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14 January 2013

Monday question: How long have you lived where you live? I'm coming up on 24 years in the same city which is 8 times longer than I intended to stay here at first. How long have other bunnies been where they are?
I have lived in my city since 1977. Lived in the same house, now, since 1986.

I do not want to do the math, in this case.
posted by danf 14 January | 10:56
I have lived here for 19 years, which seems absolutely insane to me, given all the times I've thought about leaving. I bought my house 8 years ago.
posted by JanetLand 14 January | 11:22
i live in a city an hour from where i grew up.

i've lived here in this city for about 4 years. i think i'll be at least another year or two. if things go well with dude, his job will take him out of the area around then and i would hope to follow. so we'll see.

previous city lived there all my life. unless you count that summer i spent in a van with some friends on that cross country road trip.

posted by sio42 14 January | 11:42
We purchased our house in Chapel Hill in May of 2009, but then we temporarily moved back to Brazil in 2011. We came to our senses after nine months of that nonsense. We've been back in our house since May of 2012, so technically we've only lived here for 8 months, but we've been in and out of the area since 2006.

Funnily enough, octo, we've talked about moving to Pittsburgh on more than one occasion.
posted by msali 14 January | 11:55
This house: 9 months. City of Denver: 2 1/2 years. Colorado: 18 years. Before that I lived my first 30 years in Northern California.
posted by eekacat 14 January | 12:10
I've lived in NYC for nearly exactly 8 years (moved in the last week of January, 2005). The first 6.5 years in Manhattan, the last 1.5 years in Astoria, Queens, where we bought a place.

(I've lived in the USA for 11 years. Intended to stay for 3.)
posted by gaspode 14 January | 12:11
I moved to London in 1976 and have lived within 10 miles of my first home in London ever since then, moving to Essex in 1983 (Essex is to London what Long Island, New Jersey or Connecticut are to New York City). I've been in this place since 1996.
posted by Senyar 14 January | 12:16
I've lived here for just over 7 years now, which is longer than I've lived anywhere apart from my home town. 18 years there, 3 years in university city, 1 year abroad, 4 years in London, 7 years here (6 of which have been in this house).

*does sums* Hmm, that leaves me one year short. I wonder where else I've lived?
posted by altolinguistic 14 January | 12:32
The thing that I'm noticing a lot lately is that everywhere I go I feel like I'm haunted by my past selves. I was in The Carnegie Museum yesterday with a bunch of Mefites and I kept thinking back to the many previous times I'd been there through various incarnations and with various significant others. There aren't too many places here that I haven't been to before so everywhere I go I see my past self in my mind visiting there years ago.

I've been here so long that many things have changed but my brain still wants them to be the old thing. So when I'm in Trader Joe's, I keep trying to remember what it looked like when it was a paint store. A re-occurring joke here is that locals always give directions based on what used to be there, ("You know, the garage next to where Gimbles was") and I'm afraid that I'm drifting into that mindset too.
posted by octothorpe 14 January | 12:45
I've been here 12 years the most recent time, and then growing up, before that. Sometimes we think of the possibility of moving somewhere else, but since we're in Atlanta, I feel like I might be disappointed by other towns. (There's so much here!)

Of course, I wouldn't miss the traffic.
posted by needlegrrl 14 January | 12:53
Since graduating college in 2003, I've lived in 7 cities including a stint back in my hometown somewhere in the middle. None more than two years. In order: Charlotte, Palo Alto, NYC (Manhattan), Phoenix, Bethesda (suburb of DC), Madison and now Chicago.

The only place I didn't like was Bethesda. Charlotte was just okay. The others I really liked. Chicago seems like a good compromise though. I've been here just over 18 months and I'm hoping to stay.

I'm glad I got the experience of living in all those cities. But I am so sick of moving.
posted by mullacc 14 January | 12:54
I moved to my current location, between San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach, seven years ago, after first falling in love with the area while in college, 38 years ago. Inbetweeen, I tried to get a job here several times but my move was finally facilitated by my disability. It's cheaper to live here than L.A. but not by much. There's a sign in front of the place that you can see from Highway 101 that I saw the first time I drove up here and wondered "what is it like out there?" and now I know.

Before that, I spent all but one of 45 years in one part of L.A. or another, more than half of that in one of the San Fernando Valley suburbs. My father dragged the family from Cleveland to L.A. when I was five, in a new white Dodge Dart, via the original Route 66. The only stop along the way I remember was Albuquerque because of the name. The suburbs I lived in, worked in or went to college in were (not in order): West Los Angeles (official postal location), Westchester, Playa Del Rey, Mar Vista, Malibu, El Segundo, Torrance, Bellflower, Carson, Pasadena, (and in the Valley) Van Nuys (twice), Encino, Mission Hills (IN the Valley, false advertising), Sun Valley, Panorama City, North Hollywood and Studio City. (For one year, after trying to get a radio job near SLO, I got one in Visalia, south of Fresno, and lived in Tulare, further south. Hated it.)

Anyway, you may recall the Bugs Bunny cartoon where he was trying to burrow to Pismo Beach and took a wrong turn at Albuquerque? Yeah, I was like that, but I finally made it!
posted by oneswellfoop 14 January | 13:37
Well, there are two answers. I've lived here since 1989, when my family moved here and I had no choice. I went to college about an hour down the road for two years, and actually I spent the summer in between down in that city as well.

But then I came back up here to transfer to the university, and it has been sunshine and roses ever since. Except for that fact that at times I have been getting raaaaaather tired of sharing meatspace with my parents... and people who know my parents... and people who know people who know my parents...

I'm spoiled, though. This is a pretty fabulous town for the person I am.
posted by Madamina 14 January | 13:43
Over 12 years in this house and over 13 years in this city. Other than my childhood years this is the longest I have ever stayed put.
posted by arse_hat 14 January | 13:55
I've lived in Atlanta for the last 25 years; although I was born here, we moved away a couple of times, so I spent my high school and college years out in a small town near Alabama, and also spent a couple of childhood years in Augusta, GA in the 1970s.

We've been in our house now for 18 years.
posted by BoringPostcards 14 January | 14:01
I've been in my current house since 2000, and in the Raleigh-Durham area since 1995 or so. I never meant to stay, but didn't really try to leave, either.
posted by wens 14 January | 14:10
I've lived in my current house for a few years, which is about 30 minutes away from where I grew up and lived since I was a baby. Went to college 2.5 hours away for 4 years in the middle there, but that's about it.

My current place and my folks place are even in the same county.
posted by sperose 14 January | 16:05
Bought my current house 9+ years ago, this was the hometown of the late Mr. V and he wanted to live here. This was the first time in my whole life that I've lived outside the county I was born and raised in (it's only the next county over, it's not a big deal). I believe this is the longest I've lived in the same residence since my childhood home (that was 19 years).
posted by redvixen 14 January | 16:08
Moved to Brooklyn 8.5 years ago, and I've always lived in north Park Slope since then.
Definitely wasn't expecting to stay this long but I moved because my friends were here, and they continue to be here!
posted by rmless2 14 January | 16:16
I've been in NYC for 9 years now. I've lived here my whole adult life, and almost twice as long as I lived anywhere as a child (military brat).
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 January | 16:21
3 months here in Orlando,Florida Before that Brooklyn for over 50 years with an occasional foray to Detroit, New Jersey and Manhattan.
posted by Splunge 14 January | 16:24
12 1/2 months, and hopefully no more than another 12 1/2 weeks.

If things work out, I could be looking to buy a house as early as September 2014.
posted by Ardiril 14 January | 16:37
octothorpe - i know what you mean. i go to my old hometown only a few times a year, even tho it's only an hour a way. i can still find my way around but the place is chock of full of memories and i do still see the things the way were overlaid on the current now-ness of changed buildings and such. i guess i feel like when things like buildings that have "always" been there have changed that i've lost a memory or something.
posted by sio42 14 January | 17:07
I've lived in this city, or what we Dutch people call "our country", for all my life.
posted by jouke 14 January | 17:18
In NYC for 12 years, bought the condo in April 03,moved in Feb 04.
posted by brujita 14 January | 20:53
Grew up here - here is near Cleveland, OH.

Left at 18 for college.

Lived in Boston.

Moved to NYC.

Moved to Chicago.

Spent enough time in Los Angeles for work that I feel like I lived there.

Moved back to Cleveland 2 years ago after being away for about 30 years. Been in our house 1 year.

I am happy to be here. This place is in my blood and it feels right. I could do without the snow, though.

posted by Kangaroo 14 January | 21:31
Since college, have lived in six cities in five states. I'd actually like the pace to slow down, but given my career I probably have 1-3 big moves still ahead of me. Wouldn't be surprised if I ended up back in NJ, near my family.
posted by Miko 14 January | 23:33
Since college, have lived in six cities in five states. I'd actually like the pace to slow down, but given my career I probably have 1-3 big moves still ahead of me. Wouldn't be surprised if I ended up back in NJ, near my family.
posted by Miko 14 January | 23:33
15.5 years. Easily the longest we've lived anywhere (before this, 3 was our record). We're getting the jones to move, preferably to the bohemian part of town.
posted by Doohickie 15 January | 00:00
Just celebrated five years in Los Angeles. Prior to that, 14 years in Boston and my first 18 years outside of Chicago. I hope to stay in California, but I don't think I'm too much longer for L.A.
posted by mykescipark 15 January | 00:49
I've been in the Twin Cities for most of my life. I've lived in the same house for more than two decades.
posted by koucha 15 January | 09:19
I've been on Earth my entire life. On the one hand, I never expected to live this long, but on the other hand, I expected I'd've at least moved to the moon by now.
posted by Eideteker 15 January | 10:13
Oh I'd like to visit the moon, but I don't think I'd want to live there.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 15 January | 12:33
In this house for about 5 years. In this city for about 36 years. In this country for the same (moved here when I was 16). Lived most of my growing up years before that in the same house in Auckland, but spent a little time in Wellington as well.
posted by dg 15 January | 15:45
Yeah, I'm weird like that. =)
posted by Eideteker 15 January | 19:24
In Seattle, for 35 years. In our home, for 16 years.

I knew I was going to be in Seattle for good about 15 minutes after I first got off the plane and saw this place. (And it was a dark and rainy night and I was jet lagged -- go figure.)
posted by bearwife 15 January | 19:46
In this house for four years and a bit. In Asheville for 13 years now, which is to say longer than anywhere else in my entire life.
posted by mygothlaundry 15 January | 20:28
The most I've lived anywhere was Southern California where we moved when I was 1 or 2 and I left when I was 25. I've lived in NYC (and three out of the five boroughs) for 8 years, and I'm moving to Minneapolis next month.

I just realized recently that while I grew up in Southern California, I became and adult in New York City. And this city will always be special to me for that very specific reason.
posted by TrishaLynn 16 January | 10:41
Orchestrated Text || So my friend's five-year-old son ordered frozen yoghurt at Nando's ...