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27 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, guys!
I'm making my grandmother's cranberry sauce now. Apple pie up next.
posted by initapplette 27 November | 18:06
Still doing last-minute grocery shopping?
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posted by oneswellfoop 27 November | 18:28
My FIL and I made three pies this afternoon in anticipation of Thanksgiving 2013: The Engluttoning. Soon I will assemble my traditional morning casserole to bake first thing tomorrow to get the overeating started off right.
We lost a few people who had permanent seats at the table this year. Thanksgiving is not going to be one of much giving of thanks. I think we are all going to be eating our feelings this holiday season.

For the rest of you who don't feel like sadsacks, Happy Thanksgiving!
posted by msali 27 November | 18:31
I've just finished making the Pioneer Woman's Mashed Potatoes, (2 sticks of butter, 8oz cream cheese and 150ml of cream - yum!) and this morning I made the Skint Foodie's Courgette & Chickpea Stew. Diane is making pecan pie and pumpkin bread pudding, and the turkey is brining as we speak. I'm also doing roast Brussels sprouts with bacon, and other people are bringing side dishes and desserts.

Tomorrow there will be about 20 people for lunch, over at Diane's mum's house. I think it'll be a nice time. I'm hoping to lay to rest the unhappy memories of my last Thanksgiving here, when George died.
posted by Senyar 27 November | 18:40
The tv just said that tonight is the busiest night of the year for pizza orders. Thank goodness I got mine last night!
posted by JanetLand 27 November | 19:00
Senyar - my mom is a Pioneer Woman devotee. Not healthy, but tasty stuff.

I drove ~85 miles, ate a huge Italian sub, upgraded my phone, got two hours of studying in and just started my 4th load of laundry. It's good to be home.
posted by ufez 27 November | 19:21
We finished up a kitchen installation except for a few loose ends today. I gave the countertop fabricators two things to make & they botched both of them BUT my clients do have a functioning sink for tomorrow.

I was hoping to get a progress check for my cash flow which is in dire need of resuscitation, but twas not to be. *sigh*

Still, I'm so happy to be home with mrs chewie & the 4 leggers. I'm equally happy that we'll be spending the holiday here with zero relatives present. 4 whole days of surfing, drinking, napping and walking the dogs. Heaven.
posted by chewatadistance 27 November | 19:30
I've taken a nap with Anubis and now I'm making my own dinner (sweet potato fries with mozzarella cheese on top). I don't have to be at my folks house until 1130 tomorrow, so I think I'm going to shower in the morning.
posted by sperose 27 November | 21:00
HEading to bed, getting up at the crack to drive 6 hours to our feast. Well worth the trip
posted by Miko 27 November | 22:19
"Engluttoning" is my new favorite word. I've got all the fixings I'm going to cook, with "help" from the kids and plenty of little craft beers to while away the day. Then we'll have leftovers and pie.

Older Boy wants to make apple pie from scratch. We'll see how that goes.
posted by lysdexic 27 November | 22:33
I ordered pizza tonight! I feel like I'm part of a trend! :)
posted by occhiblu 28 November | 00:36
I too made the Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes. The turkey is brining and I just finished prepping the sangria to go in the fridge.

First thing tomorrow morning I roast 4 heads of garlic for dip, then get the cheesy potatoes in the oven, then after they come out, the turkey goes in. People arrive at 2. We have 9 adults and 2 kiddos in our apartment. It's going to be festive!

posted by gaspode 28 November | 01:14
(yes, we are having two types of potatoes. What?)
posted by gaspode 28 November | 01:15
I wasn't invited anywhere so I'm going to Kutsher's ( who had a Jewish holiday camp in the Catskills) for their Thanksgivmukkah.

My synagogue co hosted an interfaith thing tonight which included Hare Krishnas.
posted by brujita 28 November | 01:53
One of my friends will be here tomorrow, so we're feasting then instead of today.

Today I'm making pan fried corn cakes and prepping the other dressing ingredients, making chocolate mousse, cranberry orange relish and wild rice.

At present, I have a two-catlap and am putting off chores.
posted by mightshould 28 November | 06:44
The turkey is in the oven! This morning I've made the cheesy potatoes and the garlic dip, as well as done some work while my husband took the kiddo to some of the parade. Don't really have much to do now except clean up and assemble plates of dips, cheeses etc. And start on the sangria :)
posted by gaspode 28 November | 12:26
I'm gonna go see chewie in an hour!

Just got out of the hospital for the second time in as many weeks. Long story, but basically I have weird symptoms nobody can figure out. Feeling MUCH better now, perhaps due to stopping the treatment they had me on, which was massive doses of strong antibiotics both orally and via IV that I was infusing at home.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!!
posted by Stewriffic 28 November | 14:41
Ah Thankgivingday. The US national holiday.
If you're ever invited to indigenous US americans festivities for that day make sure to know about their customs:
- You shake eachothers hand and say "I give you thank". Then the other is supposed to thank you for the thank.
- Line dancing
- The Secret Thanker will unexpectedly shout Thank! From that moment you should eat all the nearest food until you can eat no more.
- Afterwards people will watch throwball on tv.
posted by jouke 28 November | 17:47
Currently watching throwball here.

Good to see Stew & thanks for the wine! Glad you got to meet some of the crazies in our building. I highly recommend cohousing. :D
posted by chewatadistance 28 November | 18:33
jouke, you can't just give out national secrets willy-nilly. You should expect an NSA agent at your door any moment now.
posted by occhiblu 28 November | 21:36
But thank! for reminding me to turn on throwball.
posted by occhiblu 28 November | 21:38
We, too, made the Pioneer Woman mashed potatoes! Turned out very well, and we have lots of leftovers to eat tomorrow. Did a turkey breast in the slow cooker with butter & wine; I really liked it but Stynxno wasn't too thrilled. I think he was just sad he didn't get to be the Turkey King this year.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 28 November | 22:28
Thank for that thank occhi.

I am awaiting them. I will use the relevant part of my anthropological guide:
First I will ask him what throwball totem his allegiance is to. Totems I expect to hear are f.i. the Bear or the Jet. Then I will show my friendly intentions by commending the virile prowess exemplified by the shoulder broadness of the throwers. It has been observed that these are enhanced by ritual decorations that the throwers wear.
I will also praise the great nubility of the young womens fecundity dance that opened the festivities.

I believe in the powers of anthropology in fostering greater understanding between peoples.
posted by jouke 29 November | 01:00
Pie for breakfast!
posted by gaspode 29 November | 11:41
Without covers, || Reminder: Holiday Card Exchange