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20 November 2013

Ok, so I think my cat has a zit on the top of her head just before her ear edge. Popping it is out of the question? Necessary?[More:] This is one of those leave it alone unless it's a problem things, right?

Ugh. See, she should go to the vet, it's been a long time, but it's taken almost two weeks for her to have finally crawled back from the edge of breakdown from traveling, and part of that was hopefully to see her old vet, which we didn't get to do.

I think she's fine.
Besides what I think is some alarming "anger/panic pee." I didn't think females did expressive peeing. This one, she tells me nothing. It's all fleeing or clinging. She's an adorable living illustration of anxiety. Good thing she's adorable.
Here are some treatments
posted by brujita 20 November | 14:00
Thanks, but I know it's not the usual feline acne. I didn't want to go looking for possible lumps and bumps or go googling cat ailments for hypochondria by proxy, but of course I ended up wandering to the biopsies.

Most stuff is guy cat problems, which I'm familiar with. I'm stunningly unfamiliar with girl cats, it seems.

Of course, it's cancer/a tiny elder god/kitty Athena.
posted by ethylene 20 November | 14:21
I'm voting for kitty Athena.
posted by sperose 20 November | 14:44
There's no chance of it being an abscess, right? (I had one of those with my last kitty, so they worry me. but I imagine you would know.)
posted by needlegrrl 20 November | 14:47
No, it's new and small and has no signs of issues at all. I just know it's there because because I know her so well that any little bump is noticed. I thought it might be a scab from scratching but it's just a tiny bump. Could be from a scab or wound grown over I think. I poked it quite a bit and I'm sure I could disappear it like nothing and she'd mind less than when I clip her claw.

I washed her a few days ago. Besides what I'm calling bouts of "anger pee," she not only seems fine but happy. I've been in a fairly still position for long periods so she's in cuddle city now that she's calmed way the fuck down.

I'm more worried about the "anger pee." It's just money is really tight all of a sudden (surprise fee w/ interest w/o notification = joy) and she may freak all the way out again. Tiny shaking with fear for days kitty is not a happy place.
posted by ethylene 20 November | 15:52
Barnacle cat may just be the embodiment of sloth, as soft, warm post traumatic kitty is an excellent reason to blow things off. I'm checking the other side for horn symmetry.
posted by ethylene 20 November | 16:30
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