about metachat

MetaChat is an adjunct to MetaFilter (a large community weblog). MetaChat was created because MetaFilter's guidelines disallow idle chat in favor of topic-focused discussion. Some folks on MetaFilter wished for a place where they could interact in a less content-driven way, and MetaChat was created for that purpose.

Not everyone on MetaChat started at MetaFilter, but the majority of users arrive via MetaFilter and MeFi is still the basis of the shared culture here. Lots of users are active on both sites. But MetaChat is a different site, separately managed and run, with a different purpose and guidelines.

For more information about MetaChat, and how you can join in, please see the Metachat FAQ.

You should also read the MetaChat Guidelines and Policies.

To contact the admin team, please send an email to metachat.org@gmail.com.

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