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11 October 2013

Project Runway Finale Part 1 thread. Spoilers inside. [More:]
To my surprise, I've rather warmed to Ice Queen Alexandria over the past weeks. She's uncompromising and knows exactly who she is. She's taken Tim's critiques and ignored them and yet still made it this far. But I agree with the judges that her clothes, although beautifully made and very commercial, were boring.

I am absolutely delighted for Justin. I thought his clothes were fabulous. I loved that brown dress with the 3-D printed belt and the gorgeous soundwave print across the shoulder. And the test-tube dress! Stunning.

I knew Helen was fucked as soon as I saw that Anti-Muse was one of her models, even if her clothes had been any good. Which they weren't. Nothing she put on the runway was (a) properly made (b) correctly fitted or (b) wearable. That blue monstrosity was shockingly bad and it didn't help that the model (not Anti-Muse) had a terrible runway walk. When the models joined the designers on the runway Anti-Muse seemed deliberately to stand in the most un-modelly pose she could muster as revenge, after all these weeks, of never getting anything nice to wear on PR.

Nina was brutal this week. God, that woman can be scary.

I have a horrible feeling Dom will win. Her clothes are fine, but they don't make me want to buy them. But last year I was totally surprised at how much I liked Patricia's collection over Michelle's, even though Michelle totally deserved to win. So I'm prepared to be surprised again.
I managed to hold off reading this thread until the runway show was over, huzzah!

I'm not a fan of Helen's stuff for this challenge. What is with that blue print? Hate it. Looks like acid-washed denim.

Tim Gunn's in the NYTimes this weekend! I love that he's always candid about people acting terribly.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 October | 19:25
Ooh, you nailed it with the acid wash, and that Times article is touching. I should probably read his books.

I always liked Alexandria, but nothing she did is really "new," it's more a style sensibility for people you can drape anything on. I hope her show is interesting.

I think I've wanted Braden to win from the beginning. Helen is freaking annoying. If she just got out of school and is raised with artists, how can she not take a critique? And those T-Rex arms on her dress? I'm hoping Dom really whips it out. I'd be fine if any of them won but if I could pick, I want Braden and I want to see their crazy Julliard alum wedding.
posted by ethylene 11 October | 21:20
YOU SHOULD read his books, they're so cute!

And I think it's very interesting Alexandria is suddenly getting a "Not an Ice Queen, She Loves Children" edit. Perhaps it is forecasting?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 October | 21:21
Yeah, I didn't like Helen's stuff either. Justin's was surprisingly good. He kind of annoys me though. I don't like when contestants get weepy, and he often does. Likewise Alexandria -- I never minded her, and this last ep she kept turning on the waterworks.

I've wanted Braden to win from the beginning, too. But we'll see how it pans out.
posted by gaspode 11 October | 23:08
I understand crying; it doesn't bother me in real life (unless someone is being manipulative, in which case I can terrify Neenah from here) but I don't get why other people want it. Like how Drag Race now actively tries to milk their salty wounds. Do people like it?

I don't think they are more human or sympathetic for it. I think they're exhausted or stressed, sometimes provoked, and in some Hellenic cases, self absorbed and immature.

William H. Macy would teach that you don't cry if you want to evoke emotion.

There's nothing wrong with crying; personally, if physically taxed beyond a certain point, I have teared up without any emotion and it's pretty funny how unnerved some people become. (And I won't make a sound or muss my make up, even when emotions are involved. Just one tear, and all that litter--) But there's the physiological process and then there's the "person cannot function"--

I understand why Justin is so emotional, but he doesn't seem to be a giant baby about it, where it feels like they are editing out the rest of Helen's 2 yr old tantrums.

Alexandria always seemed brittle to me, always close to tears.
posted by ethylene 12 October | 00:19
The NYT interview is wonderful. What a darling man Tim Gunn is. The fact he lives on the Upper West Side shows he has taste and class imho (and his living room looks beautiful too in the video). When I met him in the street one day he was so sweet and gracious when I went all fangirly and gushing on him.

And I loved this week when he was on the beach with Braden and partner that he kept his jacket on. How very Tim.
posted by Senyar 12 October | 03:33
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