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08 November 2013

Friday 3-Point Status Update! [More:]1. Next weekend we are having our marriage blessed and getting our son baptized in the Catholic church. As I am Jewish, this is causing a bit of internal conflict for me, though we have discussed it thoroughly and I am on board. My main concern is that I don't offend my dad, and so far he has been more supportive than I expected. As far as my religion, I am not religious (and am in fact atheist-leaning agnostic), so what is really important to me is being able to expose my kids (and husband) to the cultural aspects of Judaism - mainly the food! My husband is very happy to do this with me and the priest also understands that Judaism will be a part of our son's life as well as Catholicism. And if the kid(s) ever decide they want to practice Judaism, with a Jewish mom they will be all set.

2. I feel like I have a lot of anger lately. I don't know if it's pregnancy hormones, or anger stemming from my mom's illness/death, or just my husband's influence (he tends to have a bit of a persecution complex), but I really don't like the feeling. Not sure what to do about it.

3. We had our 12-week nuchal translucency scan Monday and everything looked good. Waiting on the results from the cfDNA test, which is a fairly new test that wasn't available when I was pregnant with Henry (and he's only 13 months). They can now extract the baby's DNA from mom's blood, and get very accurate results as to whether there are markers for chromosomal abnormalities with the baby. It will also tell us with 99% accuracy the baby's gender! (Yes, I want to know gender, husband doesn't but I pulled the pregnancy card!)
amro- that test sounds cool! Very impressive, and I hope it all goes well.

1. I told my friend I would go to her yoga class with her on Sunday and I am unreasonably nervous for this. I haven't exercised in a while and I am scared it will be too hard and that everyone will be a trophy wife yoga expert type.

2. Going to take students out tonight to see Fun Home, which looks good and I am looking forward to that. Tomorrow for a friend's birthday we are spending the day in Beacon, NY walking around and going to the museum and hopefully enjoying a little more nature than we get in the city. I think it will be a good time.

3. I should shower but I don't want to shower. I hate getting out of the shower when it is cold. And I am lazy. Does anyone else ever get shower aversion?
posted by rmless2 08 November | 11:57
I definitely get shower aversion. I just don't take them any more. Our present house has two bathrooms, one with a tub, so I just soak the cold away, and put in some hot water before getting out.

1. Feeling awake for the first time this week. Wishing I could be this wakeful on Mondays.

2. I was nervous about the staff meeting this week because the last two weeks have been really unproductive from my perspective, but I got Important Things Done, so that was really not as big a thing.

3. I've started drinking two liters of water a day, and boy is it making a difference. No more hangnails, no dry eyes, and my skin isn't as flaky as it usually is by this time of year.
posted by lysdexic 08 November | 13:00
1. I am doing NaNoWriMo, so I haven't been able to do much of anything else.

2. See #1.

3. See #2.
posted by JanetLand 08 November | 13:11
1. I gardened this morning! I am a helper on my daughter's school's garden committee and so I spent a couple of hours digging a big hole and pulling out roots, stones and glass from the soil. A cherry tree is going in there.

2. I think this is our last quiet-ish weekend for the year. Stuff going on the rest of the time.

3. Remember when I broke my leg at the start of summer? Well, I have been running again, just a little bit, and only on the treadmill. never more than 3 miles, but it feels good.
posted by gaspode 08 November | 13:49
1. I made it to 6am Bikram this morning, first time for a week. It was hard, but I got through it. I was talking to the instructor after the class and she said I'm doing it right - concentrating on getting the correct form, rather than trying to bend beyond the point the right form will let me go, given my current lack of flexibility.

2. Lucy had to go to the vet today for her annual check-up and jabs. As usual, it was Big Dog Day in the waiting room, with Lucy the sole cat. All of the big dogs were well-behaved, just sitting there patiently. Then a pug arrived. It squealed non-stop like a piglet, got a massive hard-on and tried to hump everything it could get near. Its owners thought it was cute. It was so fucking far from cute it wasn't even funny. Its squealing and racing round the waiting room really upset Lucy so by the time she got to see the vet, her little heart was racing and she bit him in panic. She had extra treats when we got home, and she's been clingy all day.

3. A quiet weekend planned, as I have a busy week ahead. I want to put away my summer clothes and get my winter ones out (not that big a job, they swap places in a plastic chest that goes back on a shelf). If it stops raining I'll try and get a run in, and hopefully a couple of Bikram classes.
posted by Senyar 08 November | 14:06
1. Weird attack of chest pain extending into my jaw and stomach last night, which was so intense I had trouble breathing. It subsided when my husband had me about half way to the local ER. I'm fine today. WTF?

2. Very quiet day so far at work. I am looking forward to the long weekend.

3. Hoping to get my butt to Bikram again soon, Senyar.

Also, I actually love showers on cold days because they warm me up. I use fluffy bath mats and a big warm available robe after drying off as additional shower motivation.
posted by bearwife 08 November | 14:16
I am a super shower averter. I can't stand showering. And baths are only a little bit better, but my tub is too small for it to be really relaxing. And it's worse in the wintertime, but I'm like this all the time. (It's also a way of knowing just how crazy I'm being because it's one of my symptoms.)

1. Rolled out of bed at 2pm today. I stayed up until 4am this morning, but still--damn.

2. Originally, I had planned to do all sorts of chores and shiz today but now that is shot to shit because it's already 330 and I have dance class tonight.

3. Anubis is currently cuddled in a little ball under the blankets snoozing and I think I'm going to rejoin him.
posted by sperose 08 November | 15:32
1. My kitties had vet viaits during the past week. Zeek has some kind of kidney thing. Starting with simple treatment of antibiotics then retest bloodwork and go from there. He's super clingy since starting pills so I'm doing extra lap duty.

2. Took Mom to two different doctors this week. Removal of cyst went well. Bone marrow test was uneventful and we'll get results in two weeks. Her anemia isn't simple iron malabsorption.

3. Have today off and have been baking for fundraiser tomorrow that's to help employee's families. Stupid that we aren't paid a sufficient wage.

4. It's colder so I'm trying to finish winterizing.
posted by mightshould 08 November | 16:13
I have no shower aversions but I like being cold.(weird, I know)

1. Feeling much better lately. Pretty sure that I've mentioned the herniated disk in my lower back here before but it's responding well to the NSAIDs I've been taking. Start physical therapy next week, hoping that will really get me past this. I need to decide soon if I'm going to sign up for the Pittsburgh Marathon next year or not.

2. Working hard on my web development skills. I'll never be a front end designer type since I have zero artistic skill but I'm hoping to get a job doing the back end stuff.

3. Thinking about buying an Acer Chromebook 720 and then using Crouton to put Debian or Ubuntu on it. I need a more portable laptop that I can do development work on and the idea of 8 hour battery life and a $250 price tag seems pretty attractive. It's ugly and plasticky but I don't need anything fancy and I'll never spend the money on a Mac.
posted by octothorpe 08 November | 18:01
Yay amro! Glad to hear the pregnancy update. FWIW, I was the *angriest* pregnant woman. All hormones! The second he was born, I felt awesome.

Also, our bathroom has a space heater built into the wall, and it is AWESOME. Will be great for chilly winter days!

1. Big boss leaving- sad :( He is nice to work for. He's staying at the institution, though. They might be bumping a few of us up, including me! Hurray! That could be nice, or it could be crazy. Probably both. Sounds like it's mostly a done deal, just waiting for the official offer.

2. Cheered at the marathon last weekend. I officially have marathon fever! I don't love running but I would figure it out to do to NYC Marathon. It's not like there's a cutoff, I could walk it even. Next year is probably bad but 2015, maybe, if I can get a spot? In the meantime, I'll work the treadmill and dream of glory.

3. No plans for the weekend, Like, none. Boooooring! Tonight I will probably do chores and watch cheesy Netflix (like "Melissa and Joey").
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 08 November | 18:56
I only have shower aversion when I don't have to be anywhere (like a nice lazy/stay at home day off). I do like being cold (could explain why I enjoy working in a 45 degree room) so I tend to shut the heat to my bedroom (but I load up on cozy blankets).

1. Still working on a friend to adopt a lovely cat I'm feeding outside. (long story: neighbor had a wife involved in cat rescue; wife died suddenly; neighbor moved girlfriend in house a week later -not kidding- and now they are pushing cats out of the house). If I could take them in, I would but I'm over my limit.

2. Carrying on the above theme: I did set up the interior of my tool shed for the cats. I have a cozy cat bed, old towels, and places to sleep out of the wind and rain, covered all around. If I can figure out how to heat it, they'll be all set.

3. REALLY looking forward to this weekend when I get to see my two favorite aunts (both are my mom's sisters). One I haven't seen in years. They are staying with my mom and her boyfriend, and we're strolling the beach and having brunch on Sunday. I really can't wait.
posted by redvixen 08 November | 19:21
That is so funny about people having shower issues.

1. Had a doctor's appointment today and so, of course, had to take a shower. I always feel like I hate to get in the damn shower. But once I'm in it, it feels so good, I hate to get out. Is that crazy?

2. Doctor's visit was fine. I like my new Florida doctor. Especially because he didn't stick his finger up my ass today. Even though it has been a year since the last finger abuse.

3. My birdie loves me and I love him.

posted by Splunge 08 November | 21:52
1. Work has been so busy lately, with endless papers, projects, and tests to grade (I have about a third more students this year than last), that washing dishes this morning felt like a break. I have a three-day weekend this weekend, and it's nice to be able to catch up around the house -- put the laundry away, pay bills, etc.

2. Michigan game this afternoon. It was "gloom in Mudville," as my father would have said, last week against Michigan State, but maybe we'll have better luck today. Meh. Looking forward to the Miss Universe pageant tonight, regardless. I got a frozen pizza and fixins for white russians to round out the night (Jon'll come in for the swimsuit competition ; )

3. I may look into a PhD program in Clinical Psychology (I have a Bachelor's degree from Michigan in Psychology, with a nearly 4.0 average in my major, though it's been awhile -- I graduated in 1989). If there was something I could do part-time, while I work, maybe. I'm not sure I want to be a high school teacher for another fifteen years. (I know a lot of my colleagues are considering alternatives. Our best history teacher, who's been teaching for seven or eight years, is considering a nursing program.) Of course, I haven't given up on writing, either. Now where to find the time and energy...
posted by Pips 09 November | 12:41
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