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05 December 2013

Give yourself something What are you getting yourself?[More:]

In the weird mandatory US shopping season, I usually will use it as an excuse to get something I usually wouldn't with my usually frugal ways. So i decided I was going to get that one molecule perfume Jan mentioned and it just arrived.
Now I smell like twigs as far as i can tell. For someone who has worn a lot of men's cologne, I feel like I should be putting this on a guy, which is weird. I think I'll just dose as many people as possible to see the variation.

Anybody else getting themselves something, necessary or otherwise?

I also have a 4tb drive showing up sometime today, but that was more necessity. And also have apparently had a package stolen already, because 'tis the season for "parcel mislocation." Last year, it was a Sephora package that was late and then mysteriously never showed up. This year, Sierra Trading Post just decided to answer me after pointedly shrugging, "So?" Surprisingly, after I reminded them they were not the only people to which I communicate: response time, 5 minutes.
Today I got myself a new oxygen sensor for the car!
posted by JanetLand 05 December | 13:17
I'm making a cocktail with absurdly old fashioned ingredients for reasons that are apparent.
posted by The Whelk 05 December | 14:20
I get myself things ALL THE TIME. Lately it has been an orgy of kindle book buys.
posted by bearwife 05 December | 14:55
I got myself a break from work :-). Last day of work for the year is 24 December and I don't go back until 3 February.
posted by dg 05 December | 15:27
I'm considering dumping on St. Germain which was also a suggestion from here. I think Elsa? For once I'd like to enduringly adore something spittingly cheap.

All breaks from the grind should be at least a month long.

Been around tons of people and no one mentioned my odour. I'm very cool with that. I also seem to be the only person in hundreds of miles who wears hard shoes, so if I'm lucky people will get out of my way. It may have the opposite effect, as people don't feel the need to get out of the way and I've often been regaled with tales of passive aggressive delight at being in the way. I don't think it's conscious most of the time with the family of eight blocking two aisles or the couple that has decided to have a blow out by the paper products, but for the past few months, people have always been right in front of the only things I came in for, and i purposely try to shop at deserted times. I rationalize that I get less popular items, so they may be use to lingering in abandoned areas, but it's not the case.

I've been still while typing, so now i am obligated to attend to my supposedly grievously ill cat. I don't doubt she is ill, but she is also working me like there is no tomorrow.
posted by ethylene 05 December | 15:50
Oh, and I finally broke free of this loop and got myself a new mattress.
posted by JanetLand 05 December | 16:01
I found a clothing brand that satisfies my need for adult Garanimals type duds. I really don't need any new clothes, but I am enamored with the idea that I can buy things that match, but aren't matchy-matchy, so for Christmas I am buying myself new clothes.
posted by msali 05 December | 16:24
A new nook (though technically work paid for it as I used health program points for a gift card). Many many ebooks lately (blasted kobo and their 50% off coupons...)
posted by bluesapphires 05 December | 19:18
msali, I'm intrigued -- what brand is it?
posted by bluesapphires 05 December | 19:19
I ordered some replacement Cuisinart parts to replace the grungy, impossible to clean parts I have been using. Now I will not have to hide it when people come over.
posted by danf 05 December | 22:21
Bluesapphires, the brand is Boden. Garanimals for grown up lady people!
posted by msali 05 December | 22:31
A beer. This place is warm and full of good people and I am on my way home. A quick beer is good.
posted by arse_hat 06 December | 00:48
That is a very apt description of Boden. :)
posted by bluesapphires 06 December | 08:08
I love Boden.

I bought myself lots of new pairs of tights. Mustard yellow and peacock blue and so on. They are do counteract my habit of wearing drab grey, brown and navy sweater dresses.
posted by gaspode 06 December | 08:13
I bought a microsoft surface tablet, which I really hope arrives soon. My old laptop died, and I like to be on the web and watch Netflix at the same time, I know, awful habit, but a tablet is nice for watching video, and it can do other. Black Friday (online only) and Christmas sales are for getting stuff cheap.
posted by theora55 07 December | 12:38
I'm going back and forth between a hat and an old windows phone. I hate windows 7 and want 6.5 back.
posted by lysdexic 09 December | 15:04
We are into the third year of the Derpy Reindeer meme, || How To Make An Aviation