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31 October 2013

End of month goal check in time! So, how did y'all do?[More:]

1. I will rock out at my 4 performances this month. I'm doing so many different pieces that it's going to be crazy but super fun as well.

It turned out to only be 3 shows since the 4th one was cancelled a couple days beforehand. I did alright at them, but I could've done better.

2. I will continue not falling on my face. Unfortunately, this is going to be another busy month with several dance classes a week. Monday night will be cane, Tuesday night is AKD, Thursday night is Essentials (which is going to be a session all about layering), and Friday night is Salima, O!

This was a clusterfuck this month. I came down with that deathplague that was going around and had some other general mopeiness to contend with.

3. I will work on eating better. I have a tendency to reach for junk food when I get stressed out, which of course, doesn't help matters.

Just realized that part of the reason why I might be so tired all the time is because I am eating so much garbage food. Way to be slow, self.
1. Sign up for the 30 for 30 days trial at a local Bikram yoga studio. Done. In fact, I'm up at 5am today so I can get to the 6am class.

2. Do another juice fast, this time for 15 days. I managed about five days and then it turned really cold, so I've been having a couple of juices a day as well as hot food. But I've not had any meat, fish, eggs or dairy and so I've been pretty much vegan for the past month.

3. Try to read more and watch less TV. Er ... I still have good intentions.
posted by Senyar 01 November | 00:03
1. Continue to eat more healthily and within appropriate calorie counts. It's a continuing goal. :P I am still eating a piece of fruit instead of a cereal snack bar, but I feel like there is so much more I could do here.

2. Get my step count up. (Can't do yoga right now, since I'm having wrist issues, and I can't imagine going to the classes downstairs and not using my wrist.) Not really.

3. Work on costumes for November event. Yes. I have been handstitching chain onto epaulettes.. This weekend is the bug push, because the event is next weekend.
posted by needlegrrl 01 November | 08:09
I lost 8 pounds in October, and rode 370 miles on my bicycles. Not sure I had goals as such, but I'm happy with both of those numbers.
posted by Doohickie 02 November | 22:01
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