 01:50
Oooh. Strongbow. I miss Strongbow. Cheers, dg. *clinks*

Now can I whine that I have to get a crown owieowieowieowie thank fuck for travel insurance which will cover over half of it but still owieowieowie? Thanks. I'm done whining now.

posted by elizard 13 April | 15:11
*wakes up on a couch in the corner, under all the coats. . .*

What day is this, anyway?
posted by danf 13 April | 15:53
And, elizard. . .you need to talk to BOP about the Prince Albert. . .
posted by danf 13 April | 15:56
Sir Perry is the finest cider adventure you can have, if you ask me. In fact, I bet it's responsible to danf's sleeping under the coats!
posted by richat 13 April | 15:59
I'm not so sure, richat. The only cider I have tried other than Strongbow tasted like rancid dog piss (it was so bad that they were giving them away free at the bottle shop and I still poured most of it down the sink), so I'm too scared to try anything else. Once bitten etc.
posted by dg 13 April | 20:05
HONESTLY. If you see some Sir Perry in your travels, pick ONE up, make sure it's cold. And enjoy. I'm telling you, it's a DELIGHT.

It's a pear cider, which I dunno...make it a little different. There's one other apple cider that I prefer to Strongbow too...but I can't recall the name. It's also a proper English Cider, and it comes in a large bottle, rather than a can. Which can be dangerous. It's great though. Beats the hell outta Blackthorn and Magners.
posted by richat 13 April | 20:10
What day is this, anyway?

What day is it today? Today is Spring, up north, Fall, down south. Today is sunshine and wind, rain and clouds.

Today is small children running around without a care in the world, being watched by the elderly, who know what's in store, but silently smile or cry at old old memories.

Today is frantic, today is restful, today is now, today is later, today is finally done or just beginning.

Today is whatever you want it to be.
posted by lysdexic 13 April | 22:04
Strongbow comes in stubbies here, although it's also available in large bottles in a few places. More and more I'm seeing it around on tap, too.

Today is whatever you want it to be, unless you are at work like me - then only the bits at either end are whatever you want them to be. Unless you like starving, in which case the days are even less whatever you want them to be - if nothing else, money gives you options.
posted by dg 14 April | 03:09
No Strongbow here, just Woodchuck, which is okay, I guess, but it kinda tastes like sody pop. I'm getting used to it, though.
posted by BitterOldPunk 17 April | 11:06
Dammit, that was me. Also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


This is the thread that never ends
It just goes on and on my friends
posted by elizard 17 April | 11:08
I kinda like Woodchuck but it give me a sour stomach, unlike a good plate of BBQ, he go easy on the beans and hard on the slaw.
posted by Hugh Janus 17 April | 11:16
I might head out later for a cider or two. Or, my two-day headache might win. Hmmm. Also, I'm trying to decide if I remember enough details to actually make a new post about that AWESOME Neke Case show last night.
posted by richat 18 April | 19:12
I could use some cider. Or something hard. Just got Younger Boy out of diapers, and what does he do? He poops his pants and starts smearing it about. I just about blew my top.

Outa beer, outa rum, I might have to make something up out of honey liquer and yogurt or something.

Sorry 'bout your headache, richat.
posted by lysdexic 18 April | 19:58
That reminds me, I have scotch upstairs. I'm at my downstairs neighbor's and the beer just ran out.

For a headache, try a smile. Close your eyes and count to 16,000.
posted by Hugh Janus 18 April | 20:07
Mmmmm, scotch.
posted by elizard 25 April | 19:50
I am all confused. This thread is only three days old?
I swear I posted on this a couple of weeks ago. Who is messing with the space-time continuum?
posted by special-k 25 April | 21:33
I guess that month/day only label could be confusing, at least in SOME circumstances, i.e. when a thread is ONE YEAR plus three days old. Yay old threads.

More cider tonight and more late night posting. Hmmm...seeing a trend here. Man, I love this thread.
posted by richat 26 April | 01:14
Hello, boys and girls. This is your old pal, Stinky Wizzleteats. This is a song about a whale. No! This is a song about being happy! That's right! It's the Happy Happy Joy Joy song!
Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy!

I don't think you're happy enough! That's right! I'll teach you to be happy! I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs! Now, boys and girls, let's try it again!
Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy!

If'n you aint the grandaddy of all liars! The little critters of nature... They don't know that they're ugly! That's very funny, a fly marrying a bumblebee! I told you I'd shoot! But you didn't believe me! Why didn't you believe me?!
Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happy Happy Happy Happy
Happy Happy Happy Happy
Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy!
posted by arse_hat 26 April | 01:30
*hearts arse_hat*
posted by BoringPostcards 26 April | 01:42
Aww. Thanks. I do what I can to bring a little love into the darkest recesses of the interweb.
posted by arse_hat 26 April | 01:52
This might be my favourite of the darkest recesses of the interwebs...
posted by richat 28 April | 09:28
*turns on light*

Oops, sorry, didn't know anyone was in here. As you were.

*turns off light*
posted by BoringPostcards 28 April | 09:34
Augh, doesn't anyone KNOCK anymore?!
posted by notquitemaryann 28 April | 09:50
And it's getting darker and more recessed with each passing week.
posted by danf 28 April | 09:51
danf, I think that might be true of THE WHOLE WORLD.
posted by richat 28 April | 09:55
Did someone say "recess?"

posted by Hugh Janus 28 April | 09:55
Going whee in the deep recesses makes Bob Eubanks make whoopee livelier.
posted by danostuporstar 28 April | 10:13
you guys.
posted by gaspode 28 April | 10:45
we're silly.
posted by richat 28 April | 11:00
Yeah, we're silly awesome!
posted by Hugh Janus 28 April | 11:12
/returns to gazing at own navel
/finds lint

Purple? I don't own anything purple!
posted by Ardiril 28 April | 11:24
Hey I have a spiffy lyrics challenge going, if anyone wants to step into the sunlight.
posted by danf 28 April | 11:33
i eschew your "sunlight."
posted by ethylene 28 April | 12:40
ETHYLENE! Why are people so mean?

Ardiril, keep your belly button clean.
posted by muddgirl 28 April | 12:54
posted by box 28 April | 13:15
THERE you are! How ya doin'?

And I missed teh scotch? How could I miss the scotch?
posted by lysdexic 28 April | 13:44
ethylene! Welcome to our recess(es)!
posted by richat 28 April | 14:10
Eth, you done bin missed. Welcome back.
posted by arse_hat 29 April | 23:55
Why do I feel like I am late to this party?
posted by special-k 01 May | 22:01
I've been led to understand that this party don't stop.
posted by box 01 May | 22:52
Why is it so cold down here? Did someone turn off the heat?
box: Do you have some scotch. anyone???
posted by special-k 02 May | 20:27
A friend handed me a glass of freaking high alcohol bourbon last night for my birthday. Seemed like ALL BURN and no taste. Ah well. If you can't drink like moron on your birthday, when CAN you drink like a moron?

Sadly, no scotch handy for ya special-k.
posted by richat 02 May | 20:33
I am really tired of on-line life. Everything Internet just seems so old and tired. Like this thread.
posted by arse_hat 03 May | 00:31
You can't stay away, though, can you?
posted by elizard 05 May | 10:25
I, on the other hand, LIVE to read the posts on this thread. It gives me the reassurance that someone, is, indeed, out there.
posted by danf 05 May | 12:09
As a matter of fact, I do have some Scotch. Just Cutty Sark, though--I needed something to put in my bicycle-mounted flask.
posted by box 05 May | 12:23
Today, I am pretty sure that the greatest music of all time was recorded by The Clash and The Jam in '77 and '78. Tomorrow I won't think that. Maybe. Well, guaranteed in a month or two I'll swing away from this belief.
posted by richat 05 May | 13:42
I am so god damned hungry right now. Who else is down here? Show yourself.
posted by special-k 06 May | 21:36
I swear, not gonna eat you.
posted by special-k 06 May | 21:37
Show yourself.

Fifty bucks. You want a discount, go to town.

Oh, wait - Cutty Sark?
posted by lysdexic 07 May | 02:39
You know the second best thing about Yorkshire pudding? You can have it cold with homemade strawberry jam the next day.

The first best thing, of course, is that it forms a perfect holding cell for gravy.
posted by elizard 11 May | 11:39
I have nothing to say. There, I just proved myself wrong.
posted by dg 17 May | 07:23
I didn't know we'd need to show proof of our statements. Frankly, this worries me somewhat.
posted by richat 17 May | 08:19
No, no, you misunderstand - you only have to prove it if you're wrong.
posted by dg 18 May | 03:12
Oh good. Sorry, I never was any good at science.
posted by richat 18 May | 08:58
I just ate my whole omelet and completely forgot that I wanted to have yogurt along with it. Why didn't someone remind me?

What am I paying you guys for, anyway?
posted by taz 22 May | 08:48
Yeah, about that. The last cheque bounced. I watched you eat that omelette, and I thought about telling you, but frankly, without the cash, no dice.

Also, I ate your yoghurt.
posted by elizard 25 May | 12:10
/favourites elizard's funny, funny comment.
posted by richat 25 May | 13:25
Hey guys. Um...yeah I got nothing really, just wanted to say howdy.
posted by richat 04 June | 19:38
Howdy, yerself. I was beginning to think no-one hung out here any more. Thanks for the favourite. Heh.
posted by BitterOldPunk 05 June | 19:21
BoP: I've been quietly standing in the corner, clutching onto my drink and nervously staring at my feet. I thought y'all just abandoned me down here.
posted by special-k 05 June | 19:31
Nah, I'm still around too, guessing that elizard is impersonating BOP though.
posted by richat 06 June | 01:52
You guessed right, richat. I thought I'd gotten better at spotting that in time. Hey, special-k! Didn't see you there. Howzit going?
posted by elizard 06 June | 10:50
going ok I suppose, elizard. richat said he was stepping out for a bit but that was a while ago. Wonder where he went.
posted by special-k 09 June | 22:57
Oh, shit. Should we go after him? I don't think we should go after him. I mean, what if he comes back while we're out looking for him, sees we're not here, and leaves? And then we come back and he's gone? What if we miss something? What if other people come while we're gone and think it's all over? Damn. Nope, we shouldn't go after him. He'll come back. We should wait here. Never get out of the boat. Never get out of the boat.
posted by elizard 10 June | 10:03
Hey if you guys wanna form a search party, I'll stay here and keep a half-closed eye out. Can you bring back some beer? And maybe some of those pocky things?
posted by danostuporstar 10 June | 10:10
Where's dg?
posted by gaspode 10 June | 10:31
I'll go look for him. If I'm not back by dark, assume that I'm dead, or maybe found some thread that was more fun. Your choice.
posted by danf 10 June | 11:03
There is no thread that's more fun.

I'll just hang here with dano, then. You can trust us to hold down the fort, but don't be too long or we may finish all the beer. Oh, would you mind grabbing me some cigarettes while you're out? Along with the beer and pocky things? I'd be forever in your debt.
posted by elizard 10 June | 11:38
Alright. . .what brand(s)?
posted by danf 10 June | 12:34
Huh. I didn't know there were different brands of pocky. The ones with the Japanese on the box.
posted by danostuporstar 10 June | 12:43
Word is...there's people missing. Can I help find anyone? Get anyone a whiskey sour while we wait?
posted by richat 10 June | 13:08
Wow, prescience. danf has gone Nimoy so you better just stay until he gets back, lest the situation compounds itself. We should have pocky swizzle sticks soon.
posted by danostuporstar 10 June | 13:53
Hullo?! Didn't taz say something about cleaning up this place? Lazy bastards.

*gets busy with feather duster*

Oh, wait. That doesn't sound right.
posted by deborah 10 June | 16:56
OMG, is elizard back in BC? Because, deborah, elizard and some feathers sounds like it could be worth making a roadtrip!
posted by danf 10 June | 17:06
*gets busy with feather duster*

THAT was fuuuuunny!
posted by richat 10 June | 17:45
I'll just hang here with dano, then.

Um. I'm standing right here you know.

posted by special-k 10 June | 23:26
I just wanted to say: good luck, we're all counting on you.
posted by lysdexic 11 June | 01:17
Where's dg?
Right here. I have time to make one comment on one site in between other shit that has me as busy as a one-legged man in an arse-kicking contest.

This is that comment.
posted by dg 11 June | 06:30
Hiya dg! How's it going?
posted by special-k 13 June | 12:44
I think we may have to wait a day or two for that ass-kicking contest to take another break before we hear from dg again. Sounds like he's rather busy.
posted by richat 13 June | 15:40
How many cheeks does a one-legged man have anyway?
posted by danostuporstar 14 June | 07:18
How many cheeks does a one-legged man have anyway?

It depends.
posted by special-k 15 June | 22:25
Just out of curiosity...anyone have any idea how many posts we have achieved in this rambling, pointless thread? This rambling, pointless thread that I love? LOVE SO MUCH?
posted by richat 18 June | 20:07
Oh, actually, I think I just sorted out a way to tell.
posted by richat 18 June | 20:08
Yeah, I think so. Lemme double check.
posted by richat 18 June | 20:09
Ok, one last test. I promise. LAST TEST.
posted by richat 18 June | 20:09
FIVE HUNDRED WOOHOO! Who wants to take the thousandth post? Who know what kind of a world we'll be living in then? Heck, when I posted this thread, I thought I might still have a functional marriage! And, my best fried was still alive! Oh how the times have FUCKED WITH ME!

/shakes fist at time
posted by richat 18 June | 20:11
501's, like a lot of things, aren't what they used to be.
posted by box 18 June | 20:23
my favorite thread too, richat. A lot of water under the bridge too but not nearly as much as you.
posted by special-k 18 June | 20:23
Oh man, I still LOVE my 501s. Wish that had occurred to me so I could have hogged that one too.

Oddly enough, when I posted my first comment wondering how many posts there were...I REALLY didn't know. Just lucky I guess.
posted by richat 18 June | 20:33
so so so so fracking tired but I'm still at this party. That's how I roll.
posted by special-k 02 July | 00:41
Oh so many typos in that 500th post. So, so many.

And special-k, I hear ya on the tiredness front. It's 2:45am, and tomorrow morning I gotta get lunches made, breakfasts fed, and two great little chicks dropped off to daycare before heading into work, to work a possibly 12-14 hour day. Oh the glamourous life of
posted by richat 02 July | 01:45
Posts on this thread always turn up on 'recent comments,' thereby prompting others to come and cover up your posts.

That, my friends, is a bummer.

On the other hand, having comment five-oh-five is not.
posted by danf 02 July | 08:42
I was not prompted by 'recent comments,' but by the whispering seas beckoning me hither.
posted by Hugh Janus 02 July | 09:11
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by box 02 July | 09:58
Bier de souse more like, box, at 8.5%!
posted by goo 02 July | 16:11
I hesitate to reveal that I'm not sure I understand box's linked image. Of course, despite my lack of understanding, I DO kinda like it.

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky folks.
posted by richat 07 July | 08:22
Well Richat, I hate to say this but if you don't get it, maybe it's time for a vacation.
posted by special-k 07 July | 10:07
Well, gosh, what a fine idea. Perhaps I WILL take this week and next week off! I'll check back!
posted by richat 07 July | 10:15
heh I knew you were going on vacation, hence that comment :)
I hope you and Sophie had a blast at Neko case!

Now it's my turn to go on vacation. It's actually a work trip but spending two weeks in Yellowstone feels more like a vacation. See you back here in a bit.
posted by special-k 15 July | 21:36
posted by special-k 27 July | 21:32
Hey, special-k, great to see you, how was your trip?
posted by box 27 July | 21:34
twas awesome! Now that I've been home for a couple of days I just want to travel somewhere again. Might take a road trip somewhere next weekend. Ah, summer.
posted by special-k 27 July | 21:48
T'hell with summer. It's too fucking hot.
posted by deborah 27 July | 23:10
*wanders in here by accident*
posted by gomichild 28 July | 00:08
HOT SUMMER? Where? Up's been cool and wet. Ah well, at least it's not snowing.

Glad to hear the trip was great special-k!

And how 'bout those crazy kids, elizard and BOP? Crazy, crazy kids!
posted by richat 28 July | 06:30


um... what?
posted by jonathanstrange 28 July | 07:25
Yeah! Let's all go to Australia for the weekend!
posted by elizard 03 August | 17:42
Road trip!! Wait, um, Boat trip!! Plane trip?
posted by richat 03 August | 17:45
Hovercraft trip!

Also, you'll pry Scotland's haggis out of their cold, dead, oatmeal-coated hands. Wankers. (My Scottish side is currently cudgeling my English side over this. I think Scotland's winning. For once.)
posted by elizard 03 August | 17:53
Goddamned tightarsed Sassenach bastards. Can't even leave us our haggis.

Yep, today, Scotland's winning the internal cudgel-fest. Until it's time to make some tea, at least.
posted by elizard 03 August | 18:00
Dammit, does noone else care about the haggis? Or hovercraft? Or hovercraft filled with haggis? (We need something to eat on our trip, right?)
posted by elizard 04 August | 17:06
posted by mudpuppie 04 August | 17:14
yay yay yay. Let's all go visit Jonathanstrange!

I have access to 6-7 kayaks. Who's in?
posted by special-k 04 August | 17:56
ok, here is the plan. All y'all fly to SF. We'll have a mini meetup, a few drinks and then head over to the harbor.

Here is the route we're taking. First we head to Hawaii, then make a pit stop in Japan to pick up Gomi and EM. Then we head down to see JS and Goshie. yay?
posted by special-k 04 August | 18:08
I'm in! Oh, Google Maps, is there any route you can't plot? I still think a hovercraft would be more comfortable, though. Plus, more room for haggis.
posted by elizard 04 August | 18:21
You're right, let's do hovercraft. I'll bring plenty of bourbon and kettle chips.
posted by special-k 04 August | 18:48
Yeah, as much as kayaks sound fun, I suspect it's awfully easy to spill your drink in one.
posted by richat 04 August | 19:58
That's why I like those party-barge pontoon boats. I mean, it's not like I'm a boat racer or a fisherman or something--I just want to be out on the water, maybe with a drink.
posted by box 04 August | 21:22
Probably can't take an inner tube across the Pacific, right? Cos I'm great at keeping my drink from spilling in one of those.
posted by gaspode 04 August | 21:25
Probably not as your main mode of transportation, but bring it anyway: we can do some wake tubing (is that what it's called? Whatever it's called.) around Hawaii. With Mai Tais! You can tutor us.
posted by elizard 04 August | 21:41
Yay! I can has visitors!!
posted by jonathanstrange 04 August | 22:25
ya, you certainly haz visitors. I'll bring you some Reese's peanut butter cups. Want anything else from here?
posted by special-k 06 August | 18:34
Guyz, you're not thinking! The haggiscraft can pull the kayaks!! And beer hats for hands-free drinking!!!
posted by deborah 06 August | 20:43
We've been such fools. Deborah is right.
posted by richat 06 August | 22:44
I hereby cast my vote for deborah for Captain of the SMH (Shiny Metachat Haggiscraft) Fuzzbutt. Clearly, she's the brains of this outfit.
posted by elizard 06 August | 23:55
Hey, on your way to visit the Melbourne contingent, don't forget to stop in and pick me up. I can haz paddle kayak good and your arms might be tired by the time you get here.
posted by dg 07 August | 07:21
I hereby cast my vote for deborah for Captain of the SMH (Shiny Metachat Haggiscraft) Fuzzbutt. Clearly, she's the brains of this outfit.

Seconded. dg, can you grab some fresh cold beer before we pick you up?
posted by special-k 08 August | 15:26
Sure. I can use the esky to keep me afloat until you arrive.
posted by dg 10 August | 08:54
dg :)
posted by special-k 10 August | 22:10
happy birthday dg!
posted by special-k 14 August | 12:38
yo richat where ye at?
posted by special-k 23 August | 22:12
Hey special-k! Sorry, man, I've been neglecting this grand old thread. What kind of OP am I? Man...I was away this weekend though, and just got back tonight. Just getting caught up on Nurse Jackie!

How ya been?
posted by richat 23 August | 22:26
I dunno about him, but I'm ok. though I promised to send him a package today and I didn't because I was at uni and the tim tams there were like $4.50 which is fucking daylight robbery. $2.00 usually - if you get them on sale, which I try to.

So if he's good now, he won't be when he gets this message.

Though they will be on their way when there is next a sale or I can get cheaper ones. Cos I ain't never paying that for timtams. No sirree.

P.S. I thought it was dumb in class today when someone said something like England being "you know, swing low sweet chariot kinda England" - cos that is an AMERICAN song, not English - y'know?
posted by jonathanstrange 24 August | 04:56
I'm sure -k's gonna be very understanding on the timtam front! Cos, hey, "FREE TIMTAMS", right?

As for the sweet chariot kinda England, that's really nonsense. I'm not even sure what that means? You know, that sort of old-negro-spiritual-kind-of-England?
posted by richat 24 August | 08:07
Of course, now having actually READ that whole wiki article, I now see that it was also adopted by an English Rugby crowd...So, I'm assuming that was within that context it was used?
posted by richat 24 August | 08:09
I'm in no hurry for my timtams but all I know is that it will be teh ossum when it arrives.
posted by special-k 28 August | 18:09
yo richat. I think this thread is old enough to go to college. But where? and how much is left in the college fund?
posted by special-k 02 September | 15:16
Bad news kids. I'm afraid I've blown the college fund on coke and hookers. Well, actually, on the new house. So...I'm afraid this thread will have to get a damned job instead.

What kind of things do you think this thread could do? Flip burgers? Write a new media blog? I just don't know.
posted by richat 02 September | 16:08
So BOP and elizard must be on a looonnnggg honeymoon, or sumthin. . .I haven't seen them.
posted by danf 02 September | 16:20
Who could blame them? If I was young and newly married, I'd do the same.
posted by dg 04 September | 07:16
Last I heard on twitter, elizarde was spending the days playing with her own boobs. I may have mis-read that though. Oh, and BOP was hoping his cat would come inside. AND, said cat wouldn't follow BOP on twitter due to BOP's foul-languange-using tendencies. It's been busy lately on the twitter.
posted by richat 04 September | 07:27
Bad news kids. I'm afraid I've blown the college fund on coke and hookers. Well, actually, on the new house.

Oh well. Then this thread will just have to move in with you richat. I'll set up an appointment with a career counselor.
posted by special-k 05 September | 21:10
Last I heard on twitter, elizarde was spending the days playing with her own boobs.

posted by special-k 05 September | 21:11
This thread aint getting any love.

posted by special-k 26 September | 13:04
This thread is now pants optional.
posted by special-k 09 October | 13:31
Hopefully the pants-optional status will help! I really haven't been spending enough time here of late.
posted by richat 10 October | 11:57
OMG! wb richat! We missed you around here. Did you have a good time in London?
posted by special-k 11 October | 14:52
I had a GREAT time in London, hanging out with my brother, and enjoying a pizza night at Specklet & TheDonF's place. Those two know what they are doing with the pizza, let me tell ya!
posted by richat 11 October | 15:23
yay on the vacation! and yay for meeting TheDonF and Specklet!

yo richat, did I hear you're moving this weekend?
posted by special-k 05 November | 21:38
I am moving! New house! A bunch of new furniture! So exciting and tired-making!

How's life in your part of the world, anyway?
posted by richat 05 November | 23:33
Does anyone read the posts down here?
posted by dg 06 November | 08:02
So awesome! Can't wait for a richat housewarming party!

Things in my world are going well. Lots of [good] changes. exciting times.
posted by special-k 06 November | 16:23
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by arse_hat 07 November | 19:44
Moving day went pretty well. Still a few things to go back and grab, like the whole kitchen. But, by tomorrow? I should be almost up and running! Had some friends come by and put together some IKEA stuff too, which was pretty nice!

Change can be alllllright.
posted by richat 07 November | 20:48
Well howdy-hi, fellow travelers. Glad your moving went well, richat. I'm still convinced that IKEA stuff should come with a bottle of valum and a strapping young man named Svend to help put it all together. Failing that, beer & friends will do. Good to hear you're doing well, too, sp-k. Not sure what beloved arsey's trying to tell us, but it's either shock or disapproval. Or disapproving shock. Or he's just making funny faces at us. Yeah, probably that.
posted by elizard 10 November | 12:13
Do you know what's REALLY a bummer? Me not getting mentioned in the previous post.

*goes off and pouts*
posted by danf 10 November | 12:18
elizarde! danf! Hey! Arse!

Interesting times in meatspace AND in metachat! Interesting times can be great eh?
posted by richat 10 November | 12:24
*chases danf with a feather duster, threatening huge tickle fight*

Interesting times, indeed. Also, I wrote this comment earlier today but here it wasn't. I blame the cabal.
posted by elizard 10 November | 15:10
/shakes fist at cabal.

I'm thirsty. BRB.
posted by richat 10 November | 15:15
I blame the cabal.
yeah, sorry about that. Your comment came up in the lucky draw for random deletion, which is something we do just because we like to fuck with people's minds;-)

Or would be, if there were a cabal, which there isn't.
posted by dg 10 November | 16:04
I'm thirsty. BRB

Are we out of beer again? Goddamnit. I knew I should've stopped at the liquor store on the way.

Just kidding: like I'd show up empty handed. Beer for everyone! Except for the cabal. I knew you bastards were messing with me. Well, okay, you can have one, dg. Or two. And a shot. Y'know yerrr nosso bad afterall. Here, havanother. Yer my bessssss pal.
posted by elizard 10 November | 18:13
Yeah the cabal! Damn them! And why can't I be in it too?
posted by danf 10 November | 18:42
If there was one, you would be welcome. But there isn't, so too bad.
posted by dg 10 November | 18:55
You mean I got you drunk for nothing? GodDAMNit!
posted by elizard 10 November | 19:05
I step out for a minute to get a drink, and you all get pissed up? Sheesh, you kids. I might have to ground the lot of ya.
posted by richat 10 November | 19:15
Never try to out-drink an Aussie, richat. Though you'd think as Canucks we'd be up to the task.
posted by elizard 10 November | 19:29
I am pretty sure there was a class in high school centered around drinking. And, also, I think booze was a minor of mine in university. I'm a little outta practice these days, I'll admit though. Time for a training montage!
posted by richat 10 November | 19:40
Well, elizard, seeing as you have me drubk, you have a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of me and make me do things that will have me deeply ashamed in the morning.
posted by dg 10 November | 20:11
posted by richat 10 November | 20:32
Good lord, man, I couldn't possibly!

Meet me out back in about five minutes. Now where did I put that feather duster?
posted by elizard 10 November | 21:28
I sure could use a drink. Does anyone remember if Dano ever came back from the beer run we sent him on, oh I don't know, 258 comments ago?
posted by special-k 10 November | 22:09
Dan probably drank it all himself, the jerk. Mind you, it's not easy to sort out how to share booze in a online community. It'd drive me to drink too.
posted by richat 10 November | 22:23

(quickly realizing that you are not talking about me. . .but to one of the cabal)

I'll just sit over on this pile of dirt now and wait until I am spoken to.
posted by danf 10 November | 22:34
elizard, I'm a little disappointed - I thought you would use the whole chicken.

Anyway, I'm sober now, so you've missed your chance to be disappointed.

Anyone seen danf lately?
posted by dg 11 November | 01:34
Hey richat.

posted by arse_hat 11 November | 01:36
Haven't seen him. Just when I restocked the fridge, too. Oh, well. More
beer for us, eh?
posted by elizard 11 November | 11:06
Hope there's some cider in there too - beer is not on my list of self-approved alcoholic beverages.
posted by dg 11 November | 15:57
Hell yeah. I'm a cider person myself, though, so we may have to arm wrestle if supplies get low.
posted by elizard 11 November | 16:04
MMMMM cider. I got some fancy cider as a housewarming gift, but haven't cracked it open yet!
posted by richat 11 November | 16:05
Er, I mean, I *don't* have any cider. HONEST.
posted by richat 11 November | 16:07
I make a kickass cider. 16% alcohol by volume. Time for a new batch!
posted by special-k 11 November | 17:13
imma stop at richat's first though. Just to be sure.
posted by special-k 11 November | 17:14
Hmmm. I think I may have to find out more about this whole "making your own cider" business, special-k.
posted by richat 11 November | 17:31
Indeed. Tell us more.
posted by elizard 11 November | 19:42
I see what you're trying to do here and it ain't gonna work.
posted by dg 11 November | 21:57
posted by dg 11 November | 21:57
posted by richat 11 November | 21:59
It's all about the timing, baby!
posted by dg 11 November | 22:12
Yeah, well....604! WOOHOO! YEAH!
posted by richat 11 November | 22:33
You know...looking back at my grand ol' 500th post in this thread, I was reminded of TimTams. I looked for them when I was in the UK, just in case, you know? AND NO TIMTAMS.
posted by richat 11 November | 22:37
I have never had a TimTam. And now I am sad.
posted by elizard 11 November | 23:19
Come and see me - I'll give you all the Tim Tams you can eat!

I'll even give you some of the Bundaberg Royal Liqueur I bought in Bundaberg on the weekend. You have to appreciate that any drink that is only available from the distillery itself (located in a country town in Central Queensland) must be good. It's even so secret that the page I linked is not linked from their Web site (maybe that's why there's no formatting?) and there's no real way to even know it exists without visiting the distillery, because it's not advertised anywhere. It's very, very, very nice on the rocks with some cream laid on top of it from a squeeze bottle :-)
posted by dg 12 November | 03:45

I want that. it sounds amazing.

Also, I'm tired. And I think you all should try tim tams.
posted by jonathanstrange 12 November | 04:25
HOLY CRAP that liqueur sounds good. I'd be well on my way to a girl-drink-drunk if I got my hands on that.

And, I'm sorry that JS is tired. Unless it's one of those tired-because-life's-been-so-much-damned-fun kinda tired.
posted by richat 12 November | 09:38
Yeah, we first came across it last year when we did the distillery tour. We took two bottles back to the campground and drank them both that night, so had to make another visit to get some to take home ;-)
posted by dg 12 November | 18:14
oh hai JS!
posted by special-k 12 November | 19:02
Oh how can I resist? Packing my bags now. Can we do a TimTam slam with the liqueur, or would that be too much?
posted by elizard 13 November | 02:58
Oh I'm willing to give it a try!

but i'm all for trying it with coffee from my local coffee store.

and not just because of that huge crush on the barista that I have.

(also - OH HAI k!)

(and - I just need more coffee, richat! ;) )
posted by jonathanstrange 13 November | 04:38
Typical woman - never occurred to you that he* is a living, breathing human, did it? He's just a piece of meat to you, isn't he?

* yes, assuming - add letters as needed
posted by dg 13 November | 06:23
Ah the ol' fashioned STILL NEED MORE COFFEE tired. That's a classic. Executed by hundreds every morning.
posted by richat 13 November | 07:33
HE broke a Stack of plates this afternoon, while I was dazzling him with my wit. Or something.

I giggled, blushed, and bolted!

Oh sigh sigh sigh.

If he's meat, it's more of a champion coffee making variety. ;)

that is more thN enough for me.

Also: unrelated to the nonsense of this comment : cocktails are yum!! *hic*
posted by jonathanstrange 13 November | 08:39
Oh, Google Maps, is there any route you can't plot?

Yes. :(
posted by chrismear 13 November | 09:04
So google maps isn't up to ALL kinds of stunt travel, only SOME kinds. Well those jerks at google had better step it up.
posted by richat 13 November | 09:16
Man, I am TIRED today. I don't think there's enough coffee (even from cute, meaty, baristas) to wake me up. I think it's just been a looong week. Busy weekend too. Darned kids and their activities and friends.
posted by richat 13 November | 11:05
cute, meaty, baristas

Great name for a girlband!
posted by danf 13 November | 11:08
Google Maps did give me a route from San Francisco to Melbourne via Japan and across much of Australia. I wonder if Chrismear can get directions from London to SF in which case we'd be all set.
posted by special-k 14 November | 14:05
My boss shouted us coffee in the management meeting this afternoon. When the admin girl asked what everyone wanted, we asked her to go to Hudsons, but she replied that she doesn't like the coffee there, so she was going somewhere else. But she wasn't getting a cup for herself...

Either people are strange or I'm getting old and cranky. Plus, my boss is retiring this week and I'm shit scared they are going to make me do her job. Sure, the $500 extra a week (after tax) is awesome, but fuck, the responsibility!
posted by dg 16 November | 08:37
dg, I am almost positive that people are strange. It's likely a good thing most of the time, but...yeah.

That's kind of scary, the potential for a promotion foisted upon you! Eeeep.
posted by richat 16 November | 09:33
damn dg. She sounds strange.
You should totally go chill boss on them once you get promoted! Mimosas at work on Friday. and such.
posted by special-k 16 November | 20:49
Is this where the Jonathanstrange birthday after party is supposed to take place? I brought Cider, Beer and cupcakes.
posted by special-k 22 November | 15:29
It likely WOULD have been a nice spot for a birthday, but I fear I was out most of the day...being a bad host in here it would seem. Is there much cider left? I do like the cider.

I first typoed that as I do LIVE the cider which, while perhaps more accurate than I'd like, it not entirely true
posted by richat 22 November | 20:00
No worries, richat. She's still a bit hungover and thus late. I knew dg and elizard would finish the cider quickly so I stashed a couple of bottles for you!
posted by special-k 23 November | 23:54
*ouch* my head hurts.

*flops into corner with an empty bottle and smeared makeup and a torn dress*


/me is still drnkered
posted by jonathanstrange 24 November | 03:07
Umm, those bottles you stashed? They aren't cider any more ...
posted by dg 24 November | 04:22
posted by arse_hat 28 November | 01:56
cider... man.. I re-read fantastic mr fox since I'm hanging out for the film, and i was craving cider like crazy
so I ended up getting a bottle from the bottle-o the other day, and I drank it in celebration of my promotion.

Best. Thing. Ever. (the cider, that is, not the promotion, though that was pretty nice too)
posted by jonathanstrange 28 November | 02:10
It's true, JS, that cider is super good at being the best-thing-ever. I've noticed that a few times!
posted by richat 28 November | 06:24
I missed the beer, the cider and the non existent timtams.

*flops on sofa, pouts*
posted by lysdexic 28 November | 07:19
Well, as disinclined as I am to turn this into a philosophical debate, lysdexic, I'm not sure HOW you can miss NON-EXISTANT tim-tams. Mind you...I kind of miss them too.
posted by richat 28 November | 08:31
I so loved the movie. I really want to see it again NOW. Too bad I cannot get the DVD yet. and Cider. Must. Drink. Moar.
posted by special-k 29 November | 20:40
Come to aus then, not even out at the cinemas here yet. Can't. Wait.
posted by jonathanstrange 29 November | 21:30
You know what's a bummer? Just noticing a thread that's been going on for >600 comments for since April. Another episode of /me not paying attention.
posted by octothorpe 29 November | 23:17
Wow. So THIS is where everybody's been.
posted by Miko 29 November | 23:20
Welcome to cabal-headquarters! Wait, there IS no cabal!
posted by richat 30 November | 09:15
Just noticing a thread that's been going on for >600 comments for since April.

Since April 2008 just to be clear.
posted by special-k 30 November | 19:53
Cabal? What cabal? We may have cider. or not. But look, there's still some cake left over from jonathanstrange's birthday.
posted by special-k 30 November | 19:55

I mean, sometimes anyway. Apparently I would like some cake right now.
posted by richat 30 November | 19:57
Since April 2008 just to be clear.

Oh, sure. No one tells me anything. *sniff*
posted by octothorpe 30 November | 22:33
I finally had to bookmark the thing. Anybody up for pecan pie? I'm stuffed.
posted by lysdexic 02 December | 11:22
I have been craving tiramisu on and off for MONTHS. I really need to get some tiramisu.
posted by richat 02 December | 11:34
You and your damned tiramisu. Just take the freaking garbage out already, will you?
posted by danf 02 December | 11:39
I know eh? It's pretty bad when people on the INTERNET are getting tired of me wanting tiramisu.
posted by richat 02 December | 11:43
There was a MetaTalk thread a few weeks back, about your tiramisu thing. The Banhammer loomed large. I am surprised you did not hear about it. Quite a dustup.
posted by danf 02 December | 11:50
I had no idea. Geez...I guess I'd better pay more attention. I can only assume that someone spoke up in my defense. To whomever that was, a hearty, tiramisu-less thank you!
posted by richat 02 December | 13:47
I think konolia did.
posted by danf 02 December | 13:56
Well that's interesting.
posted by richat 02 December | 13:59
Phfffffft, it was me. I spoke up for richat, my brother in tiramisu.

Wait. That image is a little weird. Accurate, but weird.
posted by Elsa 02 December | 14:11
It's been funny...I posted on facebook, asking where to get GOOD tiramisu in town. So far, I've have people suggest a restaurant that's closed, one in Toronto, and another local place that no longer makes tiramisu. It's not as easy as all that, apparently. Oh, yeah, one person suggested that their mother makes great tiramisu. DOESN'T HELP ME DOES IT?

posted by richat 02 December | 17:45
Maybe your friend was discreetly inviting you to his/her mother's place for a bit of tiramisu if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Man, I haven't had tiramisu in years! And here I actually mean "tiramisu."
posted by Elsa 02 December | 19:00
Are you guys actually talking about tiramisu? or is this some kind of euphemism that I am unaware of??
posted by special-k 02 December | 20:09
I think we're talking about actual tiramisu. I think anyway.
posted by richat 02 December | 20:17
Oh hey, tiramisu update:

Last weekend, while in Toronto visiting my brother and his new apartment (well, in truth I went to visit the apartment, him I can take or leave) we walked down the The Standard, on College and I FINALLY had some freak tiramisu! It was a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

Ok, maybe it wasn't. And I actually do like my brother more than his apartment. I've turned this thread into a thread of LIES.
posted by richat 13 December | 14:53
I met your brothers apartment once. At a bar in terminal 3 of the Singapore airport. He even bought me a round of drinks.
posted by special-k 13 December | 19:32
Yeah, that apartment of his, is really a hell of a guy.
posted by richat 13 December | 19:38
Now this is odd. I was checking out google wave, and end up here, of all places!
posted by danf 14 December | 21:49
Of ALL places! Who would have believed it?!
posted by richat 14 December | 22:58
At least you got something useful out of Wave.
posted by octothorpe 15 December | 07:38
Now this is odd. I was checking out google wave, and end up here, of all places!

This thread works in magical ways.
posted by special-k 15 December | 18:48
octothorpe made me chuckle.

And yes, I think this thread is oddly magical. Things looking up at all special-k?
posted by richat 15 December | 18:53
A little bit, richat. My (kind and awesome) boss just found a way to extend my contract by another few months while we continue to apply for more grants. So, something positive.
posted by special-k 15 December | 19:18
I'm glad! Sometimes the slightest of relief is all it takes to allow the choke-hold of life take a break.

For me, right now? Listening to the New York Sessions version of Dylan's Blood on the Tracks is making me feel all nice and good. Which is sort of odd, given that record's context. But, so it goes.
posted by richat 15 December | 21:06
Off to the kitchen to pour myself some more brandy. Fancy a nip, richat? Anyone else?
posted by special-k 23 December | 21:53
Ooh, I'll take a snifter of brandy and a straw.

And some tiramisu.

And another straw.

posted by Elsa 23 December | 21:59
My dog just farted. . .that, my friends, is a bummer.
posted by danf 23 December | 23:39
oooh dog farts eh? Those ARE a bummer. My new winter dog has farted a couple times. No fun, no fun.
posted by richat 24 December | 00:54
I can't believe I missed the brandy.

I have my own supply of dog farts
posted by taz 24 December | 02:21
I can't believe I missed the brandy.

I save you some, Taz!

*hands Taz a snifter*
posted by special-k 24 December | 12:12
Happy Boxing Day!
posted by special-k 26 December | 11:32
We are having a super slushy boxing day up's always odd when it's not really really cold in the heart of the winter in Northern Ontario. This? This is a Windsor winter day. All warm and slush on the roads! Kinda gross really.
posted by richat 26 December | 12:25
Also, I'm really enjoying some oooolld Ray Charles tunes tonight. Brother Ray was something else. MAN.
posted by richat 26 December | 19:54
We don't have a dog, so I'm forced to fulfil the fart generation function in our household.

I missed the brandy too, but I'm on my second Strongbow of the evening, so I'm losing the will to care too much.

It's as hot as Hades here, humid and wet and hot and did I mention hot? Snow would be a welcome change (slush even).
posted by dg 27 December | 04:28
Snow would be a welcome change (slush even).

Wish I could send you some dg. It snowed all night and morning. damn, I love winter.
posted by special-k 27 December | 14:47
Snow on tap for tonight. Glad that I didn't hit any snow/rain/sleet on my trip from Western Mass. back down to Western PA today.
posted by octothorpe 27 December | 23:18
I'm already sick of snow.
posted by gaspode 27 December | 23:29
Well, it's pissing down with rain here now, so not so hot. Still, pissing down rain! On my holidays! Fuck off, rain - I need to mow the lawn that you made grow!
posted by dg 28 December | 17:03
They promised snow all day yesterday. We got a little splotch that melted right away. It's supposed to all melt away today.
posted by lysdexic 30 December | 08:18
It's funny, from Boxing Day and all the slush, we went to a couple of days of SO FUCKING COLD, and now it's back to just really cold. Ah, the life of a canadian.
posted by richat 30 December | 11:13
So, 2010 hey? If I was prone to exaggeration, I could say that we've been hanging out in this thread for three years now, because we started in 2008, but I'm not, so I won't.

It's still pissing with rain here most of the time and incredibly humid. Been working on the house, literally dripping with sweat, leaving a trail of sweat drops on the floor behind me as I walk around. Not a pretty sight (not that I'm ever a pretty sight).
posted by dg 01 January | 07:15
Ah yes, a new year, so full of potential. So far, it's really cold. Not just potentially cold, REAL COLD.

The super cold that has shown up has apparently made my car sad AGAIN today. So sad, it doesn't want to go anywhere, and ensures this by not starting. I may have to look into some CBT or meds for my car.
posted by richat 02 January | 15:20
Yea, pretty darn cold here. It's about 15F right now.
posted by octothorpe 02 January | 20:07
I'm back down in the valley and it's quite warm here (about 55). Excuse me while I go stuff my face with sushi.
posted by special-k 02 January | 21:54
Christ, it's even colder today, down to a big 7 degrees. Even I won't go out running in this weather (I don't think).
posted by octothorpe 03 January | 09:51
Yeah, it's dumb here too...It would be -2F here. It's also nice and windy, so they are saying the windchill is at about -24F.

I almost got my car to start mid-afternoon yesterday, but...I may have used the last life in the battery to make that attempt. Woohoo! Housebound for a second straight day! NO chance I'll go batshit insane!
posted by richat 03 January | 10:03
yowza, richat. that's a mite bracing for me. 19 with a windchill to 4 here and that's enough to keep me inside for the most part.
posted by gaspode 03 January | 10:58
Outside seems challenging today, but I kinda feel like the French Duke needs a run. I might have to bundle up and head out anyway. Might be good for me too. MAYBE.
posted by richat 03 January | 11:03
Hit the treadmill at the Y instead of running outside this afternoon. As expected for January 3rd, it was mobbed at the gym with people who I've never seen there.
posted by octothorpe 03 January | 13:15
This thread has become Twitter. . that, my friends, is a bummer.
posted by danf 05 January | 18:41
Do you say that because I mentioned the French Duke on the twitter too?

I wonder if we could somehow MONETIZE this thread, and all retire? Well, those of us who aren't currently retired anyway. Although, I suppose anyone interested could retire AGAIN, as I don't think there's really any rules on how many times ones can retire, amirite?
posted by richat 05 January | 19:27
monetize, you say? hmm.
posted by special-k 10 January | 12:16
In honor of richat becoming mod Ima brew a new batch of cider.
posted by special-k 11 January | 12:34
fresh cider! Woohoo!
posted by richat 11 January | 12:41
Mechazens in my dreams lately.

Dream #1 I have a timeshare somewhere on a beach in Croatia (note: I've never done the timeshare thing let alone been to Croatia). I show up and go out to my porch to read a book and turns out BoPo is my neighbor! w00t! We hung out for a bit, drank some beers and then my alarm went off.

Dream #2 I was driving to some sort of reunion (not HS). I pass this woman driving a green Subaru Forrester and I looked in and it was Steweriffic! or so I thought. Then I show up at the reunion and realize it is filled with people I totally dislike. Also, the building/cabin where we were supposed to stay was designed by a weirdo architect. Long narrow hallways that turned at obnoxiously sharp angles. the building also had very little natural light. I got claustrophobic within 10 minutes and decided to just go pitch a tent outside (luckily I always have one in my car). While I was setting up, I saw stew again smoking on a picnic table. I was about to walk over and say hey Stew! whatcha doing here and then *beep* *beep* *beep* 530 AM.
posted by special-k 21 January | 20:39
I think it's cool that I showed up in someone's dream. I think it's entirely PERCECT that I was on vacation and beer was had. Apparently your dream took place somewhere in my inner life. Which is Croatia. Or something.
posted by BoringPostcards 21 January | 21:54
Betcha didn't know your inner life was in Croatia, eh?
posted by richat 21 January | 21:58
Also, it's kinda post this comment...and then...
posted by richat 21 January | 22:00
700 comments! Bahahahaha!
posted by richat 21 January | 22:01
Who's blue Volvo is parked behind me? Can you move so I can like get to work and do stuff? kthxbai!
posted by special-k 26 January | 16:37
IF I had a Volvo, which I don't, it would NOT be blue. So there.

So who else's day/week is sucking donkey balls? Just mine?
posted by richat 26 January | 17:05
That sucks Richat. I can feel my week quickly heading that way.
posted by special-k 26 January | 21:56
Would you care for some tater tots and home made ketchup? It's cheering me up.
posted by rhapsodie 26 January | 22:24
My week started out bad and has gotten worse. The new company that bought my company seemed determined to keep us from doing any work.
posted by octothorpe 26 January | 22:58
Home made ketchup? I've never entertained the idea, but it now sits in mind with great ease. This could be because i want all your tater tots. Recipe and all your potato products, please.
posted by ethylene 26 January | 23:12
Man, tater tots. TATER TOTS. tater tots. Those are some of the funnest syllables that this language has to offer.

Work is dumb, as is ever thus, so...I'll survive, as we all will.
posted by richat 26 January | 23:44
Here's the ketchup recipe I used, and it actually tastes fresh like tomatoes; you don't realize how little store-bought ketchup doesn't taste like tomatoes until you have it fresh like this. It's a lot sweeter than anything you'll get in the store, and while its sweetness is growing on me, next time I will still use less sugar.

1 large can whole tomatoes
2 garlic cloves, sliced
1 medium onion, diced
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon tomato paste
2/3 cup packed dark brown sugar
1/2 cup cider vinegar
1/2 teaspoon salt

Puree tomatoes with juice from the can in a blender until smooth.

Cook onion in oil in a 4-quart heavy saucepan over until soft. Add tomatoes, tomato paste, brown sugar, vinegar, and salt and simmer, uncovered, stirring occasionally, until very thick, about 1 hour.

Puree ketchup in 2 batches in blender until smooth (use caution when blending hot liquids). Chill, covered, at least 2 hours for flavors to develop.

It freezes well and makes awesome Christmas gifts with homemade mustard.
posted by rhapsodie 26 January | 23:54
ossum Valette! Ima try that this weekend!
posted by special-k 27 January | 00:35
I just spent my entire day talking about Bj's, poop, farting, and dik diks. All for WORK! With my boss and colleagues.

God I love being a scientist.

* Bj was an unfortunately named parameter in a survivorship model.
posted by special-k 28 January | 00:24
I don't know anyone who doesn't like a little dik dik.
posted by notquitemaryann 28 January | 00:48
So who else's day/week is sucking donkey balls? Just mine?
No, not just yours.
posted by dg 28 January | 06:29
fwiw, my week's getting better. Which is nice.
posted by richat 28 January | 07:07
I don't know anyone who doesn't like a little dik dik.

Like srsly. I mean look at him. ≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by special-k 28 January | 17:01
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by special-k 28 January | 17:02
The world needs more dik diks. I caught a glimpse of one in an encyclopedia when i was a kid. That was the last time it's come up 'til now.
posted by ethylene 28 January | 20:52
fwiw, my week's getting better. Which is nice.
I'm happy for you. The only reason mine hasn't got worse is because it can't.
posted by dg 29 January | 06:24
Friday is fast approaching. Shall we meet up for happy hour somewhere?
posted by special-k 02 February | 23:43
Good idea. How about the inside of a cider bottle?
posted by dg 03 February | 06:55
Yeah, I like the sound of that location. It's a nice place, that place.
posted by richat 03 February | 08:51
Hey, dg, things looking any better over your way?
posted by richat 03 February | 08:52
Hey, dg, things looking any better over your way?

I hope so. If not, then you definitely need this happy hour.
posted by special-k 03 February | 18:30
I don't know anyone who doesn't like a little dik dik.

My queer daughter might take exception but no way I'm going anywhere near that question with her.
posted by danf 03 February | 18:43
Yo peeps. I think some event of great significance just transpired. I can feel it. Just me or any of you guys too?
posted by special-k 07 February | 22:49
I'm not sure. I mean, some stuff definitely happened, but its significance, well I'm not sure on that front.
posted by richat 08 February | 08:30
Hey, dg, things looking any better over your way?
No. You know how you sometimes feel that at lest things can't get any worse? That feeling lies. Things can always get worse.
posted by dg 10 February | 07:18
Things can be jerks.
posted by richat 10 February | 10:05
Have I ever mentioned how sick I am of snow?
posted by octothorpe 15 February | 16:56
I'm not sure it's been brought up yet, no. I was reflecting upon reading that comment, and I've realized that so far, we've got off with less snow that usual. Still crazy mofo-cold, but not too much accumulation. It's kinda nice. Clearing the mouth of the driveway after a heavy snow is one of my least favourite things in the world.
posted by richat 15 February | 17:41
It's gone a bit quiet down here.
posted by dg 26 February | 07:37
Yeah. I'd go on a beer run, but I'm afraid of what I'd miss.
posted by lysdexic 26 February | 08:08
I haven't heard much from special-k lately...hope all is well in his world!

I am pretty sure a beer run would be fine. In fact, appreciated!
posted by richat 26 February | 09:23
How can you be sick of snow? It's beautiful and fluffy, makes for lovely pictures and fun times for kids and adults alike. What could be bad about that?

disclaimer: I have never seen snow
posted by dg 27 February | 19:52
NEVER? Wow...that's somehow quite amazing to me, despite the fact that it's likely quite common.

It's not the snow, really, that I tire of, it's the cold that comes with it.
posted by richat 28 February | 01:56
dg, we've had almost four feet of snow in February. It was fun in a "wow nature is still pretty powerful" way for a while but now I'm tired of shoveling it and slogging through it.
posted by octothorpe 28 February | 15:22
NEVER? Wow...that's somehow quite amazing to me, despite the fact that it's likely quite common.
Just like there are probably lots of people who have never swum in the ocean, I guess, yet I've lived near it all my life.
posted by dg 03 March | 06:51
Dammit, man, go jump in that freaking OCEAN!
posted by richat 03 March | 09:53
Hmmm, I think I, once again, failed to communicate what my brain was thinking. I've swum in the ocean many many times. But there are lots of people who never have, because they live too far away and have never travelled there. My point was that it's just as strange to me imagining never having seen the ocean as it must be for you imagining what it's like for me never having seen snow.

If you don't get that, you can go jump in a lake ;-)
posted by dg 12 March | 08:33

also, where the heck is special-k?
posted by richat 12 March | 10:36
He's just behind you.
posted by dg 12 March | 17:27
Weird. I really hadn't noticed him back there!
posted by richat 12 March | 19:34
Who wants some ice cream?
posted by rhapsodie 14 March | 00:24
Lets all scream!
posted by arse_hat 14 March | 00:56
*screams for ice cream*

Mmmmm, ice cream. One my my greatest weaknesses.
posted by dg 14 March | 08:07
I was just reminiscing this morning about this ice cream place that I used to go to as a kid. I *think* it was in Windsor, but I can't recall for sure. What I do remember is that they had a 600 scoops deal with tons of bananas, fudge, etc etc that they called the "Pig Pen". It was served in a stainless bowl sitting in a wooden trough. IF you could finish it, you got to carve your name in the trough, AND it was free!

I never did try, despite finding it all QUITE fascinating.
posted by richat 14 March | 18:32
I'd hit that.
posted by dg 15 March | 07:28
I said I'D HIT THAT!
posted by dg 05 April | 06:00
I'd offer to drive the 8 hours to see if I can find a pigpen for you, dg, but I'm not sure it'd survive the trip to YOU afterward. Maybe just try some local stunt eating?

P.S. Soooo hungover.
posted by richat 05 April | 13:07
Had to sneak in here and with BOP a happy birthday! And that, my friends is decidedly NOT a bummer.
posted by danf 13 April | 15:47
Nothing bummer-like about that at all, danf. I am still wondering where special-k is though. I've debated making a post about his absence, but...don't wanna seem alarmist!
posted by richat 13 April | 16:00
richat, special-k has an email address in his profile where he says that he's not participating here but you can email him.
posted by octothorpe 20 April | 15:09
Oh weird...I could have sworn I'd looked at his profile recently and NOT seen anything like that. Well good to know that there's a REASON behind things!
posted by richat 20 April | 15:14
Hey, guys! I found the Strongbow but it took me FOREVER and I had to go to like 50 stores but I also grabbed some cigarettes and these weird chile-dusted dried mango slices I found at this gas station and you wouldn't believe how hard it was to find that Strongbow it was like one of those dreams where you have to be somewhere and do some stuff but you never get there or do it and....

Hey, where'd everybody go?
posted by elizard 11 May | 09:03
I'm still here! I think others are too, periodically. I think a few might have grown tired of waiting for Strongbow.

I'm excited because the recent popularity of English cider up here has meant that they are bringing in more and more brands of cider. I've got some Bulmers in my fridge right now, and am looking forward to having one :-)

I figure I should hold off 'til I'm done with the percoset before I dip back into the booze too hard!
posted by richat 11 May | 09:46
Hi! *waves excitedly*

I can't tell you how excited I am that we finally have Strongbow here. Unless I have already. Which I think I have. So I guess I can. And did.

Sorry I took so long. I did buy out the store, though, so there'll be lots for everyone. Glad you're healing up, good sir. I'll guard these six...okay 12...with my life. They'll be nice and cold when you're ready.

I really did find chile-dusted dried mango slices at the local gas station. You know what? They're surprisingly good. Yay, weird gas station food scores. You take your life into your hands, but sometimes it's worth it.
posted by elizard 11 May | 09:53
Heh, I can imagine that it must be exciting to finally get your hands on some decent cider! It's funny...for years all I knew of cider was that crappy "grower's direct" fruit juice crap, the stuff that was worse than the WORST wine coolers.

Then, a couple summers ago, I was sitting at my local (the ol' Laughing Buddha) and a friend ordered a "Sir Perry's" which, as it turns out, is a pear cider. I had one that night, then another, then I realized what a fun, fast drunk cider can be! That summer, Sir Perry's was pretty hard to come by, so I bought 24 500ml cans at one point, just to be sure. So, I can relate to the need to buy out a store!

So far, I've managed to come across Strongbow, Blackthorn, Sir Perry's, Magners, Stowford Press (which is pretty good) and now, Bulmers. I had some Bulmers while I was in the UK last fall, so it's one I know I like. Hopefully the same flood of brands is heading your way!
posted by richat 11 May | 10:03
Yeah, lots of brands starting to show up here. I haven't seen one yet that I like as much as Strongbow, which is also starting to show up in some pubs on tap.
posted by dg 26 May | 07:02
Keep me away from cider. It goes down too easy and then you find that you're checking your phone or twiiter and by fuck there is a drunken message from me to you on it.

posted by jonathanstrange 26 May | 07:19
I think, perhaps, jonathanstrange, that you need a tricky "drinking lock" on that phone of yours :-)

Yeah, many a Wednesday over the last couple summers, I've come home to cold cider in the fridge and realized that I've ended up drunk while quenching my thirst! Plus, they tend to come in such large cans!

/shakes his fist at Sir Perry
posted by richat 26 May | 07:40
But jonathanstrange, you only love me when you're drunk.
posted by danf 26 May | 07:47
Heh, a friend of mine gave up drinking at the start of this year because, every time she started drinking, she inevitably started texting her ex ...
posted by dg 28 May | 16:39
I'm so glad that texting/twitter/facebook didn't exist back when I was drinking a lot. Not to mention camera phones. /me shudders at the thought of the pictures that could have been taken in the '80s.
posted by octothorpe 30 May | 17:40
Aw come on! There's lots of time for us ALL to embarrass ourselves with electronic help!

Wait. I'm not sure that was clear.
posted by richat 30 May | 19:10
Another thing that is a bummer? When people assume they aren't missed when they are, in fact, missed!

Also, I'd like some pie and cider, and cats and free boots. Think that about sums it up.

Oh, and I don't understand that gif at all, arsh_hat. I mean, I like it, but I don't think I get it.
posted by richat 08 June | 20:12
I also want pie, cider, cats and boots. I very nearly twittered that earlier today.
posted by ethylene 08 June | 20:17
richat, it a profound statement on the human condition AND it's mostly blue in color. An affective state entailing a dis-pleasurable characteristic. It could be cured by an application of some pie and cider, and cats and free boots.
posted by arse_hat 13 June | 00:20
Dude, what CAN'T be cured with the application of pie, cider, cats and boots? Ok, maybe cancer. THAT'S IT THOUGH.
posted by richat 13 June | 11:36
Sweating, although the cider may make you care less. Still, you'd be amazing at the amount of sweating that can happen.
The humidity, it is my enemy.
posted by ethylene 13 June | 11:47
Pie, cider, cats and boots sounds good, although I don't think I could eat a whole cat by myself.

I'm quite familiar with the easy-going-down nature of cider, unfortunately. I find it helps to somewhat quench my thirst with water first, lest the first couple go down, well, like water. I can easily get through a couple of stubbies while mowing the lawn - whoever it was that thought of putting drink-holders on ride-on mowers was a fucking genius, I tell ya!
posted by dg 21 June | 21:47
hah! dg, I've learned to do the same thing when I hit a patio - I always order a big glass of water WITH my cider. Helps a LOT.

Oddly, this summer has been all about the whiskey and water though. Lots of ice. Cold whiskey. YUM. Also, when you only need water as mix, it's pretty portable.
posted by richat 22 June | 09:35
Potable, also.
posted by dg 06 July | 19:21
har dee har har, dg.
posted by richat 06 July | 19:28
I'm into bloody marys and mulled wine at the moment. MMmmmmm. Winter cocktails for the motherfucking win.
posted by jonathanstrange 06 July | 19:42
But, it's NOT WINTER.

/not hemispherist.
posted by richat 06 July | 19:58
Just lay off for a few hours before you start driving us to Vermont, won't you? Once we're on the road, you can drink as much as you want, though because everyone knows it's only drinking then driving that's a problem.
posted by dg 06 July | 19:58
I think you make a lot of sense, dg.
posted by richat 06 July | 20:11
Yeah, might not seem so sensible when we're floundering around in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in a rental car being driven by jonathanstrange, who is steering with her feet while standing up through the sunroof with her top off.
posted by dg 06 July | 22:27
At least you know I won't be taking my top off while I'm still in Victoria. too bloody freezing.

Plus... I would need to have a VERY good bartender for me to get that drunk. I might have sent a few inappropriate text messages, mind, but taking my top off is a whole nother level of drnkerdness.
posted by jonathanstrange 06 July | 22:40
Well, it's a long drive and you never know what might happen. With the right sort of motivation, I'm sure I can muster up suitable bar-tending skills.
posted by dg 06 July | 22:47
You know, you step away from a thread for a bit and the next thing you know, people are clamouring to become great bartenders. Happens EVERY TIME.
posted by richat 06 July | 23:20
I've told you at least a million times not to exaggerate!
posted by dg 07 July | 17:47
Now that's my kind of bunny!
posted by dg 13 July | 01:05
That's great! Oh, Bunny of Disappointment, you haunt us so!
posted by richat 13 July | 05:47
I'm starting to think that it's going to be hot forever.
posted by octothorpe 23 July | 06:59
It does start to feel like that eventually, doesn't it?

My guess? It won't be hot forever. IF that helps at all :-)
posted by richat 23 July | 08:01
Yea, no. Doesn't help at all. We're thinking about a hotel room for tonight just to get some sleep.
posted by octothorpe 24 July | 10:38
I'm starting to think that it's going to be cold forever.
posted by dg 25 July | 18:14
I've never felt so bad to be having a varied-temperature time of things. Sorry guys.

One thing I've noted in the past is that usually when I'm tired of being too hot, OR too cold, a pile of booze usually helps. Just an idea.
posted by richat 25 July | 18:31
Went and rented a room last night in a Comfort Suites and cranked up the AC to 11, slept great. But now I'm back in the sweltering victorian shack and stupidly sitting here with a hot laptop on my lap. I'm actually looking forward to work tomorrow.
posted by octothorpe 25 July | 18:40
Sounds like a lousy time! Oh, and maybe the pile of booze isn't a great idea where work's concerned!
posted by richat 25 July | 18:48
Actually, the pile of booze makes even more sense where work's concerned!
posted by dg 25 July | 20:21
Well, then, DO IT. Yeah! Let's all show up drunk Monday, and if we ALL do it, they can't fire EVERYONE, can they? I'm sure my logic's totally sound here.

Of course, I'm on vacation this week, so I won't be there. But, you know, in solidarity, I might be convinced to get drunk Monday.
posted by richat 25 July | 21:55
The thing about work is that it's air conditioned. I find myself working hours like 8:30AM to 7:30PM just so I can hang out in the cold cold air.
posted by octothorpe 25 July | 23:17
How hot IS it where you are, octothorpe?

I've had days like that too, when it just doesn't pay to LEAVE work!
posted by richat 26 July | 09:19
It was in the low nineties last week with high humidity (and lots of ozone in the city) but it's cooled down a lot since yesterday's storms. I guess that it was even hotter on the east coast so I shouldn't complain too much.

I do much better in the cold than the heat, at least you can put more clothes on.
posted by octothorpe 26 July | 15:00
Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the heat as well...I tend to find I shut down physically when it gets too hot. I like to think I can actually hear my motors droning to a crawl.
posted by richat 26 July | 15:07
You know what's coming next, don't you?
posted by dg 27 July | 02:09
posted by dg 27 July | 02:10
I just unfavorited something in MeFi in order for my favorites and favorited posts and comments to both be palindromic. Is that shallow or what?
posted by danf 11 August | 12:41
To whit:

Favorites: 787
Favorited by others: 878
posted by danf 11 August | 13:27
I think it's a clear sign of an organized mind, really. And, evidence that the entire universe ISN'T chaos. Just most of it.
posted by richat 11 August | 13:39
I agree. Of course, you will no doubt be presented with proof of that chaos shortly, because one of those numbers is not in your control.

In fact, I'm tempted to do and favourite a comment of yours just to introduce that very chaos.
posted by dg 11 August | 16:58
How do you know that my comment was not, indeed, a ruse to get more favorites?
posted by danf 11 August | 17:33
Well, that won't work now that you've outed yourself - instead, I might go and un-favourite something. Same effect, with no added ego-stroking. :-P
posted by dg 11 August | 17:50
That would only work if you have favorited something of mine in the first place.
posted by danf 11 August | 17:57
I think all we've learned today is that dg is NOT to be messed with.
posted by richat 11 August | 17:58
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by arse_hat 12 August | 15:07
Bahaha...I love the look on SB's face!
posted by richat 12 August | 15:15
posted by lysdexic 21 August | 23:35
/waves to everyone.
posted by richat 29 September | 14:45
So is this the only long running MeCha thread? Are people hiding somewhere else?
posted by octothorpe 07 October | 13:24
I'm here and I demand pie.
posted by youngergirl44 07 October | 15:37
Pie WOULD be nice. It really would.
posted by richat 07 October | 16:12
I've been toying with the idea of a bacon cheesecake. It's not really pie, I know, but it doesn't feel like cake to me. Anyway, I was thinking about somehow putting crumbled bacon into the crust or using bacon grease. But I've never made cheesecake before, so I don't even know how it works. Except that you need one of those fancy pans, which I have.
posted by youngergirl44 07 October | 16:23
Hmmm. I can't see how adding bacon could be BAD. Some cheesecakes seem to lean toward a more savoury flavour anyway, right? And, I mean, if you've GOT THE PAN, then you're more than halfway there, I'd say.
posted by richat 07 October | 16:27
Bacon cheesecake update: I have not made it, but everyone I've suggested it to since yesterday thinks it's an awful idea. How could bacon with anything be awful?
posted by youngergirl44 08 October | 16:28
Some people have no vision, youngergirl. I wouldn't let it slow you down!
posted by richat 08 October | 16:45
Do we count as people you've suggested it to? Because I think it sounds like GENIUS.

Every time I've added bacon to a sweet baked good, it's turned out to be ridiculously incredibly absurdly good. Recent winners have been bacon-bourbon caramel corn and bacon cinnamon streusel coffeecake. Both of those presented a storage problem (or would have, if they'd lasted long enough to do so), but since the cheesecake will need to be refrigerated anyhow, that shouldn't be an issue.

In your place, I think I'd mix cooked chopped bacon into the crumb crust (and use a bit of bacon fat along with butter to bind the crust) and sprinkle the top of the cheesecake with (slightly less crisp) chopped bacon, maybe partway through the baking so it doesn't sink to the bottom. Maybe even candied bacon?

Just an idea. If you have a vision, go for it!
posted by Elsa 08 October | 17:44
If adding bacon to anything is bad, I don't want to be good.
posted by dg 31 October | 22:15
Yeah, I can't see it being a bad idea AT ALL. Not one tiny bit. In fact, I would like some bacon now.
posted by richat 01 November | 09:50
Baaaaaaacon. My sister and I went out for memorial BLTs (long story), but I was not in the mood for BLTs: I had fried green tomatoes, mac & cheese, and arugula*. I could eat a BLT right now, though. NOM.

* You know what woulda gone well with that? SOME BACON.
posted by Elsa 01 November | 10:40
dammit, I want bacon a LOT now. Sadly, I have no bacon.
posted by richat 01 November | 15:31
Richat, here!
posted by danf 01 November | 16:08
danf! That's great!
posted by richat 01 November | 16:50
*Ponders what bacon-flavoured icecream would taste like*
posted by dg 09 November | 21:39
I dunno, but I have a feeling it wouldn't be in my top 5 flavours of all time, that's for sure.
posted by richat 09 November | 23:23
Yeah, I can't really see this in the 'two great tastes that taste great together' category somehow. I guess I'll have to stick to the ideal meal of bacon, then icecream.
posted by dg 10 November | 01:14
I made maple syrup snow candy with bacon when we had those Big Snows. Good times.

Bacon flavored ice cream would have to be Vanilla, or Heavenly Hash with bacon bits. Preferably hickory smoked. Bacon is a side flavor, not the whole meal.
posted by lysdexic 10 November | 12:19 hungry now.
posted by richat 10 November | 19:20
Why can't bacon be a whole meal?
posted by dg 15 November | 22:55
You can try, but I think you'd run out of bacon before getting full.

And if you had enough bacon to get full, I think the salt would desiccate you before you left the table.
posted by lysdexic 16 November | 07:43
A meal doesn't have to end with you being full. I don't see any problem with eating, say, 8-10 rashers of bacon and calling that a meal. It's just as much a meal as a bowl of cereal is.
posted by dg 16 November | 17:27
There's also something sort of delightful about a bacon-based thirst, I think.
posted by richat 16 November | 17:30
... which is best quenched by the application of liberal quantities of cider. Win-win!
posted by dg 16 November | 22:49
Baking update: There is a pumpkin pie in the oven now, but I just used canned pumpkin. I wussed out again. Bacon cheesecake is still just a vision.
posted by youngergirl44 25 November | 17:52
As long as you have cider, you can be forgiven for the lack of bacon-related baked goods.
posted by dg 25 November | 20:18
I'd just like to say this: "Oh what a vision, this bacon cheesecake!"
posted by richat 26 November | 18:47
You know what's a bummer? Yeah, that.
posted by dg 12 December | 22:05
That eh? I never minded that.
posted by richat 13 December | 18:18
Upthread was SO much more amusing. Just sayin.'
posted by danf 13 December | 18:31
Be the change you want to see...

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by lysdexic 13 December | 18:54
Because this is the place where all the cool kids hang out, I'll leave my sole Christmas greeting here. I hope you have a good one and get some time to relax and spend plenty of time with those portions of your family and friends that give you joy and a minimal amount with the rest.
posted by dg 23 December | 18:47
dg - right back atcha! I'm heading south tomorrow with the girls...and will be back in a couple days. Should be hectic and filled with laughter. I'm looking forward to it!
posted by richat 23 December | 20:43
nah, this cool kid usually drops in and decides she's too cool to leave a comment.

Heh. Happy New Year, dg!
posted by gaspode 23 December | 20:53
So, this thread is now into it's fourth year of life, if I'm allowed to play with math! If I'm not, well screw you, I LIKE using math to make things sound more impressive. IT's sunday and I'm lashing out. Sorry.

/drops pants, realizes it too cold for those kinds of shenanigans.
posted by richat 09 January | 11:04
This thread is so old that I feel the need to be extra witty here but I don't really have anything interesting to say at all.
posted by octothorpe 16 January | 23:22
How old IS this thread?
posted by danf 17 January | 00:23
C'mon, audience: HOW OLD IS IT?

"When it sits around the house, it really sits around the house, ahahahahaha."

Wait. That's wrong.
posted by Elsa 17 January | 00:29
Is it old enough to understand a Johny Carson reference?
posted by octothorpe 17 January | 08:42
It really is an ancient thread, no two ways about it. It's got legs, one might say.

Has everyone seen this? It's an oldie, internet-wise, but it came up at dinner last night and I spent some time laughing my ass off at that crazy, LSD-fueled lizard.
posted by richat 17 January | 11:38
I'm sitting in a classroom, at great expense to my employer, and really all I can do it look out the window. The "teacher" is in Vancouver, I am in Toronto, and I'm watching a powerpoint slideshow and listening to a conference call. What a silly way to spend money.

The fact that I have a cold isn't helping with my abilty to remain intersted in course components that have ZERO bearing on my company's reality.

Add to that the tendency to let my mind wander to this new girl I'm seeing? Well, dammit, that's enough to make me visit an old thread and blather aloud.
posted by richat 08 February | 15:14
Yeah, I've been there a few times. The last time I got sucked into attending a 'Webinar', the only thing I got out of it was that the knowledge they could have just e-mailed me the fucking PowerPoint slideshow and let me read it myself. What's the point in all that technology just so I can listen to some twat read a slideshow aloud word-for-word?

On the other hand, I just got approval to attend this ~$6k conference in May. I guess being excited about something like this makes me a geek of the highest order, which is fine by me.
posted by dg 08 February | 17:14
Yeah, I can't stand when people read slides. Such a waste of resources and time. Wait, I suppose time IS a resource. So, yeah, just RESOURCES.

Tonight I wandered around downtown and ate a lousy shawarma. Balances out last night's fantastic meal. I have high hopes for tomorrow night too.
posted by richat 08 February | 20:40
You know what's a bummer? When you send out lots of bunny valentines and don't get any yourself. Think I'll go eat worms.
posted by dg 16 February | 16:58
Oh, you know what's a bummer? When you didn't know someone AWESOME AND WONDERFUL was available to receive some Bunny Love, and then when you find out, it's too late to send a Valentine... but not to late to offer some MeCha snuggle-whuffles!

So sorry about that, dg! I imagine that most people only thought to send them to users who posted in the thread to indicated they were registered at Bunny Love. Will you accept my post-Valentine valentine wishes? This is the best time anyway --- all the chocolate hearts are 50% off.
posted by Elsa 16 February | 17:46
Oh, dg. Like Elsa suggested, I pretty much only sent them to ppl who posted in the thread. Would have done more, but by the time I got around to it... closed.

Pls accept double-whuffles. Onna stick.
posted by gaspode 16 February | 19:53
ah, that DOES blow! Shit!
posted by richat 16 February | 20:52
I was too late / lazy to send any this year... but I'd have sent one to all you lot if I did!
posted by jonathanstrange 17 February | 07:31
Aw, man, that is a bummer dg.

My bummer is that the job didn't hire the most qualified people, just the safest ones. How do you get to be number one while thinking like number eighteen?
posted by lysdexic 17 February | 23:25
Perhaps we can all pretend that THIS thread is a nice sunny, stress-free place for the next few weeks? We can get through spring! I'm sure of it!
posted by richat 10 March | 11:25
I can't do that, richat. It's Autumn here. Well, officially it's Autumn, but we don't really have seasons as such. I often annoy people who've lived here all their lives by pointing that out, but they just don't understand.

It is sunny, though.
posted by dg 10 March | 22:38
Also, the life-force network is obviously working well. I was thinking while driving back from a meeting a short while ago that this place has been pretty quiet lately.
posted by dg 10 March | 22:58
This is a real bummer. Was looking at the Archive page and if you look at the number of FPPs, it really looks like this place is slowly dying. In March 2006 (the most active month), there were almost 6 times as many posts as there were last month which was the least active month ever. Almost every month is quieter than the previous. Somebody with better spreadsheet skills could do a regression to see how long until we hit zero posts.
posted by octothorpe 13 March | 10:49
I think there are a range of factors at play there, though. March 2006 was a time when MeCha was extremely active, for sure and there was a marked decline for a while. There has been a resurgence since the great re-organisation, but summer is a time when sites such as this often have something of a downturn in volume as people (particularly in the US) seem to spend more time outside. It will be interesting to see if a downward trend continues as the northern hemisphere summer goes away.
posted by dg 13 March | 22:23
Huh, it's hard to argue with those numbers, isn't it? I've certainly noticed a cycle over the years, as quite times occur and new, more active users come along. I know I still check in fairly regularly, but am less active now than I've been.

At this point, I'm eager to get past the grey melty spring and into some summer time!
posted by richat 15 March | 09:26
It's awesome when I stumble across this place and remember it's here.

I think MeCha had a pretty scary nadir before the 'Great Reorganization', with a fair amount of bad feeling all around, but things have improved and we do have a lot of new members, some of whom, I presume, are reading rather than posting. 2006 was a real anomaly, I have to say, with an influx of really excited people and lots of meetups, socializing, sharing of stuff, even hookups and marriages resulting.

I do think MeCha has cleared up a lot of the intersocial issues it once had (yeah, there were a lot of posts, but a lot of anger and fighting and flouncing out, too), which leaves only a few factors to account for the quieter days we have now. One of the major ones, it has to be recognized, is FaceBook. People now do most of their online socializing there, not here. It scrolls much faster and allows a lot more features - PMing, blogging, photo tagging, etc. I know it's not the same thing, but with so many hours in a day, it's understandable that people spend many more of them somewhere they can goof around and stay in touch with IRL friends than they did when there was no such option.

So I think we're doing basically OK in a climate where all social blogs are kind of dying, and MeCha can stick around as long as it gets enough love to be actively maintained.

As for spring, I'm really encouraged to see crocuses coming up, witch hazel blooming, and snowdrops dropping. it's coming.

Also, dg, I would have sent you a Valentine too, but I pretty much stuck to those in the thread. Here's my belated Valentine for you: I ate some of the chocolates, hope that's OK. This one I only took a little bite of and I didn't like the center, so I put it back, but you could eat around it. That's how much I like you.
posted by Miko 15 March | 10:38
This one I only took a little bite of and I didn't like the center, so I put it back, but you could eat around it. That's how much I like you.

Darn it, that's one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. You're a lucky guy, dg.
posted by richat 15 March | 13:10
Eat around it hell, I don't mind sharing a bit of saliva between friends.

This reminds me of an ad that was on fairly frequently here for a chocolate bar (don't remember which one) where two friends are arguing over who gets to eat the last one. One of the friends licks the side of the bar to stop the other from wanting it, then the other grabs it and licks the other side. The ad closed with them cutting the bar in half along its length with a hacksaw. I guess it's really a visual thing, but I can't find a copy of it.
posted by dg 15 March | 17:53
Referring to our earlier (well, three years earlier) discussion about thread-killers, I just came across this incontrovertible proof that I am, in fact, the greater thread-killer than any of you. So, sucks to you all!
posted by dg 30 March | 17:40
No, you're not. So there.
posted by deborah 30 March | 23:33
I don't think you are, either, dg.

Though I may have an unfair advantage in terms of killing THIS thread.
posted by richat 31 March | 08:26
I laugh in the face of your so-called 'unfair advantage' and play my moderator card - I can close this thread any time the urge takes me.
posted by dg 03 April | 18:55
I kinda figured it'd be a darned shame if this one doesn't hit 1000 comments, you know? It seems attainable!
posted by richat 03 April | 19:19
Also, I'm guessing there aren't too many with this kinda longevity! Don't kill it dg!
posted by richat 03 April | 19:22
I don't intend to use my power, as long as you behave yourself ;-)
posted by dg 03 April | 21:05
Wonder if MY power would work to raise the thread from the dead? Can it become a zombie thread? Yikes.
posted by richat 03 April | 22:57
Now we have to behave?! *grump*
posted by deborah 04 April | 02:24
No, only richat has to behave. You can misbehave all you like.
posted by dg 04 April | 02:46
Dammit. I am not that fond of "behaving" as it does tend to be less interesting compared to "misbehaving".
posted by richat 04 April | 07:30
Well, I don't know about longevity, but you've certainly goet everyone beat for quantity in here, with your 237 comments compared to my paltry 143.
posted by dg 07 April | 22:47
*shakes dirt off body*

Can I have a glass of water?
posted by lysdexic 10 May | 23:09
Water? Not some....BRAINS?
posted by richat 11 May | 09:07
Up too late playing Minecraft, must get sleep...
posted by octothorpe 20 May | 23:52
Solved my minecraft problem by buying Civilization V.
posted by octothorpe 27 May | 23:18
Got bored with Civ V, back to Minecraft.
posted by octothorpe 14 July | 22:33
Oh, no. Did this thread finally die?
posted by octothorpe 27 September | 19:40
I'm ashamed to say I'd forgotten all about it. Thanks for the reminder!
posted by dg 27 September | 22:17
Never say die!
posted by Elsa 27 September | 22:50
Now, is there any of that cider left? I'm feeling thirsty.
posted by dg 28 September | 01:50
It's the beginning of autumn up here, dg, and I would have to agree, cider sounds like a GREAT idea. Mind you, it was also a great idea for most of the summer as well. Cider all year? WHY NOT?
posted by richat 28 September | 07:39
So September had the smallest number of posts to Metachat ever, a low of 212. Rather than whine about it, I'm going to pledge to post something daily, maybe other folks can do so too. Hate to see us drop off the back side of the network effect and since I'm about a millimeter away from dropping Facebook and I've never figured out Twitter, I need somewhere to chat.
posted by octothorpe 02 October | 08:58
oh... Wow. Have I discovered some kind of secret cool-kids club? Please don't beat me up and take my lunch money. I won't tell, promise.
posted by Eideteker 02 October | 09:07
octothorpe, why do we need new posts when we have this one?
posted by danf 02 October | 10:09
Do they still do the longboat thing on MetaTalk?
posted by octothorpe 02 October | 10:40
Are you sure you aren't all coyly angling to be 900?

(octothorpe does make a good point though)
posted by richat 02 October | 10:48
I just came in to say that I have had bacon ice cream, and it is delicious.
posted by Specklet 02 October | 13:01
posted by richat 02 October | 13:06
Mais oui! Made here in Portland by Fifty Licks. Check it out.

Also, 900! And I wasn't coyly angling, I swear!
posted by Specklet 02 October | 13:51

posted by TheDonF 02 October | 14:01


For a bacon-crazy friend, I have so far made:
-candied bacon (just oven-cooked bacon covered in brown sugar halfway through the cooking process). I served it for brunch and barely got to taste it, it disappeared so fast.
- bacon-bourbon caramel corn, for which I made a regular caramel corn recipe but replaced half of the butter with bacon fat and added crumbled cooked bacon with the nuts. OH HOLY YES DELICIOUS.
- bacon-infused bourbon. *shrug* It was fine: smoky, maybe a little bacony. I really couldn't tell the difference, but then I'm not a bourbon drinker.
- cinnamon-bacon-streusel coffeecake, which crumbled bacon and cinnamon sugar layered in the cake and bits of bacon crumbled into the cinnamon streusel topping. Again, OH HOLY YES DELICIOUS.
posted by Elsa 02 October | 14:22
Oh, I'm pretty sure there was some coy angling there. I mean, if I've EVER seen coy angling...I'm pretty sure that was some of the coyest angling ever. Heh heh.

And, wow-o, lots of that bacon stuff sounds GOOOOOD.
posted by richat 02 October | 15:44
If you're interested in trying it, richat, the candied bacon is crazy-simple: just cook bacon in the oven* and when it's half-way done, top each slice with what seems like way too much brown sugar and finish baking. AWESOME.

*I use a lasagna pan because my jellyroll pans buckle in the oven and I'm afraid they'll splash bacon fat everywhere. Whenever I cook bacon on the stovetop, it comes out wrinkled and unevenly cooked and I get fat burns on my hands and forearms. Oven-cooking is eeeeeeasy. When you're making candied bacon, line the pan with foil and you'll have a much easier time cleaning up the excess sugar.
posted by Elsa 02 October | 16:05
Just when I thought bacon couldn't possibly get any more awesome!
posted by dg 02 October | 17:02
I'll admit: though some of the embellished-bacon dishes I've had during this decade's bacon craze have been really really wonderful (and my bourbon-bacon caramel corn was crazy-good), none of them has actually been better than just a slice of high quality bacon, well-cooked.

Man, I love bacon. I only have it maybe once or twice a year unless I'm making something for my bacontastic friend.
posted by Elsa 02 October | 17:36
Mmmm, bacon.
posted by dg 16 October | 23:10
I could go for some bacon right now. SO HUNGRY!
posted by deborah 16 October | 23:37
mmm. Bacon.

I feel like I've barely been around these parts for way too long. I don't like that. I miss you guise! Many factors have been involved, mostly work stuff and a general lack of futzing around on the internet...I do think twitter has meant that I am around here less too, though...but a couple of other factors came into play a bit too.

Anyway...the moral of the story is:

*hugs so tight she squeezes you all*
posted by jonathanstrange 17 October | 06:08
Can't!! Breathe!!

*wrestles jonathanstrange to the ground, softly*

Huh. That jujitsu is really paying off.

Someone said bacon? If we have snow like we did last year, then it's maple bacon snow candy time!

posted by lysdexic 17 October | 10:38
Ah, the ol' soft-wrestle-to-the-ground. It's a classic.

I meant to mention this earlier. I tried the candied bacon in the oven thing once. Bought some nice bacon from the butcher, I did. And...I'm pretty sure I used too much sugar, or something, because all I got for my trouble was:

1) a REALLY wonderful smelling home.
2) a cookie sheet with a giant puddle of melted brown sugar and cayenne pepper with bacon floating.

Where did I go wrong?!?
posted by richat 17 October | 10:49
So September had the smallest number of posts to Metachat ever, a low of 212. Rather than whine about it, I'm going to pledge to post something daily, maybe other folks can do so too.

Well I didn't manage to post every day ('cause I suck) but we did have a bit of an uptick in postings (224) so maybe MeCha's end isn't so near.
posted by octothorpe 03 November | 12:22
♫ Christmas, Christmas time is here. Time for toys and time for cheer! ♫

(yeesh, this thing loads slow even on a 4G Aircard)
posted by lysdexic 29 November | 21:33
The force is strong with this one. I was just thinking yesterday while driving home (yeah, instead of concentrating on driving) that I hadn't dropped by this thread for a while. Good to see someone's been dusting while I've been gone.
posted by dg 29 November | 21:48
That's funny, dg, I was ALSO thinking about this thread yesterday. Meant to dig it up and say howdy to it. It's a helluva great old pal, this thread.
posted by richat 29 November | 21:54
Wow. Haven't dropped in since Oct. 2.
posted by danf 29 November | 22:07
We've all been slack and deserve to be punished.
posted by dg 30 November | 00:01
Punished? Such a tease.
posted by deborah 12 December | 18:06
I'm not sure I'm buying this whole punishment threat. Especially from a guy in a different hemisphere.

hey, you know what's fun? It's fun watching a 7 year old wrap presents. Evelyn does a decent job, but holy crap can she go through wrapping paper.

"A paperback? Ok, so...I'll need this WHOLE FREAKING ROLL OF PAPER, THEN"

Nevertheless, it's kind of worth it to watch her and Sophie wrap.
posted by richat 12 December | 19:14
Punished? Such a tease.
You come over here and say that, young lady and you'll see what a tease is!

richat, I'm not the one in a different hemisphere - you guys are the ones that are different.
posted by dg 14 December | 18:13
I have to agree with dg about the whole hemisphere thing.

by the way - did I tell you all I'm a married woman now?? Ok ok ok. I did. I'm just a little bit excited!
posted by jonathanstrange 06 January | 06:11
You look so beautiful and happy in your pix, js :)
posted by gaspode 06 January | 11:39
This is why I love this thread. When it started, I was still married, JS hadn't even met The Chef...I think Maddie had been born, but I bet you couldn't run 5K yet, eh Gaspode?
posted by richat 06 January | 11:47
Actually, I was about 4 months pregnant. So I was still running 5Ks :P

But yeah, great point. It's a little ongoing time capsule.
posted by gaspode 06 January | 12:13
I'm always afraid loading this thread is going to crash my browser or something. But since I did it, I might as well comment from the wrong hemisphere.
My cat is soaking up the last bit of lap time she will get for a little bit.
Wow, I could say anything and yet nothing warrants being in a time capsule, but I suppose the only ones who determine that are the people who open it.

So how has mecha changed in your opinions?
posted by ethylene 06 January | 14:15
Mecha hasn't changed, in my opinion, but things around MeCha have changed. This place is a little haven of consistency and hope in a sometimes chaotic world.
posted by dg 13 February | 19:16
*wakes up, brushes off cobwebs and dust*

posted by lysdexic 01 March | 21:11
Bless you!
posted by dg 01 March | 22:24
Coming up on the forth anniversary of this thread next month.
posted by octothorpe 10 March | 12:23
Should we have a party?
posted by dg 11 March | 22:51
I love you guise.
posted by jonathanstrange 12 March | 02:40
God bless Ladonia!
posted by arse_hat 12 March | 02:58
Wow, four years is a long time to keep this crazy ol' bitch of a thread alive! We're also totally within sight of the 1000th comment. One terse, but active debate away from it.

Australians suck, amirite?
posted by richat 12 March | 07:29
Christ. . .this thread my outlive me. Not that I am going any time soon, but neither, seemingly is this thread!
posted by danf 12 March | 10:39
posted by richat 12 March | 14:03
Ooooooh, gotcha. Sure. I see that now.
posted by richat 12 March | 14:40
Yeah, Australians can suck sometimes. I mean, they're OK, but nowhere near as good as Kiwis, overall. Still better than those damn USians, though ;-)
posted by dg 12 March | 17:34
Everyone sucks. The real argument starts when we try to decide what they suck.
posted by arse_hat 12 March | 18:30
It's the ones sucking my air that bug me.
posted by ethylene 12 March | 18:44
Well, dg, we can't expect everyone to be Canadian-level awesome. It's just not a fair expectation. You know?
posted by richat 12 March | 18:47
Yeah, richat, true eh?

I disagree that the why is the cause of argument - it's all about the ranking. I demand to know which nationalities suck more than and less than my own!
posted by dg 12 March | 20:00
I'm just glad that browser development has kept progressing over the last four years so that I'm still able to read this thread without Firefox shitting the bed.
posted by octothorpe 12 March | 21:55
heh, octothorpe, that's funny.

Well, seems I didn't succeed in getting anyone all riled up and fighty. All you nice people are NEVER going to help this thread hit the 1000 comment level!
posted by richat 13 March | 13:54
I am tempted to use this thread for my own needs.
posted by ethylene 14 March | 16:39
go on...
posted by lysdexic 14 March | 16:59
Apparently I offend the middle classes on a regular basis, so I demur for the moment. And my m is broken.
posted by ethylene 14 March | 17:24
I'm having a tiny problem buying your story of a broken "m".
posted by richat 14 March | 17:37
It is surely a sign of debauchery gone awry.
posted by ethylene 14 March | 18:11
Should I just post porn and music and random meshegas?
posted by ethylene 14 March | 18:14
I like the idea that debauchery can go NON-AWRY. Like, yup, this is the proper debauchery, that's right. Nothing wrong here.

(on preview, I'm not sure what to say to the notion of this thread turning into the red-light district of metachat!)
posted by richat 14 March | 18:18
Controlled debauchery runs society.
posted by ethylene 14 March | 18:33
That's a helluva notion. I think you might be onto something. It's all about the control, isn't it?
posted by richat 14 March | 19:00
Well, that fizzled out pretty quickly.
posted by dg 28 March | 17:57
Evidently, we're world class fizzlers.
posted by richat 28 March | 18:45
Are not.
posted by arse_hat 31 March | 00:08
40 posts after this? Fixed m key?
Cake. Pie.

Let's talk debauchery.
posted by ethylene 31 March | 10:18
Campsite rule: how young is too young for you? Half your age plus seven? Mental age?
posted by ethylene 31 March | 10:20
Do you think sexual impressionability stops at some point for most people? That you imprint at certain ages or stages in development?
posted by ethylene 31 March | 10:39
This mohawk suddenly makes this guy so much more attractive.
Like finding out that Bradley Cooper speaks French fluently. Weird.
posted by ethylene 31 March | 11:04
This video will probably send out the wrong message, with the lyrics written out like that.
posted by ethylene 31 March | 11:08
Like finding out that Bradley Cooper speaks French fluently. Weird.

I know, right? I had exactly the same reaction: I watched that widely-circulated interview because I think he's funny but not remotely attractive, and then he switched to French. BAM, instantly attractive. What an odd reaction. It made me question my whole scale of attraction.
posted by Elsa 31 March | 11:17
For me, it signals more brain capacity than I afforded him.
posted by ethylene 31 March | 11:29
For me, I think it was the unexpectedness, the surprise of seeing unknown layers of information about him.

The same thing happened to me with The Fella before we even knew each others' names. I had a meaningless crush on the cute guy at my local videostore who wore baseball jerseys and loved zombie movies, but I wasn't going to do anything about it because "we both love horror movies" isn't enough shared ground for me.

Then one day I couldn't find the Hamlet I wanted on the shelf so I asked him about it. He started reeling off versions of Hamlet by year and director, telling me the strengths and weaknesses of each off the top of his head, and even offered to lend me some out-of-print Hamlets from his private collection. It was so completely unexpected: it up-ended what little I knew about him and made me want to see more, much more.
posted by Elsa 31 March | 12:01
You needs depth for layers.
posted by ethylene 31 March | 12:07
So I am thinking sending both Gaga's Stuck on Fucking You and the Dandy Warhols' Bohemian Like You with lyrics would be sufficiently confusing.

People can develop depth, some people are born that way and some people have it thrust upon them.
posted by ethylene 31 March | 12:13
As much as I have a problem with gender role stereotypes, they are fun to play with.
I'm trying to figure out which particular stereotype to do up like a cartoon. 50s housewife? Femme fatale? Ingenue?
posted by ethylene 31 March | 12:32
You know that movie Real Genius? I've always had this odd idea of looking for Lazlo.
posted by ethylene 31 March | 12:42
My mother is showing up in approximately 17 minutes.
20 some odd comments to go. And richat will swoop in to claim the 1000th comment.

I'm the threadkiller here!
posted by ethylene 31 March | 12:44
I'm not swooping! I was out for a late breakfast!

Campsite rule, eth - that checks out with what my female friends told me when I found myself single at 39. Half + 7 years. For the most part, it wasn't tough to manage, though I think I missed the mark, briefly, once.

It taught me a lot about compatibility and age. I've met lots of people my own age who were sooo old and dull, and sure, they got all my cultural references, but...booooring. I also met girls who were 25 who were like my long lost best friends. Once in a while, the age gap would show itself, but not too often. I guess I realized that it's true that age is just a number for the most part, and like many things in life, there are no hard and fast rules. These days, some of my best friends are a lot younger than me. They complement the rest of my life well. My peer group is all over the place - parties will often have people from about 22-45 maybe? It's cool.
posted by richat 31 March | 12:45
So, I'm thinking of starting a Mad Scientists Club.
I'm tired of looking for co-conspirators. I'm growing them.
posted by ethylene 31 March | 12:45
I use to always be the youngest person, now I'm both. I have weird generativity toward both ends.
My mother told me I was middle aged at 30 so I have been telling people I'm 50.
I said 45 for 15 years.
posted by ethylene 31 March | 12:47
Well I am 61 and only lately feel middle aged. And I can't get excited about any of the young hot bodies that are around town or on the net. I am pretty much imprinted to go after same-age or older.
posted by danf 31 March | 13:03
I feel like I should feel like a pedophile. I'm not really into bodies or looks unless something is just spectacularly out of the ordinary.
I keep getting the impression from people I should be running amok with people in their 20s, but the mental disadvantage is-- significant. Which I don't get.
This could be the beginning of my bohemian muse phase. Salons and such.
posted by ethylene 31 March | 13:07
You needs depth for layers.

Exactly. And the unexpected peek into the depths of a person with whom you had only had a shallow connection --- well, that can be very compelling.
posted by Elsa 31 March | 13:09
So eth. . .you went out with, and bedded a guy x years younger than you are. . .(how many?) If you have provided any salacious details, I have missed them. You are free to repeat them here. . . :)
posted by danf 31 March | 13:12
No, actually he came over. I could be his mom. He refuses to believe it. It's all a bit strange but the last guy I dated was seriously younger than me, and that turned out fine.

I'm wondering about sexual currency more than anything else really.
posted by ethylene 31 March | 13:49
I love Neil Finn. Ripping of youtube is so much more fun than reading article right now.
posted by ethylene 31 March | 14:36
Qua? I'm so confused.
posted by ethylene 31 March | 14:52
Billie Jean?
I'm going to kidnap him and take him to Detroit.
posted by ethylene 31 March | 15:01
I am clearly getting no further work done today.
posted by ethylene 31 March | 17:52
It's a day of rest.
posted by arse_hat 31 March | 23:09
So much work to do but all I want to do is play with music.
posted by ethylene 01 April | 08:37
I'd so much rather make videos of myself singing along with music instead of working on this crap.
posted by ethylene 01 April | 12:58
8:40AM and I still haven't showered or dressed and need to get my ass down the hill to my office. I need to pull myself out of my professional funk and work up a little enthusiasm about my job.
posted by octothorpe 03 April | 07:35
I've met lots of people my own age who were sooo old and dull, and sure, they got all my cultural references, but...booooring. I also met girls who were 25 who were like my long lost best friends.
I find the same thing, mostly. I'm 51, but I still don't feel any different inside to what I did when I was about 35 (although I'm a lot smarter about life and, if I could have a do-over ...). I do, though, think that women closer to my age (say 32.5 and over ;-)) are much more attractive sexually than younger girls, so that's a change I guess I can attribute to growing older.

Hey, octothorpe, no need for enthusiasm, just attendance. Some days, that's the best you can do.
posted by dg 03 April | 16:59
That's awesome, dg. I kinda wish you were my manager. Though, to be fair to my current manager, I think he'd echo that statement.

I have the occasional day where I feel like I should stop by HR on the way out and pay them back...there's no way I earned by 14 dollars that day.
posted by richat 03 April | 17:43
Heh, I work for the public service - if I tried to stop by HR on the way out, they would have been gone an hour ago ;-)
posted by dg 03 April | 17:54
I think the last time i felt my age was 28. I'm fucking forty. No one will believe me so I keep insisting I'm 50. They believed 45 to my face for 15 years.
I think this might have melted this kid's brain, though.
Apparently, I'm intimidating?
posted by ethylene 03 April | 18:03
heh, dg - I work for the provincial government, more or less, so I suspect our experience finding anyone would be similar!

on preview:

I've got to say, when people told me I didn't look my age, it never occurred to me to suggest that I was OLDER than I actually am! That's funny.
posted by richat 03 April | 18:06
Blanketing the neighborhood in music is helping.
posted by ethylene 03 April | 18:08
Hey, octothorpe, no need for enthusiasm, just attendance. Some days, that's the best you can do.

Yea, they pay me a lot, I should probably do more than just stare at the screen all day.
posted by octothorpe 03 April | 18:31
I think commenting on MeCha/MeFi counts as doing more than just staring at the screen.
posted by dg 03 April | 18:50
I'd agree with dg, for what it's worth.
posted by richat 03 April | 19:34
Ok, I have limited my paper on delusions to the specifics of confabulation and I know the best of the basics. I can whip this paper off tomorrow without much off a worry.
Now, to puzzle on a quandary. That may not even matter.
posted by ethylene 03 April | 19:40
This is very tempting, but I've decided to take the high road and give richat the privilege of posting the 1,000th comment, given that he started the whole mess.

The floor is yours, richat...
posted by dg 03 April | 21:18
You're a class act, dg. Always were. And, it's hard to believe eh? No one's ever going to take the time to read this from the beginning are they? It's been the best of times, the blurst of times....
posted by richat 03 April | 21:24
Thanks. It took an enormous amount of willpower, I must admit.

No, I can't imagine anyone is going to read the whole thing. I can't imagine what sort of boredom would drive someone to read all 260 of my comments alone, never mind the whole thread. Do you realise this thread has it's fourth birthday in 18 days? That's what's hard to believe.
posted by dg 03 April | 22:24
I feel badly. Wayyyyy up there, lysdexic called dibs on the 1000th post, I'm a jerk.
posted by richat 03 April | 22:50
That was in 2008. I think that claim expired a long time ago. Kind of annoying that comments don't include the year in the timestamp - I had to scroll all the way back to the start to see how many times the months cycled through to see what year it was.
posted by dg 04 April | 00:04
Yes, feel badly. Don't thank me for the set up or anything.
posted by ethylene 04 April | 06:07
Well, thanks, eth. And, of course, thanks to the community that has kept this thread alive for over 1000 posts and 4+ years!
posted by richat 04 April | 08:22
It's your baby. It's just alloparenting.
posted by ethylene 04 April | 10:57
I know entirely too much about delusions at this point.
I do not want to write this paper.
Noises. Frustrated and indecipherable noises.
posted by ethylene 04 April | 22:18
Not liking my job lately and keep getting emails from recruiters about jobs that I'd fit pretty well. I hate moving jobs and would hate to leave my co-workers but I don't know how much longer I can deal with my boss (and her boss). I keep hoping that it'll get better and it keeps getting worse.
posted by octothorpe 16 April | 06:51
Working for a boss you don't like sucks, eh? We went through a forced amalgamation of services about 4 years ago. We got a lot bigger, really quickly. The one upside was that it gave me a chance to stick around and see how it shaped up once we were a 600-700 user place, instead of a 150 user place.

Turns out, yes, they got rid of the AWFUL manager to whom I reported, but, four years later, we're still paid pretty much the same. So, I've had to step up my skills to manage infrastructure in a much larger environment, but they still treat us like a small operation, payscale-wise.

On the days when that frustrates me a LOT, I try to remember that at least that awful manager is gone.
posted by richat 16 April | 14:44
Well, I like my job, my cow-orkers and my boss. But we have had this thing hanging over our heads for the past two years (the Feds taking over our work) that has us all stressed out. We've all been (well, those that sought them) offered jobs in the new organisation, most at higher pay and better conditions, there's a brand-new, shiny whole floor of a building just around the corner from here all fitted out and waiting for us to move into (as opposed to where we are now, that was built and fitted out in the '80s and hasn't had a scrap of love since). But politicians are fucking around not doing the thing that needs to be done to make this finally happen. Most frustrating.

richat, any time I hear people frustrated about managing IT infrastructure makes me feel for our IT team, who support a network of ~70k users across an area of 1.72 million square km.
posted by dg 16 April | 17:49
I meant to put that in context - that's an area (our state) seven times the size of the UK.
posted by dg 16 April | 17:51
Holy cats. I thought our region was big. To be fair, the north eastern section of Ontario that we cover is pretty big: 400,000 sq. kms. But...we're about 700 staff, I think? And, there's LOTS of nothing in that 400,000. So, we're larger than the UK. We've got THAT going for us!

That's insane! 70,000 users! Wowie.
posted by richat 16 April | 19:53
Eh, I'm just being whiny. I'd had much worse jobs and I'll probably outlast this boss. She told me today that I'm too negative and should project a more positive attitude.
posted by octothorpe 16 April | 22:26
I hear you, octothorpe. I've been in the same store for most of the last 19 years. I've seen 'em come and I've seen 'em go, with all their grand plans and ideas. And yet, I'm still here. Not as fun as it used to be, but it pays the bills.
posted by redvixen 22 April | 13:44
posted by dg 22 April | 17:03
Well, that's odd.
posted by richat 22 April | 17:24
posted by arse_hat 22 April | 18:55
Would it be disrespectful to immediately change my name to Professor Cheesecake? Too soon?
posted by Elsa 22 April | 21:38
It's never too soon to do that.
posted by dg 23 April | 00:03
1000 -



Ah well. I'll stick around for 1500.
posted by lysdexic 04 May | 21:37
haha, ah, lysdexic, good luck with that one! At one point, I thought this thread hitting 1000 comments was an insane idea. So, I fully expect it to get to 1500!
posted by richat 07 May | 07:58
I'm feeling like I might get fired in the next few months. Nothing definite but the director of Software QA has very different ideas about what my job is than what I was hired to do and I'm afraid that my current situation is not sustainable. I was hoping that my new(ish) first-line manager would be a buffer between us and the director but she's just being a conduit of his craziness. He's not interested in any future planning or structures or process and just wants us to be "finding bugs, finding bugs". They've started tracking how many bugs we file against the product and are going to be rated on that. I'm not really a software tester, I'm more of an automation, tools and framework developer and I'm really not interested in the kind of button pushing kind of testing that he wants us to do.

The local economy is pretty booming and I've got a good resume but I just hate having to do the whole interview crap. Should I try to jump before I get shit-canned? I'd really like to move to doing Python or Ruby development and don't really care about the salary but I'm not sure if I can make the jump from QA to development. Or if anyone will let me.

Hmm, this rant has gone a little long but I can't say stuff like this on Facebook or G+ since folks I work with are on there. Thanks for letting me spew.
posted by octothorpe 30 May | 22:33
Hm. That sucks octo.
Just for curiosity's sake: are you located in Pittsburg Penn.? Or do I remember that wrong?
Wasn't that one of those places in the US that are shrinking? (like Detroit f.i.)
posted by jouke 31 May | 07:46
Btw octo, if you want to make the jump from QA to dev and are wondering if anyone will let you: in my experience there are some scrum/agile shops that on principle make the roles of dev and QA fungible. Every dev needs to test as well and what we used to call QA people are devs with an emphasis on the test side.
Obviously those are also the shops that are strong on automation as part of CI and are averse to knob pushing.

(I know I should say 'button pushing'. But 'knob pushing' is just so nicely similar to the dutch equivalent idiom of 'knoppen drukken')
posted by jouke 31 May | 09:42
Ugh, that sucks octo. Being a single dad now, I'm so risk averse that the idea of jumping any ship terrifies me. I've seen some friends be the ones who stayed, though, and that's a scary prospect. Smaller teams trying to accomplish the same work, in an already fucked environment. So...maybe if there's opportunity (and it sounds like there might be) it'd be wise to explore it?
posted by richat 31 May | 10:25
Just for curiosity's sake: are you located in Pittsburg Penn.? Or do I remember that wrong?
Wasn't that one of those places in the US that are shrinking? (like Detroit f.i.)

Pittsburgh, PA with an 'h' :)

No we seem to have hit bottom in population a few years ago and started growing again. Plus the recession never really hit very hard here so I'm not really worried about my employment, I just don't want to deal with a job change.

And the idea of finding an agile shop to work for sounds like a good idea. We're still pretty solidly waterfall based and the developers don't really do a whole lot of testing themselves.

I'm feeling slightly better today since I talked with a co-worker who says that the director is really pissing everyone off, including the off-shore subcontractors who don't really need to work for us at all. Maybe he'll end up going before I do.
posted by octothorpe 31 May | 17:58
*sneaks in, runs back out very fast, not even turning on the light*
posted by danf 14 June | 10:48
*sticks leg out, trips danf into pile of saucepans, delicately balanced crockery and a collection of hand-bells that mysteriously materialise as he falls*
posted by dg 14 June | 23:55
*Wanders in with half a beer, turns on the TV, flops down on the couch and starts snoring.*
posted by octothorpe 17 June | 22:47
I always hate Sunday evenings. Always feel like I didn't get enough done over the weekend and don't want to go to bed because then the weekend will be over.
posted by octothorpe 22 July | 21:09
posted by arse_hat 25 September | 12:44
holy jeez...this old chestnut! How's things arse_hat?
posted by richat 25 September | 12:53
It's been over 4 years. Holy crap.

A lot has happened in that 4 years.
posted by gaspode 25 September | 13:42
Yet, the more things change ...
posted by dg 25 September | 16:02
I dunno, dg. My life is pretty drastically different today than it was 4 years ago! There are a few mecha babies who weren't born when it started! Marriages happened! Other marriages fell apart! So much has changed!
posted by richat 25 September | 17:29
Yeah, I guess so. I was thinking more personally, I guess. In many ways, I feel that I've been treading water in my life for a long time now. I'm buried under so much crap at the moment that it's hard to see the forest for the tress, you know?
posted by dg 27 September | 16:10
Hi rich, dg. I have that treading water feeling too.
posted by arse_hat 03 October | 12:58
Saw the thing in MeTalk about the longest thread and figured that we had them beat, with this one. But we are not even close. Get back in here and let's finish what we've started!
posted by danf 19 October | 11:12
Staying up too late watching a football game on a Sunday night.
posted by octothorpe 21 October | 22:10
Why do I insist on watching these debates when they make my stomach knot up?
posted by octothorpe 22 October | 20:38
Loaded this Monday. It's Tuesday now.

Not so much treading water as looking at the deep end of the pool and deciding whether to dive in or jump in.

Heh, on preview: it's like the pain machine in Princess Bride. I got about 5 minutes into it, and even with the mute on Rmoney I had to stop.
posted by lysdexic 23 October | 09:07
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by arse_hat 24 October | 17:59
Yeah, the snippits of the debates that I've seen...urgh. Good luck America. I sure hope Romney doesn't eke this out somehow!
posted by richat 25 October | 14:02
arse_hat, right at that moment that your gif captures my wife and I both yelled in unison, "holy shit!"
posted by octothorpe 27 October | 14:12
Another Christmas is coming round.
posted by arse_hat 13 November | 18:02
Nope. There's no Christmas this year.
posted by dg 14 November | 07:23
Aw shit. I really like Christmas.
posted by richat 14 November | 09:09
Awesome, Christmas stresses the hell out of me.
posted by octothorpe 14 November | 22:39
I am a big fan of Christmas. Looking forward to this one especially. Please don't cancel it.
posted by Miko 14 November | 23:18
I find it both somewhat stressful, and a bunch of fun. I spent some time online shopping tonight, and I'm actually REALLY excited by a couple of the things. I really like it when a gift comes together. Makes me all kinds of happy.
posted by richat 14 November | 23:26
Sorry Miko and richat, but the decision has been made and writ in stone.
posted by dg 15 November | 00:34
People already have had their lights out and decorations up for weeks, and while this is a bit nutso IMHO, I'm pretty sure they will fight you on this Christmas thing.
Somewhat predictably, these are not the same people who did their whole house up as a cemetery all October. They are around the corner; I wonder if I should check on them.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a good spate of Christmas fighting, especially if it's like Even Steven on the Daily Show or has some bad ass swashbuckly choreography, I mean lights up right after Halloween. What are you, retailers? You guys selling stuff out of there? Unless it's a festive gourd or an autumnal food item, I don't wanna hear about it right now.
Yes, yes, it snowed the other day and it is pretty freaking chilly. Yes, this year could get over with already. Stop with the seasonal pushing it. Time goes by at a pretty good clip as it is, so why not just celebrate until March instead and live in a time warp?

Now I know a guy who apparently does it up for Christmas like a glowing house freak every year. Without getting into a very long story with a lot of explanation, I asked him why he didn't just do it in June if he loved doing it so much. This is apparently that step into the world of the impossible for him. Pretty much everything about this guy is weird, but this is too weird. I think the key here is that it would be publicly, consciously different, instead of the I think I'm getting away with it thing going on.
I should really just tell this story or it makes no sense whatsoever, like showing someone the inside of something and expecting they can make out the outside. Look at these guts; how's my complexion? Look at this circuit board; great browser, eh?
posted by ethylene 15 November | 01:05
This is just too damn funny.
I need to construct a study in which I get tons of people to tell me their weird celebrity sex dreams. Utterly fascinating. It's all brain goo and person parts in a blender through a strainer and it makes me want to pretend that, yes, there was a strange Wilford Brimley cameo that one time, but seriously, i wonder how many people have any actual sex in sex dreams, which makes me wonder what constitutes a sex dream.
posted by ethylene 15 November | 16:17
In my weekly staff meeting this morning, I broke the bad news about Christmas being cancelled to my team. They laughed and called me a Grinch. No respect for authority, these youngsters today.
posted by dg 16 November | 03:25
Oh hey, bummer thread. What's going on?
posted by octothorpe 10 January | 22:08
Yeah, not much really. Still disappointed that I failed in my attempt to have Christmas cancelled, although I did manage to have the office Christmas decorations restricted to the area strictly bounded by my admin person's desk space, so that's something, I guess.
posted by dg 11 January | 03:22
Blowing off a neighborhood meetup at the corner pub to watch old Star Trek episodes. I'm in one of those, "I can't cope with actual humans" moods. Plus, I have beer at home.
posted by octothorpe 11 January | 19:22
Work sucks but the rest of my life is pretty great, so I'm trying to avoid focusing on work. But then...go ahead and re-read that first sentence. Did I lead with how great life is? Or with work sucking?

I still have some work to do.
posted by richat 11 January | 19:40
Wife dragged me out to the Modern Cafe for drinks and food. Back to Trek now.
posted by octothorpe 11 January | 22:07
A new year, another birthday, another family death. The forecast for the funeral day up there calls for -35. It's kinda nice that the living dead thread lurches on.

Mia ursum longat!
posted by arse_hat 16 January | 02:24
Call from my boss at 8 o'clock tonight: "Why didn't you respond to the email that his boss sent me?"

Me: "Huh, what email?"

Log in and find that big boss sent me "URGENT" email at 7:00 at night.

The joy of working on the east coast for managers on the west coast. They don't seem to understand the whole "curvature of the earth" thing.
posted by octothorpe 28 January | 20:44
Oh and then I come in today to find out that there was no emergency and I could have easily done the work this morning.
posted by octothorpe 29 January | 10:45
so dead here
posted by arse_hat 22 February | 01:42
It'll probably pick up around the 1490th comment, as we all clamour for the 1500th?
posted by richat 22 February | 09:08
*wakes up, looks in mirror*

Okay, who drew this thing on my forehead?
posted by lysdexic 22 February | 14:26
I just popped in, wondering whether wolfdaddy had commented here.

Sadly, it does not appear he had.
posted by danf 22 February | 14:29
Heh, I saw richat's comment on the recent comments page and had exactly the same thought. Been thinking about him a lot overnight. Still sad.
posted by dg 22 February | 21:56
Are my pants too tight or am I just happy to see you folks?
posted by arse_hat 08 April | 00:23
Well, look who's Captain Tightpants.
posted by ethylene 08 April | 13:06
Sorry, thread, I completely forgot your birthday :-(

Happy belated 5th birthday!
posted by dg 02 May | 04:59
Damn, I missed it too. Happy Birthday Bummer Thread! May you live forever.
posted by octothorpe 07 May | 06:28
...and ever!
posted by lysdexic 07 May | 12:15
Jeez, I missed it too. Poor old thread - getting ignored by its parent!
posted by richat 07 May | 13:43
Clamoring to get the last comment in the most recent MeFi longboat thread made me think of this place.
posted by dg 15 June | 19:22
Konijntjes never stop!
posted by jouke 16 June | 05:14
(my neerlando-american 4.5 yr old daughter had a pet rabbit. Her american mum came up with the name Coney for the rabbit. Pretty funny considering the Dutch etymology of Coney Island as the rabbit island: 'Konijneneiland')
posted by jouke 16 June | 05:18
One of the fun things about losing weight is that it kills your alcohol tolerance. One 4oz glass of cider and a beer and a half and I pretty dizzy.
posted by octothorpe 27 July | 20:27
I'll be curious to see what happens to my alcohol tolerance by this fall...When I had the pancreatitis attack in April, the specialist was very clear that I was not to drink any booze for 6 months. It's been an interesting time so far, testing my ability to enjoy summer and some of the fine outdoor patios my city has to offer, without a drop.

I've sneaked a few tastes of different beers that my GF has purchased, but other than that, nary a drop. I've made my peace with a lifetime of sobriety if that will keep my pancreas happy, but I sure do hope that I can get the go ahead to have a drink or two, once in a while. I miss my whiskey!
posted by richat 29 July | 08:00
Heyyyyy, there's this thread, here! I should check Recent Comments more often.
posted by initapplette 29 July | 22:16
Yeah, this one keeeeeps going. It's been a little quieter of late, but every once in a while, it picks up again!
posted by richat 30 July | 10:52
Hi thread. Watching the Pirates game on the possibility that they'll break their 20+ year losing streak tonight.
posted by octothorpe 03 September | 20:32
Oh, Pirates.

(hi thread!)
posted by gaspode 03 September | 21:09
If nothing else, this thread is a great browser test.
posted by octothorpe 24 November | 20:38
Not to mention a tiny slice of MeCha history all neatly wrapped up in one place!
posted by dg 25 November | 15:21
Hey, richat, how's the pancreas?
posted by lysdexic 26 November | 13:56
It's been okay! I'm allowed to drink some booze again, thankfully. So far, so good. At this point, I pretty much feel like I didn't spend 2 weeks in hospital hopped up on morphine last April!
posted by richat 26 November | 14:21
Awesome. I had pancreatitis a few years ago and that hurt more than labor, so


~旦_(^O^ ) (  ゜Д゜)⊃旦 ( ・ω・`)_且~
( ^-^)_旦" (*^◇^)_旦 (*`▽)_旦~~
~(=^‥^)_旦~ (^-^)_日 ~~旦_(・o・;)
posted by lysdexic 26 November | 15:20
Yeah, that was more pain that I care to experience EVER again. I was amazed when a healthy shot of morphine, every four hours, didn't really take care of it. I wish they had some idea what caused kinda haunts me that it might happen again!
posted by richat 26 November | 16:06
Stay well richat, you need to be around to make the last post to this thread whenever that happens.
posted by octothorpe 26 November | 21:28
I had a cocktail of some not-morphine thing that made me nauseous and promethezine. I was so fucking stoned. I don't know why people try to get stoned. It's not a nice feeling.

Buzzed or drunk is fine, for me, anyways.
posted by lysdexic 27 November | 09:00
Can someone fill out these job applications for me? I hate having to write puff pieces about myself.
posted by octothorpe 09 December | 11:37
Woo. Got a job interview with a company that I'm pretty excited about.
posted by octothorpe 09 December | 13:56
Yay! Good luck, tuck in your shirt!
posted by lysdexic 09 December | 14:56
Actually it's with a fashion retailer so I might be better off with my shirt untucked. The instructions for the interview say specifically to not wear a suit and to dress comfortably.

Now I've gone from freaking out that they hadn't called me back after my phone screen last week to freaking out that I've got an interview next week. The schedule that they sent me has six forty-five minute interviews (not including lunch); those things are exhausting. Sit in a conference room while a parade of HR people, managers and engineers parade through and try to ask you tricky questions and trip you up.

My one ace in the hole is that I know the director of engineering but he's only been there for a few weeks so I doubt that he has that much pull yet.
posted by octothorpe 09 December | 17:08
Wow, this place is quiet lately. Few posts, few comments.
posted by octothorpe 11 December | 22:52
Hey octo! I've been travelling doing some early Christmas family stuff so although I saw the emails (I'm the one lucky bastard who gets notifications when this thread pops back to life!) I didn't get a chance to pop in and say congratulations on the new gig! Job searches can be soul crushing - I'm glad to see you found something!
posted by richat 12 December | 09:36
No job yet, just an interview. I have a good feeling about it but it's still one of those four hour, meet with six different people, tech job interviews.

It's a very cool company and I'm pretty excited but not a sure thing yet.
posted by octothorpe 12 December | 10:59
Ah nuts - misread it would seem. Okay, well, instead, I will wish you good luck and great stamina for the lengthy feats of strength that the interview process will demand.
posted by richat 12 December | 13:18
You know what's a bummer? Missing an epic thread.
posted by oneswellfoop 12 December | 14:01
You know what's NOT a bummer? Being brought up to date just in time to make the 1100th COMMENT.
posted by oneswellfoop 12 December | 14:02
Surely this thread is not closed!

Because that would TRULY be a bummer.
posted by danf 12 December | 17:37
Keeping the thread alive!
posted by initapplette 12 December | 18:47
Needs more pictures.
posted by arse_hat 13 December | 03:36
This thread, it shall not grow old as we that post in it grow old.
posted by dg 13 December | 06:29
dg, I think you just BLEW MY MIND.
posted by richat 13 December | 11:40
Don't call me, Shirley.

Seriously. We are done.

Hay, everyone! I brought bacon and coffee!

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by lysdexic 13 December | 12:11
Man, who doesn't LOVE bacon and coffee!! Except for vegetarians and vegans and well, lots of other people?

I do though, that's a top combo in my books. I am a little tired of the world's desire to bacon EVERYTHING now though.
posted by richat 13 December | 13:43
I am a little tired of the world's desire to bacon EVERYTHING now though.

Yeah, I just got back from the student union, where I saw bacon jerky. It's just jerky with fat in it, kids.
posted by lysdexic 13 December | 14:00
Case in point, indeed. I'd think that bacon jerky might just be overcooked bacon?
posted by richat 13 December | 14:04
Isn't bacon jerky just....bacon? With extra carcinogens in it?
posted by iconomy 14 December | 16:20
Perhaps, because it's dried, it allows it to be sold near the counter instead of out of the fridge? For those impulse purchases, you know. Not sure that you could fit any more "harmful to humans" into bacon anyway. That may be why it's so delicious in the first place.
posted by dg 14 December | 17:45
I was eating some leftover bacon from the fridge the day before I saw that package and thought it was very jerky-like. We only buy very thickly sliced bacon.

If someone bought it for me, I'd try it, I suppose. But at $5 for what amounts to two slices of bacon, I'd take my chances with my convection oven method for jerky. It'd probably be an overnight deal at about 180. The problem would be preservation. I don't know how suet stays "fresh" unless there's a ton of salt or other something else keeping it from going rancid.
posted by lysdexic 16 December | 09:13
I was wrong, it's not two slices, it's like 8 mini slices.

Also $8.
posted by lysdexic 18 December | 11:08
Soo apropos today.
posted by lysdexic 18 December | 12:19
That's awesome, lysdexic!
posted by richat 18 December | 13:44

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by lysdexic 01 January | 21:16
Gone from happy that I got a job offer to, "crap, now I have to go to work for a living". Oh, well. It pays well and there's no heavy lifting.
posted by octothorpe 13 February | 21:06
Baby can you light my... pilot light? || Cooking as therapy.