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01 September 2013

It's September! Time for your September goals! Alrighty everyone, it's September! The year is so close to being over! Ahhhhhhhh!

It's time to come up with some goals for this month. :)[More:]

1. I will not fall on my face this month. Somehow, I managed to get myself signed up for 4 bellydance classes a week this month (and there's the option for a 5th class being chair dancing, but I have no idea if that's going to work out or not).

2. I will get my finances under control. Unfortunately, I have to spend a fair amount of scratch this month due to Art of the Belly workshops and AKD costuming and gas to go to Baltimore twice a week and Darnestown once a week. But I'm going to try super hard to get things organized without having to ask the folks for cash.

3. Salima, O! will fucking kick some serious ass at the Broadway hafla at the end of the month. We have a 13 minute set planned with songs from The Lion King, Sweet Charity, and Chicago. There's a ton of costuming bits (dresses, bras, booty shorts, hats, arm drapes, headbands...) and 4 different props (cane, headdress, swords, feather fans) that we have to coordinate. (AKD is supposedly performing then too, but I have yet to see the choreography/costuming/props for that one, heh.)
1. Finish my de-clutter (only a couple of cabinets in the kitchen to go through) and be all prepared for when the cleaning company comes in.

2. Get my back yard looking a bit nicer than it looks right now.

3. Have an awesome time with Danf and Vicky - 19-29 Sept.

4. Continue with my healthy eating regime with a view to dropping another 10-15lbs before I go to Ohio in November.

posted by Senyar 01 September | 11:04
1). Get things packed up to be either moved, donated or disposed of from where I am living now

2) Arrange for flooring, plumbing, electrical and lumber for my new place at the end of the month

3) Get things in order so the transfer of funds goes smoothly so that I can move in and start remodelling without any hassle

4) I very much need a fourth thing on this list. I have had very serious complications from my surgery that are going to take 2 months to completely recover from. I have been prohibited from doing and kind of exercise or exertion until November. So my fourth thing is to get the move over with a minimum of stress to my body

It's going to be a very interesting month
posted by rollick 01 September | 11:16
Oh no, rollick! I'm so sorry to hear about the surgery aftermath. Take good care of yourself.
posted by Senyar 01 September | 12:31
rollick- I hope you mend quickly!

1. Finish organizing the new apartment:
-get one more bookcase and finish unpacking book boxes
-rearrange bedroom furniture (hire a guy to help)
-install shelving in bedroom
-install shelving in closets
-unpack the rest of the clothes
-figure out where to put shoes and toiletries

2. Get money set up for married life.
-move my personal savings to an index fund
-move husband's savings to a separate index fund
-join husband's work-related credit union and get new cards and joint checking and savings accounts
-reroute paychecks to new account
-reroute both our credit cards and autopays to new account

3. Find a gym or exercise class I like and start going at least 1x/week.

4. Find and join an art class that starts after October.
posted by rmless2 01 September | 19:07
forgot one!
5. Host a clothing swap and then really for real this time get rid of the bags of clothes I no longer need.
posted by rmless2 01 September | 19:08
*Clear calendar for rmless2 clothing swap
*Survive my first month of classes
*Keep on the workout train (yay Blogilates)
*Don't get sick even if the baby gets sick
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 01 September | 19:22
1. I'm expecting the weather to finally cool a bit so I'll complete the work on refinishing a piece of furniture.

2. I must make a doc appointment to check out some things. (I say this to myself every month but I'm saying it out loud this one). I have to find a new doc and deplore the initial phone calls and such since I hate asking for anything for myself.

3. Change the filters on the well.
posted by mightshould 02 September | 06:34
Track my eating and activity on Fit Day and do Health Month.

Cook at home at least 3 times/week.

Walk in the neighborhood at least 5 times/week.

I've decided to make some changes. I'm excited!
posted by Stewriffic 02 September | 12:10
1. I will bring pictures into my office.

2. I will count calories & eat more healthily.

3. I will start planning our costumes for our november event. (Steampunk Grimm Gear Gala)
posted by needlegrrl 02 September | 18:08
I picked up my running shoes while at my folks this weekend and I'm really looking forward to getting some miles on them, especially now that I've gone over three months without a cigarette. I'm incredibly busy with classes, but I definitely need to do something to clear my head a few times a week. In lieu of an actual mileage goal, I'll put this out there: go around Boomer Lake at least twice a week each week of September. It's only three miles, but it'll probably still take me a little bit to work up to running the whole thing (I haven't ran in probably 8-9 years).

That and getting back to doing my pushups. I started 100 Pushups and got up to about week three before falling off the wagon when I got busy moving and starting school. Need to get back on.
posted by ufez 02 September | 18:54
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