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01 October 2013

October is here! Time for some new goals! Alrighty everyone, it's the 1st of the month and you all know what that means....TIME FOR NEW GOALS![More:]

This month...

1. I will rock out at my 4 performances this month. I'm doing so many different pieces that it's going to be crazy but super fun as well.

2. I will continue not falling on my face. Unfortunately, this is going to be another busy month with several dance classes a week. Monday night will be cane, Tuesday night is AKD, Thursday night is Essentials (which is going to be a session all about layering), and Friday night is Salima, O!

3. I will work on eating better. I have a tendency to reach for junk food when I get stressed out, which of course, doesn't help matters.

So what are y'all planning to achieve this month?
1. Sign up for the 30 for 30 days trial at a local Bikram yoga studio.

2. Do another juice fast, this time for 15 days. While Danf and Vicki were here, I ate out more in 10 days than I have in 10 months. I need to reboot my system.

3. Try to read more and watch less TV.
posted by Senyar 01 October | 11:50
This month I will -

1. Continue to eat more healthily and within appropriate calorie counts.

2. Get my step count up. (Can't do yoga right now, since I'm having wrist issues, and I can't imagine going to the classes downstairs and not using my wrist.)

3. Work on costumes for November event.
posted by needlegrrl 01 October | 11:59
1. Medical appointments, already scheduled with Regular Doctor to whom I must provide apologies/excuses for not losing more weight in the 6 months I last saw him (see #2). Actually I saw him last Sunday in a full page ad for an HMO he belongs to (there are lots of ads with lineups of doctors as we enter the Medicare/Obamacare sign-up periods; I wouldn't be surprised if I see him in more than one line-up - he and the other 4 doctors in his office are signed up with most of the local HMOs and PPOs and Medicare Advantage Plans). Then, in two weeks, a little outpatient procedure called a Colonoscopy... I'm actually a few years overdue, but ever since I started with my doctor, I've had a winning streak for totally clean stool samples. Yeah, TMI.

2. SERIOUS weight loss. After my Birthday Weekend Binge, during which I realized I don't ENJOY binging anymore (at least on food - TV show marathons are another thing), I'm fasting today to get a running re-start on it. And more exercise and conscious activity - I have to do laundry and I want to do it with a minimum of sitting down - should be a useful reality check if nothing else.

3. CLEAN UP AND OUT. I got an OK over a month ago from the landlord to do a Yard Sale (or actually Parking Lot Sale since that's what is in front of my apartment) and have made minimal progress so far sorting out what to put up for sale; which means boxes of stuff to sort through are covering much of the floor space in my main room and on my porch (have I said lately how much I love my porch?). Also get some stuff off the porch and I can gain access to my exercise bike (everything is tied together).

4. VIRTUAL CLEAN UP. I enjoy most of the several HUNDRED RSS feeds I follow (I set up TinyRSS on my own domain after Google Reader died), but it involves so much 'going through' it takes up most of my online time and I haven't even gotten to the several cool short stories I found via the RSS. Or much other reading. So it's time to cull the content herd. Also, I have two portable hard drives (1TB and 2TB) to backup all my backup, but the 1TB is not playing nice with my laptop and I need to figure out why and then resync them for the part of my vast digital collection I want double backed-up. Also cleaning up my online presence - transferring the content of my old blogs onto a single site and letting my excess domains lapse... or sell them. Somebody should be willing to pay me for NEWSLEEK.COM or TOONED.IN or RADIOSBELOVED.COM.

5. FINANCIAL CARETAKING. On Social Security Disability, the dreaded Federal Shutdown SHOULD have zero effect on my income (we'll see when the autodeposit is supposed to hit on Thursday). But the Debt Ceiling Crisis might be a whole 'nother thing. So making sure I have enough cash in October to pay my November rent and enough credit card balance (talk about bad lending practices; they let ME have credit cards!) for everything else, even if I have to use my Visa to pay my Mastercard. Of course, a Yard Sale will be good for the financial liquidity too. I have made a nice set of personal financial spreadsheets (LibreOffice rocks!) that I use for short-and-medium-term planning; I should test them for potential crises, as well as the possibility of getting a new old car by spring (which would almost guarantee future financial crises).
posted by oneswellfoop 01 October | 18:58
1. I will no longer spend time when I should be sleeping instead worrying if I insulted a person on the internet. Specifically people that I used to know that are complete idiots now. Anti-vaxxers and Teabaggers are right out of my life. I just have to stop worrying, late at night, that I might have hurt their feelings.

2. I will try to train my bird to spend more time on his cage and playstand. But he's such a cuddlebunny! No I will be strong!

3. I will spend less time on Twitter and more time exercising.

4. Three again.
posted by Splunge 01 October | 19:47
I am really going to give up coffee this time. This time is not like all of the other times I said I was going to give it up. This time I really really really mean it. Yep.
posted by iconomy 01 October | 21:56
I thought you gave up coffee years ago.
Depending on your own make up and which studies you consult, coffee can be very good for you.
posted by ethylene 01 October | 22:28
1. Make doctor and dentist appts
2. Actually go to yoga
3. Organize receipts and submit for expenses at work that have been sitting around forever
4. Crafty home things (paint bookshelf, put up picture in office)
5. TV - get it figured out or bust (return it)
posted by rmless2 02 October | 13:41
1. Use my yoga deal whereby I get 20 classes for $20 at the local place. It's super hippy-ish and offers astrology and reiki and other such woo, which would normally put me off bigtime, but I've heard that the actual yoga classes are good and I can't really beat the price.

2. pack up stuff for goodwill. Take to goodwill.

3. Organize filing cabinet.
posted by gaspode 02 October | 15:47
I'm going back to work. It may take a couple years and it may kill me, but I am having far too many sleepless nights this past year because of goals I haven't reached. My biggest hurdle is I desperately need a personal assistant, 4 to 8 hours a week. I'm thinking Craigslist.
posted by Ardiril 02 October | 16:09
Contacting someone || Happy Birthday DMelanogaster.